Wind Chill Warning!

All schools are closed due to wind chills and visibility. We got an inch or so of snow yesterday and then the wind came up – typical Iowa. Look off into the distance in this picture – it’s looking toward the southwest and beyond the grove you can see the blowing snow.

Our grove gives us so much protection when the winds are from the northwest. If it looks bad in our yard, then just think what it must be like out in the open!

I think maybe tomorrow is going to be a carbon copy. Ugh.

26 thoughts on “Wind Chill Warning!

  1. Kathy

    Your quilts will come in handy when the cold, frigid winds blow! A lap quilt and a quilted jacket will be the way to go!

  2. ANITA Fetzer

    We in Ohio got a few inches Fri but the wind was bad. Today it snowed about an in last nite then started in again about 7 :00 And been snowing ever since. 28 deg so that’s not bad but…..working on a baby quilt for grgr daughter due in March. Have a log cabin to bind so not without things to do. Kitchen cabinets and fabric closet all clean and neat. But tired of January, always seems to last so long😁 stay warm, more pictures of the darling goats. They are probably tired of being in the barn but glad they are warm. Anita

  3. Martha Engstler

    It’s 17f here in south central Pennsylvania next to Liberty Mountain ski resort. Great day for a holiday, they are packed to overflowing. The resort employs so many local people we suffer in silence because it’s a good day for all. Don’t look forward to your weather coming east which it will soon. Great sewing day.

  4. Jo

    Burrrrr! It’s really cold in Wyoming today also. 12* at lunch.
    Great fireside hand work weather. Keep the animals in and stay safe.

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Yesterday it had been just flurries of snow until about 3:00 PM-time to go home, The farther north I went the worse it got and I couldn’t see a block. Now it is about 24 hours later. The sun is shinning, the wind is blowing at least 30 mph and the chill factor is at least 30 below and I’m not leaving the house!
    That is Rapid City weather and maybe tomorrow will be nicer. There is plenty to do in the house. It is a good day for chili and popcorn and quilting. Take care. This, too, will pass?

  6. Launa

    Have sun here in Idaho today. Was 22 degrees early morning and no new snow since some flurries yesterday. Snow is hanging onto most of the trees. I’m very near Lost Trails Ski Resort and they have been quite busy this holiday weekend. Stay warm, Mary!!!!

  7. Diane

    Brrr cold, snowy, blowing here in Central Ohio, too. Thank goodness for that good looking grove. It has snowed all day. Hard to keep ” new knee hubby” inside because he wants to shovel and feed the birds. When the sun is out ( not often) , it glistens and is so pretty. Squeak is going stir crazy; it’s too cold and snowy to go on the porch. A friend gave me an old blue and white quilt top, I’ll send a picture. Stay warm, Mary and all your pets!!

  8. Gayle

    Ugh that means your weather is headed our way in northern Michigan. This winter has been weird. I’m ready for spring! Stay warm and sew.

  9. Diane M

    The warm weather we had melted all the snow. It started snowing last night; we could get up to 6 inches. Someone on our road just had an accident – car versus tree. Hope they are alright. My cats aren’t too sure about all this snow. Keep yourselves and the animals warm.

  10. Susan

    Here comes the wind chill factor once again in Southern Ohio. We has freezing rain then snow on top of that Friday. More snow today with wind chills going down to 12-15 below 0. Mary, the weather you get first we get next! I can’t wait until you start posting pictures of plants poking their little heads out of the ground! Ok, me and my dachshund are headed back under our quilt to stay warm.

  11. Jeanine

    Cold and windy all day here in Oskaloosa, too. Been out several times to check on the chickens. They are doing fine, but do not like the snow and won’t even go into the barn when it’s like this. They have a back door in their coop that I open in case they want more freedom, but every time I go out, they are in the coop. About your blue quilts…..didn’t you make a blue quilt out of men’s shirts last year? I didn’t see it in your pictures. I worked on some simple blocks today from men’s shirts for charity. I so enjoy your blog and look forward to reading it every time you post. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jeanine – By golly, I sure did! You’ve got a better memory than me – now I wonder where that quilt is?

  12. Tanya

    Schools are closed tomorrow in Houston as well. Nothing like the weather you describe, but even with an eighth of an inch of ice and sleet here, people drive and slide all over the place. It’s better to just keep all the school buses home! Sounds like a great day to sew and read…stay warm!

  13. Vickie Devore

    We got sleet, then a blowing snow on top 12 or so hours later and 2-3 inches today. Let’s make this a nationwide holiday until for a while and sewing as the national past time : )

  14. Delores

    Thanks for all your posts. Loved Hazel’s party pics and all your blue quilts. We had a good three inches of snow in Villa Park, IL today with a promise of a thaw on the weekend. YEA! And of course we have the cold temps as well.

  15. sandra

    I remember Northern Iowa winters. Indiana is very cold today with light snow off and on. I am going to make a shirt pillow tomorrow.I hope,a there are instructions on the web.Stay warm

  16. Paula

    Your picture looks COLD! Prayers for your safety and no power outages. Cold in Texas too, it is not near as cold as Iowa. We will be back into the sixties by the weekend. Luckily, we usually do Winter, only a few days at a time!

  17. Becky from Texas

    Looks soooo cold! Keep warm and be careful when you feed all your babies in the barn.

  18. Janie

    Had a few inches of snow yesterday. I’m glad I’m retired on days like this: used to have a 35 minute drive to work…dont miss that! Good day for sewing or napping…lol

  19. Felicia Hamlin

    I have come to the coclusion that I prefer a very cold day without wind than a not so cold with wind, although the two together are horrible.

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