Last Thursday two queens died – Queen Elizabeth and Dianne.  Thank you for all your comforting comments – if you’re an animal lover you’ve experienced the pain and heartbreak of losing a pet and like many of you have said, the fact that she was very old indicates her level of care for all that time.  And for those of you owning an elderly pet right now, I know the dread you’re feeling.  Telly is 11-1/2 – I’m also feeling that dread.

Many years ago Dianne broke her leg – I have no idea how – but I took her to Jim who agreed to set her leg even though neither of us were sure it would be successful.  Her back leg stuck out straight in a cast ( I wish I could find the picture) and to keep her safe she went to live in Becky’s porch so she couldn’t get lost somewhere on the farm.  I found this little figurine many years ago that sits right by my sewing machine which shows exactly how she would sit – with that leg stuck out straight.

Jim set her leg and Jim ended her life many years later.  Aren’t we so grateful we can do this for our beloved pets?  As someone pointed out, it’s too bad we can’t do this for family members in care centers who are no longer living productive and comfortable lives.

Thank you, Everyone, for your sincere condolences  –  it really does help to know others understand.  My heart still hurts.