Yard Tour and Update

Everything is growing including the weeds at 2345 Palm Ave.  These rudbeckia are all volunteers and are at their peak.

This used to be the lily garden until the phlox and rudbeckia took over.

The Annabelle hydrangeas are huge this year – that’s what regular rain will do.

   Here is the houseplant garden in front of the house.  The night blooming cereus is blooming this morning and has 14 more buds to open up.  That’s Tammy enjoying the fresh air.
I love sweet potato vine!

I received this succulent wreath for Christmas 4 years ago and it is thriving!  I just read that you are never supposed to mist or spray these wreaths but always water from the bottom.  I accidentally laid the wreath on top of this old barrel in the spring and it loves it there.  Water collects on top of the barrel, thus watering the wreath from below.

Rick’s shop got a new steel roof this week.

Pepper will go home tomorrow.  In the past 3 days she has gotten very comfortable here which makes me feel better.  Sometimes, most times, dogs are anxious and nervous for the first few days and who could blame them?  The place is not home and they don’t know me.  Just like taking kids to a new day care, they adjust.

And here is my progress on the Granny Square quilt.

It’s lawn mowing day for me.  I had this almost ready to post a few minutes ago and Colton stepped on my keyboard and deleted it!  Grrrrrr…….. So I had to start over.  Betty – the fair is the Hancock County District Fair in Britt, IA.  It’s now open – Becky and I are going to attend the church service there on Sunday morning.  Dr. Steven Allgood is speaking and he’s a very interesting man.  If you live in North Iowa, come and join us in the show arena at 10 am for church.  Five years ago Becky and I took Mom to church at the fair and that’s when I saw the red playhouse for sale.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Have a great day, Everybody!

23 thoughts on “Yard Tour and Update

  1. Cynthia

    Hi Mary,
    The garden looks lovely this year. I have a nice area in my garden covered with Phlox in different colors. And since I planted them (two years ago) I have been battling powdery mildew. I have pruned it for good air flow in the bed. I have tried spraying expensive store bought products to prevent / control it and homemade sprays of baking soda mixed with horticultural oil and a mixture of milk and water. None of them have solved the problem. I water using an in ground sprinkler system, but always very early in the morning. So they are not wet at night. All of this said, your Phlox look very healthy and are growing close together. How Do You Do It????? Please let me know your secret. I would really appreciate your advice. Thank you in advance.

  2. Diane Deibler

    Mary,your flowers are beautiful!!I always enjoyed looking at them whenever I was out there. You are a master gardener!

  3. Ann Barlament

    I live in an Assisted Living building (until I can find wheelchair accessible housing) and I’m so happy that you share your gardening pictures. I can close my eyes and it almost feels like I’m sitting amongst your plants. Love the delicacy of the succulent wreath!!

    You are really zooming along with your Granny quilt!! Someday I will be reunited with all my fabric and then look out….LOL

  4. Delores

    Villa Park, IL had their Garden Walk this past Sunday and we saw many beautiful and well-planned gardens, however you have taken the “prize”, Mary. Thank you for spreading your “JOY” so we all can enjoy.

  5. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, can you tell us the story behind the little red playhouse?

    Did you know weeds shrink or disappear in garden photos?

  6. Launa

    Everything looks like your TLC has them thriving. I so enjoy the pictures.

  7. Carol

    Well, no wonder you chose green to tie your granny squares together…your green thumb affects everything! It’s really going to be lovely. Your gardens are so pretty…I wish I had more “volunteers”! Your rudbeckia is so cheery! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Holly

    What a fun garden tour–thank you! Your garden is beautiful and I love how the Granny square blocks are looking!

  9. Maryjane

    Thanks so much for again sharing pictures of your wonderful place. Those flowers are magnificent! Things grow so much better in the midwest and, of course, the rain takes care of it all. That Pepper is such a cutie. I’d have a hard time giving up all those visiting dogs. All so cute. Enjoy the day.

  10. Rose Mikulski

    Just finished my Gypsy Wife blocks #5 and #6–sort of, kinda wished that you thought of doing a Granny Square quilt along first, block #5 Crazy Anne almost did me in. Love all of the pictures!

  11. Betty Klosterman

    That should be 4 1/2 years since my husband’s stroke. Guess I type too fast and get ahead of the computer which drops letters…..

  12. Betty Klosterman

    I was raised at Clarion, moved to Des Moines and then have been in Rapid City for 50 years. My husband had a stroke 1/2 years ago and we haven’t traveled since. We have family there, but the aunts and uncles are all gone. I sure miss visiting Country Threads with all the flowers, critters and of course you and Connie and all the patterns, fabric and ideas. My husband is the one who told a friend out here that it wasn’t such a bad place to visit. That is why I just love all the pictures, your stories, quilts — just everything. Of course, I have LOTS of your books and patterns and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Oh, and there are all the pictures I’ve taken over the years in their albums.

    And how do you think God waters succulents? They just shouldn’t get too much water as that will kill them. My hen and chicks bit the dust and I don’t know why. Had them for years and years.

    Thank you for keeping everybody posted on all your activities.

    Betty, Rapid City, SD

  13. Martha C Engstler

    I envy your garden, it is BEAUTIFUL.Here in Pennsylvania the Black Eyed Susan are taking over my garden. I have knee replacements and really can’t weed my little garden. It’s hard to get the young man that helps me to find time for me. Your garden gives me a lot of joy and I’m sure it does for you even more. Many thanks for posting your wonderful pictures.

  14. Diane

    Hi Mary–You are a true gardener!! Everything is so beautiful including those neat Granny square blocks:)

  15. Renae

    Your flowers look fantastic. I love the material you have picked for your quilt. Your succlents look wonderful. Can you share some tips on growing succlents. I keep trying but continue to struggle.


  16. Marie McDonald

    Love your fantastic flowers! Don’t tell us you are not a master gardener. Thanks for all your updates. I really enjoy reading them and staying connected with you. So happy to see you enjoying your retirement!

  17. Donna O

    Your flowers and succulents are beautiful. You truly amaze me at all you achieve in a day. Do you get much sleep? I envision you rising at 4:00 am, get yourself a cup of java and not stopping until midnight or 1:00 am. I hope to accomplish half of what you do in a day. Truly amazing. Also do you stop for meals during your day?

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