A “catch up” post! 11-18-22

Bitterly cold and the wind is blowing but at least it’s from the northwest and our grove protects us. Our front yard is not bad at all and the dogs play there. It’s another day of doggie daycare – imagine this scenario. I left my dogs at home but before the gate could close Keeper ran out and jumped in the open car door when I got out to pick up the mail that I forgot to get yesterday. After he gets back in the car I hook him up to the 8’ lead that’s attached to a safety handle inside the van so that I’d he jumps out I won’t have to chase him down. So I get to the house and leave the side door of the van open. Finn and Ivy run right out and into the van. Keeper has also jumped out and wrapped the lead around two seats in his excitement! Groan. I straighten that out and get the van door safely closed. And just like kids, everybody wants the front seat! As I drive home Keeper and Ivy are sharing the front seat and Finn is leaning over the console. Oh, please don’t let me get picked up by a patrolman who would tell me how unsafe this is. haha!

So we’re home, the dogs are all playing and life is good!

ANNOUNCEMENT! Until further notice, all newly released patterns are available by mail only. I’m going to make a dedicated post of all $5.00 patterns that are available by mail only. I’ll do this later today.

You readers are the best and you know me so well. I got both of these bookmarks on the same day last week. I need to be constantly reminded to BE STILL!

Thank you!

The barn is a solemn place these days because nobody gets to go outside until the wind goes down.

Recognize Trouble, don’t you?

Hard to see but Pudge likes to sleep/hide under a table.

This is the lean-to on the west side of the barn where the geese willingly go each night. I don’t have to herd them in but today I bedded it down with a new bale of straw so they’ll be more comfortable in this cold which they can withstand if they can keep their feet protected.

This is not an attractive look for me but my chore clothes are my most worn these days.

This is about keeping it real, Friends. Talk about an honest picture! How sad! I got the nicest body perm last week but you’d never know it after wearing a cap many times a day. Such a waste. Sigh.

I have made two smaller quilt tops this week using Villa Rosa patterns. Eureka came from a reader and I like it very much. Thank you!


This afternoon while I watch the high school football playoffs I’m going to replace that single dark pink rectangle with a lighter one. Both of these small quilts measure about 36” x 45”.

Here’s another new $5.00 pattern that is available and could easily be made in an evening of sewing – Merry Medley Tablerunner.

Do you like the red print version better? Or the solid red and white?

And don’t forget red and white Wild Rice! If you like the red and white solid look better, try it for Wild Rice!

Wild Rice is also available for $5.00, check or cash sent to Country Threads, 2345 Palm Ave. Garner, IA 50438. A SASE is always appreciated. Here’s the original Wild Rice.

Reader quilts today:

M. Mullarkey
Cyndy who adopted the kittens
Keeper, Finn and Ivy
Hazel and Millie
Keeper and Telly
Ivy and Finn

And a last look at sweet Ivy!

Stay warm!

PS – Almost forgot – will our readers who live in Buffalo, NY and any others who are getting that lake effect snow please let us know how much snow you’re getting and how you cope with many “feet” of snow instead of “inches” of snow.

And no, I don’t label my quilts – nobody will care.

107 thoughts on “A “catch up” post! 11-18-22

  1. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, so glad you have enjoyed it! I love the pictures of your goats and barn and always think of you and them whenever I see our daughter’s. Hers have very thick winter coats but they stay inside on days like today that are cold and very windy. Goats are smart.

  2. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, I loved your blog and the pictures! We got a chuckle about the dogs and your car journey! I think we could be twins as I look just like you when I wear a beanie hat! But, when it’s cold who cares about fashion!

    Carol, so glad you have a generator and so kind of you to invite your neighbors. Were they able to get to your house?

    I tell everyone that I love snow…which I do!…but I don’t need a foot of it! Let alone the amount that Carol is getting! Many prayers are being said for everyone there to be safe and warm.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Hi Diane, it’s Saturday night, we had a lull in the weather today, the town plowed the road around noon, and then our plow guy came a few hours later. So in an emergency we can get out of here. That made me nervous, we had snow packed up against all the doors up to six feet high.
      Our neighbors had their electric back on after about six hours and then outages were hit and miss the rest of the day. Turns out they could not come over, the husband just had knee surgery on Monday last, and he didn’t think he could handle the walk. Last night neither driveway was plowed. So he was right, he probably would have ruined the doctor’s work.
      Another gout is due tonight and then I think we’ll be out if the woods but it will take a good melt yo get all our doors cleared. Shoveling is very difficult at 70. Even though we work out five times a week, cardio and weights, the snow is dangerous to lift. So we wait for a thaw.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – oh my, I have been wondering about you! So the neighbor with knee surgery was smart to stay home – walking in snow is difficult with good knees and I’ve had knee surgery and know I couldn’t walk in deep snow at that time. You obviously have one door that you can get out of but sometime would you take some pictures for all of us? Send them to my email maryehazel2020@gmail.com. It’s hard for the rest of us to imagine what 77” of snow must look like. Take care and keep in touch with us – we’re all waiting to hear from you after that terrible storm.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          One more swath off Lake Erie today coming across those warm waters through Buffalo area and then towards us but hopefully western NY will be back to normal Monday with temps going into the 40’s to give everyone time to regroup.
          By the time the snow bands travel across land and reaches us they break up and become scattered hit and miss snow showers. The amount of snow Orchard Park got this weekend is what we get in an entire winter. I feel for them as it’s hard keeping your door ways free of snow in a couple feet when a blizzard happens. Fire depts from this area sent a search and rescue truck there to begin helping from roof collapses and necessary work as well as National Guard. I am interested in where they will cart all this snow off to once payloaders put it in dump trucks. Does it go in the Niagara River and make those falls rush faster? Eventually it’s got to melt into all the other tributary’s and lakes I guess but I am not a geologist to know these logistics of this much snow. All I know is Carol will have a very green lawn next spring as this melts !

        2. Diane in Maryland

          Yes, Carol, we are all waiting to hear from you and appreciate you staying in touch with us. It’s awful to be without electric in the winter for even one hour, let alone 6! Hopefully your neighbors had a fireplace, woodstove or something to warm them. I have have cooked hot dogs, heated soup, and water over our fireplace when we have been without electric in the winter. My husband says it’s like camping….I don’t like camping unless it’s a Hilton in the woods! I would never have survived as a pioneer! You are smart to stay inside or just shovel the minimum. Shovelling snow is not easy for even the hardiest of people.

          1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            Agreed. Camping is maid service every other day in a resort. I sent Mary photos and some info late Saturday night, wrong email evidently, so I just sent it again.

            Our neighbors got their heat on after about six or seven hours, long enough for them to be quite cold and grateful for what around here is a quick return to service. A pajama party would have been fun but Pete just had knee surgery, so very unsafe for them to get here. No one saw any plows until midday yesterday, so really, there is no way to walk that distance in over, at the time, 66 inches of snow. Much less with a bum knee.
            We’re still under a travel ban, so I’m glad I always have a week’s meals planned and stitched in our refrigerator. The Blizzard of 77, young bride/new house/ no food taught me well!

          2. Diane in Maryland

            Nothing teaches lessons like experience! Haha. We were just watching the Weather Channel and saw all the snow! There were 2 men on a roof removing snow. One was shovelling and the other had an electric snow blower on top of the roof! My husband retired from building and he was shocked! It surely looked like an accident waiting to happen! I hope the guy doesn’t slip!

          3. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            Oh golly, what you’ll see in the next few days… only in Buffalo!
            Our next door neighbor (not the nice guy with the bum knee, our “Moose Miller” neighbor) was on his roof yesterday with a shovel in wind and blowing snow. A few hours earlier, bright sunshine and calm. Always wait for worse conditions, it gives you a better story!
            Not someone you’d let watch your kids, that guy,

        3. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

          Mary, I sent an email with photos yesterday but it must have been an old email address. Will try again!

          1. Kris in WI

            Carol, My husband says your email with the pictures of all the snow didn’t come through because they got caught in a “white out.” (Go ahead and groan!) We have been glued to your comments about the storm and will look forward to your photos. Stay well…and safe! (Easy for us to say with only our 2″ of white stuff.) Kris

          2. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            Ha ha, husbands with humor! Gotta have one or you’d go mad! I sent them again, Mary received them, she was on her way to church.., I forgot it was Sunday! Cabin fever must be real and sneaks up on you.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I’ve been meaning to send you a picture of the little goat towel you sent me years ago – it is constantly in use on top of my wool pressing mat – once again thank you!

  3. Kathy Hanson

    It is really COLD! We are never ready for it! Love all the dog and cat pictures and the quilts! I like the red and white print fabric best but both are beautiful! Love the picture of you I. The hat, glad you are keeping warm, that’s the important thing!

  4. Lisa B

    I’m going to be bossy. I’ve purchased several old quilts online and always love when the signature is included and wonder about the place made and year. Label your quilts. You owned a quilt shop and have a written numerous patterns and quilt books. People will care, they will want to know if it was you that made the quilt or somebody copying what you made. At least sign your name on the lower left back corner and try to include the State and the year made if you know it. About 15 to 20 years ago my mom and I went through all of her quilts and I labeled them. Now that she’s losing her memory I am so thankful that I did. Some of them I even wrote the story behind her making it on a piece of paper and pinned it to the quilt. I am so thankful I have that history and it wasn’t lost forever.

    1. Mary Says Sew!

      Lisa just reminded me of this, but we can all use this idea – photograph your quilts and put their stories with them. You can do this in a loose-leaf notebook or self-publish a book on demand. Is SnapFish still around?

      In Lisa’s case, she could photograph the story pinned to the quilt, too.

      You don’t have to do them all at once. Start small. Start with the ones you make from now on. Add existing ones as you go – when you get them out to decorate with, to air out, to take to a meeting, when you find them on Fakebook, to send to Our Fearless Leader Mary E. to share here, etc., etc.

      Of course, I haven’t done this either.

  5. Jo In Wyoming

    I read every comment all 81 of them!!!
    That snow must be unbelievable to most of us. Generally our drifting is measured in feet, not snow.
    We have been cold. The windchill was around -20. Actual temp, -10.
    Mary, I love the picture of you and the animals. Your description of the ride home made my day!! Everyone looks so cosy and happy.
    To all Mary’s readers, stay warm, safe and go Bills.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I just love when there’s lots of comments, don’t you? Like talking with friends!

  6. Jeanne in Colorado

    Dear Mary, I can’t believe you do not label your quilts. I’m sure that in future years, after you are gone, and someone perhaps is lucky enough to buy one of your quilts, wallhangings or even just a block….she is going to want to know where the quilt came from and who made it. I sure would want to know. What a treasure that would be to have an item made by you.
    Even if you don’t make a separate label, just use a permanent fabric marker and put your name, town and date on it. Also the name of the quilt block.
    Not everyone recognizes the names of all quilt blocks. Just looking at the pop up ads on your blog today and laughed. There is a perfect shirt for you. It says”I want that dog,….and that dog over there, and that dog”., etc. Doesn’t that sound like Mary? Be Still and stay warm everyone. Jeanne in Co.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne – yes, that would be a perfect shirt for me. If I weren’t married, I’d have at least 10 dogs!!!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Mary, are you saying Rick is the same problem as 10 dogs………? We understand.
        Thank you, everybody, for your storm comments. I can believe that some idiots would expect to come to the ball game and expect everybody to get them out of the deep snow when they get stuck. Can you imagine the logistics of getting all the roads cleared, the parking lots, people out and about at jobs to feed these idiots, etc, etc, etc.? And that’s before the snow stops. And the snow is probably a heavy wet snow with the lake humidity. We can get some bad storms and the higher places like Deadwood and Lead can get the deep stuff. Here in Rapid we are protected by the Black Hills so the storms can really hit us hard, or miss us altogether. When we have a blizzard there is probably strong winds piling everything into HARD drifts. A few years ago the whole state of South Dakota got a bad storm. Ranchers went out the 2nd floor windows and shoveled their way back into the house. The National Guard went out to clear roads. The drifts were up to the bottom of the overpasses on the Interstate. They were lucky to clear a mile a day. We had a lot of snow in town, but nothing like the boonies.
        You all know that we just do what we can do to prepare for the storms. When Frank was home I even had two of the Emergency Blankets (aluminized polyester) in case we lost power. Luckily we didn’t need them, but you never know.
        Take care, everybody, it is winter and remember we are in the middle of global warming???
        Betty in Rapid City

  7. Diane in Colorado

    I love the print table runner! Mary, you absolutely blow me away with all you accomplish every day! I wish I could complete more projects! I have several in the works, of course!
    My accomplishments thus far today are clean sheets on the bed, groceries bought, and there is soup in the crockpot for dinner. Not too bad before 10 o’clock on s Saturday morning! Next up is quilting the backing for Laurel’s Christmas stocking. Her Grammie did a gorgeous counted cross-stitch stocking and she and my daughter-in-love asked if I would do something special for the back. After much consideration, I decided to do a lone star, which I’ve never attempted before. I’m glad Bonnie is the one who will slice it up in the shape of the stocking!!
    So many pretty finishes today! An, as always, I love the pictures of the animals tucked into the barn to keep them warm. I could sit there and listen to the sounds they all make for a very long time!
    Stay warm and safe, all! It’s 24 here this morning and we have snow, but nothing compared to Buffalo, NY!!!

      1. Diane in Colorado

        You are so right and I am so glad!!! I cannot imagine 6 feet of snow in one storm!!!

  8. Linda Baker

    Thanks for another installment of “A Day in the Life”, ha ha! My vote is for the solid red and white tablerunner. And I Love the pink quilt from the Rosa Villa pattern. Pink is my color.
    Every morning I wrangle three cats, trying to get them settled for the day. “Sweets”, a Maine Coon, loves to bully my old deaf cat, so it takes some patience. I can only imagine what it’s like with excited dogs trying to get in the car with you.
    We are in West Michigan, about 18 miles inland from the “big lake.” Right now it’s snowing sideways, windy, and cold. But we sure don’t have all the snow Carol has in NY. Someone mentioned shoveling snow until it piles up high along the driveway-I remember those days growing up in Holland, Michigan.
    It’s interesting to hear what’s going on all over the country, and how everyone copes with it.
    Mary, I have a hat similar to yours, and I don’t dare wear it in public, it looks so bad, but it keeps the old
    noggin warm, doesn’t it?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda Baker – I got a very cute body perm last week – just big loose curls after I shower but it’s been tucked into that hat and several others for days and it is not cute now! Dang – such a waste.

  9. Brenda

    I’ve so enjoyed reading all of the comments and seeing Mary’s pics as well. I’m sort of a weather geek, always interested in what’s going on elsewhere….here in the middle of MN, sitting looking out at my snowy woods in the sunshine, I’m content. We’ve had about 7” over a period of several days, so it’s been easy to keep up with….husband is currently laid up, so everything that needs to be done falls on me….no complaints….I’d much rather shovel snow than mow grass! I need to get going to work in a bit, but I will be home in time to hopefully catch the second half of the MN Gopher/ Iowa football game….Mary,I hope you break your rule of being still and root for the home team with all your might!

  10. Susan K in Texas

    I love the dog story! Sounds like they ganged up on you and got their way. Thanks for the picture of them.
    I can’t imagine the amount of snow in NY. It’s cold and windy here but nowhere near the temps you have. Cold to me is anything 50 or below. Of course in the summer we get the difficult weather with 100 degree temps and no rain. Thanks Carol for sharing your life right now.
    I really like the wild rice pattern. I have to resist right now as I’ve got to get four quilts made for four special guys in the next year. I keep getting distracted and really need to get them done.
    Take care! Stay warm!

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Susan, I at first was going to resist buying another pattern too but once Mary showed the original pattern made into a quilt, I thought it would be a handy pattern to keep in my collection for some fat quarters I have. I like the table size in the red she made if I needed a gift for someone’s table to once again use up some of my stash, so I am going to order it now. I hesitate too much more adding to my already huge list of things to make but having patterns to chose from with choices of my older fabrics is helping me justify why I need to order it. Looking forward to seeing your latest quilt creations as I know you are one busy sewer.

  11. Linda Schluchter

    It’s 20 on my Saginaw farm this morning, super windy and snowing on the couple of inches we have on the ground. Just flurries are predicted but you never know. I’m thinking of leaving Bear my horse and Albert and Norman, mini donkeys and Sherman the rooster locked in the barn at least until I come home from an event around 2 this afternoon. I’ve had the heater in the water trough for four days now and think it’s about time I put on a heat lamp for Sherman.

    I like the solid red and white runner and would love to see Wild Rice in solids, I think just because the stars stand out more and I am a star freak. It’s not that I don’t think the prints are gorgeous too, I guess I’m just simple and old fashioned.

    Stay warm, I wouldn’t go out if I didn’t have to today. I’m making two pots of yummy chili when I get home, one vegetarian for me and the other with beef for my carnivore husband.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda S – I locked everybody in the barn for a few days – until the wind dies down at least. It’s supposed to warm up the first of next week. Does Sherman not have any hens?

  12. Bonnie from central Illinois

    Wow! Just can’t even imagine what Carol is experiencing in NY with all that snow. It must seem like being on another planet. We live in central Illinois and don’t get as much snow as I remember from my childhood. We have had single digit wind chills the last few days but it is to warm up for Thanksgiving. Our kids and grandkids will be here so I have been cooking. I love all your stories about the critters on your farm.. My dog story is about a large, smelly, friendly yellow Lab who showed up at our farm one day. I remembered seeing such a dog on a neighboring farm, so I loaded him in my SUV to take him there. Forgot there was a bag of milk powder in the back so in his excitement he punctured it and it went everywhere! When I got to the farmhouse, I told a little girl in the yard that I had brought her dog home. When I opened the hatch, he jumped out and she said “That’s not our dog.” So l loaded him up and took him back home. Put his photo on FB which I should have done in the first place and he was quickly claimed by his owner. Then I cleaned out my vehicle! Hope everyone will stay safe and warm.

  13. Mary Howland

    I live in southern CA now but grew up and lived in Western NY until my mid thirties. I know what 5’ of snow is and unless you are there it’s hard to imagine. Imagine your driveway with six inches of snow. As you shovel that snow off you toss it to the side where it begins to pile up. The driveway gets clear but you have piles of snow along the edges of the driveway. Then it snows more so you go through the same process. The piles along the driveway get higher so it’s more difficult to throw the snow up to to the top of the pile. Now think of 5’ of snow. To move out of your house, you have to move the snow. The snowplows will get the roads cleared but all of that snow has to be put some place. I remember watching bulldozers loading trucks with snow which then they hauled off to an empty lot or even to the creek.
    I wish all of those NYers well. Stay safe and well.

  14. Sandy

    Hi Mary, just had a lesson in putting photos on internet, wrote it down , so hope l can get some good shots tomorrow, they have just had lovely 💇 haircuts! Keep warm everyone, more best wishes from Sandy

  15. Sue Smith

    Oh My Gosh Carol!! I can’t imagine that much snow!! You must get a huge closed-in feeling when you look out the window. Or is the snow over the windows? It rarely snows here so I am kind of frightened by it. Whenever we have traveled up in the mountains in winter I am so relieved to go home. I pray it stops soon and warms up and the roofs are saved. Glad you are warm and well-fed, though. Did your neighbors come over?
    I love toile prints so I like the print one best.
    My computer is being cranky, so I must go. Take care everyone.

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, back again with a message for Jeanne in Co, Colorado? February is our best summer month in New Zealand, places like wellington where l live don’t get too hot, 25 degrees Celsius, not sure what that is in farinheight. I hope she enjoys her holiday! Have just had an hour with the girls and needed to shut my eyes for 30 minutes to recover! Can’t believe all the snow reports from Buffalo! Take care, keep warm, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – we want to see Stella and Luna! Please send a picture to my email!

    2. Mary Says Sew!

      25 degrees Celsius is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. I can do the math, but Google is faster. ;’)

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Those dogs are so funny!! I could vision the whole episode with the car.
    I have thought of Carol all day in the thick of the storm in Buffalo as we watched the weather channel so I am glad to see she filled us in. Just be careful outside cause my husband would be the same as yours wanting to keep going out and cleaning the generator and vents. We just had a dusting from a band of snow overnight that came through off the lake but all melted today with the sun. Carol’s is going to take so long to melt as temps are only 40 next week.
    I took an elderly lady for her prolia shot today and she said people in her apartment building were grumbling cause the Bills game should not have been moved. We both agreed those saying that have never experienced this massive amount of snow removal nor thinking of the safety of those traveling there. Talk to any body who has been stranded for hours on the NYS thruway with no where to go once tractor trailers jackknife and you will never want to travel on it again. Keep us posted Carol as I will keep you in my prayers tonight.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Thank you!
      There is no end of the selfishness of some people who think things should be as they choose. Unless they are willing to start shoveling in mass numbers on Sunday AFTER the snow stops in order to clear an 80,000 seat stadium, they need to do as my dad always said, “shut up and put up”.
      Oh, and after the stadium is cleared, they can start on the streets; our street has not had one plow go down it, not once today. A backhoe came and cleared the intersection of our two small streets so a young man, a paraplegic, could get the aid he needs daily.
      You are right, these people have absolutely no clue what the impact of six feet of snow has on a community.
      We are all worried about our roofs not giving in to the weight of all that snow. Fingers crossed.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – our 10 pm weather highlight was from…… Orchard Park, NY! How will you ever dig out from all this snow?

        1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

          Well, that is a scary thought. We just walked around looking out windows and doors, and even after watching it pile up all day, we can’t fathom how the cleanup will happen. Two people have died from shoveling, I heard on the 6 pm news. We just can’t risk it. We haven’t seen our plow guy since this morning. I really don’t know how he’ll be able to clear our driveway. The street hadn’t been plowed either. So glad I grocery shopped Thursday! During the Blizzard of 77, I think there was over 100 inches, high winds, and drifts that made the snow pile up from ground to rooftops. We aren’t there yet, and probably won’t be; I can’t remember how we coped with that.
          During the Blizzard of 77, the snow was so deep, the reindeer escaped from the Buffalo Zoo… just walked right out!

  18. Bonny

    I really enjoy the barn scenes. Of course reader quilts are inspiring, but the barn, the animals, and pets are icing on the cake. Growing up, the alleyway in our barn had a trapeze for us to burn off energy while dad milked our guernsey cow. We all swung by our ankles!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bonny – I LOVE that story about the trapeze! I know we kids would have loved a trapeze in the barn – what a hoot!

  19. Charlotte S in northern California

    Loved the pictures of the quilts and the animals today. Thank you Carol for the snow story from the Buffalo area. So glad you had a generator. I was watching the weather channel earlier today and seeing all that snow made me cold. It sure is beautiful but I don’t live in it! Everyone have a great weekend!

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Charlotte, thanks for the good wishes. Living in Western New York is not for the faint of heart! I love our home but today was the first time I thought, maybe we should move, it’s really a bit much, we’ll be at six feet of snow by morning.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Carol – please promise you’ll tell us in the morning what it’s like at your house! And please be careful! 6’ of snow????? Good Heavens!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Our news tonight showed a cut out of Josh Allen and for a visual of how much snow had fallen they said it was up to Josh’s chest.

  20. Joy in NW Iowa

    It is bitterly cold here in NW Iowa! I didn’t venture out! So how would I know? Haha. I have a reporter 😂. We did Saturday’s work in Friday! I did some dusting and made a crockpot of chicken wild rice soup from Iowa girl Eats. Very god! Tomorrow I’m am making a bacon cheeseburger soup. Monday our son and his family of 5 children Holley to arrive. We will have a choice if soup and corn bread with honey or syrup, sound good? I cleaned in my happy place! Ugh! It had been about 3 years! Nasty!

  21. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Oh, Mary. I had to read the tale about the dogs in and out of the car to my husband. It is hilarious!! I love any red quilt so red or red and white are lovely. I have to check my Country Thread stash of quilts. I might have Wild Rice. If not, I will order. The pictures of the goats , dogs, and Millie are great, and yes, you look cute in your hat😃😃 I love seeing all the pets. Squeak is still having a problem with poor, sweet Buddy. It is very COLD here. We went to Muskingum today and took the three grand kids out to lunch. They are all in the Turkey Bowl tonight and tomorrow. Funny.
    Gooo Bills😃😃

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – what are you ever going to do about Squeak and Buddy? Ernie Joe Mauer torments Three who then has to sleep somewhere that Ernie doesn’t know about. Lots of times he leads me to the door and goes out to the quilt shop where he’s the boss! Haha!

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        Hi Mary, We have a kind of truce going with each one getting the first floor for half the day. Squeak has a nice warm “ apartment” in our office and adjacent bathroom. She feels safe in there. They each get the screened porch in good weather so they seem ok. I don’t think Buddy would hurt Squeak, but he is almost 3 times her weight soooo. It is interesting, but working😺😺

    2. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Ooh Go Bills! I hope you’re serious about sharing the love, we love our team. Or… is that sarcasm? They’re playing the Browns so maybe you mean “Go HOME Bills”!

      1. Diane and the gang

        I am a born and bred Bills fan! Before the Bills came to Buffalo, we cheered for the Browns, but that ended with the Bills.
        Mary, Ernie Joe sounds like the Alpha male and Squeak (female):thinks she is the alpha male. Tooo funny! Ha!

  22. Montana Kathy

    Mary, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog today and all the reader comments, too. My husband asked me what I was reading, as I had a big smile on my face, while not even being aware of it. Especially loved the dogs story! That Finn is such a cutie, as are ALL the dogs, but he just looks the picture of mischief maker on 4 legs! So cute. Sounds like everyone is keeping safe despite the snow storm. Keep warm everyone and hang in there! Our thoughts are with you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Montana Kathy – Finn and Keeper are the pesky little brothers and Telly and Ivy are the calm girls who look on in disapproval. Hazel just does her own thing!

  23. Lois Ann Johnson

    Mary: I had to laugh at your story about the dogs in your car! I can just picture that! Bailey LOVES to ride in the car and begs me to take her when she sees me getting a coat on or picking up my purse. Sometimes I just put her in the car and we “joyride” around town. I loved all of the photos today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – I’ve gone joyriding with the dogs, too. These were the dogs I was picking up for doggie day care and Keeper snuck along. Yikes! Rides in the car are exciting, aren’t they? Ha!!

  24. Launa

    Was Zero degrees up here in Idaho this morning…no new snow so 20” has packed down! Have a winter 🥶 supply of cut wood which we say WARMS US TWICE… cutting, splitting n burning it in winter 🥶! Much was pulled down dead trees…
    Enjoyed the pictures…thanks for sharing!
    Our high was about 20o in the sunshine ☀️.
    Be safe, my friend!
    Launa in Idaho

  25. Jeanine from Iowa

    I like the red print the best. It is cold here in southeast Iowa, and of course, we have the wind with it. I have been sewing together my 3.5″ squares that I have had from cutting up scraps and leftovers from other projects. I have made so many quilts from them. I still have 4.5″ squares to match up and sew into something. I’m trying to use them up this winter. They make great charity quilts. We give quilts to our local hospital. They appreciate them so much. We had snow earlier in the week, but it has settled down. Two more days of this cold, and then it is suppose to warm up next week. That will be great for Thanksgiving week for those traveling. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  26. Brenda Ks.

    I am thankful today my grandchildren have moved back to Kansas from Maine. Would be so worried about them. Thank you Carol for your report. I can’t imagine. Glad you have your generator. Stay safe.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Thanks, we are now at 54” and still snowing. Crazy! Staying safely indoors until it melts 😝… or April. Whichever comes first!

  27. Kate

    When taking a selfie, just smile. You have such a pretty one. Laughed at the dogs’ shenanigans. Sounds like my out of control pups at times. They never go where you want them to. Stay warm. Here in Indiana we have cold and wind which makes it seem twice as cold. Tonight 19 degrees. Brrrrr!!!

  28. Gloria from CC

    I have the original Wild Rice pattern and kit that I purchased from CT many years ago. It’s cut out but never finished. I was thinking about getting it out last week and then you posted about the Wild Rice quilt – what a coincidence!
    Love all your animal pictures and of course the quilt pictures. Have a nice weekend everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – how’s Boo? Is Emmet able to use his own bed now? Do they share?

      1. Gloria from CC

        Gaylen was able to pick Boo up yesterday morning and carried about four steps before he panicked. Boo still sleeps in Emmett’s kennel but when Emmett wants in then Boo goes to his own bed and blanket.😁

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Gloria – you’re making great progress with Boo! So glad he’s inside in this weather.

  29. Martha

    I love Vicki’s table runner ~~ cardinal fabric at either end with some strip piecing in the center, where one might place a candle or another item of decor. Great solution!!
    And, NO, I’ve never labeled any of my quilts and feel no reason to do so.

  30. Martha in Maine

    I love Vicki’s table runner ~~ cardinal fabric at either end with some strip piecing in the center, where one might place a candle or another item of decor. Great solution!!
    And, NO, I’ve never labeled any of my quilts and feel no reason to do so.

  31. Sandra Goddard

    I live 30 miles south of Buffalo. We are on the edge of the ban. It has been snowing all day and the wind is picking up. Visible very bad right now. We have about a foot now. Some of the Southtown are really getting the snow like Eden, Hamburg, Alma. We live on a farm so we have chores to keep us busy even in a storm. Make a crock pot if chili for supper. Did some reading, sewing, and hand work today. No school for grandkids today. Good call on the school’s part. So that’s how I’ve spent my snowy day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandra – oh my goodness! I can’t imagine doing chores in a foot of snow. Stay safe and let us know what happens!

  32. Carmen Montmarquet

    You sure are a fast sewer, really like the Villa Rosa quilts you made! Like the red print version of Merry Medley! Can never get enough of seeing inside the barn with all your critters, always brings a smile to my face!

  33. Diana upstate NY

    We got about a foot of snow in the last 2days, cold, windy stay inside weather ! I got your book today and can’t decide which one to make first! I love it, thanks!!!

  34. Lynn In Scottsdale, AZ

    Mary, I like the red print version better.

    Hoping everyone does ok with all the snow. Thinking about you.

    Family coming for Thanksgiving week. Will be able to hug my sister tomorrow. 😊. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Connie’s home looks so pretty and interesting as does your home Mary.

  35. Micky Northern Ill.

    The quilts are inspiring and I am ready to hunker down. But thanks for the laugh at the dogs antiques in the van. I’m sure you were frustrated. Peace Micky

  36. Jeanne in Co

    Love Connie’s red and white print “Wild Rice” quilt. I’m glad you posted a picture of the original pattern. I realized that I have that pattern in my stash, along with many other patterns that I have, and will never live long enough to complete. (I will never be bored or run out of things to do.). Loved the picture of you with your cozy knitted cap, ready to go out to care for your many farm animals. How lucky they are to have a compassionate shepherd like you to care for them. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Take a bit of time to count your blessings this week. We all have so much to be thankful for. P.S. To Sandy in New Zealand… My daughter, a former teacher and fellow quilter, is looking forward to a trip to New Zealand in Feb., a retirement gift from some friends who winter in N.Z. and live in their home in the Colo. Mtns. the rest of the year. She’s excited for sure.
    What part of N.Z. do you live? Jeanne in Co.

  37. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    The plow guy.

    I do not know what job the “okie” guy does
    Many thanks, spell check!
    And here I was, hone free with no or few errors!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – so glad you wrote again – I just asked Rick what “okie guy” meant in terms of snow removal – hahaha!!!!

      1. Jan

        Hahaha! I couldn’t figure that out either! The “plow guy”! I’m glad Carol clarified. Wow, Carol, I can’t imagine a storm that bad! We have storms with lots of snow but this one is really crazy. Take care, keep us posted. Prayers are with you! Jan in MA

        1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

          Thank you.
          Two men have died shoveling, as of 6 pm news. That’s incredibly sad to me; my husband was out there trying to shovel the top layer off the snow so he could proceed forward towards the generator. It made me so nervous. There will be many more tragedies, I believe, as conditions are very bad.
          We’re in our home warm, plenty to eat and things to keep us busy, so we’re doing better than many others. Really, barring a health issue, we have no reason to go out before things are cleared.

          Official inches count, according to CNN, 66 inches! Lots of people are in need of warm wishes and prayers tonight.

  38. Diana in des moines

    Glad you liked the bookmark, I bought 2!
    Most of my reading these days is on my Kindle, so don’t use bookmarks.

    I’m afraid I don’t label quilts very well. Too busy and done is done.

    Snowing in Des Moines again. Sigh…

  39. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Hi Mary,
    I live in Orchard Park, New York, about 20 minutes from the Buffalo city line. Three towns are currently bearing the brunt of this storm, my town (home of the Buffalo Bills, whose Sunday game has been moved to Detroit, you cannot possibly move all of this snow out of the stadium, off seats and aisles, etc), and the town of Hamburg and Blasdell. We three have the highest snow totals so far, not that any town wants to win the battle of feet and inches.

    Last report we had 42.5 inches, but it is definitely more, we’re getting 2-3 inches an hour,
    My husband put a 40 inch yardstick in the yard this morning and we were past 40” by noon; now the yardstick is buried, over three hours ago. So I’m guessing we’re at about 45 inches or more now. It is relentless.

    We were supposed to have a lull until midnight and then get walloped again, but it has not let up for a minute all day. Visibility is very poor, which doesn’t matter as we are under a state of emergency with a travel ban, and up to two more feet of snow expected overnight. No one is going anywhere for a few days.

    Our electricity went out at 7:45 am in our neighborhood. We have a generator and boy, am I thankful we made other sacrifices and had that installed. It has been the best investment we could have made. It came back on after six hours.

    My husband goes outside every three hours (snowfall rates of 6-9 inches of new snow in three hours) and makes sure the generator and gas lines are clear, and the furnace vent is clear. I watched him work his way through that snow; he walked like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. It was that difficult… slow labored slow-motion movement.

    How we cope:
    We cook like food will disappear from the planet if we don’t provide. Yesterday, we knew this would be bad when the National Guardsmen showed up, along with Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel! So we made a crockpot of meatballs and sauce yesterday. Today I made cranberry muffins and tuna noodle salad and shrimp salad. Sunday I’ll make chili, game day; and in between, who knows what will need cooking… something will come to mind! Cookies?!

    My husband is practicing a new song he wrote, we’ll record it tomorrow. I’m reading right now, a book due at the “virtual library”; I use the Libby app. What a great invention! Tomorrow I’ll finish a quilt that’s on the design wall, I have no motivation today and I know better than to force myself to do it. I want to enjoy the process, not slog through it. And then I have a new one ready to cut.

    Well, if the electricity goes out again, I invited our next door “empty nester” neighbors to come stay in one of our three empty bedrooms, with a bath on that floor of the house. I put fresh quilts on the beds in case they come with their little dog, Bailey. It just isn’t right to have heat, an empty wing of the house, and not share. Maybe that’s why I cooked? I might be feeding people! The wine and beer are chilled so everyone should be warm and content. If they can swim through four feet of unshoveled snow to get to our garage door.

    Notice I have not mentioned shoveling. This is heart attack snow. What the okie guy doesn’t get will melt someday.

    1. Moe in Illinois

      Hi Carol, Loved your well detailed report, especially about the “okie” guy. LOL. We have snow north of Chicago but it’s only a few inches and now it’s hard as a carp. The wind is howling, wind chill is 12 degrees which is way too cold for this time of the year. Love all your preparations and ways to stay active. I have 5 quilts cut out to sew, plus a hand project or two so will have plenty to keep me busy all winter if need be. We have been enjoying lots of hot soup and hot cocoa. I did make sure to feed the birds, and the bird bath is plugged in so they’ve been enjoying a little warmth there. Best wishes to you.

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Thank you, enjoy your cocoa, it sounds like a good idea; I might indulge myself.
        It’s such a trek to the generator, the snow is higher than my husband’s shoulders. So that means, taller than I am. We will have to do the next trek together because he says he can’t clear it alone now, it’s so buried. He got the minimum done and was so cold, he had to come indoors without finishing.
        Handwork, that reminds me, I have a binding I can work on!

        1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio.

          Oh gosh, Carol. That is a lot of snow. I will be keeping everyone up there in my prayers. I grew up in Cuba, about 70 miles South of you. In December 1969, we had 36” in 24 hours and my husband from near Binghamton almost didn’t make it to our wedding! But, this is worse. I remember the sides of the road where the plows went were at least 10 feet tall. Good luck.
          Very cold here, 20* tomorrow, but no snow.

          1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

            Omg, what if you’re husband missed your wedding because of snow? I cannot imagine!

            I recently read about a new restaurant in Cuba, the review says well worth the hour+ ride, I plan to check that out (in the spring!) and will give the report.

            This just in from CNN, Orchard Park now has 66 inches of snow. 🥶😱 We may never get out of here!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – that is so kind of you to invite your neighbors! You’re right, the bedrooms are already warm and should be used by someone who doesn’t have heat! Yes, you cooked at just the right time – your mind must have known you were getting company! Good thing they moved the game – it would be impossible to clear a stadium of multiple feet of snow! Yikes! The college game is at Iowa State tomorrow and it’s going to be very very cold. You couldn’t pay me enough to sit there. It’s not even Thanksgiving – will all that snow be there till spring? Or will it melt little by little? Maybe you get some above freezing days? I can only imagine your husband trying to walk thru it. And you’re kind enough to invite Bailey, too? I wouldn’t leave my dogs and they probably wouldn’t either. Please let us all know how it’s going! I want to know and I’ll bet others do, too!

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        Well, we are at 54 inches at the moment, and still falling. We’ve had power surges and the generator switches on and off, it’s always a little startling.
        It’s hard to anticipate how long this snow will stick around. One year, we got seven feet of snow overnight the first week of December! It was followed by three days of warmth (50s and 60s), and blue skies and sun, and every single flake melted! I would love for that to happen again, but so far, low 40s next week, so possibly some melting, but six to seven feet… it’s going to take a while. If we get snow during the week, we’re probably not going to see our greenery until April.

        You could not pay me to sit in a cold stadium, even though we love our Buffalo Bills. Give me a fire, a bowl of chili, a quilt and the game on TV!

        Haven’t seen the “okie” guy all day! Just once, he’s going to have a rough time plowing the mess in the driveway.

  40. Robin Ciuffetti

    What a joy to see all those furry, happy, faces on your babies! I will volunteer to go sleep in the barn with the goats and the geese!! I love all your quilts especially the red and white ones, reminds me of Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us.

  41. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, I do so enjoy your blog. First, I prefer the red print version. I love reading about the animals as well as the quilts. It is so much fun seeing how everyone uses the same pattern but so many different colorways. I have a friend who could be your rival with the amount of collections she has. My eyes are roaming the whole time I am at her home! In fact, I could just shop there. I have ordered Wild Rice and can’t wait to add it to my list of quilts to make. I know that I will ever finish all of the projects I have lined up to sew. I also cross stitch, work with wool and rug hook. Well, better get going if I plan to complete something today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda from Georgia – and what difference will it really make if you don’t finish everything? Not much in my opinion! That’s the approach I’m using.

  42. Peggy

    The pictures are wonderful. Love your animals. I am partial to the print version rather than solid colors for the quilts.

  43. Sandy

    Hi Mary, wonderful photos of quilts and animals! Hazel and Millie are true quilt lovers, and l love your Persian rug the dogs are rolling around on, perfect for a sun room. The family arrived back last night, delays as a plane engine caught on fire at Auckland Airport, not theirs fortunately, now waiting patiently for them to wake up! Just had heavy rain, but of a wet weekend in New Zealand, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – glad they’re sleeping soundly after a less than perfect arrival at the airport!

    2. Diane in Maryland

      Hi, Sandy! I’m getting so excited for granddaughter Ashley and her fiance Adam to arrive here on Dec 6th for their wedding on Dec. 17th! His mom, dad, aunt and uncle are coming as well as 3 of their friends from N.Z.! They will have a Christmasy winter wedding. I am sure you are glad to have your family back!

  44. Rita in Iowa

    Mary we care about your quilts. If nothing else in a corner on the back write your name and year. It is important to someone/someday.
    Your pictures are great of the animals and barn.
    Great showing of quilts.

  45. Tanya in Houston

    And, you probably had only a mailbox of junk mail like us! Love the new patterns! Keep up the good work! Beautiful 60 degrees here today!!

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