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Trashed! 10-22-20

Here is the quilt shop – an absolute disaster! One more day and I can clean up – it’s going to take the power washer and shop vac and a big fire. I have never seen anything like it – I do clean it up, put down fresh newspapers, go into the house and come back to this. It’s almost funny except that I’m the one who has to clean it up. What a wild bunch of puppies!

But then there’s this.

Doesn’t that just melt your heart?

But don’t be fooled – remember this.

Not Much News, 10-21-20

Fall temps have taken hold of our days and leaves need to be gathered up, yard decorations need to be put away, and the porch needs to be closed up for the year. We even had snowflakes the other day – two hours south of us actually got 7-9″ of snow – in mid October! The snow squall even made the CBS evening news!

Me, you ask? What am I doing? Cleaning up after 8 puppies! They will return to the shelter this Saturday and I will get my life back. The area rugs will go to the burn pile and I’ll need to use the power washer to clean the floors. Here are a few pictures of the little darlings.

I shopped at the thrift store for stuffed toys.

Almost looks like one very long spotted puppy, doesn’t it?

The shop is an absolute mess after they tipped a pot off the table. Puppies – 1. Houseplant -0.

Since they’re leaving in a couple of days and the rug is going to the burn pile, I guess I’ll just let them play in the dirt which is what they’re doing and having a great time, I might add. They are very busy puppies. I have lost total control. What a learning curve I’ve been on for almost 5 weeks. Cleanup is what I’ll be doing Sunday afternoon!

I’ve been working on the red and pink project in bits and starts while keeping the puppies company in the next room. Remember Little Black Hen? I took these down today – trials and errors – haha!

Wild, huh?

Dirty Dozen finishes:

That’s all I got, Gals! Who’s watching the World Series? I am!!!