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Open Textile Show, 7-28-21

Oh my, it was hot today at the fair – the heat index was around 105 with no AC in sight. Judging the quilts began at 1:15 and I didn’t get home until 5 pm. Lots of quilts this year and I loved sitting at the table while the judge looked at the quilts. This lady judged our show 2 years ago and she was very strict about binding. I asked her before she started if she’d explain her point on one of my hanging quilts. I think I understand now but I’ll have to do it to really get it. The top of the binding on the corner should fold one direction and the binding on the underside should lay the opposite direction. Hmmmm…. She made this comment on every single quilt.

This open textile committee asked me if I’d judge this show and I said I would not and after this afternoon I know I made the right decision. On any one quilt there might be glaring inconsistencies yet only the binding seemed to matter to her. Judging is probably a very personal opinion as to what’s important. Every quilt entered received a blue ribbon which I have a different opinion about. If something was done very poorly, it should not have received a blue but a red with constructive criticism on how to improve – otherwise the quilter will do it the same way next year and she didn’t learn a thing.

I am not cut out to be a judge.

Next will be the Open Flower Show.

I wish I could take my succulent desk but it’s very heavy and I just can’t get it there. Darn.

I just can’t go look at the poultry in their small cages having to endure this heat. These kids are farm kids who can raise a pen of three broilers and not think a thing of it. I am such a wimp.

Love this reader quilt – give me a four patch any day!

This cloud came across this morning but did not produce any rain.

Wish I had this little library to sit out by my fence!

It was a great fun but very hot day at the fair!

Hanging the Quilts, 7-27-21

Many thanks go to the fair board members who hung the quilts today.

I tried to bring a wide variety of quilts – McKenna Ryan’s Back to the Farm hangs at the very front – I’ll just bet it will win the popularity contest – haha!

I’ll be going back tomorrow to listen to the Open Textile judging even though I didn’t enter anything. The gals in charge asked us to be the judges but I just could not wrap my head around it and declined.

Tuesday, 7-27-21

Heading to the fairgrounds later this morning with a van load of quilts to hang – it’s going to be our hottest day yet.

Had a fun day yesterday when sister-in-law Barb, her daughter Brenda and her daughter Payton stopped for a visit. The porch was a perfect spot to visit and catch up. Payton LOVES cats and Ernie was a willing subject.

Reader quilts:

I think I saw this one online – it’s a pattern I’ve always wanted to make!
This is 30 Stars and one of these days I want to post the whole story of the highlight of our quilting career which involves this quilt.

This is one of the weeds I hate the most! Pulling them is very hard on the hands!

Stay cool out there!