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Porch Quilt, 6-14-21

This is the picture a reader asked about.

Here is the Puss in the Corner block that I used.

It’s a great scrap block which uses common size strips leftover from other projects.

Here are the three shops I visited last Friday.

I bought fabric at all shops but I bought the most from Sewing Seeds in New Ulm, MN. I have been in a lot of quilt shops over the past 40 years and I think this is the nicest one of them all! No kidding! Two levels of simply great fabric, nice displays, great models and the cleanest , tidiest shop I’ve ever visited. I’m not out to make points with any of them – nobody even knew who I was or who Country Threads was. One of the owners of Sewing Seeds had been to our shop many years ago however.

I told Connie she would love the Kim Diehl room – it had an old bedroom set on display with all the fabric. It honestly takes a lot to inspire me as much as this shop did. Why didn’t I take lots of pictures? Probably because Rick was waiting in the car. Here are a couple.

They were having a red, white and blue display in their classroom – I thought I had taken more pictures than I did.

This label was on every quilt – why didn’t we think of that????

Next we visited a thrift shop and bought books.

This is what I bought at the swap meet. I’m shopping for embroidery items for a friend who can’t find any in her area.

And that’s pretty much it – I had a great time!!!

Saturday in St. Cloud, MN. 6-12-21

It’s been a big day! After breakfast we went to the swap meet – I found several treasures which are in the van right now and I’m writing in our room. This was the best thing I saw all morning! And I can’t remember the dog’s name but you must know I did ask!

After the swap meet we visited the Munsinger-Clemens Gardens – over 20 acres of gardens! Absolutely gorgeous!

That’s the Mississippi River in the background. I could have spent many more hours there.

The swimming pool was calling Camber.

She will be 5 on June 16. Eric’s birthday is June 14. Rick and I got married on June 14 and so did Eric and Nikki. It’s a big month!

Before I left home I showed my pet sitter the orchid cactus that was going to bloom while I was gone. Here it is Friday afternoon.

Here it was today – spectacular!

It only happens once a year – and I missed it.

This was the sky when we drove here on Friday – lots of wind but no rain. No rain at home either.

We’ll head home after breakfast in the morning – I’m sure missing Hazel but we’ve had a nice time! I’ll tell you about my 3 quilt shop stops next week.