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Iowa vs South Carolina, 3-31-23

I am nervous about this game – I so want Iowa to win but S Carolina is very tall and very big. They are also unbeaten. One hour to tip off.

Weather is threatening tonight in North Iowa – wind and snow after midnight. Tornadoes in southern Iowa this afternoon. Weather makes me nervous, too.

I hope the power doesn’t go off during the game.

Quilt Show! 3-30-23

Yesterday I enjoyed a delicious lunch in Blue Earth, MN at the home of Jan S. Joining us were Dorothy and Linda, all three being accomplished quilters. Oh, what a fun quilt show they provided!

L to R – Dorothy, Linda, Jan

Jan’s home is just so nice – it feels very European to me and as much as I love all my stuff, her uncluttered surfaces were like a breath of fresh air. I wish I had asked her if I could take pictures. Here are Jan’s quilts, several of which are more difficult than I would attempt.

And she has a wonderful black dog named Sally.

I loved these little blocks – I think Dorothy said they were free patterns from Sentimental Stitches. She also had a sweet tiny cross stitch piece that I must have missed a picture of. Jan was also quilting Dorothy’s llama quilt – I really loved this quilt! Made me think of Kathy’s llamas from several years ago.

Here are Linda’s quilts and one cross stitch that is breathtaking.

Does anyone recognize these vintage drinking glasses? I have a friend trying to find more of them.

Did anyone else watch James Corden on Tuesday night when he had a mentalist as a guest? This is Hazel in bed as I was watching tv. Can anyone tell me how the mentalist does what he does? It’s hard to believe but I have no answers .

A local photographer and frame company is looking for a part time employee to help in framing – lacing backs of needlework, securing textiles being framed and other “sewing skills”. If you are interested, send me an email and I will pass it on to the photographer.

It’s possible I have been guilty of this – you?

More quilts in my next post – tomorrow is April 1, our Dirty Dozen and Color Challenge Day. Get ready!