$5 Friday! 2-11-22

I’ll bet we all have a jelly roll in our sewing rooms that we purchased because we love them!! This week let’s use a jelly roll and make this quilt – Jelly Roll 9 Patch. It’s very easy to make and FUN!

Send $5 cash or check to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave, Garner, IA 50438. Last Friday’s $5 pattern was Honor America – order both and we’ll pay the postage. These $5 patterns will remain available only through the month of February.

Yesterday I got a pedicure – what a treat! – and on my way home I stopped at my favorite thrift store where I haven’t been for months and months. INFLATION has hit the thrift store – big time! Of course I looked at the mens shirts which have gone from $3 to $6-10 range. Here are three I did purchase because of the color:

I am not familiar with this brand but just wanted to comment on the construction as well as the soft silky fabric which is 100% cotton. It is so beautifully made that I’m not sure I can cut it up!

Speaking of using fabric – I think I’m going to cut 8-1/2” squares and make a queen size quilt – all those beautiful fat quarters are stagnating on the shelf! Anybody with me?

No more rats in the traps to report but the traps remain in place. It is so very windy here today that I’m staying home and staying in – nobody in the barn wants to go outside anyway.

Is anyone having a Super Bowl party? What can I make for just the two of us to fool us into thinking it’s a “party”?

Another reader heart quilt:

Taken from inside my sewing room
Blue Jays quilt – pattern can be found in the online store or ordered directly from Country Threads for $15

Thanks for all your comments regarding our trip to Mayo and my temper tantrum following – it’s so fun for me to read your comments that show me a group of like-minded women all in the same boat at one time or another and all part of this group of long distance friends. Your comments reward me every day!

64 thoughts on “$5 Friday! 2-11-22

  1. Tanya T. in Houston

    We are having a two-person Super Bowl party at our house, too! I’m doing Velveeta, Rotel, and ground beef to have with chips. Not very healthy, but our once a year splurge on such.

    I have been having fun looking at the instructions online for “economy blocks”! It is amazing how many sizes and ways people do such a simple square in a square block. If you need a good laugh, check out Karen Brown’s Just Get It Done u tube video on Economy blocks. She walks her dog during part of it and I thought it was a scream. She shows paper piecing, freezer paper method, and the usual just cut and sew method. Apparently, the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild has instructions for her sizes.

  2. Karen Gaither

    I love the jelly roll quilt!

    For Super Bowl, you can’t go wrong with Queso and Chips, Stuffed Jalapeño’s or Pigs in a Blanket with little smilies & crescent rolls!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Karen G – both sound good!! Guess I need a trip to the store before Sunday

  3. Tina W in Oregon

    I know what you mean about the prices going up in thrift stores! At one of our local shops, they do a $5 all you can stuff into a bag sale on Thursdays. It’s amazing how many shirts you can roll and stuff into one of those plastic grocery bags! We’re not sports fans at our house so will probably do some sewing on Sunday, although I do enjoy watching some of the Olympics

  4. Charlotte Shira

    Love the Jelly Roll Quilt!
    Here’s a family favorite and super easy recipe.
    Ultimate Party Meatballs
    1 14oz can jellied cranberry sauce
    1 12oz bottle of chili sauce
    2# bag frozen pre-cooked meatballs
    Place meatballs in a slow cooker. Combine sauces and pour over meatballs. Cover and cook 4 hours on high. I have also used Lil Smokies.

    Go Bengals!!

    1. Judy

      That is the menu for the two of us. Easy to fix. My husband did pick up a box of frozen stuffed jalapeños to go with it. I also have Chex Mix in the freezer to pull out. I have decided that it is best to make a double batch then freeze it. I can bring it out when we want some.

    2. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

      We use grape jelly in place if the cranberry sauce. Very tasty! Also, Margaritaville nachos are a family favorite. Recipe is on line and pretty simple, but tasty. Just 4 of us getting together and we’ll have those!!
      Mary, you did not have a tantrum—just a frustrated woman who is exhausted!!

  5. Pamela

    Cubed cheese
    Pierce with toothpick
    Little bowls of a sauce to dip them in
    Cucumber slices on small bread
    Red hots melted and mixed with orange juice
    ginger ale

  6. Kelli

    We are a Super Bowl Party of two here as well. Making a Monterey cheese dip with chicken chorizo and green chili’s – not spicy just flavorful and serving with soft pretzel nubs. Grabbed some frozen shrimp, and chicken tenders. All easy peasy – will supplement with veggies and dip. I’m splurging and making Holy Cow Cake – oh my have you had that?? Enjoy the game and I’ve been a care taker for three parents and a sis with cancer – be good to yourself because it is exhausting – mentally and emotionally! If you don’t take care of YOU, you can’t take care of them!!

  7. Barb

    Love your beautiful photos–the one today with the bird in the snow is just great–you have such good eye for color both in photos and quilts!! I really enjoy all your stories!

  8. Kathy

    I must order that pattern immediately. The jelly rolls are taking over.
    The blue jay photo is wonderful. It looks like a painting.

    I have no exciting food plans. It is Super Bowl for
    one here but I really look forward to a great game. The Bengals have always been my second favorite team superseded only by the Washington Redskins. Yes I called them the Redskins. Since they are no longer that team I am jumping ship and now the Bengals are my number one favorite. I can’t believe the Washington team is going to call themselves the Commanders. People are already making jokes and calling them in the Commies. I know you like basketball so you’ll have something to look forward to but once football season is over it’s kind of a dry spell here. But, like you, I have a crazy terrier to keep me busy .

    I just retired from nursing and health care is just like Walmart – self serve, it seems. I hope the healing improves now. So sorry you have had that experience.

    1. Candy

      I’ve heard them called “The Commandoes”. I think that’s hilarious! That puts a picture in your mind, doesn’t it?

  9. Jeanine from Iowa

    Our two thrift stores in town still have decent prices on men’s shirts. One of them always has them for $2 each, and once a month they have bag day when you can put as much in a paper bag for $7. Like Tina said above, you can roll the shirts up and get a lot in one bag. I think one time I got 21 shirts in one bag, all for $2. I don’t need anymore shirts, so haven’t done that for awhile. We don’t really do that much as far as eating for the super bowl. Probably have popcorn after we get home from church. Just the two of us here.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanine – popcorn would be easy – I don’t want to go out to the store!

  10. Patricia

    I love the jelly roll quilt. Love your fabrics. The photo of the blue jay with the snow and chair is really wonderful I looked at it several times wondering if it was a painting or print. Its lovely. I’ve been glued to the Olympics but I have to say the Curling is a little boring. I guess I don’t really know the rules. Some of the events are daunting. It’s hard to imagine the skill and guts these athletes have when watching some of the tricks they do on snow and ice. Some of the stories are also mind blowing. The shirts you bought are really pretty. I actually thought you bought them to wear. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. Not sure I’ll watch. Although since I grew up in Ohio maybe I should root for the Bengals. Glad the rats are gone for now. I’m sure there will eventually be more. Just like mice they never stop reproducing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – I’ll bet I’ve said that a hundred times! How do they make their bodies do those difficult tricks? And the speed of the skiing just makes me afraid to watch! I couldn’t believe that blue jay sat there for so long –

  11. Jan in NW WI

    So glad to hear there aren’t any more rats (for now). Makes lots of sense to keep the traps in the “ready” mode. Very windy here as well and temps will drop below zero before the day is over. We got about 3 inches of snow last night, so I am of to shovel and salt. Would you share the name and location of your favorite thrift store? We drive through the area on our way to our daughters in Des Moines. Nothing more fun that a new (to me) thrift store. The shirts you picked up are beautiful. Stay warm Mary!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan in WI – the thrift store is right on Hwy 18 at Clear Lake about 2 miles west of I-35 – called The Village Store – it’s the best I’ve ever shopped in!

  12. Sharon Lowy

    Here is one for you… Meatballs in the crock pot

    1 can(14 oz) jellied cranberry sauce
    l bottle (12 oz) chili sauce
    3/4 cup packed brown sugar
    1 jar of sauerkraut, rinsed and drained
    1 bag if frozen meatballs

    Really good!

  13. Meredith in Cincinnati

    We’re having Pinky Winks! It’s a delicious Cincinnati appetizer: hot sausage, ground beef, chopped mushrooms, melted cheese, a little Worcestershire and some spices on those little rye breads. After a run through the broiler they are fabulous! Perfect for a WHO DEY! Nation.
    About the patterns: how much should I include for postage for just one pattern?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – postage is included! Your appetizer sounds yummy! I’m going to put it in my file!

  14. Kim

    Hi, Mary.
    I noticed your thoughts on your day at Mayo and I thought, well now, this sounds familiar! I have learned to insert information during patient doctor visits with Tom and to ask questions until I get answers. It is difficult to get questions answered or report observations that are important during the often rushed time allowed with doctors. We count on them (and pay them) to be thorough. Sometimes, they don’t get the big picture from the patient. I’ve gone through years of vascular and heart issues with my husband and have yet to have anyone ask how I’m holding up. Living through two heart attacks and hospitalizations, not to mention surgeries is stressful for us as caregivers and spouses and that stress could land us in the hospital if we aren’t careful. The least they (medical professionals) can do is ask if we have anything to say, hear us and find a way to support us in our efforts to keep these stubborn fools on their feet. Whew…don’t get me started on the walking issue! I’m glad to see you are sewing and looking forward to watching the Super Bowl game. We’ve been watching the Olympics. I haven’t sewn a stitch in weeks. Party food, no idea, but a takeout meal would be nice for a relaxing evening. A big pot of chili is it for us. Have a good weekend.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – sounds like you and I could commiserate together – what dr. In his right mind wouldn’t tell Rick he had to walk???? It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. So do you feel like sewing this weekend? I’m going to make myself get excited to start something new – Margaret, my organist at church, just called to say she and her husband have the crud I had two weeks ago – and he’s scheduled for hip surgery next week!

  15. Marcella from Illinois

    The blue plaid shirt you got at the thrift store is just like my husbands favorite shirt. I can usually guess what he will have on. He doesn’t think we need so much variety. This winter he has worn three different sweatshirts. They are all the same just a different color. Well enough of me blabbing. I just thought it fun to see his shirt as a thief store find. I need to make the jelly roll quilt cause I have too many in my collection. How about cowboy caviar for a super bowl treat. I am going to make it for the two of us even thou it makes a lot. I will eat it on lettuce as a salad or in a soft shell taco. Husband likes the scoop chips. Thanks for the blog!!! We have a bright sunny day here 45 degrees with melting of snow going on. So glad we are headed for SPRING. Take care everyone 💝also have a nice valentine’s day Monday.

  16. Kathy in western NY

    Look at you Mary getting that pedicure pampering, I know your nails and feet look a whole lot better than mine do!!! It’s a mud hole here with snow melting and 45 degrees so doggie paws are a mess. Oh well, sign of spring coming.
    So I don’t know much about cutting up shirts and using them for quilt fabrics and could be enlightened on this. Was it from the “make do or do without” days or something you like to sew with for variety and textures?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in NY – I bought Bonnie Hunters book about using cotton shirts and have loved collecting shirts for years – I’ll post a picture of her book the next time I blog.

  17. Lynn in Scottsdale

    I am going to try Bambinos

    4 dozen Melba or cracker rounds
    3/4 cup catsup or other sauce
    Pepperoni slices
    1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
    Dried oregano leaves

    Heat over to 400. Spread rounds with catsup, top with pepperoni. Sprinkle with cheese and oregano.

    Bake on ungreased cookie sheet until cheese is melted. 3-5 minutes.

  18. Susan in Ohio

    My husband and I both had a pedicure today pure luxury.
    Do you have certain patterns you use to make shirt quilts?
    I’m reading all the comments for ideas for snacks they all sound yummy, we will be cheering for the Bengals.

  19. Launa

    Invited to a Super Bowl friends’ gathering…neither of our teams playing, but we love football!
    Kaluah BBQ Pork on rolls caught my eyes…home baked beans, dessert n more! BYOB…I drink water!
    Yesterday’s upper 40’s heat n sunshine had snow dripping off our metal roof causing slushy snow in front and south on hiway 93 both lanes blocked by land/snow slide early evening.
    Can’t remember a February winter like this!

  20. Candy

    Nachos! If I get to pick one last thing to eat before I die, it’ll be nachos … LOL! Next in line is tortilla chips with bean dip (equal parts refried beans, salsa & shredded cheese – heated to melt everything) … Yum! Those shirts look great … I love that purple one! My favourite way to back a cushion is to use the front of a shirt, using the button strip as the opening for the pillow insert. It’s so cute if you match the color to the front of the cushion. Enjoy the Super Bowl. I hope it’s a good game.

  21. Carla J in the mitten

    Three people for the game here. Hubby likes oven baked wings. The rest of us prefer Mexican layered dip with tortilla chips. Raw veggies, Greek hummus and pita chips. Everything but the tortilla chips are homemade, only because I haven’t made corn tortillas this week.
    Love the jelly roll quilt. I have one and a matching layer cake. $5 pattern maybe a great starting place but my mind is already thinking up a different ending.
    Belle is settling in, 11 weeks English Setter. Today was a nap on with hubby on the recliner. Belle’s head was between her feet, slowly she shifted down ward. Her head hanging over the footrest. Sound asleep for fifteen minutes at least.

  22. Arlene

    Mary the reason you’re admiring the construction of the Southern Tide is those shirts are $125. My husband has received two of their products as gifts. Great find.

    1. Malynda

      I saw a fabulous video on facebook today of a pig that sees a beautiful quilt laying over a bannister on the porch. The pig gets the quilt off the bannister and pulls it onto the hay and uses it to lay on. Sorry, I immediately thought of you Mary!😀

  23. Sue in Oregon

    We are getting a new roof put on today. All the pounding and scaping and thumping is making me crazy. I’m surprised you can’t hear it in Iowa! And, you should see the ground all around our house. They promised to clean it all up when they are done. I pray they keep their promise.
    I think we will have a take and bake pizza from Papa’s. They are so good. We love the chicken and artichoke with white sauce. I don’t think the roofers will work on Sunday. Please, no. Hoping they will watch the Super Bowl.
    I need to go back to the doll quilt I am making. It is an Irish Chain with appliqued hearts in pink and white.

  24. Linda from Georgia

    Love the jelly roll quilt! Ordering the pattern. I am going to use the time watching the super bowl sewing down binding. As always, I soooo enjoy reading your blog and seeing the quilts.

  25. Jo in Wyoming

    Love the bird picture. You need to print it and frame it.
    Thanks Kelli for spelling Chorizo , I had no idea.
    We’ll have Chorizo with mushrooms, smoky bourbon butter and onions. Then grilled cheese and tomato soup. Finish off with cherry pie. Big time party at my house. There’s some beer leftover from Christmas, I’ll put it out too. All for 2 people and a dog!

    It’s snowing here today, and wind blowing and it’s still February.

  26. Cathy - SE Alabama

    Oh my, love the shirts. I got hundreds of them from an estate sale for 25cents each. Each one was starched and in the dry cleaners bag. It took me weeks to deconstruct each one. Now for the perfect pattern. I am thinking flying geese.

    I was telling my sister about your rats. She just ordered a 4 pack of catchers for her daughter in Hamburg, NY. Thanks for the great advice. Love the JAYBIRD and matching quilt.

  27. Karen Hamilton

    Hi Mary, are you thinking a queen sized quilt made with 8″ squares? If so, it sounds nice and easy. I’d be in if you decide to do that. Leaving for sunny Arizona next Wednesday, but we will be back long before the weather warms up here.

  28. Sandy from Eastern Washington

    My family, (but not me!), went to Eastern Washington Univ home football games for all of Cooper Kupp’s college career. Rooting for LA all the way. Our meatball crockpot recipe calls for grape jelly and a jar of seafood cocktail sauce over the meatballs. Hot baked dip made with cream cheese, mayonnaise, cocktail sauce and cocktail shrimp/crab, served with bread rounds is also great. 7 layer taco dip and chips made ahead. Ranch and veggies. Bowls of plain and peanut M & M candy. Now that’s a party.

    While they are watching, I will be sewing. I just can’t sit straight through a game. My favorite pre-Covid, pre-retirement super bowl activity was to get my weekly grocery shopping done in a store that was nearly empty of customers. I would have the whole place to myself. I would be back by halftime. Now I do most of my shopping with online ordering and pick up.

    Your 9 patch is beautiful. Love the red triangles. The 8” squares from fat quarters quilt idea sounds like a great sew along. Your blue jay photo is mesmerizing. What a gift to see such a sight from your window.

    Just got my husband home from physical therapy. Up next, laundry!

  29. Julie B

    Hi Mary..Windy here in Cedar Falls too….I just about got blown off the road. Hoping it calms down tomorrow..driving to Wisconsin to watch our grandson play 6th grade basketball.

    Here’s an easy Mexican dip recipe:

    Brown 1 lb ground beef
    Mix in 1 pkg Taco seasoning according to pkg directions.

    In a 9×9 pan, layer in the following order:

    Refried beans
    Hamburger with taco seasoning
    Salsa (degree of hot is up to you)
    Chopped onions
    Sliced black peppers
    Anything else you want..hot peppers, sweet peppers, etc
    Top with shredded cheese (I use the 3 cheese Mexican mix)

    Bake 30 min at 375 degrees or until heated through.
    Serve while hot with chips/taco shells

    Really good topped with sour cream.
    Even better warmed up the next day.

    My hubby doesn’t like casseroles, but he really likes this one…little does he know it is the same recipe I made many years ago and he didn’t like it. HA! I win!

    Stay warm….spring is on the way.

  30. Pat in Michigan

    Mary, that is such a beautiful quilt pictured in the snow. Do you know what jelly roll you used? It’s striking. I hope Rick is getting better each day. Please take care of yourself
    and enjoy the game on Sunday!

  31. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I will be ordering the pattern. I have many jelly rolls. They are like potato chips, you can’t have just one😂! I am so happy you had a pedicure. They do wonders for the whole body and mind. Do put your feet up and stitch or just relax and enjoy the game. Go Bengals!
    Your pictures are always striking. Maybe you are finished with rats—hope. My Irish Nana always said the field mice went in a scout. If it didn’t come back, they moved on! We are still waiting for the snow plow to clear our street. Ugh. It’s a mess. Warm today, though.

  32. Joy in NW iowa

    Love the quilt! I have a few jelly rolls!

    I sure hope,I don’t have a hissy fit at the mayo this coming week. I am having back surgery on Thursday, with tests on the Tuesday and Wednesday prior. Hubby is having a urinary consult on Friday! Ugh! Daughter and son-in-law are coming too, thankfully!

    How is Ricks leg healing?

    We about blew to Florida today!! Wow!

  33. Pat Smith

    We are having one other couple to watch the game and eat super bowl food with us. I’m making the same meatballs with cranberry sauce and barbecue sauce that I’ve read in other posts. Also, a corn, cheese, bell pepper and onion dip that I’ve never made before. We love football and are looking forward to watching. Love the jelly roll quilt and will order the pattern and sew along. Of course, I’m in the middle of a little house quilt that I once saw in a picture taken in Connie’s house, but being in the middle of one quilt never stopped me from starting another!

  34. Susan K in Texas

    Super Bowl for my husband. Anything but football for me. I’ll watch a movie or Olympics or murder show – who knows. There is a Dallas Stars hockey game in the afternoon hubby and son will attend. I’ll watch that on my laptop. We have season seats but I can’t attend due to my back right now. Surgery Thursday. Covid test Monday. Cardiologist Monday or Tuesday hopefully (they found an anomaly in the pre-op EKG! :-0 ).
    I miss my days of sewing almost every day and playing with the cats and doing normal things.
    I will get to talk to both out of town sons on Sunday so that will be the highlight of my super bowl Sunday.

    Joy in NW Iowa – good luck with your surgery Thursday!

  35. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Our Super Bowl party will just be just the two of us. Herb picked up some baby smokies, and we have meatballs and jalapeño poppers in the freezer; that’s a start. Pretty low-key, just the way I like it. I had a social era; the pandemic has turned me back into an introvert. 😳
    I plan to do some hand work or cut a small project at the coffee table during the game. Take Care/Enjoy, 🥰

  36. Jeanne Fee

    What are you going to do with the men’s shirts? It is fun to go thrifting and the prices are up in Northern Illinois also!

  37. Janet Snyder

    My husband has several of Southern Tide shirts. He got them in a store in Greenville, SC. They are his favorites.

  38. Pattie Weber

    I love the last quilt rolled up with a bow. So cute. What size was the quilt and how was it rolled? I’m trying to keep more of my quilts out of the drawers and on display.
    I too can sympathize with your medical experiences. Five years ago my husband and I flew out to Arizona (from PA), to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. His prostate cancer had metastasized to his bones and lungs. They flew both of us out there every three months for treatment and we could never say enough about their care. Appointments went like clockwork with all the departments from lab work, surgery, radiation, oncology, wellness, etc. We never were left waiting and I never felt ignored. I was part of the team.
    Now we are nearing the end of this journey as my husband is now under hospice care in our home. It’s so difficult watching his body slow down and see how the cancer in his brain is affecting his everyday functioning.
    It’s helpful to read many of the other comments and be able to remind myself that we are a huge population of caregivers out there. Prayers for us all.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Pattie I am so sorry you are reaching the end of this journey with him. It reminds me to appreciate every good day we are given. We are all here for you to listen, to care, to support and may you find peace knowing he has received comfort.

  39. Sally J.

    Great blog today!! Love all the Super Bowl food ideas!! Yummy!!
    Yes i want to make that adorable Jelly Roll quilt..
    Watching Super Bowl at my cousins house this year….a party of 10! I’m making my famous homemade cheese ball with assorted crackers. We will also celebrate my Valentine birthday
    Everyone have a safe and enjoyable weekend! Love and peace…..Sally J. from Florida

  40. Billie

    I agree with you about the rising prices at the thrift stores! It’s unreal. Happy Super bowl to you and Rick.

  41. Paula S.

    Love the jelly roll,quilt! And what are you going to do with the 8 inch squares as far as design? Are you just sewing those squares together to make the queen size quilt??? Mary, yes, you most certainly have a super-bowl party for two! My husband and I used to host parties years ago and then as the kids got older, their friends were here also. The last few years however, it’s just us two old people and we still enjoy it. We have special snacks and drinks!

  42. Anonymous

    Pattie, your husband and you will stay in my prayers. I feel sad for you and I know you’ve given all of yourself to caring for your husband. You have us all for support and caring.

  43. Marylou Krish

    Pattie, your husband and you will stay in my prayers. I feel sad for you and I know you’ve given all of yourself to caring for your husband. You have us all for support and caring.

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