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Iowa Tornados, 5-22-24

The news coverage on tv is shocking, isn’t it? The size of the tornado that hit Greenfield is obscene – officials still have not confirmed the number of deaths.

I have not explored our property just yet but I’m hoping it’s just leaves, twigs and limbs. My plants didn’t all survive – I wanted to downsize, remember? Be careful what you wish for!

I know we’re all wondering how readers are faring – not only those in Iowa but elsewhere. Can you leave a comment and let us all know?

Sympathy to Lyn and Sharon who have experienced recent losses. We’re all thinking of you.

Reader Lisa attended The Fever game on Monday night – in person!!! I can’t imagine how fun it would be – and what an exciting game to experience!

Reader photos

Sunflowers grown from seed

Today surely will be a much calmer day. I’m taking the pretend grandchildren out for supper tonight and then The Fever plays a late game at Seattle. I’m working on those ——- valances and I’m really sick of them but I have 5 more to make. I don’t think I can get them all made today.

I’ll bet the majority of you readers remember Little Quilts – we’ve been friends for many years and I’ve recently been chatting with Mary Ellen. I’ll have a surprise announcement very soon – I feel like Jo giving you a hint.

Did you read Jo’s most recent post? She’s got a boyfriend named Jerry, We all all need to welcome Jerry to the blog about nothing. I watched an old episode of Seinfield recently and silently thanked him for his show about nothing. Haha!!!

Looking forward to a nice day – about nothing.

Iowa Weather, 5-21-24

Since I’ve had several inquiries I am going to post an update on our weather and save all the reader iPhoto’s for tomorrow morning.

As the storm approached I could feel it building and when it passed over us the wind was quite strong but no tornadoes for us. Not everyone was so lucky however and we couldn’t even see the evening news because all we had was weather bulletins on all the local channels.

Many of you saw Iowa mentioned on the national news and texted or emailed me. We are fine but I’m sure we have lots of twigs and branches to clean up tomorrow.

Parts of Iowa were not as fortunate – the southern town of Centerville was nearly leveled and tomorrow we will be able to see the pictures and reports on the news.

I just wanted to leave a quick note that we are fine here on the farm and tomorrow we’ll see what it looks like outside.

Too Tired, 5-21-24

After a huge busy day once again I didn’t post last night – it started with a constant rumble of thunder and you know how Hazel is then. All night long she laid nearly on my head so obviously I got no sleep because it’s still raining this morning. And it’s not going to stop all day.

Reader photos – love these!

Approaching storms last night

Hank visited yesterday afternoon so of course he and Keeper had to have a “rassle”. These two love each other and with the exception of Hazel, we are all in love with Hank and can’t wait for him to stay with us again. I think of him as a little boy.

My gorgeous Lisa!

Last night when there was so much lightning I tried to get a picture of the house with the sky lit up but couldn’t quite achieve it.


A package addressed to Keeper ETHERINGTON arrived yesterday from our friend Rose – a raccoon to match Petey Possum! After the visit from the raccoon a few nights ago, we wonder if Rose is clairvoyant! Of course Hazel assumed it was hers.

And to Diane and Rhoda and all of you who have sent Caitlin newspaper articles, thank you! I read every single one and I’m keeping them all as a historical map. The Fever played again last night and gave Connecticut Sun more than they could handle. The Fever lost by 4 at the very end but led much of the game. A missed layup with seconds to go eliminated the possibility of overtime. So much fun to watch this team get better with each game!

So…it’s still raining. Later this afternoon the real storms will arrive – about the time the old chickens would be heading back to the barn so I’m going to leave them locked up in the barn today. Dang, I wish I had mowed yesterday!! Grass will be so long by the time it dries off. I wish I were mowing today.

What am I sewing you ask? Valances! Lots of them. I should be able to finish a couple more today.

Oh, I forgot! I cleaned the greenhouse in the basement yesterday, too. Lights out till next fall when plants go back to their winter home.

Why are the irises so gorgeous this year? Rain? I think they are especially beautiful this spring and have enjoyed all the photos.

I love all your photos! Thank you so much! Send more!