Who reads this blog?

Today while I was in Target, I ran into an acquaintance I don’t see very often. She greeted me with ” I just love reading about your new goats! The 2 little blonde ones are palominos!” I had no idea she read the blog and was shocked when I realized she knew what’s happening in my life and, sadly, I have no idea what’s happening in hers. That’s the problem with blog posts – you know what I’m doing but I have no idea what you’re doing, what your families are doing or anything about your lives. It’s too bad for me.

21 thoughts on “Who reads this blog?

  1. penny valentine

    I really enjoy your blog, Mary! Wish I lived closer to Iowa so I could visit! Not for the weather though!!!!! thank you so much for the suprise in my mailbox today with my Civil War fabric. I was really wondering what I had ordered! I had this book at one time and a friend “borrowed it so glad to have it again and I just might try the Buckwheat pattern. thanks! Penny

  2. Sandie

    I love reading your blog! Love all of your animals! You are such an inspiration to me. Since I first learned about you in the 1980s, I always wanted to visit your shop. Last summer I was able to take the “long route” from Columbus, Ohio to Minneapolis and stop at your shop. Your shop and farm are just wonderful!! I wished I lived closer so I could visit more often.

  3. Jean Elliott

    Even if you don’t know about my life I love reading your blog! And I like it when I get to Iowa and see you in the shop that I feel like I really know you! And I’ll be there in June!!
    Keep up the great blogs and pictures!

  4. carole

    When I read your blog I still remember that day back in 1988 when out of total exhaustion from planning a quilt show, I had done a little retail therapy at a local friend’s quilt shop and bought your Quilt Shop Series book and fell in love with your farm. And then my cat, Alice, decided that she should “write” to your Emma and so began all the pet letters to your 4-legged crew from all over. I was so glad that I was finally able to visit Country Threads in 2005. Omaha is a lot closer than southern NY, but I wish we were close enough to be neighbors so I could soak up that ambience of quilts and critters and sweet fresh air and to sit and visit awhile. So happy to call you my friend and to share your adventures … even when it’s only dirty Spring snow or drowned mice.

  5. Carolyn

    I too love reading your posts, you have such a unique setting. I grew up on a farm it reminds me of my youth! Keepem’ coming!

  6. Sandy Pierson

    Dearest Mary, Your not knowing what is going on in ALL our lives is probably a good thing for you. I would think it would be over whelming…..How many follow your blog? We all love to hear about what is going on there on the farm and seeing the new quilt ideas. You are a special lady and bless us all. Hugs from Henderson Nevada, Sandy Pierson

  7. donna j

    Mary, I look forward to every Farm News and all the little news in-between. We lived in Iowa for 11 years and we do miss it. You bring the fun of being out in the Iowa countryside back to me. I love all the animals and folksy stories. I am unfortunately disabled due to illness. So your news lifts my day and inspires me to quilt. I would love to see your quilt shop some time. But who knows when we would ever get to that part of the nation again. Went to the Amana Colonies overnight 2 years ago. Hadn’t been there in 20 years and it was wonderful to be back. There, now you know some of my life. Yours has much more going on! Take care. donna from south central Kansas.

  8. Ginny Jackson

    We may have met in 2002 when I stopped in with my Sheltie. Prior to that my letters were published in the Goat Gazette. Your blog is a great connection between those of us who have animals, create things with fabric, have plants, and just basically share this world. Some days reading about your goats, dogs, cats and your frustration with weather …. helps me smile through a lonely day.

  9. Pat

    I have to admit that I look forward to each entry you make. I’m sharing the goat pictures with my daughter, she has chickens and ducks but really wants some goats. Maybe this will inspire her.
    I asked you about a quilt pattern for my granddaughter and I to make and want you to know that she has started one called “strips and squares”. She’s doing fantastic. I’m very proud of her. I’ll send you a picture of her progress.
    Thanks for sharing your life……

  10. Gina Decker

    Hi Mary,
    Love reading your blogs, I grew up in NW Missouri on a farm, so it is like going back home when I read your blogs. I now live in North Central Alabama where I am busily trying to get everything planted before it gets too hot. Hate it that you have not been able to plant much of anything yet. Today it is raining here so it is the quilting room for me! Have a great day!

  11. Tanya

    I love reading about the farm and seeing your new projects! I love shopping your booth in Houston every fall even more! If we all wrote you notes though, you wouldn’t have time to quilt!

  12. Fran Dixon

    It’s a great way to communicate but often one-sided. I admit I don’t read all the posts–it is hit and miss for me.

  13. Robin Wilkinson

    Every day when reading your blog, I do feel like we are neighbors, chatting over coffee, but I have little of interest to share with you. Life here in Mississippi is pleasant but a bit dull. I think it may be due to my lack of goats.

  14. Carol

    I agree with Ann…your tidbits brighten up my day! The best thing about your blog, for me, is that I feel like I have a penpal in Iowa! When I was little, I had a penpal in Wisconsin for many years and I loved reading about her life. So thank you for sharing and for giving me a few moments to escape the SoCal frenzy!

  15. SiggyBee

    I so enjoy your blog and the glimpse I get of life on a farm in Iowa, your animals, your quilts and happenings at the quilt shop. I live on a farm in Virginia and belong to a quilt group that meets once a week. I have one very spoiled rescue cat named Loverboy, otherwise affectionately known as “Poopsie”. I visited your shop when I was in Iowa in September of 2012 while I was doing genealogy research in Clear Lake, Spencer, Boyden and Hull. Thank you for sharing your photos and posts!

  16. Ann Barlament

    When I see your email in my inbox, a smile appears upon my face and I wonder…”what’s new in Mary’s world”? Even the simplest of things can cheer me up…new goats, a visitor for Telly, an eclectic collection of pots, new patterns or fabric. I am happy that you take the time to share tidbits with the rest of us!!

  17. Lee

    I will not be bumping into you at Target….but that sounds like fun. Reading your blog is a fun thing I look forward to.
    Life has been easy here in North Carolina. I went to Paducah for the 30th Anniversary of quilt week. Very nice time with some high school friends. Yes, fabric was purchased! I saw lots and lots of small quilts…very cute and easy. But, we know they all take time!!

  18. Bronwyn

    Hi Mary. Yes it is very interesting that we know and love to read about your life. I love your news. My life is very slow bronwyn

  19. Lynn

    Your life is so much more interesting than mine! Love all the stories about the farm and the quilts you manage to get done.

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