Wedding Day

Tomorrow is Danny and Virginia’s wedding.  I was ready to show you the wedding quilt so I started searching for the picture of the finished quilt.  Good grief!  I guess I never took the picture and now it’s already wrapped so tomorrow morning I will have to unwrap it, take the picture and re wrap it.

I was at Connie’s house today to visit the kittens.  Here are Dot and Lily with Connie and Hope.  

Hope loves her kittens!  She watches over them as if they were her very own.

I took a couple of garden pictures – I wish I loved to garden like Connie but it’s just not my thing.

The tall plant here is Joe Pyeweed.

So until I unwrap the quilt and take the picture……..

10 thoughts on “Wedding Day

  1. Dorothy

    Dot is the kitten I would have loved to have–if I lived close enough to adopt her—so glad that Connie adopted her. I know she will be loved forever 😉

  2. Ann Barlament

    Love the tender loving kisses that hope gives so freely to the kitties! Good to have a loving momma, even if she doesn’t meow!!

  3. Sue

    That is a lovely stand of Joe Pye Weed. I hope you will take another photo when it blooms. I have read about it many times but have never seen it in bloom.
    That is very sweet of you to unwrap the quilt for us. Not sure I would have done that, but I will be so happy to see the finished quilt. Thank you, Mary.

  4. Brenda archambault

    Connie’s garden is a masterpiece. Just beautiful.
    Waiting for the picture of the wedding quilt. I’m sure it’s lovely. Still have to send my grandson and his bride their quilt. It’s a storm at sea in turquoise. Hopefully they’ll love it as much as I do.

  5. Martha Engstler

    Dot and Lily and so lucky to have a BIG four legged mama that loves them too. Sure hope the other babies find good homes too. I don’t know the Joe Pye Weed so will look forward to see it bloom. I’ll google it also.

  6. Diane

    HI Mary–Hope is so adorable with those babies. I wish we lived closer, too, the other white one would live here:) I have a Chocolate Joe Pye Weed that my son in law gave me for Mother’s Day one year. It smells like chocolate–lovely:) Sorry you have to unwrap the quilt. I know I saw a picture of it partly finished so will be anxious to see the finished quilt:)

  7. Connie Olson

    Glad Connie took the kitten “Dot” as that would have been my choice, too.

  8. Felicia Hamlin

    Such a sweet dog to love those kitties like her own. I have heard that female dogs will do that if the cats are babies. Joe Pye weed, I had a chocolate one, but it died.

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