A blog about nothing! 6-28-22

Remember the show Seinfeld? The show about nothing? A reader brought this to mind when I said I just rambled away – about nothing in particular and she reminded me. So that’s what this is – a blog about nothing.

The Guinea eggs that hatched under the hens were all dead in the nests yesterday – dang.

The rat situation remains static – this morning Nate is coming to help me fill all the rat holes with concrete. We’re also going to level the dog grave markers that have sunk through the years and clean a small branch off the roof.

A simple pleasure on the farm – driving the wilderness trail.

Telly and Moe

That’s a 6’ fence – remember the corn being knee high by the 4th of July???? Gorgeous corn!

This boot is soooo annoying and so hot! I’m not sure I can do this for 3 weeks – could I wait till winter when I didn’t have so much outside work to do? Could I wear it less than 12 hours a day?

I stopped at the thrift store yesterday and happened to see these old bottles – $2-8 each??? Wow – I’d better hold on to my collection for now.

A couple weeks ago I bought this – for no reason except that I’ve never seen one before – a pressed glass dome on a fitted saucer that fits upside down, either way. I have looked it up and it’s really not that special – a covered butter dish that’s not all that old – I paid $10 for it, about what it’s worth.

It’s very solid and heavy without a crack or chip. Don’t ask me why I bought it – it just gives me pleasure to see it sitting on my table – a $10 delight to enjoy. I’ve told Rick many times he should be glad my tastes are simple and basically inexpensive. I love thrift shops! he should be thankful – haha!!

I’ve got a full day ahead – after Nate helps me this morning Becky and I are scheduled for the care center – a bit of music for the residents. Songs like The Bible Tells Me So, How Much Is That Doggie in the Window, Tennessee Waltz, Home on the Range, and Oh, Susannah!

PS – Ciara is back at the shelter – all those “why I foster?” statements are out the window – I miss her so much but then I’m the only one who liked her. I’m not a good candidate for a foster home – keep reminding me of that.

A blog about nothing – some good, some bad, some happy, some not so happy.

Who has big plans for the holiday weekend?

72 thoughts on “A blog about nothing! 6-28-22

  1. Kathy in western NY

    I think Ciara is a good fit for you to adopt! She got along with Telly and Hazel and kids there so well. Give her a life of farm walks and chasing rats. Sing loud and proud at the care home so I can clap along with the songs. The residents enjoy music.
    I too love thrift stores shopping and I scored big time Saturday! A yard and a half of Little Quilts fabric with tiny angels on it. Yes!!!! I hugged it all day long.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – Telly and Hazel hated Ciara – I just can’t run interference all the time and I Ciara more attention because she was a puppy trying to adjust.. I was hoping Hazel would play with her.

      1. Kathy

        Oh Mary, I had no idea it had came to that for your existing pets. I guess it’s time to say it’s just too tough on you moving forward as much as you long to give them all a good start. I know it’s tough for a person with a heart like you have. I wanted to be a foster mom once I worked in disadvantaged areas in the city but rationally I could not save them all and give my own children the needed attention too so I had a long talk with myself to know my limits or not do the job so I changed careers. My heart broke too much.
        Thanks for explaining why it would not have been a good fit.

  2. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Ciara is waiting for you to come back and get her! I’d love to be able to foster but I get attached too easy and would want to keep them all, maybe someday I will. Have to think of the animal and the good you are doing them. My clogging team clogs at the nursing facility where I work and the residents love it, will talk about it for weeks afterwards. Hopefully you won’t have to wear the boot much longer, those are not fun! Have a happy day, enjoy your blog so much

  3. Carol

    I love your thrift store butter dish! It looks so nice on your table. What quilt is it sitting on? It is beautiful! I love all the colors! Would love to know what pattern it is and to see a full picture of it.

  4. Carole S.

    Mary, your blog posts are anything but nothing. They’re always entertaining and informative, and it’s like a visit with a sweet friend to read what’s going on with you. That’s pretty valuable in my book.

    I, too, love the butter dish, and have a number of domed dishes. They don’t serve that much purpose. They’re just pretty, and that’s enough.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carole S – I was just charmed by the butter dish and had to buy it – at the thrift store no less.

  5. Sharon Lowy

    Go adopt Ciara and then stop fostering! I know I could never do fostering. I would get arrested for having way too many animals.

  6. Launa

    Was up @ 5am. Lots of Elk visiting early! Gone elsewhere now!
    So nice to read your blog this morning. You have a beautiful old butter dish!
    Seeing your boot with what looked like a stocking top sticking out reminded me of an old quilt my grandma’s aunt had hand sewn of saved white cotton tops so many years ago when people didn’t waste anything!

  7. RuthAnn

    I have been reading and enjoying your writings for a while now. They are about everything. The total opposite of nothing!! I couldn’t keep up with you by only doing half of what you do. You are more like the Energizer Bunny, than Jerry Seinfeld!!!

  8. MaureenHP

    I enjoyed seeing your wilderness trail. I know the residents will enjoy the blessing of your music.
    I’m off in the RV to southern Illinois to see my daughter, her husband and my two favorite rescue dogs, Clyde and Tess!

  9. Carla

    Many fond memories from your post today.
    The wilderness trail reminds me of the hike back to the big tree in the woods near the family cottage when our boys were young.
    The bottles at the thrift shop are memories of searching for one from our home town dairies. Found one years back. This years bottle find is a quart milk bottle from Sixma Jersey Dairy in Lake Helen Florida. It was owned and operated by my husbands great uncles family.
    The songs for this afternoon are the ones my grandparents taught me. My favorite to thus day is Camptown Races. Grandpa would sing that while he gave me horse rides on his leg.
    Thank you, for the memories.

  10. B. J. Berlo

    I remember when I had to wear a Frankenfoot like yours! What a nuisance. I had a hairline fracture at the left side of my left foot and Dr. said wear the boot! If fracture went any further it would require surgery. So … I wore the dang thing. Love to read your blog … keep writing!

  11. Shirley of Oregon

    Hi Mary, and all.
    My holiday weekend and the whole following week is taken up with 2 girlfriends who will be staying with me and the 3 of us taking classes from famous teachers at Quilters Affair in Sisters, OR. It will culminate with the largest outdoor quilt show this side of the Misssissippi always on the second Sat., in July. That is when the town of 2000 swells to 12 to 20,000 like ants at a picnic. By 5pm you never knew they were there. They hang the quilts from all the western themed storefronts, close the main street and the town turns into a quilters wonderland. Sooo much fun.

    1. Pat Smith

      I’m full of envy! I’ve attended the Sister’s quilt show many times and took a class one year. It is a wonderful inspiring time. Also, love their quilt store.

  12. Linda

    No one’s life is “nothing”; each person’s life is “special”, especially to them! And no one has the right to judge that someone else’ life as “nothing”. My life is also rambling and I thoroughly enjoy reading about yours. I don’t live on a farm, however raised in a small rural area and my best friends lived on farms. But I also love animals – I could never foster as I am too soft hearted – and I enjoy being in nature. I can relate.
    Keep the blog coming, girl!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I didn’t mean “nothing” in a derogatory way – just ordinary day to day non-earth shattering days. I should have explained myself better.

  13. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you gave Ciera love and happiness for as long as you could. Don’t feel guilty giving her back. Hazel and Telly have seniority and that must be respected.
    Life on the farm is a lot more than nothing. Most of us open your message first. That says something.
    I’m off to the jail after gym group today. Hopefully I can start regular weekly classes.
    I’ve decided I want Boot Skootin Boogie played at my funeral, and as many as can to line dance. Then fight for their favorite quilt. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – YES! That does sound like fun! So glad you can return to the jail and see the girls. Yes, I did feel like Hazel and Telly were getting the short end of the stick and they did not deserve that. I’ve always wondered what would happen if I adopted a dog and then Hazel hated it and now I know.

  14. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    My MIL had a butter dish like yours, although hers might have been an antique. I had never seen a round bitter dish before, and wondered if really it was supposed to be for something else, but she just chose to use it for butter. However, if you say it’s a butter dish, I believe you! : ) I think yours is prettier than hers was, very elegant.

    You don’t have a blog about nothing – it’s a blog about everything and I love to read it!

    So sorry that your dogs weren’t getting along with Ciara, but not everyone can be friends with everybody, I guess. We will have to hope that Ciara will find somewhere she can fit in.

  15. Susie Lenz

    I would not say your blog is about nothing—it is about everything!!!!! Farm life,animals,quilts,life’s up’s and downs, patterns,recipes,plants,nature and everything in between! I love everything that you write about and all the photos! have a great 4th of July !

  16. Michele

    You aren’t going to want to hear this, but you might have to ‘slow down’ to get that foot to heal. I had a stress fracture a few years ago. When I got a boot it felt so much better that I just continued on with my life. After seeing the podiatrist 2 weeks later with no improvement on my x-ray he told me, “STAY OFF THAT FOOT” . Having it in a boot, did not necessary help the healing. Dr threatened me with crutches or a scooter to slow me down. Now, it was easier to stay off it in an office setting than your normal daily routine. But, when I finally listened it did help the healing. A bone in the foot doesn’t get much blood circulation so it will take longer to heal. Just some free advice you never asked for. 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Michele – funny you should mention this because it also occurred to me and I’ve decided old age is just a continuing series of painful body parts. Maybe the tendonitis isn’t as bad as the boot which by the way is pretty scuffed up on the front edge already. I wondered what the dr. would say about that. Could I wait and wear the boot this winter, do you think? (How’s Beamer?)

  17. Janet of MN

    Talking about nothing is still interesting. Anyway, anyone who thinks you need to take Ciara back should start fostering pets themselves. It’s real easy to tell others what they should do.
    Along with the nothing theme today, I watched Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. It drew me in right away so I was forced to binge watch the whole thing. It’s wonderful. As long as I was wasting time, I watched Bucket List which I have seen before but it is a wonderful movie so it qualifies as time well spent. A friend told me I have to watch Ozark so I guess that’s my next on my list. Mary, put your foot up and rest.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet of MN – I’m watching Lincoln Lawyer right now, too. Ozark is VERY GOOD! I could watch it again, I think.

      1. Betty Klosterman

        The “scenery” in Lincoln Lawyer is wonderful. I could watch Matt McConaughey ALL DAY!! Thank God, our lives aren’t like what you see on TV news. We are just ordinary people living each day, taking care of families, just ordinary things. This is comforting. We need to be happy and content with our lives as sometimes the excitement is way too much. Dull and boring has it’s advantages. We can’t save the world, but we can take care of our little part of it.

        Oh, there is an ad on my computer for the Brothel Museum in Deadwood just in case anybody is interested. I had wondered if it made it thru last summer.

        Have a good July 4th and stay cool.
        Betty in Rapid City

  18. David Yax

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  19. Kathy Hanson

    I thought that I had left a “reply” yesterday but it doesn’t seem to be here! Who knows! You write lots of great stuff and we all love it – keep it up! So sorry that Hazel and Telly didn’t like the rescue dog – but Hazel and Telly are your “kids” and they need to be happy so it was a good decision even if it hurt to take that dog back – sorry that it had to turn out that way. As for what to do for this holiday weekend – I am hoping to get more done on the red, white and blue quilt that I am making to donate to the new Veterans Home that is being built in Preston Minnesota. It will be done next year and they want quilts for the beds. Other than that it will be taking Penny for a walk, Playing wit Penny and getting to see our granddaughter and her 1 year old son, our great grandson. She is pregnant for another baby boy this fall so I had better be knitting a baby blanket for this little fellow too (I knitted one for the first one!)
    Hope you have a restful holiday – hopefully you can get some help for your barn work so that your foot can heal!

  20. Deb in Idaho

    My life is a ramble too, but it’s fun and I do what I like and forget the rest. Have a great weekend.

  21. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Your thrift store butter dish on one of your quilts is so pretty.

    Sorry Cierra had to go back, but with your tendonitis, having a puppy around was probably too much if Telly and Hazel and Cierra didn’t take to each other. You tried!

    Hope to see some family this weekend.

  22. Sue in Oregon

    Well…huh!?! Where did that come from? I could use an extra 80,000,000.00 dollars.

    Linda G, I love your little quilt. The colors you used are so relaxing. I think I would like to make something using those colors.
    Mary, your Nothing Blog is great. Sorry about the foot, though. I have to wear hot old support hose every day. I don’t ming in winter, but in summer they are too hot. This getting older thing isn’t for sissys.

  23. Sue in Oregon

    Now my comment doesn’t make sense. Maybe i was the only one that read the comment above mine and now has disappeared. It was all about winning the lottery and how to do it. HaHa

    1. Jane from St Marys

      I just read the same thing about winning the lottery & wondered where that came from! Your comment made perfect sense to me since I just saw it!

  24. Carolyn in Illinois

    I’m relatively new to your blog, but if it’s about nothing, it’s the kind of nothing I look forward to. Reminds me of when we used to write letters to friends we’d moved away from, or had moved from us. We wrote about the everyday happenings, things that were part of our day and life . That was how you didn’t lose the connection – they were the same things you’d share if your friends were sitting across from you having a cup of coffee or iced tea. So sorry about Ciara. I hope someone falls in love with her and gives her a good home.

  25. Marilyn

    If the blog is about nothing I missed it. Ha! I really enjoyed the variety of news and pictures it really makes me enjoy life to see simple treasures like I do also. Thank you .

  26. Lynn

    Mary, your farm is beautiful. I am jealous. Love the butter dish. I would say worth every penny. Thanks for all you do with fostering. It is not easy. I still remember everyone I have done.

  27. Jeanne S

    The butter dish is beautiful on your table. They were used a lot back when people churned their own butter and then made a mound of butter in the center of the butter dish and covered it with the domed cover. Never intended to be used with today’s quarter pound sticks. I remember them as a child and loves the beautiful designs cut into the glass.

  28. Charlotte Shira

    I love your butter dish! And your blog is so entertaining and I’ve learned so much. My husband and I always said we were boring, but I’ll take boring and ordinary any day over too much excitement. I agree with you that Telly and Hazel have seniority.
    Where did the comment from the guy and the lottery winnings come from?

  29. Georgia

    We do what we can & when we can – every little bit helps. I’m currently fostering a mated pair of ducks because someone thought it would be “fun” to raise them, but found out it’s a lot of work. He released them to our lake, but they had no idea what to do & tried to follow him back up the street. I’ve had them for 3 weeks now & they still refuse to go near the lake in our front yard, nor do they follow the wild ducks I feed. I’d keep them but it’s too dangerous on open lakefront to our yard & the amount of dogs roaming free, especially at night. I originally had all the ducks he let go, but the smaller breeds found an opening & returned back to this guy. What a mess.

    Loved the butter dish! I had to buy a butter-pat wire slicer to be able to more elegantly use mine for holiday tables – the whole cube fits better that way. We sold many old bottles at our shop – especially the small ones as the younger generation is now appreciating glass over plastic for their creations.

    All those tunes – what a treat! Thanks for keeping them around.

  30. Ann in PA

    Hahaha….comment from David Yax? He doesn’t realize that your blog followers are on to scams, so David, take your Lotter Scam elsewhere! Sheesh!
    I just LOVE reading your blog about living the dream on a farm. That woodland path looks peaceful.
    That “Knee high by the 4th of July” corn looks fabulous! Can’t wait for the first batch of sweet corn here in PA. You have given so much love to all your rescues but Hazel & Telly are family and not every dog fits in with every family. Hopefully, someone will come to the shelter and fall in love with Ciara. With Ciara in mind…we watched a great movie last night on Netflix. “Rescued by Ruby” is based on a true store and guaranteed to warm your heart. We watched Ozark twice, because we kept getting interrupted and lost…so we just binge-watched the entire series a few weeks ago. It was great but I needed something uplifting after that. I try to stay away from antique shops and flea markets because I’m a sucker for anything old and I really need to be purging instead of collecting. Take care of that foot! Maybe it’s time to sit and stitch & cuddle with Hazel & Telly. xxoo

  31. Nancy

    Mary, I just love your corn report! It’s interesting to see it grow as I’ve never seen it in action! I always look forward to it!

  32. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    So sorry about your Guinea eggs. Sometimes nature fails. I am glad you have a helper for farm tasks that need to get done. Your “wilderness” drive is probably a very fulfilling treat. Dogs are looking good. Sorry about your boot situation. I sympathize with your frustration. One year with a torn Achilles I had 6 weeks in a boot, surgery with 6 weeks in a cast, non weight bearing so used a knee scooter, then 6 more weeks in the boot to finish healing along with doing physical therapy. All of April, May, June, July, and part of August. I nearly lost my mind!!!

    My mini schnauzer is at the vet right now having diagnostics for pancreatitis or a possible growth. She is 10 1/2 and so sweet. She is in good hands, but the waiting is hard.

    Love the corn update. I bet you can hear it grow
    from across the road.

  33. Beryl BC

    An enjoyable blog post today! A little bit of everything.
    The bottles at the thrift store reminded of a trip to an antique town in the area I live in. My patents were with me, so it was a long time ago. We went into one shop that sold only old bottles. My father was lamenting all the fish shaped cod liver oil bottles he had taken to the dump grounds when they closed out their drug sundries store prior to moving to Britt. Had he know, he would have had something valuable.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beryl BC – oh, how sad that we didn’t know things would be collectibles in our future, right? I don’t remember those fish shaped bottles, I guess.

  34. Carlene Buck, Clarinda, Iowa

    Even nothing is something. I love your little blog. It is the only one I read. I am tired after reading it as I see you get so much done with so much joy and kindness every day. And I love that small butter dome on that bright quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Bonnie Specchio

    I remember my dad telling me stories about life on the farm in the 1930’s. Guineas are notoriously bad mothers. His mom would send him out to look under bushes in the yard where they would lay eggs willy-nilly and she would put the eggs under a broody hen to hatch them as the guineas couldn’t be bothered. We had guineas off and on over the years and I just loved them – who can resist polka dot feathers! But they always wandered/flew off and disappeared.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonnie S – you’re correct – guineas are stupid and I wish I hadn’t bothered to get them. We’ll see if I still have two by next year at this time – I doubt it.

  36. Carla

    I just love reading your blog and all the comments. I’m not sure how you did it, (I seem to recall a threat to quit blogging was involved), but you lit a fire under everyone and created a community. Reading comments is entertaining, too! I admire what you do for all the animals. I’m not ashamed to say I could never do it. I love my cats, but I just don’t have the time or energy for dogs. I went to a yardsale the other day just to pick up a Martha Washington cabinet my son spotted. It is supposed to be the last piece of sewing furniture I want lol. Anyway, I came back with 4 vintage plates to add to my soon to be created plate wall. Son was by the property the next day (his boss’s family held the sale) and he saw that they had thrown away the vintage bottles that didn’t sell. He picked a lovely aqua one out of the dumpster for me. Have a good 4th! Carla(the Michigan one)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – haha!!! It was not my intention but if you guys don’t talk to me and others there’s just no point in having this blog. I simply cannot do all the talking – even though I’m capable! Haha! It’s just no fun for me if I just talk and nobody answers – always love to hear about all your boys’ adventures and thank goodness one son was watching the property. So did you get the Martha Washington cabinet?

      1. Carla

        I did get the cabinet! It’s beautiful! I started with a little accordion style box. Then I got one of the little stands on spindle legs that has the top that hinges open on either side of the handle. So that left getting a M.W. cabinet, which my son found very reasonably priced. I can’t help looking. I still look at machines lol, even though my flock sits at 12 and I won’t be adding to it!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Carla – I still look at bowls, old pictures and pincushions!!! I love looking at them, too. I bought an old crazed bowl yesterday for $2 – I know it will end up back at the thrift store eventually so I call it a rental system – ha!

    2. Carla

      Carla, enjoy your “new” furniture! I found a Martha Washington cabinet last year from second hand dealer near hear. Even had a few sewing supplies included. Carla (from north of Muskegon)

  37. NancyTD

    Love the butter dish. Dogs are enjoying themselves.
    Boot is hot but, it will make you better. Don’t give up.
    We are just staying home for the 4th. We have had our Grand children and families come to visit us during the last two weeks. Such fun to see the little ones. Now it is rest up and get ready for another family in two weeks. So great that everyone can come this summer.
    Finished my Farm Girl quilt and looking forward to some smaller projects.
    Have a great 4th everyone!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy TD – what a great quilt! I have always admired it!

  38. Bobbie

    Hi Mary,

    To keep the rats from chewing thru the new concrete, use steel wool with the concrete. The rats will not chew steel wool. The rats are such a pain.

    Bobbie in Seattle

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobbie – I have used many boxes of steel wool – now I’m resorting to aluminum foil – no new activity this morning – yay!

  39. Diane from Colorado

    I have my Great Grandma’s butter dome—very similar to yours—she had so little but appreciated beautiful things. Mine must have been a pretty special possession in their very humble lives.

    You are a perfect foster!! Ciera had a few days of bliss with you on the farm. Quite the gift. We have a report here of a dog left behind while owners summitted a peak when she “couldn’t keep up”. I desperately want to go grab her from the Humane Society. Can’t imagine that thinking.

  40. Meredith in Cincinnati

    That butter dish is beautiful! I use a butter bell when it’s warm, and it helps to keep butter at room temperature in the summer. Have you ever used one? Loved the corn field pictures. Corn season can’t come too soon for me. Bought some corn at the grocery store. It looked like corn, but the taste…not corn.

  41. Nancy

    I was thinking of Seinfeld the other day and how it was a show based on the idea of nothing. But your blog is NOT about nothing. It’s about everything! And I love it.
    I hope your foot heals and you’re able to make yourself wear the boot/shoe as long as the doctor requires. But yes, what a nuisance, especially in the summer!

  42. Susie from TEXAS

    I look forward to your blog! Daily!!
    Always dreamed of living on a farm but the opportunity never arose. I’m a city girl.
    Having had the opportunity, years ago, of meeting you and visiting your shop/home/barn (w/Lynette), each time you write about your daily life adventures, (and share pics), I feel like I’m there…again!
    Such a special person you are Mary, to be so sharing and caring of your quilting “sisters”!
    You are so very appreciated. Believe it!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susie from Texas – I’m sure I remember your visit! The farm is the same as it was then – it’s just the owner that’s failing – haha!!

  43. JUDY B,

    Great blog! Love your new dish…I would have bought that item also. So pretty to look at. Have a wonderful 4th holiday.

  44. Paula Philpot

    Mary, wear a sock under that boot and your leg won’t itch as much, it did bother me more as weather got warmer than this winter but the sock should help. Maybe have to use one of your husband socks., the longer the better. Update on me. Remember Surgery was Jan 26 and I have been in a brace and tennis shoe for the past 6 weeks. Appt with Dr. next week so anxious to see what is next. Does anyone have any home remedies for osteoarthritis in the knees, that has been the problem more than the ankle fusion. How is Rick doing now, I so hope much better. Paula in KY

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – so glad to hear from you!! I did not say my leg itches – it doesn’t – and I have a small footie on but it is so hot! A long sock would just make that worse, I think. Rick’s wound is still not healing so he can’t get scheduled for hip replacement yet. We are a real pair this summer – neither of us can walk! Good thing my riding lawn mower is working good.

  45. Janie Lang

    A town a few miles from me has the most gorgeous fireworks July 3rd; going to see those. July 4th, sitting by my aunt’s pool with a drink in hand and enjoying family’s company. The butter dish is adorable. I have an old green glass cream and sugar on my table and love it! I have a 3 acre property that dogs would love but just can’t get myself to foster. I’ve lost many pets over the years and have such a hard time when they go!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janie Lang – losing a dog is akin to losing any family member and I still grieve for many BUT the shelters are so full of wonderful loving dogs that need a home. Just think about it.

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