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Changing Over, 11-23-22

The fall quilts are coming down and the red and white quilts are going up. Remember this picture from last fall?

See all those sweet little pumpkins sitting on the mantel? Well, I did it again – I do it every year! I forget about them and sure enough one turns rotten and collapses and runs down the fireplace rocks behind the mantel. Ha! I discovered it last week – another cleaning job.

Reader quilts:

LOVE this! Why don’t I make my own?

Yesterday I traveled north 60 miles with Juki – the young man at ABest Sew and Vac diagnosed the issue on the spot – when plugging in the cutter on the floor, it shorts out the main cord – so no more foot cutter action until I can replace the entire pedal. While there I stopped at Salvation Army and the antique mall. Found some neat things – I hate when Jo does this – says she’ll show us in another post but I have to do it this time – no time to take pictures – maybe tomorrow.

I took this picture and sent it to Becky saying if she had grandchildren I’d be buying this for them!

Three snuck into the piano room –

Is this just the most endearing picture? That tasty treat is so close!

Got all the prep done for tomorrow?

Monday, 11-21-22

Pretty nice day here – Finn and Ivy came for the afternoon – a good time was had by all.

They all want Hank the Tank toy!

I got your orders for Wild Rice and here is Connie’s quilt again. Please download this photo for your own use or consult this blog post. Since the pattern is only $5.00 it is just not financially possible to include a color photo. We want to keep these patterns very affordable for you to enjoy.

Here’s another $5.00 pattern from last year that I forgot to put on the list – remember Looks Like A Gameboard?

Looks Like A Gameboard

Reader quilts

Pictures from Carol, 11-20-22

From Orchard Park, NY, where 77” of snow fell a couple days ago, here are the pictures Carol sent me. I was so curious what 6-1/2’ of snow looked like – now I know.

Take care, Carol and don’t let your husband out there to shovel that heavy stuff. I hope you get some above freezing temps to help some of this disappear.