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After the Storm, 1-15-22

I think we got 8-10” of new snow – the pictures tell the story.

I found Tribe Mama or Tribe daughter (can’t tell them apart) in the hay shed this morning but could see the imprint and the chicken manure in this corner where she waited out the storm. I would not have been able to see her here even if I could have navigated my way through the storm. Here she is now in the infirmary. I am worried about her feet.

Everyone else in the barn is enjoying the south window with its sunlight and warmth.

Hazel is still looking for the rat.

And looking….

Tonight I ordered a rechargeable rat trap which electrocutes the rat. Oh, Amazon, how could I live without you?


Wasn’t this just a couple days ago?


Reader quilts:

This cardinal pattern is now available in the online store.

My friend Ginny’s dogs in South Carolina. Did you know that black dogs are sometimes passed over in favor of lighter more colorful dogs? Not at Ginny’s house!

And here’s a sweet picture of Blanche in her new home!

I almost cried when I got it!

Good Night!

I love this blog! 1-15-22

I am so glad I complained about no comments because this is such fun reading stories from all of you – I spend a lot of time reading comments and it’s wonderful! I think most of you are enjoying the comments, too.

We got about 8” of snow yesterday and today will be a big job to dig out. I think Colton has a urinary blockage again but we’re so snowed in I’m not able to get him to a vet. Jackie is also acting not well. Took the fun out of our snow day for sure!

Thursday night was another adventurous night for Hazel. We went to the barn about 10 pm and sure enough there was another rat or two or ?

See the rat hole and the door partially open? Hazel would be laying by the door while the rat would literally hang out the hole and look around! what could I do? Yikes, it was creepy. Years ago we had rats and had an exterminator come and we might have to do that again but right now Hazel is very entertained! Haha! I tried to get her interested in the other side of the door but she was not having it. Last night the snow was so deep we didn’t go to the barn at 10 so today we will be on rat patrol again. I never dreamed I could sit a few feet away from a rat coming out of the wall but I’d do anything for Hazel. Yikes!

Here’s what we look like today.

I’m so hoping for some sewing time today – if I can get out to take Colton to the vet first.

Thank you for your comments and stories! I have loved reading them – especially since you’re the only “people” I see or talk to because of Covid and today because of the weather.


Hazel’s Late Night Adventure, 2-13-22

Last night after 10:30 while I was still reading and enjoying all the comments, Telly came in from outdoors without Hazel. I didn’t pay much attention but I heard her go out the dog door shortly afterwards. About 15 minutes later Telly came in again and sought me out – no Hazel. I finally realized that Telly was telling me to come with her to wherever Hazel was. I grabbed the flashlight and followed Telly out to the west side of the grove – through brush like this in the pitch dark except for my flashlight. I couldn’t even hear Hazel barking! That’s when I got alarmed.

We finally came to a large fallen tree which was hollow at the base.

You know where this story is going, don’t you?

Yup, I heard Hazel barking about 10-12 feet into the tree!

I knew she had something cornered and trapped in the fallen tree because I could hear growling and hissing. I kept calling her name and she finally backed up close enough for me to grab a back leg. When I had her in a death grip I shone the light into the hollow tree – a terrified BIG raccoon was staring back at me!

We hurried back to the house where I could see her fur was full of those wood chips and she had a small cut by her eye and her nose. Into the kitchen sink she went at 11:30 pm.

This is Hazel this evening – I hope she doesn’t “come to life” about 11:00 pm!

Honestly, do we have to have a “close encounter” almost every single day? After her bath I still had to dress Rick’s leg. And on that subject I want to thank you all for your love and encouragement! I know I’ve got support behind me!

Today these windows got washed on the inside – moving and caring for all the plants as I went. I don’t know if I’ve ever had clean windows in January! Tomorrow it’s the plants in the basement that I’ll work on.

And now I have some news about an upcoming “event”. Get ready to sew a fun project next week. Connie has been planning this since last month and it’s almost ready to go. She will even be offering fabrics! She’s fine tuning all the details now – remember I told you she’s moving this spring and she has more fabric than she wants to move. YOU can help her out through mail order.

My last thought is this:


Don’t ever think your life is too boring to tell us – I am sincerely interested in your lives and have just loved getting all your feedback!