A Big Thank You on Monday

I’ve had a few days to enjoy all your comments and oh how I loved them! To hear what you’re doing and what’s going on in your lives is such fun – I suppose that’s how you must feel about reading this blog. I also appreciate knowing where you live – Connie said the same thing.

Here’s the view of the cornfield from my porch this warm September morning – the field corn is drying and turning into golden stalks.

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Reed and his family brought me stalks for one corn shock and I could not resist taking off a couple ears of gorgeous Iowa corn.

Maybe I’ll take all the ears off the shock and hang one in every window!

Last night I had a little time and saw a box of strips that called my name.

My friend Carolee from Washington State was here last weekend and she loves red and white so I thought I’d make her a few pincushions for her store The Christmas House.

The first one has strips cut 1″ wide but I like the second one better with strips cut only 3/4″ wide. I will use the red velveteen for the back and send them to her without filling. She will fill them and close the opening.

On Saturday Carolee and Bob and I spent the day going to thrift stores and garage sales. This was my favorite purchase – another embroidery picture for my almost full wall.

I also picked up these two books for $1.00 each.

I’m sorry – I can’t make that picture turn! I have always loved Mary Englebreit’s artwork and just looking through this book will give me more than a dollar’s worth of entertainment. Same goes for the country decorating book. I happened to see this seagull on fishing line with a pull that makes his wings gently flap.

And once again the picture will not turn! So sorry. I noticed this seagull because my friend Gayle has a mallard duck (like the seagull) in her room at Concord that she treasures. When it broke last year Rick was able to fix it and every time I visit Gayle I’m allowed to give it a gentle pull to make it fly. Not everybody is allowed to touch it! Gayle is not doing so well right now.

It’s a mowing day here so I will close and get to work. Thank you for all the correspondence and if you have asked a question check back in the comments to find my answer.

Here’s a good picture of the cutting for the pincushion star so you could make one yourself.

I’ll close with a picture of fat but very sweet Betsy on top of the corn stalk bale that has toppled over.

54 thoughts on “A Big Thank You on Monday

  1. Carol

    Love your blog and especially like all the projects both you and Connie show on the blog. I would like to have your energy. My dear quilting friend, who lives about 3 hours from me and I will begin a mystery friendship block-of-the-month quilt, using La Vie en Rouge fabric (we will receive this in October and end in May). I ordered a jelly roll in this same fabric to make a rug to match. I also sew quilt tops for our church quilting group to put together and give away to those in need and I really enjoy this work.

  2. Lori

    Good Morning,
    First off, do you get “credit” if we “x” out the ads on your blog?

    I was surprised that you were picking pumpkins a couple weeks ago, I always wait until the first frost, not sure why, other than you can see them all better. So how do you know when you can pick pumpkins? I’m near Wahpeton, ND.

    I’m subscribed to your blog, and enjoy reading it.
    Love your pincushion, I think I will make some for our newly formed QOV group.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lori – yes, we do get credit when you close an ad – thank you! The pumpkins are ready now – very hard shell and vines are turning yellow. If I wait for the frost the pumpkins will have dark areas where they froze. Not pretty.

  3. Marsha

    Hi, Better late than never, I guess. We live in the country outside a small southwest Michigan community located on Lake Michigan. I work for the city in the building department and enjoy walking the streets and perusing the shops on my lunch hour. We have two amazing antique stores with constantly changing booths so you never know what treasure you’ll find. When the day is over, I’m glad to drive the 4 miles to our country retreat on 5 wooded acres! I love your sampler wall. I collect samplers with houses on them. If they also have hearts that’s even better! The first house cross-stitch I made came free with a GNC order way back in the ’70’s and pictures a cottage with Home Sweet Home. I love to pick up books like you found and adore Mary Engelbreit’s work. I have several of her books and a stash of her fabric (scraps left from other projects). A while back I was doing a quilt-along with Pam Sloan called Grandma’s kitchen and tried to incorporate a scrap of Mary’s fabric in every block. I had to drop that project to make a quilt for my cousin undergoing chemo, and then a quilt for my husband’s birthday, but when that’s done, I’ll be enjoying getting back to Grandma’s kitchen and my Mary E fabric!

  4. Beth Laverty

    There are MANY cornfields around me and if the rain doesn’t destroy them I imagine they will be made in to silage. (sp?) I live in Bloomsburg PA, a small college town on I-80. Though we live close to town we also live close to the country. I drive past cornfields nearly every day! I love the project you shared. I have been trying to use up a lot of my stash as it is getting out of hand. That star seems like a good way and fun as well. We are lucky to be away from heavy duty flooding this time (our town was 25percent underwater back in 2011, This time is is “just” the small streams. But still a huge problem for some folks. This has NOT been a good weather year in a lot of the country. Now I am off to get my machine warmed up. I am making runners for “all seasons” using some of my stash.

  5. Kathy Schwartz

    Very interesting reading today.
    Great idea to put an ear of corn in each window! Here in rural Slayton, MN we filled the silo last week. (all I did was cook) and they found some corn with 18 kernals across–usually it is 13 (average). We need a good crop as we lost 75 acres in the flooding. He put in a” cover crop” of beets and peas. You MUST put in a cover crop. This will not yield anything. Great pincushion pattern. Thanks. Wonderful collection of samplers.

  6. Kim LeMere

    Love following the blog and seeing all the pictures of the corn growing, there is nothing like Iowa sweet corn. We traveled last week to Osage, for Autumn Artristy and my mothers 80th birthday. There were 31 of us who came from all over the U.S. I love how they decorate the street with straw bales, lots of pumpkins and gourds, just feels so Midwest to me. I now live in TN and this trip home was special. Keep posting those pictures of the corn
    p.s. I often came to your shop when it was open.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kim LeMere – we almost drove to Osage last Saturday! It’s a beautiful little town and I’ve n very been to their fall event.

  7. Sue in Oregon

    Mary…Your today’s blog is so much fun. Well, actually, it always is. Love everything, especially the pin cushion. Thanks for the pattern. I love the idea of backing it with red velvet. Think I will try making one and I already have crushed walnut shells.
    Our weather has turned very fallish. Cool mornings and sunny days, but not at all hot. We have finally had some rain, too.
    Oh…and I love reading everyones comments, too.

  8. Jo

    Greetings from Wyoming! It was 92 degrees yesterday and dry as a bone. We are deep watering trees hoping they make it thru the winter.
    Your post is like a postcard from Iowa…love every one. That corn is the pride of Iowa. Beautiful.

  9. Sharon Lowy

    I live in Yorkville, Illinois. Never expected to live here but life changes things. I am a widow and I moved here to be close to my son and his family. It has been a very good move. My grandparents were both born in Illinois but spent most of their married life in Texas where we all grew up. I have always lived in large cities so while this is a major change I love it here. I have made some very nice friends and am active in a few quilt groups. I enjoy Estate Sales , garage sales and thrift shops and my fabulous cat, Mr. Peach. He was a small kitten when I found him all alone in a park in NJ. He rules the house!

    I so enjoy your blog and I look forward to every issue. Thanks so much.

  10. Pam

    Mary, I have made several of your pin cushions for our guild quilt show coming up soon. We donated items for the guild to sell, since the show is free. It’s still hot here in North Georgia but we avoided all the rain that hit NC & SC, so won’t complain. Have pulled out some of my fall decorations in spite of heat and am enjoying those while I wait for Fall! One of them is a quilt from Country Threads. I think you did it as a block of the month. It has the flag, and garden girl and baskets, rake, and even snakes! I made a trip to your shop way back and left the quilt top there for you guys to quilt. It was a great visit to your shop and was wonderful to get my Country Threads quilted quilt in the mail a few weeks later, along with a lighted house I purchased. The house is still in my bookcase and I still love it and my quilt. Country Threads is the best. I enjoy your blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam – That quilt was a block of the month called Garden Club. A few years later it was published in book form by Leisure Arts. It’s one of my favorite Country Threads quilts! Along with Noah!

  11. Martha Engstler

    Your thrift shop and yard sale finds are wonderful. Here in the Gettysburg, Pa. area we only have one thrift shop and I do find treasures there from time to time. Last week we went to a sale billed as “yard sale” but it was a whole house sale with many treasures. Sad to see all the collections this lady had accumulated during her lifetime and know she has passed on. The 29th of Sept. our town of Fairfield will have a whole town yard sale. They are always fun. Love Mary Engelbreit art. Have a calendar of her work with a new picture for each day and a wise saying that touches my heart. Again, thank you for your blogs. I too have a stack of your “Goat Gazette” that I treasure.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Martha Engstler – the great thing about visiting a thrift store is that you have no idea what’s in it and the day you visit will be the only day ever that has those items at the same time.

  12. patricia g Hayes

    MAry, curious, do you get hummingbirds there in Iowa? if so are you nutty about them nd their antics like I am here in South west FLorida on gulf coast. We here in Sarasota are not supposed to have them but last fall had one, then this spring had one and yesterday had one male stayed about two hours. Lucky me. i do not know why, will send to all the people that do get them to ask why. Guess migration is upon us so maybe that is why.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patricia Hayes – this is the first year I have ever had hummingbird feeders – I’d see one on occasion but a friend said they are here all summer and right now I have a bunch of them – moving south, I guess. They are very fun to watch!

  13. Donna Sproston

    Thank you for the pin cushion pattern. I made several pin cushions for our quilt show’s boutique. Jo Morton suggested in her pattern that crushed walnut shells are ideal filler and can be purchased at pet shops as lizard cage litter.. I bought a two pound bag and it will outlast me! I am following your excellent advice and doing straight line quilting these days. Love the look and the ease on my home seeing mschine. My husband is a retired music professor and bought a used Kawai grand when he retired. The Kawai was in a local restaurant so it bears some scars of cigarette burns, but it has a gorgeous sound. On our first visit to Garner you were playing the piano.
    .Thank you for continuing to brighten our days.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Sproston – you mean you could hear me in the house playing? I love my Kawaii piano – I bought the same model that I play in church but the church piano has a much nicer touch and sound.

  14. Linda

    Mary, I enjoy your blog everyday. I grew up on a farm and had lived in the country my entire life until four years ago. We move to Columbus, OH to be near our daughter and grandchildren. Your blog gives my the country life I miss. Thank you for your daily blogs.

  15. Sandi

    Thank you for the instructions on making the pincushion, I love your colors. I always enjoy your blog and pictures, it’s fun and interesting. I live in Enterprise, Alabama. I love to quilt, read and do cross stitch. I even sneak in some knitting. Hugs,

  16. Diane Newark, Ohio

    Mary, that embroidery is the beautiful stained glass window in my home church in NY:) I, too, look forward to your blog. It’s always a breath of fresh air (even when it’s hot there) and makes me smile. I have that star pattern from you for making little blocks. I keep it in my “retreat box” so IF I run out of things to do at the retreat (HA), I will have something to do. I also work on them at home. I use them for little quilts and mug rugs. We are getting rain all day today in Newark, Ohio from Hurricane Florence. I have a Mary Engelbreit book with lots of project ideas in it, too. If I see something you might like, I’ll send it along.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – wow, I can’t believe the news about your window being the same as my new embroidery picture! What a nice coincidence!

  17. Sandy Kolarik

    I still have a pincushion I bought from your booth at Rosemount Quilt show years ago. It’s a tiny log cabin made in Browns and fall colors. I love that darn thing and when I sew I always think of you and Connie. I would stay at your booth forever trying to decide which kit to buy. Great memories and the two of you were always gracious and wonderful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy K – those grand piano pincushions helped me buy my Kawaii grand piano. We remember that show well – we were so busy! Good thing I was younger then – I couldn’t do it now!

  18. Carol

    Mary, I received Maple Leaf Quilt pattern in the mail, after inquiring yesterday!
    Thank you, Carol Eberhardt

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – perfect! I loved the tuxedo cat card – I put it on my bulletin board!

  19. patti leal

    really like the small pin cushion. anxiously awaiting your new book. i live in florida (just north of orlando) and it is still summer here. i love reading your blog. i’ve never been in iowa. military brat i thought i’d lived everywhere. trying to clear our parents’ estate. hard to get four siblings together from four different places, especially when two have major health issues. we have just returned to find out my 50th class reunion is in three weeks. guess i’ll miss it also. did bring a bunch of quilts back from mother’s. i will probably pass them on to others. hoping to get time to make up a batch of pillowcases for my sister and all her grandkids. i do enjoy seeing what you find when you thrift, the adventures with reed and all your animals. thanks for all you do for all of us. patti

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Patti Leal – distributing a parent’s belongings is a big job and we all have to do it at one time or another. Best of luck!

  20. Sharon Ernst

    You are so fun! I love seeing your decorating & animals! And most of all, your beautiful quilts! 😊

  21. Marian

    Hi Mary, you know I always look for your musings! Just makes my day here in Rochester, MN! I love the pin cushion, very cute. Your thrifting always turns up something interesting. Autumn 🍂 is always a season to look forward to. But, it could be a little cooler. It’s coming, I know! Betsy knows where the good stuff is!!! Missed Hazel today, hoping the best for all the hurricane folks.
    And, thinking of your friend Gayle…

  22. Marie M

    Thank you for giving us the pincushion pattern. I have one similar that I bought from your booth at the Chicago International Quilt Show. I live in western Michigan and has been in 80’s last 3 days. Don’t usually have air conditioning on by Sept. 17. Not really complaining, it is beutiful! Just feels like summer still. I enjoy reading your posts so much. I recently came across a whole stack of your old newsletters that we used to get in the mail. I always loved getting them, and your blog is like that to me. My sister lives in Colo, IA, and we did get to come to your shop together once. We had a great time. So glad you still keep in touch!

    Marie in western Michigan

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marie M – this blog feels like I’m writing the opening letter for the Goat Gazette!

  23. Betty Klosterman

    This is Betty from Rapid City, SD. I like pictures to look at for ideas. When I can’t print them out on the computer, I just take a picture with my digital camera. Then if I really want, I can get it printed at the store.
    It is horrible to think of all the people getting the hurricane. There isn’t much that can be done until it all passes. I’m glad we just get wind, blizzards and tornadoes! They are here, then gone.

  24. Susan-AZ

    Would love to go to thrift store with you too! Always hope that if my quilts end up in a thrift store, someone like you will buy them! Almost record heat here in Phoenix, near 110s past few days. More time to stay indoors and quilt. You are a treasure and love your blog!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan AZ – and I’m complaining about mid 80’s? I will shut up and enjoy it!

  25. Nancy J Finch

    Thanks for picture of Iowa Corn. Made hubby’s day as we are currently in doctors waiting room waiting forever for a simple test. I too would love to go thrift shopping with you. You find some unique things.

  26. Dee trzaskowski

    I haven’t written much. Still waiting for our roof replacement from that hail storm. Hundreds of homes all had serious damage. Had a shot in my spine again after several surgery’s. Haven’t been able to sew much, but the good thing is that a neighbor retired last year and I am teaching her how to piece quilts. She keeps picking my brain which is good for her and keeps my head going since I can’t do much sewing. Maybe she will win in a show.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Dee T – I’ve had a couple of those shots in the spine and they are not fun or easy. I w. Even good now for 10-1/2 months and I’m so thankful! Hang in there – one day you will sew again!

  27. Sandy Bessingpas

    Mary, I want to go thrift shopping with you. You find the most amazing and fun things. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was 92 yesterday and 52this morning. Looks like it will rain soon, so no mowing today and I can sew. Kensington, mn

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – I just mowed the ditch and it was plenty warm. Up no rain here. Maybe tomorrow.

  28. Pamela forsling

    What is the red, white and blue table topper by the corn?? Thanks and stay cool. I’m a retired nurse after 43 years in Rockford,il. Sorry I never made it to your shop, but love your blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pamela F – wish I could post a picture in these comments. I took a picture of the table topper and will post it tomorrow for you and anyone else who is interested.

  29. Peggy

    You are lucky. We have been having a very cool and rainy September here at Shell Lake, Sask. We had a skiff of snow last night. On the bright side we should get some warmer weather before winter sets in.

    1. Paula from Texas

      Mary, your book purchases look like great ones!
      I am from Texas, I attended Quilt Camp the year the shop closed. My husband & I have spent the summer in Norrhern Minnesota volunteering at Grand Portage National Monument. We are currently camping at Clear Lake State Park! It is such a Wonderful stopping place! I hope the weather that passed through this afternoon did not do any harm in your area. It is a lovely cool evening! I hope you and Rick are enjoying it.

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