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Saturday Bullseyes, 1-23-21

More wonderful quilts to post!

And a couple of Dirty Dozen projects:

This quilt was made in France and when I complimented the maker on her arrangement, she admitted she did it out of laziness so she wouldn’t have any of the same fabrics touching! We are an innovative group,aren’t we? Ha!

And I have to admit to falling in love with this one – I put all my yellows away on the shelves and now I can pull the brights!

This Country Threads pattern is available in the online shop. Go to the top of our blog home page and click on the tab that says SHOP. Then search for Spring Bouquet. There is also a tab at the top of the blog home page that will instruct you how to download your pattern after you purchase it. And – yes, you can still order a paper pattern from us but it will come by snail mail and you will need to have patience. Any questions can be addressed to me at my new email:

Here is Spring Bouquet!

There is also a tab for FREE patterns and here is the latest – Square in a Square Tablerunner. Get out that tub of strips and get to sewing!

Here is the latest Disapearing 9 Patch I just finished last night.

Here is the Disappearing 4 Patch.

And here is the Noah Novelty quilt.

These three patterns will be in the store very soon. I will let you know the minute they have “landed”.

So – it’s another basketball and sewing Saturday. It’s snowing and the perfect day to cut out a new project – maybe one I purchased last week in Des Moines at Creekside Quilting. So much fun ahead!

A Quick Post, 1-22-21

This is a note to those beginners who are considering making the bullseye quilt and who are worried sick about those curves. Try this to see if you can handle it and if you like it before you commit to a whole quilt.

Cut a square of fabric and cut a circle of fabric. Lay the circle on the square and sew around the circle. Use approximately a 1/4″ seam line away from the raw edge of the circle. Reduce your stitch length. It will not matter if the stitching is uneven from the raw edge. DO NOT WORRY! I guarantee it will be ok.

Try this if you’re concerned about making a bullseye quilt – if you hate sewing around this circle, don’t start this quilt. Save yourself some angst and make a 4 patch quilt instead – ha!

If you have questions please feel free to contact me at

I don’t mind you asking – I’d rather help you make this quilt than have you start and hate the process. There’s still time to gather fabrics and cut out your first step. We will begin sewing on February 1. Pattern can be purchased online or a paper pattern from us at the address shown on our home page.

I am still admiring the quilts – I will continue showing bullseye pictures as long as you send them to me! Happy Friday!!

Shopping and Bullseyes, 1-21-21

Interesting date, huh? 12121

Here’s what we bought on Tuesday.

Wasn’t that fun? Now to start deciding what goes in what quilt.

Remember how dangerous the roads were on the way home? One of our readers sent me an email that her grandniece was in a bad car accident due to the weather that afternoon. The car she was riding in was blown into another vehicle – the young woman is in a coma in Des Moines. Let’s all remember her in prayer for a complete recovery.

And now for more bullseye quilt photos!

And this last bullseye is the exclamation point!!!

That’s all the photos I’ve received however – IF your quilt has not been shown, send it to me again. Imagine saving this many pictures of basically the same quilt and trying to remember which one is which. Did I save this one? Did I post that one? It was everything I could do to keep them in order of receiving them but if I screwed up, I’ll be happy to repost.

Connie and I could not be more thrilled to see this many bullseye quilts – I had no idea what I was in for when I asked for pictures – haha!! I loved seeing the emails in my inbox and I know it took some effort on your part to get the picture taken and sent to me. Thank you to everyone who sent a picture!

Would you be surprised to learn that I haven’t gotten much sewing done since I asked for these photos? Now I’ll go back to showing you what’s new in the online store. I’ll leave that for tomorrow!