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So Much To Say, 6-22-24

With all the national coverage of the flooding in Northwest Iowa, we can all agree that it’s shocking. Here are some pictures with info under each one.

This is the Forest City Golf Club – closed due to flooding. Becky lives on a high bluff that looks down on this. Here’s. Few closeups that I took this afternoon.
Taken thru the windshield

As I drove us up there I couldn’t stop and take the pictures but this is what it pretty much looks like and this river that’s out of its banks will just keep flooding south of here.

This is Rock Valley, a small town on Highway 18, the same highway I live on, about 120 miles west of here. People had to be evacuated by helicopter.


Connie lives in Northwest Iowa on West Okoboji. Their house sits high on the bank but this is the scene just next to her. The steep bank collapsed.

In 1993 Iowa had floods, too, and Connie’s bank looked just like this. It has since had extensive repair and structure improvements which made it livable again. These people can’t get down to the water to their boats – docks and hoists have washed away and there is a no wake law on the water now.


Back in 1993 Mom was living in her cottage not too far from Connie and I’ll never forget going over to try to help her. I had several t-shirts from that summer and they’re all in my tshirt quilt. Here they are:

Here is Connie’s dock – whew!!

The water is getting perilously close to the level of the dock

More updates – Rick is doing well but tired and has some restrictions for awhile as you might expect. My Sweet Greta has behaved herself – I can’t believe it was a week ago now. Remember all those triangle squares? That’s what I’m working on now – while I watch basketball. Fever plays Chicago Sky tomorrow at 3.

Coming up – a 100th birthday for the mom of one of our readers, several patriotic patterns to buy now and make before next year, some show and tell and let’s talk about books!

Believe it or not, I’m sitting in the porch and it just started to rain!!! I gotta get my chickens inside!!

Update, 6 -21- 24

They admitted Rick yesterday to stay overnight. The surgery was scheduled for 11 but he didn’t get in till around 1:30 and it could possibly be a 4 hour surgery so the doctor and Rick both sent me home which I was glad of. We had arrived at 9:30 and I couldn’t sit there any longer. The doctor called me after surgery and said everything went fine. Rick had a prior ablation at Mayo in 2008. The nerve had grown around that same circuit again.

I have many reader photos so this might be a two part post.

Oh Say Can You See by Lisa Bonjean, Primitive Gatherings
Rita’s family – must be Kim on the right?
I can’t tell you how much I love this quilt design called Pickle Dish

And a few pics from the farm:

Guess who followed us to the garden yesterday – yup, Greta, Little Dumb Ass or LDA for short!

I started to pick the peas.

At the thrift store yesterday

Rick just called for me to pick him up in 45 minutes

so I’m leaving now.