What a start! 1-3-22

This is the scene outside – so much rain!

This is from Connie who is 100 miles west of here.

There can’t be anyone in the US who doesn’t know what happened last night at Monday Night Football. For those out of the country who don’t know, one of the players collapsed on the field and had to be administered CPR before going by ambulance to the hospital where he is in critical condition this morning, I was watching college basketball when it happened so when I switched over the game was in limbo. It took a bit of time to understand what was happening. Football will never be the same, will it?

“Never take a beer to a job interview!” is a charm quilt found in our very first charm book published in 2010. And yes, I’m remaking it – more on that later. ( I hate when Jo leaves me in suspense like this!) Connie and I are scheduling our $5 Friday projects and this will be one of them – but I’m not done!

Even though I’ve given you two catch up Dirty Dozen months, I still want your photos of finished projects which should be sent to my email. PLEASE make note of this. You’re not schoolchildren and I shouldn’t have to keep telling you this. Rant ended.

A reader sent this picture taken near Buffalo – and you thought South Dakota was shocking!

Mary H. has been making and selling mittens – aren’t they nice?

Kathy is washing red fabric to make Red and White Snoball quilt like this. Pattern available for $5.00.

I think about this in blue and white!

Here’s Connie’s kitty Dot.

Look at that sweet nose!
The seed catalogs are arriving! Dear Lord, help me resist – of course they send them in the middle of winter to trick us!
Hazel adores Connie!

If you’re in the storm area, be careful. Don’t take any chances on the roads or walking outdoors – I’ll check in later.

63 thoughts on “What a start! 1-3-22

  1. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – I know I’m a few days late reading this, but holy cow – I can’t believe that picture of the snow near Buffalo. The mittens look awesome- are they made from old sweaters? The snowball quilt would look fantastic in blue and white!

  2. Viv in Idaho

    The picture of the snow reminds me of some of the pictures you see when they open the highway over Bear Tooth Pass in the spring.

  3. Judy - Michigan

    I love what you are working on and will be making one too. Cleaning sewing room and paperwork (patterns) so no sewing just yet in the new year!

  4. Ginny South Czrolina

    We are getting lighting and thunder and heavy rain, it has been going on all night. I wish we could save some for summer. George is in Atlanta today, driving in Atlanta on a sunny day is not fun but when you drive a tanker truck full of chemicals in heavy rain it is scary.
    I have that charm book and a lot of charms. I might make one my next project.

  5. Susan K in Texas

    We were at a Dallas Stars hockey game on March 10, 2014. Rich Peverly, one of the players, had a heart attack during the game. They got him down the tunnel and resuscitated him. There is always a doctor on hand close to the players bench and they used a defibrillator. The arena went totally silent. Players were visibly upset. The game was postponed. It was a horrible night but Peverly recovered.
    I sure hope Damar recovers. What a horrible thing to happen. I wasn’t watching the game but my husband was.
    I spent time straightening the sewing room today. I’m ready to start a new project but haven’t decided what to start. Too many choices!

  6. Sherrill

    Football has always been a very rough and scary sport. Neither of my boys played thank heavens. Was listening to a cardiothoracic doc on the radio today discussing the incident and she said that a heart attack like he had could occur if someone was hit in the chest/heart area in just the right way..didn’t have to be a massive hit, just the right spot. Super scary. Just curious if you saw when Joe Theisman’s leg was broken?! OMG, that was AWFUL and they showed it over and over. At least with Damar, they said they wouldn’t show it again.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – yes! I do remember when Joe Theisman broke his leg! And I even asked Rick this morning if he remembered it. They did show it over and over and I will never forget it.

  7. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, oh how I enjoy your photos!! Cats – too cute…… pups – too cute……. ❤️. The football game last night was so disconcerting…… I did not sleep well at all after that happened. Prayers were said before I fell asleep and then every time I woke I said prayers for Damar. All the people praying! I hope God turns some good into this as only He can. My only other comment is rain on top of snow….. yuck. The weather is beautiful here in Florida right now. Still cleaning up some of the frost killed plants and falling leaves. I have one shrub that makes quite the mess when it freezes….. makes me sad as it’s so beautiful and big. Even the plants that I covered the frost got to and took it’s ugly toll on them. 😩😩. Oh well!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynette- any gardener who loses plants for whatever reason is sad – I’m even sad when Rick chops down the elderberry! He hates it.

  8. Lynn

    Mary, thanks for all the pictures but especially the golden. Makes me think of my golden I lost a couple of months ago at only 8 years. Working to find a rescue golden. Not easy in CA.
    No snow here but we may float away in the next couple of days with rain expected.
    Happy New Year and thanks for all your work with the blog.

      1. Lynn

        Cancer of the spline. No warning. Emergency suggested to put her down before it burst. Had a couple of hours before she was gone.
        I hope with the 6-8 inches of rain the drought will be over or close to it.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Lynn – oh my, I am so sorry for your loss! And shock – I was just chatting with a friend who lost her golden boy under somewhat the same circumstances – so so sad.

  9. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    This weather is so interesting. We are only one state east of you and a little south. Our snow is gone, and it was 64 this afternoon. Stay warm and safe.
    It was fun seeing Dot and the picture of Connie and Hazel.

  10. BJ Berlo

    That photo from West Seneca is just shocking! I spent only one winter in Buffalo, I think it was 1961, and the snow and ice were just unbelievable! Worse than anything I had ever experienced in New England.

  11. Mary

    As those of us in the Great Lakes region know that lake effect snow is very much a thing. I have Erie/Buffalo/Rochester/Syracuse friends who deal with it every winter. Snow that comes to a second story window is not uncommon w/ wind & drifting. Snow becomes a problem on places to put it. I have been in Syracuse in late June & seeing piles of snow 2 stories high melting in parking lots-dirty & crusty. Thankfully they have road crews to get roads passable.

  12. Ginger S

    Getting rain today in southern New Hampshire. Our snow (what little we had) is all gone. It’s gloomy to say the least. Praying for that football player. So young, such a tragedy. I love your snowball quilt. It is so pretty in reds and I also think that blues would be stunning. I am in love with Hazel. I love all of your pets but her personality just tickles me. Such a character. Happy New Year to all!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ginger – I took a funny video of her on Christmas Eve that you’d love but for some reason I can’t get it to post! Grrrrrr…..

      1. Ginger S

        Oh I can just imagine how cute it is. I noticed in a recent post that you called her a “pistol”. Exactly what I expected.

  13. Shirley

    I live in Homer, Alaska and we are getting the same weather! Rain on top of snow and more wet snow! Ehat a mess! Good quilting weather.

  14. Maryann

    Just to clarify, that pic of the snow in Buffalo NY was photo shopped. Was not that high. A disclaimer was sent in another post

      1. Maryann

        Sorry Mary I had ment to say the disclaimer was on Facebook. I tried to edit my comment but wouldn’t let me. And I saw another reader left a comment saying the pic was photoshopped. We did get a tremendous amount of snow but it wasn’t that much! So sorry for the misunderstanding

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Maryann – well, after all that snow the NY folks have gotten, it sure could have been the real thing! No worries!

  15. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    We watched the game, too. I am a Bills fan and we are Bengals fans when they don’t play the Bills. The hospital they took Damar to in Cincinnati is an excellent hospital. He is in good hands. The outpouring from both teams and the fans renews my faith in humanity. I grew up just 70 miles South of Buffalo and have been on that I-90 route, too. It is 61* here so far!
    While I am healing from a back injury, I am reading Patterson’s RUN ROSE RUN with Dolly Parton. She gives so much to kids through her book gifts.
    Praying for Damar and his family.

    1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

      Good morning, Diane! I am going to ready Run, Rosie, Run too, how does this one compare to other books he has written? I am reading Sleeping Lady by Sue Henry just about done, then will start in the next book. Hard to read and quilt tho, one choice loses out! We have about 12” of snow from the latest snowstorm. It was predicted we would get 18” so this is good enough.

      It’s a Stay at home day again today for sure. I have a binding to sew on a table runner, many items waiting to get sewn together, two table runners for sure, then I am going to make a quilt, bought the kit, I think it is ‘Brightly’ and I am excited to do stars. I love them, but for some reason I avoid doing them.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the cat rubbing up against the sewing machine, reminds me of our Mr Kitty, Connie’s kitten is cute too!finished hand quilting my 16 patch yesterday, now to do the binding, then a 9 patch l pinned at the same time. Off to the mall today, l need a lamp by my machine as l can’t change the light bulb, plate stand and try to get eggs. New Zealand has an egg shortage at present, no more caged chickens, all free range now and farmers are not happy! Wish me luck, I’m down to 2 eggs! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, I love the picture of the seed catalog! Spring is coming! In the meantime, many of us will need some of Mary H’s darling mittens! They are great! The red and white snowball quilt is one of my favorites!

    Happy 2023 sewing to you all!

  18. Pamela Dempsey

    So sorry about the football player tragedy. I don’t watch sports but it came through on my Google feed of stories. Wow, the snow! I’m in Northeast Texas and yesterday was about 76 and we were under a tornado 🌪 watch. Had a couple of bad storms go through, lifted up a metal chair, set it back down, rain blowing sideways and close lightning sent my husband back inside, I was fixing to go out 🤣. Only about 67 today and 55 tomorrow. Doesn’t feel like January. Love the snowball quilt! Hazel and Dot are too cute 🥰

  19. Kathy in western NY

    Connie’s sweet kitty is adorable! Well what kitty isn’t the sweetest thing. Seeing her place reminds me that Buffalo is an hour away from us and they have had 101 inches of snow this winter. And us – a measly 9”. Such a difference in just a short distance.
    Several years ago, a young boy (12 yrs old ) in our area was hit by a kick of the soccer ball into the chest on the sports field. He collapsed in front of everyone just like last night and there was no defibrillators at the time in many of the sports buildings nor near the fields where kids games were. He never made it and of course now there are defibrillators installed all over buildings. No parent should lose a child to sports injuries and it’s so sad to think LaMar Hamlin has done so much philanthropy work before he played Pro, and now is fighting for his life. We can’t stop thinking of how his team and others are coping right now as we continue to pray he recovers.

  20. Alice in SW Ohio

    Rainy day here in SW Ohio & unseasonally warm in the 60’s!
    I’m not a football fan but have watched many games as my husband loved the game & filled me in on all the plays even though I sat right in the room sewing or knitting! I did turn over to the game last night as my friend also loves football. We just saw the ambulance enter the field & knew it was really serious! So glad the game was called! So glad they took Damar to UC Medical, it’s a top notch hospital!! They saved my husband’s life years ago after a life threatening allergy to anaesthetic. Prayers for Damar & his family 🙏🙏 Love the picture of Connie & Hazel!! Today’s a sewing day for me now that the holidays are over! I’m also working on Bonnie Hunter’s MQ. I only use fabric in my stash & so far have not had to buy any extra! Happy 2023 everyone!!

  21. Joyce from NY

    I was watching the Buffalo Bills game when Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field. Such a scary & sad scene, we all hope and pray for his recovery!

    Mary H. your mittens are great, are they made of wool??

  22. Bonnie McKee

    Good morning,
    The pictures of the massive amounts of snow are hard for me to comprehend! I pray folks will be careful and stay home, if at all possible. 🙏🏼
    Speaking of snow, a snowball quilt is on my list of quilts to make! I have been collecting blue fabrics to make one…maybe I should start it now?!?! 😃
    Mary H.’s mittens are lovely!!! I admire her knitting skills!❤️ Mittens are far above my abilities.
    I’m also VERY tempted by the dreamy seed catalogues arriving in the mail! Territorial Seeds isn’t far from where I live and the seeds I have purchased over the years do not disappoint! 👍
    As always, I really enjoy the pictures shared of quilts, darling animals and friends. ❤️
    Mary, your blog makes my day complete 😁
    Bonnie, in damp Oregon

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonnie – remember my pumpkins last year? Many unique varieties and I ordered from Territorial Seed.

      1. Bonnie McKee

        Mary, I thought your pumpkins looked familiar! 😁
        I’m always so tempted to buy pumpkin seeds from Territorial but I don’t need many pumpkins to decorate with so I buy a few from local farm kids.
        I remember you had a group come to your farm and they got to choose a pumpkin to take home. Where they kids from your church’s youth group?

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Bonnie – yes, the kids were from my church needing to make money for their mission trip coming up this summer.

  23. Marian F Stever

    Rain, snow, sleet, and ice here in SE MN. I won’t be going out to get the mail today. Enjoyed your blog today, Mary. The weather certainly slows one down when you have weather like this. The quilts are a welcome view and so inspiring. The seed catalog has Telly on the cover inviting you… Everyone be safe out there. Football will never be the same or important after this player was injured. I love sports but this certainly casts a pall on it.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marian – I’ve received 3 messages supposedly from you on Messenger – I was sure it wasn’t you so I ignored it but wanted you to know.

  24. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,
    Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest was front page news in Europe too. A most shocking and tragic event: hoping he pulls through. It brought back memories of when in 2021 one of the Danish soccer team players, Christian Erikson, aged 29, had a cardiac arrest during a European Championship game against Finland. That wasn’t the result of blunt force trauma, as in Mr Hamlin’s case, Mr Erickson just suddenly dropped to the ground. It took a few moments for anyone to realise what was happening, but luckily one of his team mates rushed over, and checked his airway and got him in the correct position. His heart had stopped completely, but the team doctor came rushing over with a defribilator and the first shot got it going again, and they kept him respirated until an ambulance arrived. It all happened so fast that it was broadcast to all the viewers at home. His team quickly formed a circle around him and the doctor to shield them from view while the ambulance was arriving and they were doing what was necessary before he could be transported to hospital. He too was in a critical condition, but happily recovered, and after being fitted with a heart starter (like a pacemaker, but capable of restarting your heart, not just controlling the rhythm) was discharged from hospital a week later! A year after that he was back playing as a professional. Anyone who had witnessed it would not have thought that would ever be possible. The human body also has amazing powers of recovery, at times.
    Hope you are riding out the storm okay.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Thanks Barb! I took advantage of a decent day to wash it out to reduce using so many color catchers. Would you believe the red Shadow Play fabric ran the most. I have lots of assorted colors of shadow play line so am now warned to wash that before using. I am using my quilts more and more around my house and with dogs and a kitty they are being washed more too so I am seeing colors run so trying to be conscious of washing some of my stash if I have doubts. I love Mary’s snowball quilt. Great one to leave out till spring cause she has some reddish pink it looked like in hers too.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Kathy, I don’t understand the dying process, but there is some “over dye” that will run into other fabrics. Then there is some “loose dye color” that wasn’t rinsed out. It will wash out, but not effect other fabrics. Now this is my understanding and probably a bit off with my descriptions. I reuse the color magnets until they are black. I also throw in an old white cotton hankie with the fabric. So far, it hasn’t taken on any excess color. Did you wash each red fabric separately or all at once? I was washing scrapy reds, greens, blues and whites and finally said they were going to live together, so get along and all into the machine at the same time with the color magnets.
        There is a pile of reds waiting for ideas……. but haven’t made up my mind and am trying to finish other stuff. Betty in Rapid City

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Hi Betty,
          I hand washed all the reds separately in my sink and carry outside to dry on my lines. I laughed at your comment that the reds and greens all had to live together. It’s true. I have some older fabrics I don’t trust not to run in charity quilts so I always wash them out by hand. And yes my hands do hurt afterward from wringing but I won’t stop using them. I don’t know about color magnets…..I buy the boxes of color catchers. I would like to learn more about the magnets from you.

          1. Betty Klosterman

            Kathy, Save your hands!! How is that quilt going to be taken care of when donated? The recipient would probably not even know what bleeding dye is?
            Throw ALL that fabric in the washing machine along with a dye magnet and let it go. Zig zag the fabric edges and put an old white hanky (or white cotton fabric) in for good measure. If the hanky comes out with color, repeat washing. Dry in drier, except I try to take it out still damp ready to iron. The dye magnets & color catchers are just different brands of the same stuff. I use them til they are very dark.
            Just look how much time you have to quilt by letting the washer do the job. Have fun and enjoy the process.

          2. Mary Etherington Post author

            Betty – yes, that’s the way to do it! What are you working on?

  25. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hi Mary,
    Two things today:

    The injured football player is Damar Hamlin, #3, safety on the Buffalo Bills football team; their stadium is a few miles from our home in Orchard Park, Buffalo suburb. He was going for a tackle, he was helmet rammed on the chest by a Bengals player, fell to the ground, got up and then immediately passed out. They did CPR on the field until the ambulance arrived, he’s in the hospital and is intubated, not breathing on his own. The game was postponed.
    Winning this game would have given the Bills home-field advantage in the playoffs; I’m not sure how well the team will do when one of their “family” is down; right now there has been no talk of rescheduling.
    The player is 24 years old; he has a “go fund me” he started to donate toys for children in the Pittsburg area, his goal was $2,500. As of this morning, there is over $3 million donated. People are trying to show support that way. His poor mom and other family were at the game, went to the hospital in the ambulance with him.

    Second, that photo of route 90 to Erie with West Seneca/Ridge Road exits… that’s down the road a few miles from me. That was photoshopped! I’ve seen the same photo with signs switched to someplace in the Dakotas, and I also saw it with the signs showing both exits leading to “Hell, NY”!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – I had never seen this picture until a reader sent it to me – with no explanation. I’m really sorry I posted it but I had no idea it was photoshopped.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Well, I think it’s pretty funny, the snow on the thruway, and there are times I admit it looks pretty darned close. Plowing 80 inches of snow results in pretty high banks.
        South Dakota has been pounded already this year with snow and I have a friend there, that’s how I know it’s photoshopped, because she sent me the same photo with her highways on it. She said for a minute she thought it was true!
        Well, it had to come from somewhere… Greenland?

  26. Tanya T. in Houston

    What a great use for a cake stand in the last photo of Connie and Hazel! I didn’t need the calories anyway!

  27. Marsha in MI

    Almost all of our snow is melted. Yesterday morning it was so foggy I missed my first turn and decided to turn around and keep my granddaughter home from daycare (20 mile round trip). The fog advisory said til noon and it was almost clear by then.

    This morning it was raining and 41* feels like 33*. Predicted 4 more hours of rain at 6:30 a.m. t there were pockets of water over the road and the ditches along the roads are full! Flooding, anyone?

  28. Deb in Idaho

    I didn’t see the game but the highlights on the news. Very disturbing and such a young person. I’m a big fan of collage but not of Pro ball. I’ve been getting my seed catalogs too. So fun to think of all the veggies to grow and try. Going to the dentist today 😝 and maybe a walk later. Be safe everyone and Happy New Year

  29. Deb From Iowa

    Mary, Your recipe for 9×13 sausage gravy and biscuits was a huge hit at our house. Thanks for sharing! Deb

  30. Sue In Oregon

    The whole country seems to be in a storm. Again! They are warning us here on the west coast of a huge storm coming right at us on Wed. It will come in off the Pacific in N. Cal and right up the coast to us. Batten down the hatches today.
    Territorials catalog is sure cute this year. I had a dog who loved carrots. He would beg for them whenever I was cutting them up for Veggie Dip. I have not resisted seeds very well this winter. Come spring I will say…..Now why did I buy these?
    The Snowball quilt is calling me. I love it. It would even be a great table runner.
    Love your mittens, Mary H. Where do you sell them?
    I hear you, Mary. I will try to get photos of some older quilts of mine, but we are having very dark days here and its hard to get decent pics.

  31. Sandra Goddard

    We live in Western New York and of course the Bills are our time. No matter your team this incident last night was so shocking and upsetting for everyone. Our prayers go out to Mr. Hamlin and his family. Didn’t sleep very good last night after watching this tragedy unfold . Maybe with our combined prayers we will be heard.

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