Well Socialized Puppies! 9-26-2020

We have had such a great day! Armando, Laci and their 4 kids came about 1:00 and even brought us lunch from Hardee’s! The puppies were a big hit as you can see by these pictures!


Ailie (A – Lee)


Kai is in the coral shirt.

Lacey and Kinley


And here is Armando with Telly.

Armando was Telly’s previous owner in Mason City and I met him when he was working for River City Fence. While they were installing my fencing he kept telling me his dog would love it here on the farm and I kept saying I can’t take in everybody’s dog! He said he had taken the dog in when a friend didn’t want her anymore but Telly simply wouldn’t stay put in his yard! She kept jumping his 4′ fence. His persistence paid off and after several pleading calls from him I agreed to take her. She remembers him immediately! He has since started his own fencing company – Martinez Custom Fencing in Mason City. We keep in touch but it’s hard to find the time to get together – he is sooooo busy!!!

So that was my day 1-6. Then Sam and the kids came to meet the puppies – oh my, such fun!

Here’s Lucy – see Owen looking down at the puppies in the dog bed behind – he must be deciding which one he wanted to hold.

I cut off Lucy’s puppy, I see.

During all this puppy time, Aidan, age 10, was driving the golf cart. Armando’s kids must have put on about 50 miles this afternoon – it’s a big draw, those golf carts!

So it has been a fabulous day but I am exhausted. I haven’t gotten to sew anything all week however so tonight’s the night to start. Let me catch up on the Dirty Dozen before I close.

I am mesmerized by this quilt by Kay! I think I have Blanche Young’s book where this came from. Kay is having knee surgery on Monday – best of luck to you, Kay! You’ll do great!

And here’s a great little $5.00 pattern found in our online shop called Pumpkin Spice.

A friend sent this today and I thought all of you would like it, too!

I have to close with sad news – we lost Betsy today. She had 10 great years, more than most goats can say. It was a good day for me to be distracted. RIP, Betsy!

46 thoughts on “Well Socialized Puppies! 9-26-2020

  1. Sunflower from Michigan

    Oh, Mary, I’m sorry about Betsy. She knew she was loved and that’s a comfort I hope.
    I love all the pictures on the blog today. What a busy day! You are wonderful with all you do. Take care.

  2. Renee M Arnett

    I’m sorry to hear about Betsy. Those puppies arrived at the perfect time in your life…God’s hand at work (again). Peace Mary! ox

  3. Diane Bauer

    I’m so sorry to hear about Betsy. Sometimes I wonder how you do farm life. There are certainly a lot of losses. But then the puppies and the chicks!! The Circle of Life every day for you.

    Looks like the puppies were a hit!!

    I didn’t sew at all today. I will try again tomorrow!

  4. Paul Nordt

    I am sorry to hear about Betsy. I have a teenage friend whose favorite goat “Bud the Goat” just died from urinary problems. I’m going to make her a quilt from your goat friends pattern.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Paul Nordt – I have lost several neutered male goats to urinary blockages caused by a buildup of crystals. It’s common and heartbreaking at the same time.

  5. Judy

    Sorry about Betsy. The puppies sure look like they are doing well. They appear to be great with the kids. Love the quilt pictures, especially the butterflies. I have a couple of purple and orange fabrics. Placed an orange gingham with them today. A little of it will go in the quilt as well. Kay’s quilt assures me the combination will work. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  6. Janice Hebert

    Yes, so sorry to hear about Betsy. She had a good long life with you and Rick though. Oh my goodness! The puppies had a great day! So much going on there. Such a sweet picture of Armando and Telly, brings tears to my eyes. I’m so happy for Telly that Armando found her forever home with you. The DD quilts are amazing. Especially love Kay’s but they are all great. Just might have to get Pumpkin Spice, what a cute little quilt. Jan in MA

  7. Emily Pittenger

    Armando just installed a fence for us (thank you for the recommendation)!! And those puppies are so cute!!

  8. Betty Klosterman

    Oh, what a day — the very sad and the very happy. That’s the way it goes. We never forget the pets that have passed. Ever.
    You have the perfect place for the foster dogs. The kennel and even it’s own fenced in space outside.
    It continues to amaze of what people are finishing/making for their DD projects. No wonder we quilters are always amazed with show and tell. Take care, Mary

  9. Sheila

    Mary, I am so sorry about Betsy. How wonderful to have such good friends, they are ones that help ease the sadness. Seeing the smiling faces of the young ones with the puppies does your heart good. Prayers to you and Rick. And a special one for Betsy.

  10. Jo in Wyoming

    The kids and puppies…so very happy. The children are beautiful, such great smiles.
    We were all pulling for Betsy, she tried hard. So sorry. It’s hard to lose our pets.
    Thanks to all for sending pictures of your DD’s.

    The smoke and ash from the fires is unbelievable. We are about 100 miles away and I can only imagine what it must be like on the west coast. The deck has a thick coat of black debris, and the smell! Unreal.

    1. Sue in Oregon

      Oh, my goodness, Jo. It all must be moving east. We are much better now. Hope your smoke and ash moves on soon. Or up, I should say.

  11. Diane and Squeak

    Awww, poor Betsy. She was a neat goat! It is always good to have distractions when sad things happen. All those adorable kids with the puppies had to help. I had forgotten about Telly’s connection to Armando—such a touching picture. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous DD’s. I made a Christmas quilt from Blanche Young’s book. It’s a neat book!

  12. Deb

    So sorry you had to lose Betsy. I know she loved every minute living with you at Country Threads Farm!

  13. Cathy

    I am so sorry to hear about Betsy. She had a good life & probably could have had no better life than with you. Run free now Betsy.

    Those puppies are just so stinking cute! They will be spoiled rotten, as they should be & Nala will know more love than I am sure she ever has in her life. Bless you for what you do.

  14. Jan from TN

    ❤️❤️❤️🐾🐾🐾 They’re so adorable! 😊
    So sorry to hear about Betsy. 😞 Was so hoping she’d pull thru but as you stated, I guess she outlived many goats.

  15. Kim J LeMere

    What a fun day you had with those wonderful visitors. The puppies are getting plump and they are looking so healthy. I’m sorry to read about Betsy, she had a wonderful home with you.

  16. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    So sorry to hear about Betsy. I did not see any pictures of Nala. I hope she was resting, while her puppies were being snuggled by your guests. I love the sweet picture of Telly and Armando. Thanks for posting on this very busy day, Mary. You know how we worry about Nala and family. ☺️

  17. Sue in Oregon

    You had a huge day, Mary. Bet you are very tired. Sad about Betsy. She was a lucky goat to have lived on your farm.
    Love all the finishes. Kay…yours is amazing and looks like it was quite difficult.
    We are supposed to get hot weather again for a few days starting tomorrow.

  18. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sad to hear about betsy,will embroider her name next to the goat i stitched today in memory.tha DD quilts are great,just wish there was enough hours in the day to make all the ones I love.take care, best wihes from sandy

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – how sweet of you to put her name on one of your goat blocks!!! Thank you!

  19. Charlotte Shira

    So sorry about Betsy! Glad you had distractions today and glad the puppies got lots of attention. Love all the DDs. My friend would love the butterfly quilt….she’s butterfly crazy!
    Be Still.

  20. Jean

    Oh mary i’m so sorry about betsy. It is just the hardest thing to say goodbye to our furry friends! Those puppies! Those kids! I could just tell from the pics what fun puppies bring to people. They are precious. Again, thank you for doing this.
    Kay’s quilt is absolutely stunning!! That pattern won first prize in Houston many years ago. If you would tell us what book it came from I want to make it! THANKS.

    1. Kay Crandall

      The quilt is called Blooming 9 Patch from a book by Blanch Young “Traditions With A Twist.” It is really very easy , just squares and 9 patches. I have made at least 7 of them so far – love the pattern.

  21. Anonymous

    Dorothy in FL
    So sorry about Betsy, What a beautiful circle of life she had with you. The Martinez family has grown up since I last seen Laci. She was a great physical therapist, Love all the puppy pictures and the quilts.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dorothy in FL – if you’d like to give me your full name, I would be happy to pass on your compliment to Laci! Up to you.

  22. Cathie Braman

    So sorry about Betsy. She certainly had a great life with you on the farm. Great
    pictures of the kids and puppies. It’s good to see fun pictures with all that is going
    on in the world. Keeps the blood pressure down! Stay safe!

  23. Connie Heffner

    Could not find the table quilt pumpkin spice in your store anywhere, checked every page.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie Hefner – I thought Kayla had it – maybe not – I’ll check with her tomorrow! Sorry. I will double check and when it’s in the store, I’ll post it.

  24. Kay Crandall

    What beautiful children in all of those pictures, and what happy puppies! They certainly will be ready to give love and joy to their new families! Looking forward to seeing pictures of Nala – I’m sure she was enjoying a good rest while her babies were being played with. So sorry to hear about Betsy.

  25. Donna Wyatt

    So, sad to hear that Betsy has passed, you did everything you could do to keep her with us. I think our pets, no matter what kind, help us to remember there is good in this world and fill a space that sometimes we did not know we needed filled. They love us unconditionally, if only we could be the same, we wouldn’t live in the world we do.

    Your pups and momma are living the good life! How fun to get things in the mail for them. People are always amazing and generous

    Love seeing all the beautiful quilts and projects people are working on, It inspires me to get moving on my own projects.

    Trying to be still is getting much easier with your blog!
    Thank you~~

  26. Elizabeth Rodgers

    Could you show us a picture of Mom? Love the puppies and so healthy but worried about Mom. Know you are a great “nurse” but she had such a hard time. Thank you.

  27. Lorraine McGeough

    So sorry about Betsy. I know your heart is aching. I was hoping and praying for her to recover.

  28. Martha C Engstler

    The puppy Lucy is holding has such a dear round tummy. I’m guessing they are all filling out nicely. Sorry you lost Betsy.

  29. Sherrill

    Oh my, those little pups are bringing lots of company your way..fun but yes, tiring! And what’s NOT to love about driving a golf cart? HA! I’d love to have one but really nowhere to drive it here. I made a quilt like Kay’s years ago (wonder if I still have it?). I remember being so glad when it was done! Whew!

  30. SusanfromKentucky

    So sorry to hear about Betsy. You gave her a good long life!
    Lots of fun with the puppies and visitors. Glad you got some distraction. Take care! <3

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