$5.00 Pattern Friday, 1-20-23

This week’s $5 pattern is called Dress For Success found in our first charm school book Country Threads Goes To Charm School.

Here it is today remade by Connie in a bright clean palette.

Send $5.00 check or cash and a SASE to Country Threads.

Our 8” of snow has presented quite a number of problems for us so more details later.

9 thoughts on “$5.00 Pattern Friday, 1-20-23

  1. Rhoda Ebersole

    8 inches??? Do you have a rope from the house to the barn like happened in the Olden Days??

  2. Marsha from Michigan

    I love both looks! It’s flurrying here today after wet snow fall this morning. Not accumulating. Ground and temperature too warm. It’ll catch up with us eventually. Sort it’s giving you troubles out there. I finished my Jan. UFO and have decided on one for Feb. My goal is to finish one UFO each month. Wish me luck!

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    We had 5-6 inches here but add that to the piles around our acreage…..a lot of high piles! We did go out on the roads this am….roads had drifted a lot over night and the local school cancelled. The roads ere not nice on the way but at noon they had melted from all the chemicals. We came home and tried to take a nap….but I had called in for a repeat sinus infection and medicine. So off I went. I did sew for a bit. Supposedly there is no snow in the forecast…….
    Have a good weekend.

  4. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Love both😀. 8 more inches of snow—yuck. We haven’t had much snow, but bitter cold and ice over Christmas. It is cold now—36 today, but it was 58 yesterday. Ohio🙀. I emptied my sewing room closet yesterday ( not my only sewing closet😹😹) and went through everything, cleaned some OUT, and put some back. I am hoping to get more organized and then start stitching😀. Stay warm and safe, Mary.

  5. Jan Hebert

    Snowy day today, it was a good day to piece the small quilt I’m working on. It’s amazing how different the same pattern can look in different colorways! Jan in MA

  6. Debbie G in SE WI

    Wow! I was so worried about you, Mary! Hadn’t seen a post since last week. I finally figured out that I had somehow unsubscribed! We have no snow but nave had a lot of rain. It had been dreary here for weeks. Getting my projects ready for retreat in 2 weeks. Love to sew with my friends.

  7. Kim from TN

    A great pattern and I love this book. Stay warm and safe with all of that white stuff.

  8. Judy - Michigan

    I received a copy of your book Civil War Remembered and I am thrilled to have it. I am so happy that I found one for sale.

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