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Good Morning, 9-26-23

Have you ever been so tired you can’t sleep? That was me last night – I worked my body so hard yesterday that it just couldn’t relax. It’s the cleaning – something I should keep up with but don’t and then it’s real hard work. Basement, garage upstairs and down, porch and then there’s the laundry. By this time of the year I don’t usually clean the porch again because I figure we’ll be closing it up pretty soon but looking at the forecast I see we’re having lots of warm days ahead. And I want to sit in the porch as long as possible.

Brenda, one of my long time readers, recently had a one woman quilt show. Here are some of her quilts:

More reader quilts

Here is the original quilt – look at what a difference fabric color placement makes. Some of Pattie ‘s blocks look completely different just by changing lights and darks.

I have two different books going right now depending on location and I started this one last night – or I intended to start it.

This is how it’s written – every single page! I never even looked – who could imagine reading a book laid out like this?

A reader asked for my window washing solution – here it is:

Gracie is worn out from her 3 day adventure. I am so relieved she’s back home.

No Sunday Post, 9-25-23

I am so relieved! I can breathe again! Gracie was gone for two days and I was beside myself with worry. Greta comes in the house all the time so I decided late last week that Gracie should come in,too. For the first two days she hid behind a cupboard and on Saturday morning I was holding the door open for Hazel and Gracie bolted! I have looked absolutely everywhere on the farm for two solid days with just time off to go to church.

On Sunday afternoon Finn and Ivy were here and they were very “interested” out in the woodshed. Could it be Gracie behind those stacks of firewood? I called and called, even went out late last night without the dogs so I could maybe hear her cry. Nothing.

This morning I came out of the quilt shop and Gracie sauntered out of the hydrangeas! I couldn’t believe my eyes – I yelled “she’s baaackk!!” She’s got a little ouchy on her back but otherwise is fine.

Wish she could tell me where she’s been for 2+ days.

I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done since Gracie’s been missing. This morning I’ve been cleaning but now I think I need to stay close to Gracie in the quilt shop. I won’t be moving her back to the house any time soon. Like Rick said, she’ll let us know when she wants to come in.

Just a quick note about church yesterday – it was a full house with many little kids of pre-k through elementary age who come up front for the children’s sermon and that doesn’t count the babies, toddlers, older kids and teenagers. We must be the envy of churches across North Iowa – an active church with many many young families and a beloved pastor. We have him to thank for our very active church and a congregation willing to step up and help where they can. “It takes a village” has never been so clear to me.

Little Maple Leaf, 9-23-23

Six little blocks make a sweet little quilt. Sashing is cut 1” wide. Quilted with intentional crooked lines – so fun!!

Please feel free to print this out to lay by your machine.

Reader photos

Love this picture!

This is what Connie uses to hang up all those little quilts in her stairwell. And here’s her sewing area which I didn’t show you the other day.

My strawberry harvest continues

And I end here – you’re all familiar with this little snafu. It never fails.