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Our Dirty Dozen Projects, 12-3-20

Here is Connie’s Number 4.

She wonders why she has so much green yardage – I told her she probably wanted to make it king size! Haha!

And my problem Number 4. See these tiny little seam allowances? Sewn by hand with seam allowances about 1/16th or less. Don’t know if they’ll even hang together if I sew them.

And I will have to take a seam allowance that will cut off all the points. Is this worth it?

Now here’s a block that I worked on two evenings in a row – it measures 8″ x 8″. There’s a lot of pieces in this little block! And it’s not pieced accurately – I’m going to try again.

Here are the Dirty Dozen Quilts:

Here is that little 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ pieced block I showed you recently – this reader has already made a long tall quilt! She called it Magnets.

Good Night, Everybody!

College Basketball, 12-2-20

After being cheated out of the Final Four last March, this week college basketball is in full swing with preseason tournaments on several ESPN channels and we are loving it! I check on Jo many times throughout the day – I honestly think she may have gone backwards a bit since I’ve been lifting her out of the bed. So no more of that for while. She does not trust me now – this is how she shifts in her bed when she hears me coming. She buries her head as far as she can. If she can’t see me then I can’t see her, right?

Makes me SOOOOO sad. She hasn’t eaten well today either and I have tried lots of things to tempt her. I also called two vets today to just talk to either one of them – neither called me back.

Dirty Dozen quilts:

That’s all, Gals! Say a little prayer for Jo and me.

November Dirty Dozen, 12-1-20

Here are the very last November Dirty Dozen quilts – congratulations to all of you!

I’m posting the flamingos again in hopes that the maker, Sally J., will see this and post the origin of the pattern in the comments.

What a fabulous quilt show! THANK YOU, EVERYONE, WHO SENT THEIR PHOTO! I enjoy this as much as all of you do and it doesn’t happen unless YOU send me the picture of your quilt. Our December number is 4 so get to work and then take your photo with your name included in the photo somewhere – I can’t keep names and quilts straight if you don’t. Here’s my Number 4 – antique blocks to put together.

I’ve gotten Jo up 3-4 times today – I forget. She doesn’t really like it but she has stood in the kennel for several minutes before she dives into the dog bed or the chair. Here’s today’s Jo picture.

She doesn’t look quite as comfortable as yesterday but we need to keep practicing.

Connie and I have been working on small quilts to sell at Junkin Gal in Garner. This consignment store is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday and even though our space is small, the quilts are well received.

I came across this antique quilt today – I’ll just bet those tan/gold borders were green originally. Many times green fabrics faded to tan and I’m reminded of Martingale’s new book “Red and Green Quilts” which I can’t wait to see. Wouldn’t that center block make a great tablecloth?

Enough for today – our weather is almost a dream for December 1 – around 40 degrees! Our walk through the grove was downright balmy! Can’t wait to hear from all of you!