A Day About Nothing, 8-24-23

This has truly been a day about nothing – I didn’t go anywhere, it was too hot to work outside so believe it or not I cleaned the upstairs. Then I finished this quilt on the longarm.

This started out as a pattern from my friend Rose. I changed it quite a bit because I didn’t have enough yardage of each so my version is still coordinating fabrics but not many matching blocks. It’s a very forgivable pattern however and I’ll make it again with 2-1/2” strips. It doesn’t have a name yet but I will write the pattern and make it available for $5.00. I’ll take a good picture after I bind it.

I have a couple more finishes that I’ll make available for $5.00 each. The money generated by these patterns will pay the blog expenses as well as the lease for the copier. More on this to come.

Right now it’s 82 degrees outside with 82% humidity. Ugh. Thank God for air conditioning!

29 thoughts on “A Day About Nothing, 8-24-23

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Bless you all who have to tolerate those temperatures. My energy is so zapped by that.
    Today I mowed in the morning. Harvested tomatoes and raspberries, a few strawberries, then did errands and grocery store. Tonight I’m pooped. I’m not a great farmer. I don’t enjoy any of it anymore, but I picked 9 beautiful tomatoes off one vine today! A little more than a pint of raspberries.
    A tomato with cottage cheese and French dressing is a delicious lunch. A few crackers and ice tea.
    Tomorrow I sew. After PT with hubby, my quilting room is all mine ☺️. Plus it is forecasted to rain a lot…yeah.
    I hope you all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

  2. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Cute quilt and I like the colors, fabrics. No idle time on your hands. Humidity would have made me want to nap. Thank goodness we do not have that here but we do have wildfire smoke for days on end. Today smoke was gone and beautiful blue skies and sun. Whoopee!!
    Hang in there Mary.
    Shirley from Oregon.

  3. Carol Reents

    Thank you for doing your blog about nothing. I look forward to it every night. The quilt you showed us tonight is my kind of quilt, with no angles, fussy matching, simple construction, patterns, and does well with quick machine quilting. Very hot and humid here in Indiana and my flowers and vegetable gardens are suffering for it.

    Carol Reents

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carol – I’ll get that pattern written asap and quilt bound for a picture. Today, however, I’m working with a friend on a friendship quilt for a couple at church.

      1. brendalynne1

        glad to see someone finishing a friendship quilt. Decades later I would not imagine any guesses what happened to a friendship quilt a group of us handed off to a member of the group who insisted she was the one to do the machine quilting on our group creation. I am pretty sure it was the cause of the nervous breakdown she suffered but her husband could not find it to pass it on to someone else.

  4. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I love your quilt finish, Mary.
    It was hot and humid here, too. I partially quilted a baby quilt; I will finish it tomorrow. I did ride along to the store w/hubby but couldn’t get out (no bra 😅); this is like having cabin fever in the winter.
    We were talking about not having AC as kids, when it was exciting going to an air-conditioned restaurant! Take Care, 🥰

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanie – HAHAHAHAHA!!!! The other night we needed something before supper and I told Rick the same thing – I can’t go without my bra – and I wasn’t going to stop and put it on so I went braless. He stayed home in the AC!

  5. Sue in Oregon

    Jo—Send some of that rain over to us in western OR. We are in a drought and high fire danger. Just want it to rain.
    I have been harvesting and preserving and get very tired this time of year from all that. Silly me. In the spring planting time, I think I want all of this food. It’s here and now I don’t. LOL
    I hired a guy to pressure wash the house and wash the windows. He made an appointment for early this month. Then, 4 excuses later, he still has not been here. He always has huge excuses. Very elaborate, actually. Each time they are different. Now he is supposed to be here this coming Tuesday. If he doesn’t come this time, he’s out. Trouble is, I don’t think there is anyone else. Anyone else having trouble getting people you hire to show up?? Grrrr
    Mary…I really like your new quilt. Your color scheme is great.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I just replied to Sharon about this very subject! No, I can’t get anyone to come either. Grrrrr!

  6. Sharon G.

    Like the quilt, Mary!
    It’s been cooler lately where I live in the Pacific Northwest. Today’s high was 77. Had some rain Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.
    I should mow tomorrow before it heats up this weekend.
    Sue in Oregon – I had an appointment with a home improvement guy on Tuesday. About the time he was supposed to meet with me he called and said he couldn’t make it. No reason given for not showing up.
    I agreed to meet with him tomorrow after he gets off work on his way out of town. I’m not holding my breath. If I knew how to operate a compressor and nail gun, I probably could do some of the work
    myself. LOL
    Take care everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – oh, I hate trying to get somebody to come and do some small job. I’d be so happy to pay them extra but they’re not interested. I hope he shows up.

  7. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, those are beautiful colors in your quilt. I can’t wait to see the whole thing! Every week I tell hubby, “This is going to be a week for me to get things done!” Then, something comes up and my plans are out the window.🙀. I have two quilts i hope to put the bindings on so I can finish them. We have had LOTS of rain yesterday and this AM. We needed it. I rearranged the LR yesterday, went to small sewing group, then to neurosurgeon for hubby ( surgery in the next few months—yea!, then out to dinner to celebrate our daughter’s 51 birthday today😀.

  8. Vicki Ibarra

    Love the colors in your quilt. I have lots of gray, black, and red fabric from all my years of purchases, so your quilt has given me an idea of how to use up some of that fabric. Thanks! I have been watering in earnest. Hot and no rain for over a week and none in the forecast for the next two weeks. Tomatoes, peppers, and green beans are my only garden produce at this time. The tomatoes are scrumptious. I water the flowers once a week or so, just so the plants don’t die. We went to Houston last week, to visit family. It was certainly hot while we were there. As my oldest son says, “In Iowa we spend time indoors in the winter. In Houston we spend time indoors in the summer.” I need to weed the flower beds in the next few days, when the temps are cooler. Funny (not) how the weeds continue to grow in this weather. I am looking forward to some sewing time in the next few days.

    1. Kathy in NY

      Funny Vicki, my sister in Houston tells me the same things. You go from your air conditioned house to an air conditioned restaurant and rinse and repeat all summer long. She envies me when I show her my laundry on the lines flapping away and sitting out on the back deck at night with a beverage. I do enjoy summer in my area much better than she can. She loves remembering the first snowfall but now I tell her it melts in a matter of minutes so not like our childhood.

  9. Kathy in western NY

    Mary, I am off to a funeral at church for a long time lady who lived fast and died fast. One day we were all with her and next day she’s in ER with heart attack and died. She was 86 but such a good lady and quilter and helped with mission sewing. I helped her family yesterday put out two tables of her creations that the congregation and friends can select a piece she made to remember her by. Some are quilts, runners, wall hangings, placemats and wool candle mats. It will be a very nice service with her choir trying their best to sing without her and a luncheon reception afterwards we are doing. I also put one of her fall table runners on a table near the entrance where one of mine in blues in a flying geese pattern has been for the summer so the season
    has changed.

  10. Kim from Wi

    I like the new quilt and look forward to the pattern. I’m still in Osage with my mom and yesterday I managed to wash most of her windows, inside and outside. It was blistering hot but its done. Today it is raining, and she needs it desperately. The poor farmers are wanting this rain. Today we are going to do some fun shopping and just enjoy the day.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – I thought you were going home to rest? Your day of washing windows in this heat must have been brutal. – don’t know how you did it! Hope your mom knows how lucky she is to have you stay and work!

  11. Diane in Colorado

    I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. We had rain overnight and the weekend is supposed to be cooler.

    I got an offer on my house on Wednesday evening, so I am very excited to know there are sewing days ahead!! My machine has been packed since March and I have missed it!!!! My painter expects to finish up by Sunday so I am already sneaking furniture in!!

  12. Sue

    Love that quilt! It’s been stinkin’ hot here in Indiana, too. Heat index yesterday was about 110. Same today, then rain overnight and blessed relief on Saturday. We’re going to an outdoor concert tonight in Muncie—-Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, traditional bluegrass. You may not be a bluegrass fan or ever heard of Michael Cleveland, but if you want to see an inspirational story, there’s a documentary about his life called Flamekeeper. Free to watch on YouTube or you can pay $1.99 and stream it on Amazon. Michael is 42, from Henryville, Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville. When he was born, he was blind, had a cleft lip and palate, and had no corpus callosum, the structure in the center of you brain that allows the two sides to communicate with each other. Nobody was sure what to expect. To top it off, as a baby he had severe ear infections that left him 80% deaf in his left ear and a 25% loss in his right. I won’t tell any more of his story, except to say that he has a Grammy and 15 Best Bluegrass Fiddler of the Year awards from the International Bluegrass Music Association. He’s considered a genius, and with his deficits, he shouldn’t have the ability to play! I don’t care how hot it is, we’re going to see him in person!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – I love bluegrass – Becky used to play in a bluegrass band called The Blue Rose. I’ll bet she knows about this guy. I will watch YouTube tonight! We had a thunderstorm last night and it’s so nice this morning but going down into the 50s at night for a few days – one extreme to another!!

  13. Joyce from NY

    In the 70’s here this week & semi rainy, just a fine misty rain for the last 2 days, just enough to keep me off the lawnmower! I made 2 quiches, a friend from Colorado is coming in this weekend & some of us are getting together for breakfast for her. I’m so sorry for those of you having those high temperatures, just keep sewing!

  14. Marsha in MI

    That’s a pretty combo of colors! Very fall/Halloween!

    It was in the nineties yesterday here and we had to take our granddaughter to kindergarten open house/orientation and all of us were so sweaty we couldn’t wait to get home & shower!

    I, too, am soooo grateful for air conditioning at home!

  15. Meredith in Cincinnati

    So looking forward to fall! Then I realized, it’s only four months until Christmas. Yikes!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Meredith – and when you say it like that I immediately think of our cantata which is usually scheduled for early Dec meaning only 3 -1/2 months to learn it and it’s not even decided on yet.

  16. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    Love the colours of your quilt. Hoping all of us get temperatures to cool down and some rain for the farmers and the firefighters that are fighting all the wild fires this year.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Teresa – keep us updated a bit about the fires in your area. And we all hope you get some rain!

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