Working in the shop


Here are Claudia and Cheryl marking antiques, etc. in the back room of the Civil War building as well as a wall of baskets for sale. Our closing business sale is June 4-5-6 and you don’t want to miss it! Next we’ll be marking 32 years of finished quilts for sale, all reasonable. We will have a “safe” area to keep your purchases so you can keep shopping and it would be helpful if you brought your own tote bags for shopping. We are hoping to have a food vendor at the farm so you can keep up your strength for shopping. And of course there will be free popcorn. Parking is available south of the barn and golf carts will give you a ride back and forth to the yard. Wow! I’m getting excited for this event already!

6 thoughts on “Working in the shop

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I sew every day and have finished multiple projects! Sewing for fun is wonderful.

  1. Mary Etherington

    Donna – the quilt top is a split 9-patch and I posted the block measurements on a previous post – if you want it you will have to go back to prior posts listed at the bottom of the page.

  2. Launa

    Oh my gosh Mary,
    Sorry I may have to miss it as I had my eyes on the chicken nesting/laying unit and some of the baskets look so good, too. Know it will be a big success. Can’t blame you for being excited about the event and discovering treasures from the shop.

  3. Karen Barto

    I am really interested in your finished quilts. Will you be selling any of them online? I won,t be able to make it to your sale. I really love all your blogs,your house, your plants, your animals, your quilts, I wish I lived closer, I would love to meet you.You have so much energy, I don,t know how you find time to do all you do.Thanks, Karen Barto.

  4. Merril Catto

    Hi Mary, is anything going to listed online for those of us unable to attend the sale? Thanks

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