What A Marvelous Game! 2-4-20

As I was just about ready to lose hope, the Kansas City Chiefs hit “GO!” The first half was good but the third quarter made me nervous and scared. I thought Mahomes had stage fright when he didn’t throw any of those spectacular passes and then suddenly it was the fourth quarter and it was now or never. It was NOW! I screamed so loud the dogs ran out to the sewing room to see what had happened. Oh, such fun to be cheering for the winning team! I loved it!

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And I know I’m old but scant costumes, sexual gyrations and a stripper pole are not my idea of a halftime show. I’m old, I know it, but I thought it bordered on pornographic.

Years ago when I wrote the Goat Gazette, I included a center pullout page called Pet Promenade. Readers sent me pictures of their pets and I became acquainted with many of them. I never threw a single photo away and suddenly I had a huge basket of them. I have gone through all of them, looked at each one and admired every pet. Now I guess I’ll throw them away as part of my Death Cleaning. Seems kinda sad, doesn’t it?

This is about 1/3 of them.

Aren’t they great?

I went to therapy today – it’s going much easier now but we’re working on steps and balance. I’ve got a ways to go but it’s so necessary!

Connie, Roy and Betty arrived at Sanibel Island today and when Connie texted, Betty had already been swimming! I hope she’ll send pictures.

Caucus day in Iowa – oh, how glad we’ll all be when it’s over!

It’s been a quiet day on the farm – temps about 30 degrees which feel almost warm unless you’re in the wind. We had 12 straight days of no sun! I’m glad January is behind us and I wonder what February will bring. I need to work on my plants, clean up the quilt shop so I can work out there and get back to the quilting machine.

Many of you have asked about Reed. It was such a golden time for me to spend time doing things with him. Our adventures were so very much fun and I miss him terribly but boys grow up and Reed is no different. He is sewing at his grandma’s and I have to accept that. It’s not what I would have hoped for because I really did think we were having a great time but it’s not up to me.

Have a great evening if you’re watching the Iowa caucuses. Thanks for your support of this ad supported blog. You guys are the best!

Only one Dirty Dozen.

54 thoughts on “What A Marvelous Game! 2-4-20

  1. Tanya in Hiouston

    If you know any teachers, ask if they can use those photos of animals. We used some in creative writing exercises in the old days. Every student picked a photo, named their pets, and wrote a paragraph about the pet or made a list of fun things they wanted to do together. Then post them all on the wall outside the classroom to share as classes walk by on the way to lunch. Hope sunshine is coming your way!

  2. Mary Rhodes

    I didnt see the game nor the half time activies. Seen it on news. That’s not entertainment! I agree with you! Over paid crap! Its pron all the way. I guess I’m old too! Love the pictures of the animals.

  3. Donna -St Paul

    Great game yesterday ….. so much better than most of them & I too was nervous,,,chewing my nails. I wanted chiefs to win too. Such a young quarterback to win that big game.
    I’m tired of the gray days too. Yesterday we had sun & a little today but cold is returning.
    I’m plugging away at DD but lost some that I numbered so I’m replacing with another ufo. I’m behind, however but that doesn’t surprise me. “Henry” has been taking up too much of my time.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna – St Paul – what has Henry done to require so much of your free time?

      1. Donna St Paul

        As to my Henry….still not at the correct insulin level. He’ll get it tested again next Monday. Won’t use litter box so going thru many training pads BUT he pees on the corner, thus it runs off onto my laminate floors & some damage as I didn’t realize it seeped thru another floor covering I had. So wet floor for 2-3 days isn’t good for laminate. I set up a tilted litter box and so far or 99% of the time he is using the box, but of course he pees in the corner then turns around and steps in it, tracking litter everywhere. BUT, if I lay a rug down to catch some of the tracking litter, it’s a flat surface and he will pee on it ….urg ! I’ve tried every approach I can think of. I have a large litter mat, but again he thinks it’s to pee on and I can’t leave it down so don’t use that either. He seems “happy” so until his attitude changes I will keep him & clean clean clean. Mary more info than you wanted I’m sure
        Had a shingles shot today and my arm is sore but I feel ok.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Donna – I have gone through this myself – my cats pee on the rugs in the closet where I have the litter boxes but I have just learned to accept it and change out the rugs or towels daily. It’s so aggravating! I have one male cat, BC, who still marks on things and I’d really like to put him down to make my life easier but I just don’t have the nerve. And the vet would be appalled but I see BC lift his tail and it makes me so mad!!! I rescued him, too and this is the thanks I get. Grrrrrr…….
          Poor Henry – and you. I know how hard this is. Hang in there!

  4. Charlotte Shira

    Oh Mary I’m old too! I thought the halftime show was terrible. We sent the grand kids out of the room before it started and we only saw a little bit of the first part. It was disgusting! The local news people were talking about the great half time show and how their young kids just loved it.
    Yeah that’s what you want your young daughters doing!! We all went to the kitchen and ate pizza. It was a good game. We wanted the 49er’s to win but I’m glad KC won since it had been 50 years for them.
    I’ll be so glad when the primaries are over! I mute all the commercials.
    Glad therapy is getting a little better. Keep up the good work!

  5. Jan VanDeWalle

    You might just give all those pet pictures to the local elementary school and let kids use them in art projects. I have a niece who teaches and I give her all my extra calendars, from the humane society and other places and the kids love them they cut out the pictures and make bulletin boards or what ever. I get 20 or 30 calendars, think I am the junk mail queen on our rural rte. 😉
    I loved the game and was rooting for Kansas , the first time they made it to the super bowl in 50 years. I don’t usually watch football games on TV. I was impressed with the commercials or some of the half time show.

  6. Anna m

    I totally agree with you about the half time show and thrilled KC won. Even though they’re not my team. Can’t wait for spring!

  7. Cathie

    I agree totally with you about the half time show. I don’t think it is because of our age – I just think
    it is a sad commentary on where we are going. Bravo for those who took their children out of the room!
    So sorry about Reed. Hope the summer will bring him back. And wonderful about your physical
    therapy getting better!! Enjoy your words so much!!

  8. Rhoda Ebersole

    I agree with you about the halftime show bordering on porno snd then read messages begets people thought it was a good “family” halftime show and thought it was just me so good to read your message. What is our world coming to? And that is what my folks thought when they saw Elvis on TV.

    My trash and recycle barrels blew away in last night’s wind but ended up at the end of the street in front of a neighbors and are empty tonight????

    Continued best wishes for your therapy and recovery.

  9. Cathy

    I agree with you on the halftime show. I think it was the worst ever. I was convinced they must have visited strip clubs & copied their routines. But so glad Kansas City pulled the win out!

  10. Louverna Tomer

    The game was so good. Glad the Chiefs won. The halftime show was very sad. My son and I turned it over. This is what our country is coming to. Immorality is rampart and I don’t think there is any going back; it’s only going to get worse. When you don’t think it can get any worse, it gets worse. I’m 77 and won’t be around some day, but I worry about my grandson and the little children growing up and what this country will be like. I’m glad I was raised in the ‘old days’ where we respected our parents, teachers, elders, our flag, etc. I just saw on the news that Beyonce and JZ sat during the National Anthem. Go figure!!
    Glad you’re therapy is going well. Take care.
    Louverna Tomer

  11. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Hurray five ads to close! That felt good.

    Oh my, that half time show was pitiful. Makes me sad that society now condones this.

    I love the idea of gifting those photos to a teacher for a creative writing assignment. I’ll bet that would be such fun for the students.

    Glad your recovery is coming along well.

  12. Diane Bauer

    Guess I’m old as well. The game, or at least 4th quarter, was a good one. I’m not a football fan unless it’s Army/Navy, but am glad KC won. The halftime show was not my idea of entertainment and certainly not a family-friendly show. I’m worried about our country on so many levels.

    I’m sorry about Reed. I thought, too, that you had a really special thing going. I’m sure you miss him. Has the baby been born yet?

    Glad you are persevering with therapy! I suspect it gets old. Certainly being in pain does!!

    20s today is very cold after 70s yesterday. I am so ready for spring. We haven’t gotten much snow just yet, but the roads were awful this morning. A friend flipped her vehicle after spinning out on black ice this morning. She is OK, but her vehicle is toast. Glad I was able to stay home and quilt!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – so glad your friend is ok! Yes, the baby, a girl, was born 1-3-20.

  13. Diane and Squeak

    My kitties, Socrates, Pyramus and Thisbee, and Spike and our grand cat, Koti, were all in the Goat Gazette!!😸😸. We thought the halftime show was ick. My husband asked what happened to people who can sing!!! We were happy the Chiefs won, too😊 Sooo sorry about not sewing with Reed. As a parent, grandparent, and retired teacher, I found that all adults kids could interact with were important! I am going on a quilt retreat next weekend so I hope to finish my #1. Happy to hear about your progress each day, Mary. You’ll be running through the tulips soon😊😊

  14. Vickie in Snellville

    I appreciate the athleticism but it was like watching a porn show. The costumes and the moves.

    I had knee replacement the end of June last year and it still is stiff and sore. I can tell if it’s gonna rain and it makes my whole leg ache when it gets cold here. And I can’t imagine how bad it would be if I were in Iowa instead of the Atlanta, Ga area! It sounds as though you are doing great! Kudos to you!

  15. Candy

    Patrick Mahomes did what he does best … dragged his team into the win column! We enjoyed the game, and the snacks! I’ve never seen so much hair tossing and booty shaking as the halftime show … some of it was over the top, but I could take it or leave it. There’s certainly a lot of talk about it on TV today. Sorry to hear Reed is finding another way now, but I understand … our grandsons are getting to be teenagers too, and aren’t as interested in doing things with Grandma & Grandpa. Life goes on! Have a good week!

  16. Sue in Oregon

    It was an excellent, exciting game even though my team didn’t win. Seems like they kind of rested on their laurels and then got defeated while they rested. I wanted to see Mahomes do something and then…Wow…he did. Great game and fun to watch. The commercials were absolutely NOT of my generation until the Best one. It was hilarious! Half time was wonderful even though, again, not of my generation, Jay Lo was amazing!!! We had our dinner in front of the TV, which we rarely do, but we didn’t want to miss anything.

  17. Carolyn Boutilier

    I remember sending you a picture of my Maltese and tabby cat looking out the sliding glass door. they were good friends. Now we have a doodle and she chases the cat every chance she has when we are not watching. Loved the K.C. game but not the half time show. I am hooking a Christmas piece now and later will get back to quilting. Saturday our VA Quilt Museum will be having a stash blast. People donate fabric, books and quilting tools. People can buy the fabric at $9.00 per lb. You usually get between 3 & 4 yards per lb. It is a fun day and a way to replenish your stash at reasonable prices. today we had sun and 67 degrees.
    glad to hear you PT is coming along. You will not regret it.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA

  18. Linda in NC

    I agree with you on the half time show. Bread and circuses was the fall of Rome. How long will our great country last with the direction it’s going. Are there no great entertainers anymore?
    Keep up the good work on your recovery. Spring will be here soon and God is in control.

  19. Barb

    Agree that the game was GREAT but the halftime show was TERRIBLE! I don’t think our age has anything to do with feeling this way, it was just plain degrading. So many of the ads had such positive messages for females, which was great, and then to show that at halftime was disappointing, to say the least. I wish more people would make these views known, especially to the advertisers. All I have been hearing today are positive remarks about the entertainment. so I’m glad that everyone doesn’t feel that way. So, so sad…

    1. judy

      Yes, enjoyed the game!
      Glad to hear more than just me thought halftime was ridiculously pornographic! Is this the “dance” we want for next generation-NOT!
      The comment about Elvis on Ed Sullivan made me laugh-out-loud! I had not thought of that night in a long time. Where are the Ed Sullivan’s of our day who won’t even let swivel hips (fully clothed) even be shown by camera!!!!
      Glad therapy is going well, Mary! SO glad you are able to maneuver around the quilting spaces again!
      Texas had 80 degrees and wind changed this morn and we dip back down near freezing. Sure hope sunshine returns tomorrow!!!!
      Have a great day quilting!
      HUGS to All Y’LL
      Judy in Texas

  20. Holly Christian

    I understand you’re having a feeling of loss not spending time with Reed, but consider this….you helped him with his sewing skills, which has allowed him to establish a new relationship with his grandma. Without you, he might not have that, and I would bet the bank his grandma is feeling blessed to have that relationship. Bless you.

  21. Betty Klosterman

    I agree with Holly. You have to share Reed, but I bet come summer he will come to your house to help feed all the critters AND show you what he has made and learned. Did he finish the quilt he was going to enter in the 2020 fair? Got to get that done. You are a huge part of Reed’s life that he will never forget. Wasn’t Gramma a bit jealous? Gramma will give him a different aspect. You have to share. Remember all your adventures and learning experiences. What kid wouldn’t give their eye teeth for these experiences? A kid can never have too many Grammas.

  22. Bernadette

    Mary, I as well as my husband agree with you that the game was GREAT, but the half-time show was a porn show. It was disgusting.

  23. Kathy in western NY

    I did not watch the game till the end nor halftime show but guess I missed being upset at how little morals there are with people in public view.
    Glad to hear upbeat tones in your email. You got to enjoy showing Reed some very important life skills and I do agree that it takes a whole village to raise a child so it’s time for others in his life too. Been watching some of the Iowa caucus and must say it’s refreshing to see so many different points of views from people come together making civil decisions. Nice listening to them as they talk about working things out.

  24. Jo in Wyoming

    Thanks for the update about Reed. We are sad to lose him too. You gave him the quilting bug and his grandma will have to keep it going.
    That game was a nail biter. Halftime isn’t my cup of tea, but to move like that at that age! I didn’t see that much of it, but what I did see…. such flexibility. J Lo is 50 years old.

    I love the #9 hat. Very creative.
    We had a tease of spring yesterday, so nice. Tonight is forecasted to be -3! Our government officials are putting on commercials telling folks to have a 2 week supply of life essentials. Why?? Obviously he is not a quilter. I think I have enough life essentials to last about 40 years! 😯😂 of fabric and thread.

  25. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    I miss Reed also and your adventures. They do grow up but I thought he’d be around to help you among other things. Guess I’m glad I only saw the last quarter of the game which was a nail biter. I wouldn’t have liked the half time either from what you all have said.

  26. Jan from TN

    I agree with you about the game—it was exciting! K.C. is known for their comeback wins as was TN. I was routing for K.C. too! I couldn’t even watch the halftime show. It was disgusting & not very family oriented. I think halftime should appeal to the whole audience, not just men who like were the ones that enjoyed it the most.
    I thought the commercials were very disappointing. No Budweiser Clydesdales! How disappointing. They always had the BEST commercials! At $5-6million for 30 seconds, most of those ads were a waste of the various companies’ money in my opinion!
    I remember the Goat Gazette so well. I loved getting that in the mail. I might even have a couple of years worth stashed away somewhere. It does seem a shame to toss out beautiful pictures of dogs. 😕🐾

  27. Linda in TN

    I only have one thing to say: Guess I’m old ,too! I used the halftime show to fold laundry in another room!!

  28. Sharon Ray

    I thought the TV somehow turned to a porn site!! Definitely poor taste and extremely suggestive. I rarely watch football anymore but did enjoy this game. The commercial with Bill Murray was perfect since it was ground hog day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sharon Ray – that’s hilarious that you thought the channel changed!

  29. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    I agree with you completely about the half time show.
    I see my picture of my dogs that have long since passed away.
    It was 2 wire fox terriers and a mixed terrier in the middle. How I loved those dogs. I miss them.

    You are awesome Mary. Prayers for your speedy recovery💕
    Bea knight

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Bea Knight – oh, I’m so happy you saw that picture! I love that picture and knew instantly who they belonged to! I’m keeping that picture because I’ve loved it for years. It was always so much fun to hear from the Goat Gazette readers who were proud to show me their pets. Thank you, Bea – we’ve been friends for many years now, haven’t we?

      1. Bea knight

        Yes! We have been friends for many years!!! I love all your posts and am so happy to see pics of all your animals. I also love that you go to church!
        I love Church!! Blessings to you hubby and all the animals!!!!!🙏🏻

      2. BeaTrice knight

        Yes! We have been friends for many years!!! I love all your posts and am so happy to see pics of all your animals. I also love that you go to church!
        I love Church!! Blessings to you hubby and all the animals!!!!!🙏🏻

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Bea Knight – my church is pretty important in my life! How can anyone live their life without guidance from the Lord?

  30. Kate Schloemer

    Sadly boys do grow up. They get busier with life. It’s nice he is spending time with his Grandma but has to be hard on you. I know you cherished your time with him. It was my hope that he could become a big hit in the quilting world. But, he still may!!!
    Pray your therapy is getting easier.

  31. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Mr. Goodneedle lived in KC as a boy, so he was cheering for the Chiefs and was super-excited with the outcome. The half-time show was NOT suitable for family entertainment at all! Our daughter told me yesterday that she changed the channel during halftime because she didn’t wan’t her children watching that disgusting parade of porn; it was awful. I know, I’m old too; but my husband and I agreed that there would be so many other forms of entertainment that would be suitable AND bring in the crowds (at least we think so), we named dozens. In this day and age of the “me too” movement and other such headline-making lawsuits where women have been abused, how does a show like this help anything? It’s shameful and demeaning in my opinion. Those pet pics are precious! i don’t have a suggestion for how to use them as I am a ruthless “pitcher” here; mainly so that my kids don’t have to clean out for me later! 😉

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – so you’re one of those who can pitch stuff – I’m impressed because obviously I find it so difficult. Even those pet pictures – now I hope I can pass them on to a teacher.

      1. Mrs. Goodneedle

        The only reason that I can, and do, pitch stuff is twofold: one, because I know what a nightmare it is to go through other people’s belongings and make decisions as to settling and closing out a home. 😔
        And, secondly, because I have trouble focusing if I have too much “stuff” around me— it’s a blessing and a curse all at the same time. 😂

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Mrs. Goodneedle – I could not live in a minimalist type home without being very depressed. Having my “stuff” around me is comforting but there’s a fine line – when it gets to be too much mess, I can’t stand that either. Thus – death cleaning and I want to get started again.

  32. Dee

    I’m with you on the halftime show. I thought it was the most vulgar show I’ve seen!!!! I’m pretty liberal and accepting of people but that was porn and I know there were kids watching. Not entertainment to me!!

  33. Kim J LeMere

    We had a few friends over to watch the game and we were rooting for Kansas City Chiefs, what a great finish. I thought some of the commercials were hilarious, like the ground hog one for Jeep, but I did miss the Clydesdale horses. I admired all those great dancer and the chorography of the half time show was wonderful but I don’t believe we need a stripper pole or scantily dressed singer shaking it. I wonder what the audience would of said if it was men dressed in G stings and a top hat performing all over the place, so sad that we don’t want to make women just sex objects but we thing its okay to perform basically nude or the appearance of it. In the end I hope the NFL does better in the future. (Any of the men performing wore long pants, wonder why women are dressed in so little, equal? I think not)

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim LeMere – you make a great point! I doubt the NFL would have hired a mens’ stripper group to perform the halftime show.

  34. Kris in Naperville

    Hi Mary — I wanted to share … there is a woman at the flea market that sells “paper” products, whether it’s old pictures, maps, books, etc. I asked her for a business card… she giggled and picked up a stack of black and white photos from the late 50s/early 60s (complete with jagged edges), shuffled through them, exclaimed, “Oh she’s a doll” and handed me the photo. She had stamped her contact information on the back and explained that she uses these as her business cards. Indeed, she chose the sweetest little photo of a girl playing in her back yard. Her business is called “Paper Patti”…. I thought that was so clever.

    Glad that you are on the mend…. hugs from Illinois

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kris in Naperville – I, too, love those black and white photos from the 50’s and 60’s and love to buy cards with funny messages. And as her business card? How clever!

  35. MartyCae

    Happy that Kansas City won but agree that the half time show was poor. Lets have more family entertainment on that day!

    Glad to hear therapy is going okay. Seems like it takes forever – right?

    Keep warm!

  36. Nikki M in Tx

    Went into FW Sunday & while I admit am not a big football fan did enjoy watching with son & family. Stay until this morning. Went out for dinner yesterday for my birthday. Sunday was 75 & Monday 72.. when I left at 8am was 68. Got home around noon and was 36 here, now 34 with windchill of 29…. project 3-6 inches of snow overnight per weatherman..ah Texas weather. Built a fire in wood stove & Ms Maci curled up in her bed in front of stove…she really dislikes the cold!
    Found a great recipe for tortellini soup on Pinterest & it is in crockpot..had everything in freezer or pantry so put it on & plan to see & stay warm. All animals cared for so no reason to get out until have to. Storm not projected to last long.
    So glad you are doing so good.
    Agree halftime show was a disgrace…but love most of commercials, especially Sam Elliott Doritos commercial…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki – I cannot believe your snow one day and warm temps the next. We keep our snow for months! Ha

  37. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary. I too didn’t care for the half show, as a matter of fact I don’t understand football and we wre only checking now and then to see the score. I wanted to see the half show thinking that it would be good. To see a pair of women scantily dressed is not my cup of tea, but I guess what is important is how much they can make. True JLo has quite a body and moves like a younger woman, but if she could she will probably go naked. I don’t like the message they send to young girls.

    Hope you are doing better.

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