A Bitterly Cold Morning, 2-20-2020

When it gets to 15 below and gets colder, it hardly matters. Just plain COLD! My friend Gloria took this picture yesterday morning – isn’t it beautiful?

I had a reader want to see the book and author of the 4 patch blocks I’m working on.

The book is Sisterhood of Scraps by Lissa Alexander and published by Martingale.

Here are the two different blocks used in the quilt.

There is another Sisterhood book coming and Connie and I will have a quilt included. Connie made the quilt before she left for Florida and after Sue quilted it, I did the hand binding. I’m trying to take a beautiful picture in the snow but it’s so hard to walk in the snow and so bitterly cold that I have yet to succeed. Wish I could show you the quilt but probably not.

Look at my oat grass that just popped up in about 2 days!

I’m working on some very small UFO’s – here’s some pincushions that I made from shirt cuffs as well as a buttoned pocket. These will go to our sale.

These simple pincushions are filled with a sand and sawdust combination.

Yesterday Owen spent a couple hours with me while his mom, Samantha, had a class. As when I visited my Grandma Andy, cookies were served at every meal – even breakfast!

I gave my Clifford stuffed toy to Owen to play with but Hazel thought for sure it was hers so I had to put it up. She stared at it longingly and just hoped against hope that she’d would be allowed to play with it!

Yesterday was mom’s younger sister Blanche’s 94th birthday. She is at Westview Care Center in Britt so I went to see her and took her a little succulent in a white cup. I made the quilt on the bed a couple years ago. I was so pleased that she recognized me when I got to her bedside.

I went directly to therapy when I left the care center. This was my most painful day of therapy yet and I’m just not sure I’ll go back to my appointment on Friday. I will be seeing my surgeon on Friday morning and I hope he will listen to me but many of you know he probably won’t. Doctors take a complaint of continuing pain as just part of recovery after surgery. I am very discouraged. You did not ever hear me say this last fall, did you?

Brrrr, it’s so cold. I think I’ll go sit in my chair with another cup of coffee.

46 thoughts on “A Bitterly Cold Morning, 2-20-2020

  1. Peggy

    Good morning! My husband had a rough & painful knee replacement surgery recovery & he, too, got discouraged. But, he persisted with lots of encouragement …. well… maybe nagging/pushing 😂 from me! So, talk to your doctor & keep pushing on! Love the quilt that you made for your aunt. What a cheerful & comforting treasure for her. 😊

  2. Pamela in Missouri

    I’m smitten with Owen. Those eyes. Those cheeks. THOSE DIMPLES. The idea of cookies with every meal is a great one. Might have to adopt that for myself.
    The photo of Hazel and Clifford could be in a magazine. That room is so pretty and comforting.

  3. Margie from Ohio

    Wow, you have been busy! I have been thinking of making a new pincushion, loved the ones Connie made for her cruise, but wasn’t sure I could do it! I might try the pocket one! My punctuation I use i made back in high school so maybe 50 years old. Wow that sounds old!! I hope your surgeon will listen when you go back, it is very discouraging when they don’t. Seems like I have had to fight for my mother in law to get what her surgeon wants done, but she is in the nursing home, still hoping to go back home. The latest fight is for ultrasound and heat to her hip. Physical therapy told her they would decide if she needed it. So i called the doc and they called them and hopefully they will start doing it. Good luck, Mary, thinking of you.

  4. Pamela in Missouri

    I’m smitten with Owen. Those eyes. Those cheeks. THOSE DIMPLES. Love the idea of cookies with every meal. Might have to adopt that for myself.
    The photo of Hazel and Clifford could be in a magazine. The room is so pretty and comforting.

  5. Dee

    Just a thought, is it possible the bitter cold could be making the pain worse? Maybe that has nothing to do with it, but I wonder if it might? Hope you find relief soon! Dee

  6. Diane Bauer

    Oh, those dimples!!!! Owen sure is a cutie!! Cookies with every meal? Who wouldn’t want to visit at your house?!?!?!? The quilt you made for your aunt is so bright and cheerful! I’m sure it brings her joy every day! Love your cuff and pocket pincushions!! It gives me an idea of how to use some of the pins and buttons I kept from Justin’s West Point uniforms!!
    Hope you can power through your PT. I can’t imagine how discouraging it must be to have this recovery going so much more slowly than your first one. Can’t help to have dreary weather outside. Would a big bouquet of pretty spring flowers brightening your space help a bit? Take gentle care!!

  7. Cheryl in Arkansas

    What a beautiful smile your aunt has! I wish you a speedier recovery. Hazel, Telly, the ‘tribe’, and the cats are my favorite part of your blog! How can you top Hazel!!!! Take care in that cold. In central Arkansas we had about 45 min of SNOW this morning. Flakes. That’s it for this year :(. No ads today

  8. Linda H

    I love all you pictures! Don’t know where to start so will just simply say I love them all!!
    Keep up the hard work recuperating! It’s got to get better!

  9. Deb Harrison

    Hi, Mary, I am thinking of your pain and wondering if the bitter cold exacerbates the pain feeling in your knee. DO make sure you tell him EVERYTHING about the pain you feel. Some small word may explain it to him. My youngest sister is having her second shoulder replacement today. She had the first one done last August and Holly and I were with her the first two weeks. I am on standby to fly up to Wichita from Texas.

    1. Sue in PA

      Deb, I may have to have a shoulder replacement too. How long and difficult was her recovery? I have heard it is one of the harder replacements to bounce back from, so I have been putting it off.

      1. Kay Crandall

        Sue – I had shoulder replacement surgery about five years ago (have also had a knee and a hip replaced). Of the three surgeries my recovery from the shoulder was the most successful and I have a hard time even remembering which side it was on. The key to a complete recovery is definitely physical therapy, even though it is difficult at times.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Kay Crandall – so if I’m in terrible pain after PT, it’s ok? My leg still hurts from yesterday and I’m supposed to go again tomorrow and I’m almost refusing to go. I did not have shoulder replacement but rotator cuff repair in 1999 and I did my own therapy. My shoulder is perfect! I just don’t think I can stand for this to go on three times a week and be miserable. Your advice?

  10. Cheryl

    Push through the pain and keep going. It will help with flexibility and stiffness in the long run. I know its not easy and you had knees done pretty close but you will be happier in the long run….from a fellow knee replacement person who is so happy and pain free.

  11. Judy

    Loving your post today!
    Don’t know how U still go out in those temps! Says a spoiled Texan!
    LOVE your pincushions! They are so addicting!
    Judy in Texas

  12. Jean Elliott

    I’ve never heard of anyone having as much pain post op as you are. I have several friends who’ve had knee replacement & all recovered much faster. Hopefully he can determine what’s wrong.
    When is your sale? I’ll be back to Garner in June..hope it’s then!

  13. Jan Frank-de Ois

    I’m so sorry that PT is causing you so much pain. My PT told me her stance is that her work should not cause pain. We stopped an exercise if it was painful because it was prohibiting healing. Do you have good meds? They also help the healing. I think my pain threshold is pretty low, so I’m lucky that my knees were replaced almost 16 years ago and pain meds are more restrictive now.
    LOVE your scrappy blocks.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Jan – dr. Is very stingy with pain meds. I’m only allowed 2 at night and I’ve only got a week left of those. When they wear off about 4 am, I might as well just get up! That is, unless I’ve never even gotten t9 sleep by 4 am!

    2. Linda in Estherville

      Oh, dear, Mary….your first knee was so easy for you! So, it is hard for you to know how unusual your pain is this time. Your physical therapist….not one of the techs should listen to you, ask You questions, And if her resolutions do not work….she needs to visit with your surgeon or his nurse Practioner immediately. Oh, I see you just posted….and I caught a glimpse of more exrays….hopefully they see something that is an easy fix. You have not fallen have you? I love the snow photos….it’s warm today, and I “forgot” my morning walk. I didn’t sleep well last night.

  14. B. J. Berlo

    Don’t give up hope! There’s always HOPE. Recovery from knee replacement is tough, there’s no two ways about it, but you can do it. My mantra is “One day at a time”! Just concentrate on today. If you immerse yourself in your quilting books, magazines, etc. you’ll be surprised at how much time will go by without you being aware of pain. I’ve had two knee replacements and one revision and it’s my devotion to quiltmaking and my quilting buddies who got me through some difficult times. You can do it, Mary! B. J.

  15. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Darling picture of Hazel. We need some of your cold (not all of it) so the ski resort can make snow to keep the ski runs covered. We haven’t had any snow to help but it’s been cold enough for the snow machines to run at night. I think we usually get your weather as it moves east. Not below zero I hope.

  16. Lynn Handberg

    Mary, I’m just thinking that maybe the cold weather is also hindering your recovery time. It wasn’t as cold when you had your first knee done, and I’m a believer in cold affecting the stiffness and soreness. Just my own thoughts! Praying for your continued healing. Lynn

  17. Launa

    Think I’ll join DIMPLES and have a cookie with my breakfast, too! How sweet he looks.
    It’s ZERO degrees up here @ 5800 ft. this sunny morning; glad for no new snow ⛄️ as we have so much up here already and winter isn’t over yet!
    I sincerely hope you have less pain after your PT, Mary!

  18. MartyCae

    I hope your doctor appointment goes well tomorrow and you find some relief. Constant pain takes a toll. Love the picture of your Aunt. So good that she recognizes you. Button up and keep warm!

  19. Kathy Hanson

    OMG, that Owen is such a handsome little fellow – I agree that Cookies should be served with every meal, even breakfast! How nice it was to visit your Aunt – she looks so happy to see you and the quilt is lovely. love the little pincushions, and Hazel looking at Clifford the Big Red Dog! She is just so special. That new book sounds wonderful – will look forward to the new one coming out. Hope all goes well with your therapy, it has to be so hard to keep putting up with the pain but it will be better – REALLY!!

  20. Dee Winter

    Truthfully I know it’s makes sense to get these knee things, etc done in the winter, but I think the confinement aspect plays a big part of the healing. You were able to go out more when you were rehabbing the other knee, now it’s too slick/cold/icky to do that, so you are struggling more. This curse has not visited me and I hope it stays away, but I know you got this. Spring will come and you will be out there dancing in the mud!

  21. Ann D

    Sometimes it seems surgeons are not sympathetic to complaints. The physician assistance or nurse practitioner can be better about listening and providing suggestions to alleviate discomfort. Also, follow the mantra of ‘ice, ice baby’.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    Must be some good genes in your family! You were busy out and about on your legs yesterday plus enjoying the company of a youngster who is adorable and spoiled with those cookies ( good for you!!!) so you need to rest today and just read maybe. I love your pincushions. Very clever. I can’t believe I spent $8 for a small pot of grass for my kitty and now see from you how easy it is for me to grow my own. As always Mary, you bring us joy!!!

  23. Jo in Wyoming

    The pictures today are great. Love the dimples, cookie, quilt, blocks, little Miss Hazel Jane. And your coat!
    They all made me smile🥰.
    I was on Google earth last night and found my Grandmother’s farm. She passed away in 1976. The house and barn are still there and the acreage has not been subdivided. I was so surprised. We lived in town, she was about 3 miles away, in the country. Morristown, Tennessee.
    Those pin cushion are so fun, I will share the idea with friends.
    I do hope your PT goes better. Nothing worst than deliberately go to a painful activity. Let’s hope it’s the cold, this too shall pass.

  24. Minnie Homans

    I love the picture your friend Gloria sent you. The American flag is a beautiful setting for this scene. Love the picture of Owen He sure is a cutie. Those beautiful eyes and dimples would convince anybody that he needs a cookie for breakfast. The pincushions are a really neat idea. I will have to try that if my husband would give up some of his shirts. Had two adds to close today. Hope you get relief from your pain soon. Persistence pays off. Love reading your blog.

  25. Beryl in Owatonna

    7 ads to close today.
    It was -18 at 6:30 here in Owatonna this morning! It is still -4 at 11:30! Looking forward to this weekend…close to 40!!
    I can sure tell you are related to your aunt!! What a pleasant looking lady. Love the quilt you made for her, it does look cheerful and bright.
    Owen looks pretty happy! Don’t all little boys like cookies? You will have to get him quilting…
    I love the picture of Hazel longing to play with “her” friend Clifford. He might not last long if Hazel were a close friend LOL!
    Will be praying for your PT tomorrow, a restful day today and continued healing!!

  26. Nancy TD

    Cookies with every meal sounds good. You made your Aunt’s day with a birthday visit. Bitter cold in S.E. Minnesota. The sun is making it look warm. Quilting on my dirty dozen. 10 days to finish a project that has been hanging around for awhile. Good luck at therapy and Dr. visit on Friday. You can do this healing bit! Hugs!

  27. Diane Deibler

    Remember I commended I wasn’t receiving your emails. Well, I did some investigating and through word press, I am now receiving them again! Don’t ask me the exact steps because I tried several different ways,not sure which one worked!!


    Had to chuckle at Hazel and Clifford!! Priceless!! Everyone should have a good laugh as it is good for the soul. Sometimes Mary I found my Total knee Replacement patients had more problems recovering in the winter. Had a physical therapy professor tell us in school that the old adage of people complainging of knee or arthritis pain and that it was indicative of coming rain had a a scientific explanation. According to him, the atmospheric pressure that influences the weather causes increased pressure in our joints causing us to feel “achy” I found that most of my patients had more difficulty with recovering from joint replacements in the winter and I live in southern California! Soooo, i can only be sympathetic to your plight! So hurry up Spring and make our Mary perky again!!! Will pray for you today but remember the LORD never leaves your side! Please read Isaiah 40:31. Carolyn Barnett

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carolyn Barnett – and its not so much my knee as it is my lower leg and ankle as well as my hip and lower back. I will clarify my complaints in my next post. But I do agree that cold weather probably isn’t helping.

  29. Pam in NC

    Mary, I sympathize with your knee pain! My right one has never quit hurting and to kneel is like razor blades. ☹️ Good idea for the cuffs and shirt pockets! I use them on fidget blankets for the nursing home. We are expected to have the first inch of snow in 18 months so I appreciate the beautiful photos. Hazel cracks me up! Take care, stay warm and for heavens sake, don’t fall!

  30. Sandi

    Thank you so much for the info on the book. I’m ordering it as soon as I post this. 😀 I love your little pincushions, they are so neat. That little guy is adorable, I have an almost 4 grandson and I love when comes and plays with me. I wouldn’t be able to handle your weather at all!! I moved from Tennessee to lower Alabama just to have much warmer winters. I love reading your blog, thank you for writing it. Hugs,

  31. Pat Smith

    I’m so sorry that you are having such pain, and no, I didn’t hear much about pain last fall when you had the other knee done. I’m sorry and have no advice and no experience with what you’re going through. I wish your doctor would have something encouraging to say on Fri. Maybe he’ll X-ray the new knee to see if everything is all right? Reading other’s comments tells me that some knees are more painful than others even on the same person. The picture of Hazel with Clifford is priceless! Such longing…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I’m going to quit whining now. Betty says I complained a lot last fall and I don’t really remember that. Yes, Hazel would love to play rough with Clifford. If I ever see another one at the thrift store, I’ll buy it for her – she definitely needs a playmate, doesn’t she? I’m going to look into fostering this spring. How’s Sonny?

  32. Katie

    The pin cushions r FUN, so creative…
    Love Hazels pic watching the red dog…
    How Special your aunt 94..God Bless U, with your discomfort, U made a time to visit Her..
    Hope doc gives U a receipt for feeling better..
    Katie in AZ.

  33. Betty Klosterman

    How quickly we forget. Does my memory serve me right? Didn’t you have both shoulders replaced at the same time awhile back? You had bad pain with your first knee replacement, too. Kind of like if childbirth was as horrible as some say, there would be no brothers and sisters. Nature’s way for us to forget pain. I agree with the southern California doctor, winter is not a good month to heal. Plus, we get all achy and stiff and don’t even realize we are cold. Get warmed up and everything relaxes. My cousin goes to Puerto Vallarta to get away from Minnesota winters. He says the warmth is wonderful. This, too, will pass.
    And you think life is boring. Look how many love cookies for breakfast? A wonderful idea. And all the comments. My 7 year-old great,great niece came to stay without a moment’s notice. Didn’t know what to feed her for breakfast, so she got brownie bites!! She liked them, it didn’t kill her or stunt her growth and who cares if I’m the crazy old aunt. Loose yourself in a good book or a pile of quilt pieces and smile. Betty

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty Klosterman – I need to clarify that this is not really knee pain, it’s leg, hip and ankle pain and it’s very different from the first knee. I will quit whining now.

  34. Paula Philpot

    Tell him you know the difference in the surgery cause this was your second one. I love the pic of the quilt and your little doggy. I can’t believe you got out in that cold……brrrrrr. Paula in KY

  35. Jeanie, Central IL

    I am so sorry about your pain, Mary. It has to be very discouraging , when you are working so hard to get thru this.
    Owen is so adorable; love those dimples!
    Take care.

  36. Sharon Bennett

    I love that tray you have your containers of grass on….I keep hoping I’d find something that lovely in my search for vintage treasures….but, haven’t seen anything yet.
    And those pincusions…clever idea!
    I’ll pray that the surgeon listens to you….can be very frustrating….but, I hope he takes into consideration that you did not complain about your previous surgery….so that this time he should trust your remarks…
    Happy 94th to Blanche!

  37. Anonymous

    Love your pin cushions, great idea. Your comments just about everyday, make mine! First thing I look for on my e-mails each day. Hope your feeling better soon, cold weather doesn’t help either does it. I’m about 100 miles south of Lake Superior and so even colder here in N WI. Spring can’t get here to fast for this girl. 70’s sound nice and I don’t mean in years!

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