You knew I had more to say…..

That previous post about the new machine posted by accident – it even has a wrong word!  I don’t allow misspellings, wrong words, etc. but my finger slipped and off it went so I got my work done and now I can talk.

Just look at this behemoth of a machine towering over my poor little old beloved 1230 in the background.  I loved my 1230 and will still sew on a 1230 out in the shop but this 740 is something else!  I have never sewed on anything like it!  I do feel like I’ve been sad for a long time and if given the choice of Faye or a new sewing machine, I would always choose Faye but this is sure a fun new toy to distract me.  It has a scissors!!!  What a time saver that will be.  The computer screen has everything but Netflix and I can only imagine everything it can do that I’m not even interested in.  I know we nearly insulted the sales staff when we both adamantly said we would never want to get involved in machine embroidery.  Ha!  We are machine piecers at the top of our game and we will always sew the rest of our lives, however long that is.

When Connie and I talked this morning she said she made a log cabin block and she has never sewed anything so accurate, so perfect  or so flat EVER thanks to this machine.  Guess what I’m going to do this afternoon?

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Western Iowa to teach a one day retreat so I will report about that next week.  I’ve allowed the chicks to go outside but evidently I’ve raised a bunch of sissies because they don’t want to leave their pen!

I took Ezra and Telly into town to visit Leo and Ezra loved the pool.

And one scene from the barn – a goat on a shelf.

The field across from the porch is planted to soybeans this year which means we’ll be able to see the highway all summer.  This is the scene June 1.  I love it!

See–I told you I had more to say!

25 thoughts on “You knew I had more to say…..

  1. mary margaret

    Oh are you going to have sew much fun with new toy!! Goat on shelf how cute! Any ideas for new projects? Have a blast!

  2. Sandra Goddard

    My first time posting. I used to get the Goat Gazette and loved it but I love your email posts best! They are always there when I need a pick me upper. So sorry about Faye we have pets and a smaller so I know and feel your pain. Love your new machine. You go girl. I am and always will be a piercer. Only hand embroidery for me. Keep up your wonderful posts you are a dear friend to me even though we have never met. Take care can’t wait to see what you do on this new machine.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra – I have many friends I’ve never met – my blog friends are such a huge part of my life – thanks for posting!

  3. Louise

    Mary, I am always happy to hear what you have to say, that happened when I was receiving the Goat Gazette. They were always passed on to quilty friends..still use many of your wonderful recipes.
    Nothing sews like a Bernina, nothing! I have two and love them equally. My husband and I always get a chuckle in our neck of the woods when we see a goat on top of a small building or whatever..Our golden, Liddie, RIP always loved lounging in her kiddie pool in the warmer temps. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Jeanie

    Of course you would rather have Faye, but I am happy you have this new sewing machine upon which to focus part of your day. Take care.

  5. Loris Mills

    Wonderful news about your new machine! I would love to hear more and why Connie thought she sewed so much better with it. I’m sewing on a Bernina 1090 that I love but it would be great fun to look forward to a new machine someday too.
    Your animal pics are so cute. I love the goat on the shelf 🙂

  6. Betty Klosterman

    Of course, the people want to sell you an embroidery machine because then you have to buy all the patterns, thread, hoops, etc……….. We want to sew, not watch the machine sew! We want to put things together and the most the machine might need would be a special attachment.
    Have fun with your new toy and friend. Some people just don’t understand. They just want to make money.

  7. Holly

    Hey! The pictures posted correctly! You must have had a gremlin and it was scared away by the your awesome new Bernina. Have fun! A perfect block is a joy not to be underestimated.

  8. Diane

    Have fun with your new Bernina!! They do sew better than the old ones and they don’t bounce!! I still love my 1530 and use it, but the 750 works great:)

  9. Carol

    So you will have a log cabin quilt done by Monday, knowing you and your determination! Can’t wait. Guessing there will be done reds in that quilt!

  10. Jane b.

    Hope you have fun with your new machine. It’s just like getting anything new. There’s a “Getting to know you” period.

  11. Karen from Maryland

    I miss my summer trips to Garner. It’s just so lovely there.
    I’ve bought two used high-tech machines and both had embroidery modules. I’ve never touched them.

  12. Sara Reynolds

    I would love to havea new Bernina machine..I have the 1090 and have never had a problem with it, but I would love one that has a larger space between the needle and the right side of the machine..
    Enjoy your machine, Mary.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sara – we also have a 1090 – it’s a fabulous machine and we’re keeping it for someone who might need it in the future.

  13. bernadette

    Is the 1230 also a Bernina? What is so awesome about a Bernina? I am sure it is something great to make it such a favorite, but what does it have that you like so much. And yes, elaborate on Cinnie’s comment????

  14. Ann Barlament

    Leave a trail of food for those sissy chickens, like the pied piper!

  15. Eileen Mele

    I love your view! You are lucky to be there! Sounds like a lot of work, tho. My tract house and small yard require two people to keep it. And a part time girl to help do inside. Funny. For little ole me! I’m 75, widowed, live alone. I couldn’t even do your farm! But I love the country. People are nicer, life is more understandable. We are grateful you share your daily doings. Enjoy your new toy! I also have two. An old favorite Bernina and a newer, shiny one. It’s a great life.

  16. Launa

    Good morning Mary,
    I understand the new Bernina walking foot has switchable sole plates or whatever the proper term is. No Bernina dealer near by, but I’m happy with my 1530 altho I’d like one with the BSR for machine quilting.
    Still waiting to see what you and Connie are planning to do with those wonderful fabrics you were sharing and posted pictures of a few Chicken Scratches ago.
    One granddog here for the HOT weekend. Enjoy your 740!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ok – I’m working on it but will show you in progress.

  17. Gloria Park

    Mary, what a joy to find your blog. Seeing your photos warms my heart. It has been a long time since we have met in person. I look forward to following along with you. Gloria

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