A Glorious Morning, 3-30-2020

It is an absolutely A-1 glorious morning on the farm! No wind!!! Sunshine, no wind, 60 degrees – I only stopped working outside to grab a bite to eat so thought I’d send some “before” pictures plus a few “life on the farm” photos of this perfect morning.

Chicklet and his gal pal.

Look at that sky!

Hazel had to check out the brush pile.

Ellen brought over a piece of evergreen tree that broke.

Pulled all the little trees out of this feeder – I’m going to plant radishes and lettuce.

Hauling away the debris.

The hydrangeas are next.

I transplanted this huge pencil tree from the tiny pot to the big one- these plants can take a lot of neglect!

So that’s this morning on the farm!

46 thoughts on “A Glorious Morning, 3-30-2020

  1. Mary Ellen

    Are you folks sewing scrub hats for your nurses? I sewed a dozen and more in the works. DIL nurse says they are the perfect “bit of happy” in these times. Nice simple patterns on DIY UTube!. Stay safe!

    1. Peggy S

      Mary Ellen. . . Scrub “hats??” Been making masks, but not hats. Haven’t heard about this!!

  2. Sue in Oregon

    Ahhh…Wonderful sunshine to lift the spirits and make us warm inside. I hope we get some of that liquid gold soon. Lots of rain and grey skys lately. You are getting lots done outside today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue in Oregon – are you the crabby Mrs. G? Who addresses my letters to “Mary of the many pets”?

  3. Susan J.

    Signs of Spring are showing ! Upstate NY we are having rain and it is chilly. Just to a break from making masks to check email and it is always good to see an email from Mary.

  4. Dee Winter

    I too did some yardwork this morning. It’s beautiful out there for sure. I have a couple windows open, fresh air!!!! Now I’m getting some bookwork done after lunch before I move on to other things. Don’t overdo it! We don’t want you hurting again.

  5. Marcia

    Beauty and delight in every direction but I know you are working hard, as well.

  6. Janice Shock

    Where did you find the pencil plant? I have been looking for one for 10 years. Also had on similar called baby fingers. Looking for that one too. Had one 40 years ago and was so surprised when it bloomed. Have finally landed it what he says is our forever home and love plants and trying to get the ones I know will hold up to my blue thumb.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Janice Shock – I will certainly send you a branch if you want to pay postage and try it. The cut end has to scab over anyway before planting – just let me know!

  7. Luci in Georgia

    We are having a nice day here, although it’s partly cloudy. The pollen count was well over 8,000 yesterday, and my deck is covered in yellow powder. I am definitely staying inside. Right now I am working on my “Harvey”, who has been waiting to be finished for a long time. He is such a fine fellow. Since I am a home body anyway, my hobbies keep me happy. Knitting, quilting, counted cross stitch, sewing, are all good therapy, and of course, I could clean house. Blah. Everyone stay safe and be still.

  8. Amy M

    Look at you in your happy place! You wouldn’t have believed it six months ago! Happy Spring!

  9. Karen Gaithet

    Looks like beautiful day on farm. So glad you feel like working outside and Rick is helping. That will make you feel better to look out and see your pretty yard!

  10. Kathy Hanson

    That Chicklet is a handsome fellow! He will probably have several lady friends! So nice to be out on a day like today. I will take a walk this afternoon. My husband has been sick with a different virus for close to two weeks but he is finally feeling better. I am thankful not to have gotten it. Enjoy this lovely day!!

  11. Angie from Baltimore

    I love that chick let has grown into a handsome fellow.
    With all the horrible things going on it is nice to see pictures of normalacy. Thank you for sharing

  12. Linda in So Cal

    Wow … Chicklet is quite the handsome fella! More “Chicklets” on the horizon this year??? The Tribe … all hens or did a rooster sneak in? We finally have sunshine …. what a relief given the quarantine. Everyone was out walking the street & horse trails this weekend. High 70’s…Possible 80 tomorrow and sunshine predicted all week. Continue “death” cleaning … it’s never ending. Found lots of fabric that I don’t even remember buying. LOL

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda in So cal – oh, I am so stressed – probably half the tribe is roosters plus more from last year. We’re actually going to have to kill some – I can’t stand the thought! I might even take them to the vet and have them humanely euthanized. I got rid of two to a neighbor boy but no other takers. So sad.

  13. Liz Schrader

    It is nice to see you are having some spring weather. It has been raining here, pouring for awhile. My granddaughter just picked up a couple dozen masks I made for her and fellow nurses at Parkland. I also sent 2 kinds of cookies I just made for her to share. I just finished binding the wedding quilt for my grandson in Omaha. Of course ceremony plans have changed now. I better go work on baby quilt for great grandson born March 6. Happy quilting Mary and stay safe!

  14. Patti in W Barnstable

    No sun here today, just more dreary drizzle! I sure hope it heads this way soon. The pictures you sent were the highlight of the day. Seeing the goats having a treat, Chicklet out for a stroll and Hazel getting a ride was fun! Thanks.

  15. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Cold and rain, a low spirit kind of day. I tend to cook on days like today so I don’t have to when the sun comes out!
    We have about 500 cases of covid in our area, 15 in our little town. Everything is now closed up through April 30.
    I feel sad for the teachers and children, their lives revolve around community and routine and now they have neither. Maybe routines are in place for some, but it’s sure not normal. Because our weather is nothing to write home about yet, I’m having a lot of trouble establishing a routine myself. If it were nice out I’d be up and in the gardens nice and early. This unlimited timeframe for anything/everything is hard for me to get used to!

  16. Charlotte Shira

    Loved the pictures!! It’s a beautiful day here in northern California too. Love the sunshine but there are a few clouds out there.
    I have made several masks for the local ER and the nurse that picked them up said they are using the scrub/turban hats too. I haven’t started making them.
    Stay safe and be still.

  17. Kathy in western NY

    Good to see all is well on the farm. Love blue skies. Chilly rain here today. I think I can sew mask in my sleep now as I got it down pat assembly line. Week 3 of being in and I am missing fresh veges now so gotta make a plan although I am not comfortable our number of cases rose that much overnight so just might live with my canned ones a little longer. Know what you’re thinking Mary…you could live without them any time! Ha!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy in NY – yes, I’d not care much if I run out of veggies but I am eating the last of my lettuce tonight so maybe I’ll learn to appreciate them more now!

  18. Beryl in Owatonna

    It is a glorious day!! It could stay like this for ever…perfect temp, NO WIND, blue skies!! We have been outside raking leaves! There are so many green shoots underneath the leaf cover. I don’t know what my cousin has planted…guess I will find out! I went back to Minnesota Friday to get my machine. I have found a sewing center in Marshalltown…I think he will tell me the truth and get it fixed for me. I may end up getting a new one…I got mine new in 1992, so it has done an amazing job for me and it probably ready for a rest!! Your chickens look happy and so beautiful!! The goats look pretty happy too!! Your yard will be blooming before too long. From what I hear, I will probably be in Iowa til the end of the month then I hope I will be notified that an apartment is ready. Enjoy the day and don’t overdo!! I love all of the green that is appearing and all the happy birds sharing their spring songs!

  19. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Chicklet has sure come a long way from that little fuzz ball you got, he is really a beauty (if that can be said about a rooster.) I think the hardest thing for me is very few sunny days. To many rainy and overcast days. Today started out sunny and has turned into another overcast day. Blaaa! The sunny weather from the mid-west will be here soon I hope.

  20. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m not sure how much work I’d get done at your house. I’d be watching the geese in the pond. Pull up a chair and watch the pond. It is beautiful here too. Today…..no wind!

    I ventured out to the store today. What a change. They are wiping all the buggies, door handles, counters, check stands, etc. after anybody uses them. Markers all over the floor, 10’ rule. I’m no longer afraid, cautious, but not afraid.

  21. Sandy

    Dear Mary , could you and all reading this please include my cousin in Australia in your prayers, Graeme went on a cruise and got the virus, he has irritable bowel syndrome, and now is in intensive care.l pray for his safe recovery, fortunately my family are all safe and well, as l hope you are too.best wishes, sandy

  22. Diane Deibler

    Doesn’t it just change your attitude when the sun is shining and the temps are warmer!😍

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane D – yes! It’s been a wonderful day of working outside but I probably won’t be able to get out of bed tomorrow!

  23. Diane Bauer

    Looks like an absolutely perfect day on the farm!! Love seeing the photos–especially the beautiful quilts on the quilt shop wall!!! Bet all the animals are happy to get outside to run too!

    We had a nice day here in Colorado but had to get out early as snow is on its way again according to the forecast. I got out to walk the dogs, so they are lazing around under my feet now. I haven’t been at the sewing machine at all today but sewed pretty much all day yesterday and have another pile of face masks to take to the hospital. I got an envelope in the mail today with fabric from my cousin–it will make very cute masks! I need to get to work on some of my projects as I don’t want to fall victim to too much production sewing that I lose my love of sewing again (that happened when I was making radio chest harnesses for our business years ago). I have an ombre heart wall hanging I want to make and still have several quilts here that need binding!

  24. Sunflower from Michigan

    The photos are beautiful of the animals! I agree that Chicklet probably has many admirers. I have been sewing masks for my former coworker nursing friends. They can really use them. Michigan has been declared a federal emergency state with so many cases of the virus. We’re being very careful. My husband went for his infusion treatment last week. I really wonder what the security guards thought because when I pulled up to the curb to pick him up, he took off his shirt, pants, jacket, shoes, mask and gloves and put them into a bag. He rode home in a pair of shorts and T-shirt and socks. And, his doctor visit was done via a videoconference. The only people he had contact with were the nurses. God bless those nurses. Of course, they were all gowned up and had appropriate protective gear on.
    We are getting low on fresh produce so I’ll make an early run to the store tomorrow during senior hour. I’m grateful for it.
    Everyone stay safe and keep healthy. And, Sandy, I’ll pray for your cousin.

  25. Pauline

    It is so nice seeing your spring gardens. Here in South Australia we are enjoying autumn for the moment. We picked 46 pumpkins on the weekend, and I have been cooking the last of the tomatoes as they ripen on the kitchen window sill. There will be a little rain next weekend, but not enough for us to stop watering. There has been time to clean up parts of the garden as well as my sewing room. As the summer garden fades, my Sparkling Burgundy camellia is about to burst forth, with about a hundred very pink buds atm. I am concerned how we will cope with our isolation as we head into winter, but I will follow everyone online as they show photos of their gardens as well as their quilting or chickens or puppies or whatever!
    Cheers, Pauline

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pauline – hang with us, Pauline, we’ll try to entertain you!!! I’m awfully glad we’re not heading into winter!

  26. Kate

    That picture of Chicklet and his gal pal would look lovely framed. A lot of chicken ladies would like it.

    1. Brenda in SC

      You are correct about that picture of Chicklet and his gal pal…..I absolutely adore it and wanted to ask Mary if she minded if I saved it to print it off to mat and frame for my dining room. My kitchen and dining room is done in roosters and kitchens….The lighting is perfect!!!

      1. CountryThreads Post author

        Brenda in SC – of course you have my permission – I think I should send it to you as it comes off the camera – BIG – so it will print clearer. It will likely be too big for your screen and you should send it to the printer that size. Give me your email address and tell me what I’m sending you so I’ll remember. I get so many emails, comments and messages that I forget what each person wants.

  27. Nikki M in Tx

    Rain off & on today…great day to clean but opted to sew instead…I’m not stupid!!! Who knows may finish those UFO’s yet! Love seeing your chickens & geese. I have security cameras around property & son has some that send photos directly to his phone if pinged… well being the loving mother that I am I decided to trigger one myself to let him see for himself that all is well. Put on leopard print long robe…leopard print shower cap & slathered face with Pond’s cold cream…then walked down drive to camera… made sure to still face about 2 ft away for one of the photos… by time got back in house had message from him that if were anyone else he would question their sanity..but since was his mother seems perfectly normal…yes I have a warped sense of humor.. but hey I made him laugh!
    Stay safe..corona free.. distance.. frequent hand wash
    This will pass

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Nikki M – oh, that’s too funny!!! You know he’s paying attention, don’t you? The chickens and geese are simply delightful right now because I’m looking for all the good in life I can find!

  28. Linda in So Cal

    Heartbreaking to hear about all your roosters. What a difficult decision. It’s difficult enough to put down a sick/injured animal let alone a healthy one. I know you have been trying…but keep looking as long as you can. Just maybe you will find new homes for some of them. Raised parrots for number of years (hand fed from the egg) & had to make some difficult decisions euthanizing some of the chicks. Genetic issues. Too bad you can’t neuter the roosters. Love Nikki M’s cold cream story…I needed a good laugh. Great sense of humor. Hang in there…

  29. Joyce from NY

    Been rainy & dreary again today. I made some more masks today. Things are getting greener, just need some sunshine now.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Joyce, my daffodils are just about opening. I never remember them this close to opening end of March here in NY. If we get a little sunshine tomorrow they will open up. Then it feels like spring for sure to me. Rest of week looks sunny here so sewing inside becomes less and less.

  30. Susan K in Texas

    Love the pictures. That chicken picture is my favorite. Such beautiful sunshine. It’s raining here again but the next two to three days are to be partly cloudy. It’s so nice to be out working in the yard. I sleep so much better even if my muscles get tired. I’m sorry about your rooster problem. Hopefully someone will want them. The cold cream story made me laugh out loud!

  31. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Thanks for sharing the bright skies and your sunny disposition; I love the photo of Hazel riding to carry away debris. Those quilts on the building wall— 🥰😍😍

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – and I can’t help but feel jealous of sitting on your new porch! It will be at least 6 more weeks before we can do that. And I’m admiring Mr. Goodneedle’s handiwork – keep him busy! Hugs to Hannes!

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