We Did A Good Thing Yesterday

Reed and I took his three chicks into Concord yesterday mainly to show to Great Grandma Pearl but everyone was interested!

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Reed’s chicks are named Pearl, Vernice and Alice – all are great grandmother names and Pearl lives at Concord and will be 100 years old in September of this year.

Here is Pearl holding Pearl.

Isn’t that so sweet? So cute?

Reed is so good with animals and old people – haha!

Found some more fabric to sort – think I might have had this awhile?

And here’s a piece of bark cloth that I just love and can’t part with but I’ve had this for awhile, too! Again I just had to lay some fabric together and think about what I could do.

The ballgame is starting – gotta go!

56 thoughts on “We Did A Good Thing Yesterday

  1. B Campbell

    Fantastic pic in the care home! I just love Reed, and you , of course.
    I HAD to save the bark cloth curtains my parents had in our home, from the 50’s…….
    Still have yet to make anything. Thinking of using it for backing on couch quilts for my brothers and myself. Ah, great memories.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      B Campbell – my Aunt Charlotte had drapes made of Grandma Moses’ Springtime On the Farm barkcloth – I loved them!

  2. Diane in WI

    Everyone else has said what I would about your trip to Concord. I bet the ladies are still talking about the visit today. I have older fabric, too. Every once in a while I come across some plaids that I bought from you years ago. Do you remember when you sold printed brown wrapping paper? I find that once in a while also.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane In WI – I found some of that, too, and put some in an envelope with the Goat Gazettes. Funny you should mention that on the same day I did!

  3. Tanya T. in Houston

    I love the pictures of the chickens and the elders! Reed looks like Pearl!
    Surely a local guild in CA could use the fabric. Our Houston guild received greatly appreciated quilts from a guild in CA after Hurricane Harvey and we loved finding homes for them all. Loving hearts and helping hands are everywhere!

  4. Nancy Norris

    How fun, for Reed to share his chicks. He is growing into a fine young man. I love your bark fabric n the other pieces you pulled together with it. Can’t wait to see what you make.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nancy Norris – don’t hold your breath – I think it’s fun to pull fabrics but never have time to sew all the projects.

  5. Kathy Hanson

    What a wonderful Sunday you and Reed had. Such a special thing to do and seeing Greatgrandmother Pearl holding the little “pearl” chick just gave me tears of joy! What s wonderful thing to do both for you and Reed and for the people there at the senior living center. You are both such blessings!!

  6. Carol Brooks

    Mary, What a great gesture for you and Reed to take the chicks to the nursing home!
    I’m sure everyone loved them. I love your and Reed’s relationship. You are an awesome
    mentor and he is fortunate to have you in his life.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol Brooks – everybody has to quit giving me the credit for taking the chicks to Concord – I honestly think it was Reed’s Idea. I just provided the transportation. But it sure was fun!

  7. Julie D

    The pictures of Reed and the “Grandma’s” just melts my heart! Such a sweet young man!
    No wonder I always love your quilts–you have a wonderful talent of putting fabrics together and they look so beautiful!!

  8. Frances Carter

    How wonderful to see the two Pearls!! You and Reed are just two very special people! Love your found fabric!!

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    What a wonderful activity for Reed, GG Pearl and you. When was the last time any of us even talked to someone 100 years old? GG and her friends were all smiles.

  10. Linda, North Carolina

    Love the pictures and so nice to visit and share at the nursing home. My Grandmother’s name was Pearl. She was a great lady and has been gone for many many years as well as my Mom too. Miss them .
    We are enjoying the basketball games but sad that both North Carolina and Duke are out. Guess we will have to cheer for Virginia.

  11. Carrolyn v

    Those pix are so touching! What a wonderful visit for all! A great day indeed. Missed tge first game because I got confused and thought the games started later! But did watch Michigan State…….wow….exciting game! My favorite time of year! Have a great day!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carrolyn V – as Roy put it – those were some kick ass games!

  12. Diane in Central Ohio

    Oh what wonderful pictures!! You and Reed did a wonderful thing in sharing the chicks with the people. They all look like they are loving your visit.
    After my mom died, I kept going to her table at their dinner time (4:30) to have a cup of decaf and talk with her friends. I kept going until they all passed on. They were lovely women:)
    The old fabrics are really different. Your blog is always so interesting. Thanks:)
    PS One of the Michigan State players went to the HS where our daughter teaches. She said he is a great guy:)

  13. Sue in Oregon

    Wonderful pictures, Mary. They are enjoying those chicks so much and Reed, too, of course. His young and beautiful face must be such a treat for them. Reeds Great Grandmother looks pretty young herself for a 99 year old soon to be 100. Her skin is lovely and amazingly unlined for her age. Thanks so much for the chick tour. The chick Pearl is a darling.

  14. Sharon Lowy

    You and Reed really touch my heart! I know his great grandmother was delighted you came-and brought those chicks. That was so special and I love the smiles on Reed’s sweet face.

    Great fabric especially the bark cloth. Fabric is fabric and I love it all. I have a nice collection of vintage fabrics that I may or may not cut someday.

    Hope your team wins!

  15. Starrla

    Reed is a gem an old soul. You captured the smiles on the ladies faces. Your piece of bark cloth is lovely and I would have a hard time cutting it up.

  16. Betty Klosterman

    There are so many people in the nursing homes or living alone whose families live many miles away and can’t come visit often. They should take time out of their busy lives to write or call. Letters with an envelope and a stamp are so great – or emails these days are so nice. Often their hearing on a phone isn’t good and with a letter they have something in their hand. I lived far away away and my mother and grandmother and we wrote letters to each other every week. Mom’s was addressed to my office so I could read it sooner and even the mail man would get upset if her letter didn’t come on the regular day. Those days are long gone, but communication isn’t. TAKE the time to call or write. The older relatives will love it. I see people in the nursing home just sitting staring into space with a blank look on their face. That is sad. They just light up if somebody just says “hi.”

    1. Connie R.

      Betty, you are so right. Please don’t forget those in the nursing homes and assisted living. Just a letter or visit can mean so much.

  17. Susan Sundermeyer

    What a wonderful visit for you and Reed, Mary! Back in the 90’s my father was on kidney dialysis. I took him in the evening and there was no management in the center at that time of the night. I snuck in baby guinea pigs in the pockets of my coat. They were a big hit!

  18. Marsha Thomas

    So nice to see chick Pearl’s -name sake Great Grandma Pearl! What a great way to spend time with the senior generation. As for fabric, mine never gets
    “old” – it just gets “well marinated.” Sure wish I could have some chicks – chickens – fresh eggs – like I had growing up. Brought back many great memories!

  19. Susie Q

    You did GREAT yesterday…. the folks at the “home” will be talking about it for a week!!!! at least.

  20. gayle cmiel

    What a wonderful experience for Reed—- and the Ladies he visited were sooooo pleased to get to hold a baby chick…. again? You and Reed are the dynamic duo!

  21. Patty McDonald

    I agree with Diane in Maryland…….you are one of God’s angels on earth. You and Reed were such a blessing to bring the chicks.

  22. Becki

    Really like the print fabric. Will be interesting what you make with it. Can’t wait.

  23. Dee Winter

    Hi, Sorry, I couldnt’ cut up the barkcloth, it’s way too pretty. I think it would turn into a pillow for my couch! My mom is in the home, the traffic there is really abysmal. Not many visitors, so many of our young ones haven’t had the experience of going to visit the elderly, they don’t live close to the family who needs them. So it does my heart good to see you taking Reed for such an important visit. Good memories!

  24. Maryjane - S. Calif.

    Any suggestions where to donate fabric? I’m not quilting anymore and want to pass all this fabric on to someone to use. I gave 6 big plastic tubs to a thrift shop who said they’d take that much. I still have enough to fill about 8 more tubs. Appreciate any ideas.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Maryjane – church? Local quilt guild? School? Jo at Jo’s Country Junction appreciates donations but the shipping would likely be prohibitive

    2. Rhoda Ebersole

      Donate fabric to a nearby church that does quilting?

      That was so nice of you and Reed to show off the chicks to the nursing home residents, made me tear up. Reed is very special to do that and thanks to both of you!!!

  25. Felicia Hamlin

    What is barkcloth, Mary? It is very pretty! It was so nice of Reed and you to take the chicks to visit his greatgrandma. God bless you!

  26. Christina Mejer

    You certainly warmed my heart today with this story and sweet pictures ! I hope when I’m 100 someone like Reed comes to visit me ! Thanks, Mary and Reed 🙂

  27. Katherine

    Oh how you touch my heart. An adorable great-grandma and a chick. So sweet. I think bark cloth is beautiful in tote bags. It is durable and lovely. I tried to find a link to a pattern that I like for bark cloth or upholstery fabric, but it is eluding me. I will send it when I locate it—to much stuff is all I can say.

  28. Deb Harrison

    I love the Reed stories so the Pearl and chicks photos were wonderful! You both are such very great people to the Concord residents! I LOVE the fabrics you pulled for the bark cloth! Wish I had your talent to do that; Tim says I have enough fabric with which to practice!🤣

  29. Diane in Maryland

    A very good thing indeed! Mary, what a wonderful gift you gave to everyone, including yourself. Truly, you have to be one of God’s angels on earth. Reed can’t help but grow up to be a kind and loving man. I hope I live to see what he chooses as a professional. Grandma Pearl looks amazing to be 99!

  30. Kim J LeMere

    I love that Pearl got to meet Pearl, what a wonderful adventure for those chicks! My grandmother was named Pearl and I ended up with her treadle sewing machine when she went to the nursing home in Osage, so I named it Pearl. Your adventure brought back many happy memories of my time with my sweet Pearl.

  31. Arrowhead Gramma

    Precious photos of Reed, the Great-Grans and the chicks. A day they will all remember.

    Thinking the bark cloth would make a wonderful tote-bag. JMHO.

  32. Kathy in western NY

    What a great day for the folks at the Concord to have some visitors and show the chicks. Reed made his great grandma a very happy lady I am sure. Thanks for sharing that time with us. Very special. One of the last show and tells my MIL attended at her assisted living home was a lady who brought in charm bracelets and before that was an apron collection. It does make them converse with others so I am sure the “ Reed And Mary” show with chicks made for great chatter later. Wait till they see his log cabin quilt and start remembering their first sewing experiences. Oh and Mary, hoard those old pieces cause I found something I loved I wanted to make back door curtains from and decided I will make a new ironing board cover with it now. Ever find a more prettier ironing board cover than one with cherished fabric? Been doing it for years with my tabletop ironing board size and when they get stained I am ready to admire another piece.

  33. Carla J

    Pearl and Pearl would be quite the duo I think. Could so imagine the great reminiscing that Reed’s sharing of his chicks could begin.
    I always smile when I see those old salvages and the dates. I remember friends , where we lived and have a visit with my old friends (in my head) when I find one while going through my stash.

  34. Launa

    Nice to meet the real Pearl! She and Reed have same dark eyes. A blessing for all to meet the chicks! Thanks for brightening the basketball day. Was a surprise last night with the winning teams! Good thing we have a few TV’s as NASCAR n basketball would be wearing out the channel clicker!
    Nice to see your fabrics, Mary!

  35. Beth T.

    I’m just thinking about how all of those ladies were probably young country girls with chicks once upon a time. Good for you two, taking those chicks to meet them and bringing back some sweet memories.

    John’s dad’s sweetheart, who was in her late 80’s at the time, used to go around to the local nursing homes and do a Show and Tell, in which she’d show old times tools and kitchen items and other used-to-be-common things and have the old folks guess what they were and talk about them. So many times the folks who had previously been quiet and maybe even a bit bored and sluggish would get really animated and start telling stories about their childhoods, helping Daddy, or their first jobs, or how much some gadget cost back in 1939. I loved her so much for doing that, and it made me so happy for those people. Makes me think I should check out some yard and barn sales and start picking up things I can’t identify and stop by “the old folks home” to be educated.

  36. Nikki M. In Texas

    The bark cloth fabric reminds me of some curtains I had in my first apartment…mid 1960s & the curtains were from the 1950s. Haven’t thought of that apartment in along time. First time I lived alone & thought I was in high cotten. Three burned gas stove, I am short and could stand in center of kitchen and almost touch all 4 walls. Thanks for the memories.

  37. Pam from Waterloo

    I honestly had to wipe my eyes and blow my nose after hearing what you and Reed did and looking at the pictures. There is a special place for you heaven, Mary. You’ve probably written in the past how you and Reed found each other, but what a wonderful “twosome.” Think of the joy you brought to all those people–to say nothing of how cute those chicks are. And the names are so fitting too! Thanks for all you do.

  38. Linda Rouse

    The pictures just warm my heart and makes me smile. The smile on Pearl is priceless. Way to go Reed! That mean’t so much to her. What A great memory!

    Mary, you are so kind.

    1. Ellie

      What a fine young man he is to take the chicks for the ladies to enjoy. Probably brought back memories of when they were young and kept chickens.

      I too have fabric that has plenty of age on it! Ha! Ha! Enjoy the games!

  39. Patty

    It is so very wonderful to read about such a nice young man!
    How fun for everyone to have a baby chick to touch!
    Thank you for this reminder that there are still nice young kiddos doing what they should to make life for others happy!
    Also, I have some “special” pieces of fabric that I seem to bring out and finger…

  40. Marilyn

    What a wonderful story regarding Reed sharing the chickens. It just warms my heart and certainly great grandma. Yes I have to go too games are starting

  41. Jane Dumler

    The pictures of the ladies and the chicks are wonderful. The ladies look so pleased. Love the one of the two Pearls. You did a great thing taking them in. I recognize the fabric you said you had a long time. I probably have some if you need more!

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