A Cake Pan Full of Triangle Squares

I am still cleaning, sorting and moving out to the shop and I have “found” so many containers of quilt pieces that were leftover from projects. I enjoy putting those pieces together and making a small top that I can easily quilt on my Bernina. I have made several recently and will probably have them for sale next spring. I don’t have enough walls for all of them. For me, it’s always been about the “journey” and not the “destination.
Some comments:
I love hearing about your grand dogs, Launa!
Yes, my pencil tree started in a 3” pot.
Yes, I hope to learn how to use the quilting machine.
My “REPLY” function is not functioning so I will have to answer here.
The dog in the last post is a golden doodle that is boarding with me.
For the person who is going to look us up next July, please be advised that the shop closed October 31. Where have you been?
Connie and I will announce the sale date on January 1 – we’ll be looking for workers here at the farm for those days.

Now it’s back to all those triangle squares while watching football.

8 thoughts on “A Cake Pan Full of Triangle Squares

  1. Launa

    Morning Mary,
    It’s 34 degrees here at 6 AM; the sun should be warming things up soon as it did yesterday. The grand-dogs go home with the girls and their sale treasures early this morning after an entertaining few days here. Had time last night to cut fabric for the Scrap Squares pattern from 101 Fabulous Small Quilts. There are other patterns in the book I’d like to sew in 2015.
    I think I recognized a piece of blue plaid from Wear Warm Clothes in one of your lower right half square triangles! Last night we replaced a long MERRY CHRISTMAS wall hanging from the inside front door hanger with a very TALL SNOWMAN which will be up til February. If this cold snap continues I’d better pick the oranges off our small tree.

    Good football games today; just wish the Raiders weren’t scheduled the same time as the 49ers.


  2. Linda Lutz

    Hi Mary! I’m hoping to start my “cleaning out” in January and can’t wait to see what I find! About your sale date….I would love to help out!! (if you’ll have me). I’ll anxiously await the date!

  3. Phyllis Woll

    I love your emails! I’m looking for some information on the Quilt signs I believe you used to sell. I saw one in Sun Prairie, WI. Is there any way you could let me know if you still sell them or if someone else took that part of the business over. I am a longarm quilter from Le Mars, Iowa.

    Also, you mentioned a sale sometime in early January – I assume if I get your emails I will find out more information regarding your sale.

    I look forward to your response.

    Phyllis Woll – Turmberry Quilts

    1. Mary Etherington

      Phyllis – I also emailed you from my home computer about the barn quilt. When I mentioned a sale, I am referring to our closing sale which will be held next spring/early summer. I said we would name the DATE in January. We are NOT having a sale in January – the shop is closed permanently. Sorry for your confusion.

  4. Ann s

    Can’t wait to see what you do with all those HSTs. I have quite a collection too! I see lots of my favorite fabrics in your collection, and several I’ve never seen before! How did I miss them?!! Molly Gray is one of my favorite patterns and used up a lot. Maybe I’ll have to open my bins and find something to do with mine!

  5. Carol

    It is so good to read your posts and to catch up. I have missed your cheery news! I love the photos out your windows. I am amazed at your productivity…and inspired! I hope you are sleeping in and watching GMA in your bathrobe:)

  6. kay kopacek

    it is good to see your posts–hope you are enjoying retirement and by your posts I know you are –looking forward to the spring/summer sale–love coming out to the shop one MORE TIME

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