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$5.00 Friday, 1-27-23

This week it’s Stand Up Straight!

This is the original


Last week was Dress For Success

Here is the original.

The first week was Say “Please”

Here’s the original.

Each of these patterns are available for $5.00 and a SASE – I can get two patterns in one envelope.

Income from the sale of these patterns pays the bills for the blog – which isn’t free to Country Threads. It’s free to you and we want to keep it that way.

We’re having a ground blizzard today and my phone has quit? It won’t charge and I’m not sure I want to drive to Mason City in a ground blizzard resulting in slick roads. It’s always something, isn’t it?

Let’s have a quilt show! 1-24-23

With no Dirty Dozen deadlines in January and February, I’m hoping you’ll send your finishes to me anyway. Everybody loves a quilt show!

Connie’s progress on Wensleydale:

My Villa Rosa quilt called Gypsy.

My progress on My Garden Trellis by Sue Pfau, found in the Big Book of Strip Quilts published by Martingale.

Baby Bullseye – pattern coming

I took Bitcoin outside in the snow.

Rick hands out cheese! Telly got hers first.

Snow by Connie’s house!

Found this under the cutting table – what did I have in mind here?

Winter in North Iowa!

P.S. IF your quilt was posted here, please read the comments! If someone has a question please answer within the comments. I just can’t keep track of all the details – you’ll have to help me.

Frosty Morning, 1 – 23 – 23

Beautiful frosty trees this morning! Back to Mayo where we were disappointed to learn that Rick will have to return in another 4 weeks. Our doctor hinted that maybe that appointment will be graduation day!

Becky stayed with the dogs – they loved it!

This was Hazel last night after she dug herself under the playhouse which is why she doesn’t look very white against the snow today. She had to sleep in her crate.

No sewing today.