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Wednesday Already! 10-20-21

Where does the time go? Right now I’m waiting while my van is havindg the oil changed. I’ve been doing lots of walking so Blanche gets her exercise – today it’s raining and I have an excuse not to walk – yay! My hips, calves and feet can tell I’ve been working them hard – haha!

Just wanted to update you all on the condition of my hands – this past episode was quite bad but I think I have it under control now with O’Keefe’s Working Hands, CeraVe and 40% Urea Cream. Blanche created lots of stress for me and Rick was gone 15 hours a day – the other 9 he slept with a brief meal in there. Things are better now and that makes my hands better. I also wear gloves to bed which really helps but it’s HOT! Thanks to all of you who sent suggestions.

Do you know about Bonnie Hunter’s pattern called Bitcoin? I have sooo many leftover strips and pieces of strips so this is a perfect pattern for me. It’s mindless which means I can watch Netflix at the same time. I just finished Squid Game – wow, what a story! I loved it even though it’s more of a Connie story than mine.

I rely on my IPad for everything and I’m having trouble with it – ugh. Had to get a new one or give up blogging. The new one should arrive today.

This picture is the story of North Iowa these days – everybody is busy with harvest!

This lovely photo was sent by my friends, Shirley and Donna.

Happy October, Everyone!

T-Shirt Quilt Info, 10-16-21

Here is my t-shirt quilt made in the mid-90’s.

This was my favorite t-shirt.

I put it on my bed last night because it was chilly.

Here’s the other end.

This pattern is still available from:

Sharon Henderson

24 Suffolk Pl.

Lilburn, GA 30047

Cost is $10 plus $3 postage.

Here’s what I like about this pattern – any size t-shirt design/logo can be incorporated into the quilt! And it’s so much easier than trying to make all the blocks the same size to fit neatly into rows. If a t-shirt quilt is on your upcoming quilts to make, you really should consider Sharon’s pattern.

The bridal shower was very nice this morning – the brunch food was delicious and a real treat. I also took the bride a Christmas cactus plant in a vintage pot that I started from our neighbor Emma’s plant years ago.

The Iowa football game was horrid – I took the dogs for a walk at the third quarter. Number 2??? I don’t think so!