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Cut this by February 1, 1-20-21

Are you joining the Bullseye sew along? Please have these pieces cut by February 1 when we will begin. Our finished quilts will be lap size of 48 blocks arranged 6 blocks across by 8 blocks down. Adjust your cutting to make a different size quilt. All directions will refer to the lap size quilt.

Background: 48 squares, cut 9″ x 9″. This is generally light but if you choose dark backgrounds, then your circles should be dark.

First circle: 48 squares, cut 8″ x 8″. This is generally dark but if you choose dark backgrounds, then your circles should be light.

I am still receiving photos – wow! Here’s a personal goal of mine – this blog has 2,848 readers and I want 3000 readers – help me reach that goal. Do you have quilter friends who might enjoy our group? Send them to Blog signup. And thank you for your support!

Here are 10 more bullseye quilts. You’ve all done a fabulous job!

Later today I’ll post pictures of the new fabric we bought yesterday on our trip to Des Moines. Stay tuned.


I’ve gotten over 50 emails with pictures of Bullseye quilts! I am blown away! Thank you, thank you, thank you – not only for sending your photos but for making this quilt in the first place. Little did we know this would be so popular! It’s really addictive and like many of you mentioned, you will never be done – all those circles you cut out from behind the back will just keep adding up for more bullseye blocks. Hahaha! I’ve got a whole tub full of pieces.

This time I think I’m going to use use pinks or yellows for my background blocks, not together but one or the other, I haven’t decided.

Connie and I went to Des Moines today to shop at Creekside Quilting and when we arrived at the store the electricity was out. Being desperate fabric shoppers, we got our phones out and shopped by flashlight. It was out for over an hour while we shopped. I have to say that since I’m at home now some of the fabrics I bought were not quite as I imagined them.

Then we were off to Ames to shop and while we were there the weather changed – a shower of sleet with a strong wind happened so we headed for home when the wind gusted to over 50 mph from the northwest and we were driving north. A ground blizzard developed and when we turned off I-35 and headed west, the roads became treacherous. Blowing snow had stuck to the highway making it icy and paired with that strong wind, we crept home at 35 mph.

Whew, we made it and now I will start posting Bullseye photos. Tomorrow I’ll give you a fabric list and your first assignment so that we’ll all be ready to start sewing on February 1.

(I can’t wait to look at my fabric!). But first, here are 10 Bullseye Quilts – thank you to everyone who made this possible!

And here are the other finishes I’ve received:

That’s all for tonight – more Bullseye pictures tomorrow!