Yes! I found my phone! 3-18-24

I dreamed about finding my phone last night – haha! This morning I walked thru the house and the shop, checked every coat pocket, WALKED the wilderness trail looking for it – stupid phone. Started over in the house and just happened to look at the hearth area by the tv and there it was. I had to get on my hands and knees yesterday to retrieve Hazel’s ball behind the table and I set it there. I remember we even talked about Telly’s bed that’s right there. Ugh. Back to another rant I have – no pockets in women’s pants – jeans pockets are too shallow to get a phone into so I wear a Country Threads apron most of the time just for the pocket.

Are you filling out a bracket? Did you watch the announcement of the teams? Here comes another rant – I don’t even know which team did this the worst but the guys on many teams have to hold their “crotch” when they stand up. What’s with that bad behavior? If I were the coach I wouldn’t allow it. I could be very gross and/or insensitive here but I’ll stop

This was a sad day for my friend Gloria shown here with her husband Galen and their sweet Angel.

This picture of me holding Angel was taken at Connie’s sale.

Angel left this earth today to join her older brother PoohBear. Such a heartbreak as we all know and my heart aches for Gloria.

On the happy side of owning a dog is Hank shown here with Dad.

Look at that hunk named Hank!!!

I can stop to see Hank easily on my way home from the chiropractor who has really put me back together – thank goodness. My afternoon in the chair must have helped and the pain is virtually gone now. Whew! My right side has a huge bruise on my hip where Keeper knocked me down but that is minor – sure hurts to lay on it at night however.

So that’s the story – my sewing came to a halt.

PS – I think I found our next card recipient and she’s actually a blog reader and commenter!

65 thoughts on “Yes! I found my phone! 3-18-24

  1. Kathy in western NY

    Oh poor Gloria losing Angel. I am so sad to learn this.
    Glad the phone is back in your hands again.

  2. Billie

    Mary, I’m right with you! I saw that guy with his hand on his crotch too. Thought that was awful!
    Love your blog about nothing. Glad you found your phone!

  3. Diane in Colorado

    Hank will bring joy to his family and so many others. Of this, I am certain. So sorry for Gloria and Galen in the loss of their Angel. Our dogs are such important members of our families. My loss of Akira is still pretty raw. Sending hugs of knowing.
    Glad you found your phone!! Our phones are our brains these days!! So much information in that little piece of equipment!!
    I feel like I didn’t accomplish much today. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive!! I talked to my Mom for three hours and then needed a nap!

  4. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Oh goodie Mary…tell us the name etc of next card recipient.
    Whew, glad you found your phone. You know, it is always where you left it. 🤣
    Sad day for pet owners. My cuz Matt lost his 17 yr old beloved Charlie.
    Yes gross …..holders!!
    Shirley from OR

  5. Jill Klop

    So glad that you found your phone. I’ve been in that situation before too. When find it, that’s when you remember how it got left there! No bracket here! So sorry for the family of Angel.

  6. Marsha from Kansas

    Gloria, I’m so sorry for your loss. Our pets become family. I remember you getting her and she had a health issue which you helped her with. Prayers for you and your husband and all others who Angel touched their lives.

  7. Donna Jo

    So sorry for Gloria losing Angel. It never gets easier no matter how many pets you have. Hank is a hunk! Glad you found your phone Mary. I think we’ve all done that.☺️

  8. Peggy S

    Your comment reminds me of when several years ago, Roseann Barr sang the National Anthem at a baseball game. At the very end of the song, she grabbed herself there too!! Funny!!!

  9. Marcia-Ohio

    Amazon sells a silicone cellphone lanyard for about $12. It works really well. Great for traveling and walking,

    1. Janet Gluesenkamp

      Agree, you won’t even know it’s on, you can walk all over your house and property and always have your phone right at your hands.

  10. Carolyn Boutilier

    So Glad you found your phone.Wonderful to hear that you are well after your fall. That Hank pup sure is a handsome dude. We had a cool windy day and now have fire alerts with 2 forest fires burning. Not close to us but Wednesday will be a red alert day. I hate that we are having a frost this evening as all the trees are in bloom. Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

  11. Vickie from Texas

    That Hank is a cutie. So glad you found your phone. Also, glad you are on the mend. Sorry, I don’t comment more.

    I was sorry to hear about Lu. I sent her and her roommate a St Pats card and have Easter to send. If you can find out the roommate’s first name, I would love to send her a card on holidays. Even her first name would be great. I don’t know how easy this would be. And I understand if not possible.

  12. Rhonda Bax

    I noticed the crotch-grabbing too! Disgusting. Too bad college b-ball is going the way of the entitled pro players.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    What a day at my house.
    First to Gloria…losing a pet is just devastating. You and Galen to such great care of Angel during her troubles. I hope you are blessed with another gift like her.
    Mary, I’m glad you found your phone. I can text from my iPad, next time text Becky to call you.
    Hank is a handful. Those eyes are heart warming.

    At my house today…bear with me.
    I had gravel delivered for my muddy driveway. The dump truck driver snagged an overhead cable and plunged my block into darkness. No electricity, internet or cable tv. Last summer the same guy rolled a dump truck over. I suspect he will lose his job over this.
    My architect came over to tell me this bathroom redo now has to have a plan review done. This is a bran new requirement. I’m having 2 new electrical outlets put in the room…that’s 1 too many. The 3rd outlet trigger the requirement for a review. The review takes 10 days so everything is pushed out another week. What really chappes my cheeks is I have to pay for it. The amount isn’t the issue. What do we pay their salary for when every time we are required to follow their rules,, we have to pay for it.
    We are required to have inspections, isn’t this duplication?
    Thank goodness my architect is my brand new neighbor, I never dreamed of having one to oversee this project.
    I tell you, Loretta is exhausting with all this activity. She drug a toy to everybody. One guy said “ I know you like me, I scratch your butt!” She loves to have her back scratched all the way to her butt.
    Sorry for the misspelling, the eye doctor dilated my eyes and I’m not seeing too well.

  14. Kim from Wi

    So glad you found your phone, we have so much info on them. Its always where we left it. I haven’t watched any basketball but I would find the crotch grabbing disgusting. You would think the coaches would chat about behavior while on camera, like chewing gum with your mouth open. I’m glad to hear the chiro appointments are helping with the aches, you were lucky to not break something in the fall.

  15. Cindy K

    Glad you found you’re phone. I took off for guild 45 miles away last week and forgot mine. Had my debit and charge card in the wallet it’s protected by, Very unsettling. No phone-no money. But, at least it was safe and sound at home. That Hank is so cute-looks like he will be a very good natured dog.

  16. Marsha in Michigan

    So glad you found your phone! I’m about to get a carrier for mine as I lose it so often. Today I used the landline to try to find it! It was in my back jeans pocket! Silly me.

    I’m excited you have a new card recipient! I love doing those! 💕

  17. Liz Schwartz Faron

    I’m pretty sure I heard you yelling for Caitlin clear down here in the Kansas City area. Awesome!!!🏀🏀

  18. patti

    mary, glad you are feeling better and just mostly bruised. we all know you won’t slow down (or can’t). lol angel, i’m sorry for your loss. our pets are like children. jo, you have had a rough day also. tomorrow will be better. i understand you about all that constant paying for things that should be covered the first time. we ran into that outlet thing in our first home. closing held up for two days while they installed another outlet. crazy. don’t they know how to do their jobs?
    after weather in the 70-80s for over a week, a cold front is coming in. only overnight tomorrow night and then start climbing back but this time only to the 70s. march is usually our last cold time. this year it is about ten days later than normal.
    i got the blocks all made for the latest venture. that gives me several different sets of blocks and a couple tops that are ready for borders. i always get stalled at borders because i just don’t like doing them. i don’t know why, they aren’t hard. just stubborn, i guess. happy quilting to all, patti in florida

  19. Sandy

    Hi Mary, so sad about Angel, she was well loved by her family and blog readers. Disgusting about the crotch grabbing, hop it doesn’t catch on in New Zealand with rugby players or cricketers! Three rows of quilting done on the wedding quilt ,8 rows to go! Glad you found the phone Mary, mine had a quick dip in the toilet the other day! But it is ok! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  20. Lollie

    I do the apron thing too. One can carry all kinds of things. We could make pockets like they did in the old days and tie them around our waist. That way they could have a closure. Actually, I just do not carry mine around that much.

  21. Gloria from CC

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my Special Angel. We loved her so much and she will live on in our hearts forever. I hope she’s met up with Pooh Bear and they are romping together in a meadow in heaven – young and healthy. I know they will be waiting for me when I cross rainbow bridge.
    When I lose my phone, Gaylen calls it. We find it in the strangest places!
    Hank is so handsome. I hope he has a long and happy life.

    1. Susan in AL

      Your dear Angel was named so perfectly, wasn’t she? A lovely companion and friend who will be missed, but she knew what it was to be loved. Treasure your memories!

    2. Beamer and Hank's Mom

      Thank you for your kind words about Hank. We went through the same loss just 6 months ago and I know how painful it is to have an empty house when you had your beloved dog with you for so long. Not only do you love them, but they love you back even more. Taking care of our dogs is blessing-not a chore. Some people do not understand that. Please know that I understand your hurt and loss. Be good to yourself during these next weeks and months. If you get to the Garner area I would be happy to give you a puppy fix.

      1. Gloria from CC

        Thank you! I would love to get a puppy fix sometime. Everything you said is absolutely so true. They love you unconditionally – what more could we ask for?💕

  22. Rita in Iowa

    Mary I’m glad you found your phone. Why can’t they alert us when we’re a few yards apart? LOL. Glad you’re feeling better and bruising is most of what you have.
    Gloria and Gaylen, sorry for your loss of Angel. They are so important to us as they know when we’re not up to par.
    My husband and I are in Texas and celebrated my SIL birthday yesterday. Grandson could not keep quiet about the cake.
    Will be headed home tomorrow?

  23. Terry Harper

    Lack of pockets: the bane of every woman’s life. If you do eBay, search for Women’s Cabelas 7 Pocket Hiker Pants. They don’t make them any more but I occasionally find a new with tags pair in my size. Look for the older ones made of canvas with the high rise. You can even specify size. The pockets are real. The front ones are accordion pleated. There are smaller button pockets on the front that are prefect for ID, credit cards and money.i started wearing them for ATV riding because a woman need stuff our on the trail and I needed my cell phone close and safe. I would sent you a picture but I am at a sewing and quilting event 3 hours from home. The pants do not make a fashion statement, but they are comfortable and practical. Glad you are feeling better..

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Terry – I will actually look for them. High waist pants are my favorite and hard to find anymore. There’s a Cabelas north of me – I should look there.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Terry – what are you sewing at your retreat? Just curious.

  24. Karen Cyr

    My condolences to Gloria and Galen on the loss of Angel. They are so much a part of our family. Glad to hear you are feeling better. I’ve always been a little doubtful of chiropractors but your experience is very encouraging and so good that it has helped. And glad you found your phone. I can usually call mine from my husband’s or the landline, which works except for the time it had been turned accidentally to vibrate, and I still had to search for it. My husband is always misplacing his and he turns it off most of the time, so its a constant search for his. Can’t wait until for the tournaments to begin. So many Iowa schools in the tournaments, should be someone to root for for quite a while.

    Karen in MD

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen – I have abused my back for too many years and it gets misaligned pretty easily which really affects many other parts of my body. Headaches are a real issue but I can usually stumble into the chiropractor ‘s office and skip out which wasn’t the case this time. It was my pelvis that got skewed and he said it could have happened just reaching for something in the back of the car! It was nothing I had really done carelessly. I have great faith in my chiro and he has promised that he will recommend an x-ray or MRI if it reaches that point. The only lasting issue right now is this huge bruise and sore hip. My mom always warned me that I’d hurt my back when I did things like lifting a tree trunk into the truck – ha!

  25. Linda in MI

    I’m waiting for the day those guys see pictures of themselves holding their crotch and regret it, but I don’t that will happen. Baseball players have the habit of adjusting their athletic cups and after my first son got his for little league I understood why. That can’t be comfortable. But bras aren’t always comfortable and how many women do you see holding their boobs! Maybe we should start asking men why are they doing that when we see them……maybe underlying shaming will change things.

    That Hank is so so handsome. I love goldens, total bundles of sweet love.

    Hope you feel better real soon, but you took a nasty fall, you may be sore for quite sometime. Thank heavens you didn’t break anything!

    Blessings to you and all the babies.

  26. Linda in MI

    I’m waiting for the day those guys see pictures of themselves holding their crotch and regret it, but I don’t think that will happen. Baseball players have the habit of adjusting their athletic cups and after my first son got his for little league I understood why. That can’t be comfortable. But bras aren’t always comfortable and how many women do you see holding their boobs! Maybe we should start asking men why are they doing that when we see them……maybe underlying shaming will change things.

    That Hank is so so handsome. I love goldens, total bundles of sweet love.

    Hope you feel better real soon, but you took a nasty fall, you may be sore for quite sometime. Thank heavens you didn’t break anything!

    Blessings to you and all the babies.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – I saw 5 guys standing in a row cheering with their right hand and holding their privates with their left hand. Babies!! These are young men! You’re right, I don’t see many women holding or caressing their boobs. Oh, this is a real rant for me.

  27. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas 😻

    😔I am so sorry about Angel! Yes, we never have our pets long enough. Hunky Hank is going to be spoiled and loved gobs and gobs🥰. Glad you found your phone and are feeling better.

  28. Barbara A

    Donna O’s sister Barb here, I understand your happiness finding your phone!
    Just a suggestion , my friend Val has made all of her pant pockets longer to accommodate her phone!

    It seems as if every day I am losing something even after having it in my hand just minutes ago! Even when I have not left my chair or the room!
    I lost my tracfone in an airport last November, and did not know it until I got home! So imagine the issues when many accounts are linked to the number on that phone! Well I could not get my original cel number from tracfone because I did not have it! At least the minutes were able to be transferred to my husband’s phone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Barbara – oh, your lost phone! I cannot imagine your desperation knowing all your accounts were tied to it – and how did you get all that info loaded on your phone again? Contacts! Oh good grief! I “lose” things all the time, too. I don’t think! My mind is on something else and I just get up and move. Later I wonder where I left that “something”. It’s very annoying!! I hate alterations! But it’s a great idea

  29. Susan in VA

    So glad you found your phone and that you’re feeling better. I totally relate to losing a phone. I do it quite often. Usually, I’ve laid it down and then put something on top of it. It’s never really very far away. Hugs and prayers to Gloria and Galen. Losing a pet is so hard.

  30. Jodi Kraft

    Mary, I totally agree with the “crotch” comment. Told my husband it was refreshing to watch the women, at least they weren’t fondling their breasts. Yes bad habit of men!!

  31. Sally J. Mi.

    Mary happy to hear that you are on the mend and feeling better.
    Gloria and Galen I am so sorry to hear that your precious Angel has crossed the rainbow bridge.
    Winter has returned to Michigan!! Need to bind the placemats that I started for St. Pat’s Day!! Guess they will be ready for next year!!

  32. Dot in NC

    About searching for lost things: years ago when we bought a house, the inspector we hired did a really thorough job. He told us he started at the front door, and turned right every chance he got, stopping to check each thing he came to. This way he was sure he’d covered the entire house. His name was Tim Tillman, so when I or my kitty lose something, I do a “Tim Tillman walkaround.” It works!

    Sending my love to Gloria and Galen on this sad day.

  33. Fran

    AWWWWW sorry to lose Angel.

    I am home from Branson and ready to get back in the groove.

  34. Sibyl

    I don’t take my phone to church, thus don’t have to silence it. I wouldn’t know if I received a message anyway, with it on silent. Thus, if I lose it (which happens) I can hear it ring!!!

  35. Jan Hebert

    So sorry for Gloria’s loss of little Angel, it’s so hard to lose our fur babies. That Hank though! Wow, what a tank Hank is! Glad you found your phone and you’re on the mend. Jan in MA

  36. Jessica in Florida

    I’m so happy you found your phone! I keep the ringer off on mine and I’m always putting it down and then freaking out because I have no idea where I put it. HAHA

    Big hugs to Gloria and Galen. I had to say goodbye to Misty, my 17-year old cat last Wednesday and I’m going to pick her ashes up later this afternoon. It’s never easy to say goodbye…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jessica – I’m so sorry you lost your Misty – 17 years old is a fabulous long life for a cat!

    2. Gloria from CC

      Jessica – so sorry about the loss of your kitty. Angel was 16 or 17 years too. She lived a long life and so did your sweet kitty.

  37. Kara

    Make a pocket for your pants. I like to carry my cell phone on my thigh, where women’s jeans never have a picket. I make my own. measure your phone for width and length. Cut a patch that is at least 2 inches wider and 1 inch taller. turn your seam allowance and press, turn it again and sew, do this all the way around your pocket. For placement on the pants, I put on the pants and mark where my hand falls on my thigh (where the pocket will go) and then put the pocket top about the middle of my palm. Sew it around 3 sides and your are done. 🙂

  38. Janet S

    My friend’s son operates heavy equipment. Because he can’t ever get to his phone, he had my friend sew him a pocket/case on a cord which he wears around his neck. She even sewed a tassel on the bottom so he has something to hang onto while taking the phone out. Worth a try.

  39. Launa

    Mary, Good you located your phone n the chiropractor’s visit worked wonders. A friend swears his does miracles on his body!

    Expected two pkgs today, but they weren’t in locked mailbox! Mañana?

    Nearing time for lunch! Looked out and the higher temperatures up here have been thawing snow off the long driveway n center of the pond. Hopefully the predict snow for later this week will be here!


  40. Janice

    Gloria and Galen, This is so sad. My condolences on the passing of your Angel. She looks so sweet and so well loved. Janice, Traverse City area

    1. Gloria from CC

      Janice – thank you for your comments. Yes Angel was so loved by both of us. She loved us and we adored her.

  41. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary! Good thing you found your phone! I will join in your rant about women’s pants not having pockets! So frustrating! I’ll either add a flannel shirt with a pocket or a tool apron from the hardware store! We didn’t fill out brackets this year- instead we each picked two teams and will assign points for each round they advance. Just something different . My two teams are Clemson (a local guy plays for them) and Duke because my daughter-in-law likes them. I’ll join your second rant about the crotch grabbing- what’s up with that? I find it very rude.

  42. Sunflower 🌻 from Michigan

    Glad you found your phone and are feeling better from your fall.
    I’m so sorry to hear about Angels passing. What a lucky loved dog she was.
    I watched the men’s basketball selection show and was totally disgusted with the crotch grabbing. What is wrong with these young men?
    That Hank is adorable.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sunflower – thank you – I’m so glad its not just me who’s disgusted with that behavior

      1. Shirley Andersen Smith

        I do not like that behavior either. I think it all started with Michael Jackson.
        Mary…what did you think of last nights game?? Exciting, nerve wracking, more excitement and a deep sigh if relief at the end. Whew!
        Shirley in Oregon

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Shirley – I hadn’t thought about Michael Jackson but I’ll bet you’re right!!! Ugh. Which game? I have watched so many I can hardly keep them straight!!!

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Shirley – women? Must have been a rerun because they played last year. I’m dreading running into S. Carolina in March Madness – those girls are big and rough.

  43. Jane Boyer

    I know what I’ll be looking for at future announcement shows.

    Worse than no pocket pants are shallow pocket pants which allow my keys to fall out whenever I sit down.

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