A Good Night!. 9-30-21

Blanche slept in the front room and I slept in my bed upstairs last night – I wondered what I’d discover when I came downstairs this morning but EVERYTHING WAS FINE! Another milestone crossed!

I just ordered a runner rug to fill the gap between the area rug in the front room and the living room rug. She doesn’t want to step on the wood floor – hmmmm – what’s that all about, I wonder.

Here are some more quilt shop photos:

My very favorite thing to do is to lay out fabrics that I’d like to use together and then imagine what I’d make. I never make it really except in my head – I have always done this and Connie laughs because she knows when she sees these little piles of fabrics that I’ve been playing. Here are some of those current piles:

I sewed up this kid’s quilt when I came across it – now to quilt.
Remember those gorgeous Tilda fabrics? Hope to finish this today.
This is our dog door that I’m trying to get Blanche to use so I don’t have to leave the door open for her to come and go as she pleases.

Dirty Dozen projects – only one more day in September to finish your #9 – don’t forget to send me a picture to this email address:


If you use the country threads email address I’ll never see it – please take note of this!

PS – I got my booster Covid shot and my old lady senior flu shot this week – I feel bullet proof! Haha!

Thanks again for all your encouragement with Blanche. Adopting a young dog was never in my plan – I was always going to adopt senior dogs who could live here on the farm and enjoy their last days in peace and comfort.

And wouldn’t you know it’s raining today, of all days! Rick was going farming this morning – now the corn is wet. We have needed rain all summer and we’re finally getting it at harvest. Ugh.

And here’s something I’ve been meaning to say – my blabber can’t be as fun to read as the comment blabber! You’re missing the boat if you don’t read the comments and I say this because two people have recently told me they don’t. It’s the chatting among us as a group that is the highlight for me!

Bonnie in AZ – how’s it going today?

81 thoughts on “A Good Night!. 9-30-21

  1. Teresa

    I love your Tilda fabric quilt! Agree about reading the blog comments, that’s how you get to know everyone, plus I’ve learned quite a bit in what people share.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    I could spend hours in your room…I love stuff.
    I’m so glad Blanche is warming up. I hope Telly and Hazel can teach her to use the doggie door.
    I too make bundles of fabric and sometimes actually tie them together with a pattern, if I don’t they seem to get put back on the shelf and lose their partners 😯.
    Great show today, keep up the good work gals.

    1. Janice Hebert

      Haha, Jo, I’m with you, I love stuff! Mary’s room would be so much fun to walk around and dream in. All those awesome fabrics! The dogs look so happy there too. No cats today though. I love your idea of putting the fabrics together with a pattern. I should definitely do that! Jan in MA

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Janice Hebert – oh, I rarely have a pattern – just a folded collection of fabrics! Haha!

  3. Amy M

    Blanche has made great progress! If you said this I missed it, did you name her or did the gentleman who found her? I love your little piles of fabric. You should keep them for when you come across a pattern you want to make, you can shop your piles instead of starting from scratch.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Amy M – Blanche is named for my mom’s younger sister named Blanche who is in a care center one town away. I visited her outside the window in August and took Hazel with me. She laughed at me naming her after mom and then said, “Nobody would ever name a dog Blanche!” I said I would name my next dog Blanche – and so it is! Blanche is Hazel’s younger sister. Mark who found her was calling her Midnight – how unimaginative! I hate dog names.

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Mary – that is such a touching story on naming her Blanche. What a blog post that will be when Aunt Blanche meets Blanche the dog. Oh I can just imagine her comment that will make us all laugh!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy in western NY – yes, she’s a salty old girl – almost 96 but speaks well – can’t hear much but through the glass window she will be able to see Blanche.

  4. Diane in Maryland

    I totally love the comment section! To all of you who comment about your lives, I share in your success and say prayers for those of you going thru difficult times. I feel like I know each of you. Kay Crandall, you are an amazing quilter!

    Mary, I like your table in the sewing room. Nice and big! You do get a lot done with your fabrics. You have an eye for color and pattern. I laughed at Hazel by the machine!

    Blanche is coming along. She feels the love! If only they could talk but we do a pretty good job of understanding.

  5. Billie

    I love your blabber!!! It is nice to read about your life, it is a life I’d had dreamed about, land, lots of critters! Keep it up!

  6. Barbara Moore

    Good Morning, Mary and all, I haven’t posted in awhile, so thought I’d share what’s up in Tucson. Well, actually we don’t live in Tucson proper – Oro Valley on the northwest side. The heat of the summer has begun to dissipate and a one cal feel the change of seasons (yes, even here in the desert!) taking place. My theory of October Change is this: It starts out at 97 F on the first and by the end of the month, it’s dropped to 67F. Although I’m being proved wrong already as the temperature prediction for tomorrow is 88F. September is my b/day month and the event was last Friday – a perfect weekend to celebrate with our daughter who came to visit from Mesa, about 100 miles away. She surprised me and I was so happy to see her. To make this somewhat quilty-related, I am working on our daughter-in-law’s tree skirt, and it was my September number, but it’s reversible and one side is done. I used “The Quilted Tree Skirt” pattern available on Craftsy and it’s the one that uses a jelly roll, sewn into strip sets and then cut on the bias. I’ll send photos when it’s done. In the meantime, I’ll send a photo of a stitchery I finished this month – It’s called Sweater Weather by Plum Street Samplers. Have a great day in your neighborhood!

    1. Patty

      Hi Barbara – I live in Texas for my job but we have a home in southern Arizona just north of Sierra Vista (my husband works at Fort Huachuca). I travel back and forth often since I work remotely. I am a Texan through and through, but I do love getting back to Arizona for several weeks at a time – the sunsets can’t be beat! I have a love hate relationship with Arizona weather, lol: gorgeous sunny days, but it gets chilly early at our place (we’re at about 4800 ft elevation), so I could be wearing shorts at midday but need long pants and a jacket at night 🙂

      1. Barbara Moore

        Hi Patty – our son and daughter in law recently relocated to Georgia after having been at Ft. Huachuca for over three years. He’s career and has 2-3 more years. And, yes, the sunsets are gorgeous this time of year. We’re at 2700 elevation, so not quite the drastic change you have but surely better than what our daughter has in Phoenix! Southern AZ is a beautiful place to live!

    2. Kay Crandall

      Barbara! I also live in Tucson in the winter (snowbird from Illinois) – actually, I live across the valley from you in Marana. The trees are starting to change colors here and we will be leaving in about a month – I look forward to getting back there, but have mixed feelings about leaving family (especially my 5 year old grandson) here.

      Mary – I love seeing the pictures of your store because I really loved going to your store every time I was in Iowa to visit my Mom. I even took three days off during the school year to come for a Brannock and Patock class in the barn a long time ago. If I could locate it now, that project could go on my DD list for next year! LOL Actually, I can’t even remember what the project was!

      1. Barbara Moore

        Hi Kay! We have lots and lots of winter visitors here – some of my best friends are from Washington and Wisconsin! Met over our love of quilting – surprise! This is the time of year when we all take a long deep breath as the days are now shorter and the temps are falling – at last! Enjoy your days here – sure beats shoveling show🤣

  7. Lois Ann Johnson

    Adopting Blanche was no doubt a giant leap of faith for you, Mary! After My old black lab, Lady, died, I gave away all the dog things (dishes, collars, beds, toys, etc.) and said: “No more dogs for me; I’m too old.” Well, as luck would have it, Bailey’s photo showed up on Facebook and I fell instantly in love. She (at that time) was a 2 year old pit bull mix who had had two different homes and was now living at a rescue shelter. She looked so forlorn and her eyes seemed to be saying: “Please come get me.” So…I did! She was very destructive at first, chewing up shoes, furniture, quilts, clothing–anything she could get ahold of. I bought her a new bed and she chewed that up on her first night here! Now that she is four years old, things are much better. She is calmer and much more secure–although she is terrified of lightning, thunder, and fireworks. Patience and lots of love plus some discipline and guidance thrown in seemed to get us over the hump. Having Bailey during the Pandemic helped save my sanity since no one was going anywhere. She was a lot of company for me. Blanche will slowly fit into your life and adjust to your rhythm.

    1. Pat Smith

      Lois Ann, Although I sort of knew Bailey’s background, I had never heard the whole story of how difficult she and things were at the beginning. Thanks for filling everyone in, including me about the struggles you went through. She’s a testimony to your perseverance.

      1. Lois Ann Johnson

        Hi Patty: I didn’t share a lot of Bailey’s bad habits in public because I didn’t want to discourage others from adopting “rescue” dogs. No one knows what kind of home they had or if they ever had any love or discipline. Even though Bailey was 2 yrs. old when I got her, we had to “start from scratch” with her. She is still a bit on the wild side, but much calmer and more well-behaved than 2 years ago.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Lois Ann – yes, I don’t want to discourage anyone from rescue but they gone with all sorts of issues!

  8. Lynda Arduser

    Love your fabric picks. The grey with the yellow poke a dot is my favorite. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Diane Bauer

    Haha!! I always read the comments and often go back later to read your responses! This blog is s community that I very much value!

    I’m happy to see your Tilda quilt! I’ve only recently been introduced to Tilda snd am eagerly awaiting the October release of the Windy Day pattern!

  10. Cheryl Regan

    I usually avoid commentary since a lot of it is not helpful or made by opinionators so I decided today to read the comments. I really enjoy your blog and stories/pictures of dog and animal family. We have three rescue dogs and they are so much good company. I sew but miss the companionship of others at the sewing table. Anxious for sewing in November and much enjoying the cooler Septemberweather.

  11. Kim

    Choosing fabric for a new quilt is exciting and at times daunting for me. I often like a good quilt kit that shops provide for sale and especially now in these more limited times of covid. You used to offer some fun kits – miss those. Such good news for you and Blanche! She’s going to settle in! Lucy used to behave as of floors were lava! I wonder if it is a depth perception issue. A few minutes of bribing her with treats to walk in and out of the doggie door will help her see that it’s safe to use. That’s how I taught Chloe to use her cat door, that combined with the fact that she didn’t want to be left behind on the side of the door where I wasn’t helped too, 😂. She always wants to be following along.

  12. Margie from Ohio

    Hi, really like seeing what is going on at your place Mary. Enjoy reading other people’s comments and seeing what they are up to. I have been busy sewing “blippers” it is from Jenny at Missouri Star quilts. I have made 12 so far, needing to make one more for Christmas presents. Am waiting for Joanns to get more anti pill fleece in. The last one is for my daughter in law and I want it to be something she likes. I know Joanns will be getting more in. One Joanns said they had 35 more boxes in their store room. Mary, I really like how you put your fabric in piles that go together.

  13. Gayle in Tennessee

    Mary, I love hearing about the farm and especially the pets. Also what you are doing quilt wise. I seem to pick a pattern first and then pull fabrics from my stash. In a quilt shop I buy what I like and figure out what to make from them later. I have a decent stash acquired while I was working. Now that I am retired I don’t buy as much, but to be honest I could probably never sew up what I already have in my lifetime! Haha!

    So happy you took in Blanche. I think dogs and cats find their way to us. I have 5 cats, 6 if you count the grumpy gray feral I feed outside. All the ones I have inside were feral at one time. Four are yellow kitties from the same Mama cat, one male and three females. I have one solid black male who just wandered up one day and decided to stay. I love them all!

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  14. Barb Kaup

    I, too, enjoyed your piles of fabric–I have recently discovered the “Three Yard Quilts” by Fabric Cafe and have made three of them so far (I have a big fabric stash so go through and pick out three coordinates)–Makes it easy and fun and the patterns are quite easy to do with a lot of strip piecing. I really enjoy seeing your quilts and also the reader quilts. I live in the Nebraska sandhills–my Grandfather used to live in Sioux City, Iowa and several years ago I was on a bus tour to the Des Moines, Iowa quilt show–what fun!!

  15. Launa

    Just love seeing all your possibilities put together! Isn’t that why we buy fabric that catches our Eyes?
    Nice Blanche had a peaceful night. Hope she uses the doggy door soon!
    Well the fire crew were here yesterday removing the gov’t. house protection hoses, tall sprinklers, pond pump, etc! Hope the weather holds and we receive some rain soon! Idaho sky is so blue this 30o morning and the sun is over the mountains! Nice to not be on alert for evacuation!
    We’ve not heard where to get our boosters n flu shots yet!

    1. Betty Klosterman

      Launa, it is so good that the fire danger has passed. The firefighters are so good, really to be admired is so many ways. The trees near your home must have escaped the fire, or you would have evacuated. It has got to be so beautiful around your area. The crisp morning air feels so good. Glad you stayed safe. Betty in RC

  16. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, don’t be in such a hurry to acclimate Blanche to life on the farm. It boggles my mind to think about what she has been thru in her short life and she managed to suvive. She learned very quickly about scarey stuff, who knows. And then you take her to the vet and get a big owie?? If only she could talk. Maybe the wooden floor is slippery? Are you keeping a diary on her progress. Patience is a virtue?
    Oh, I envy your sewing in the chicken coop/former quilt shop. All the wonderful horizontal space, the shelves–everything. You just have to shut the door and not have to put everything away. AND you still have some of the smaller quilts hung on the slanting sides of the roof from the quilt shop times.
    About auditioning fabric, I go thru pulling pieces of fabric for a project, but I hang them on the chairs in different light to see how they’ll get along or fight. Every time I walk by, I look to see if something doesnt fit, etc. Anything except housework!!
    Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty k – you MUST understand I cannot allow her to get pregnant! She’d probably have a huge litter and I’d want to keep all of them! It would break my heart to give one away and then find out it was being neglected and mistreated so the only solution was spaying. And sooner rather than later! She could go into heat tomorrow and I’d have the male neighbor dogs sitting at the fence line! IF SHE WANTED TO, she could jump that 4’ picket fence to get to a male dog when she was in heat. This is not the most ideal solution but I had to do what is best for Blanche and for me, her new caregiver. Yes, she was terrified. No, she didn’t like going in the vet’s office and was thrilled to leave even in her loopy state. She walked from the front room into the living room this morning for a brief moment. Please know that we are doing the best we can. I would not have planned this change of events in our life but I will accept the responsibility because Blanche has no one but us to depend on. I’m sorry you don’t approve of how I’m handling Blanche but it’s not your decision – it’s mine. Have you rescued a homeless dog lately?

      1. Betty Klosterman

        No, I was not critizing your having Blanche spayed. As I understand the vets like to do it before the pet comes into heat. Pets need to be fixed.
        I was trying to imagine how Blanche was thinking….. new house, dogs, cats, new rooms….. We just have to wonder what has happened to her during her short life. Where did she come from? How did she exist until she came to Country Threads? We’ll never know. How did she come to the fellow’s house who gave her to you? I went back and reread what I wrote. What I was meaning is she has been existing, but now she is safe. It will take her awhile to relax, learn the ways of the farm, the living room floor, the doggie door — that probably looks like a scarey black hole to her. It will take her a bit longer than you think to adjust to the fact that she is safe, maybe for the first time in her life.
        Now she has to learn how to live a comfortable, happy life with a loving family. Her forever home. She will be loved, fed, and have other animal friends. This is good. She looks like a very nice dog.
        Please, you mistook my thoughts about what was going on in Blanche’s mind. You were right on to get her spayed right away. I completely understand this is what should be done. Too bad others don’t have their pets fixed, too. Sorry it didn’t come across like I meant. Betty in RC

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Betty K – I wish I did know how Blanche stayed alive before she found Mark who was hunting in the Butte, NE area

  17. Kathy in western NY

    OMG I am the same as you Mary, lay out fabrics in piles, put them into a container and then they simmer!!! I lost count at 50 containers! So happy you had a good night in the household and each day will only get better. Blanche might have difficulty with the dog door so give it time and she will mimic the other two. Look at that Hazel sitting so astute!! Hope Bonnie lets us know how she is doing with her husband as many of us have walked in her shoes and understand. Glad you are now more protected so good to be safe than sorry.
    I had to laugh at my pharmacist when he asked me if I wanted the senior flu dose the other day when I got mine. Yup I am at that milestone to get all the help I need from here on out, I told him.

  18. Carolyn Boutilier

    Hi Mary, Glad Blanche had a better evening. Love looking at your quilt fabric room.I love the pheasant quilt. Is that one of your patterns or designs and is it available?
    the combines are cutting corn and second cuttings of hay are being cut. To dry this summer to get the second cutting of hay but when we finally had some rain there is some hay.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah valley VA.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn Boutilier – I can copy the pattern and send to you – $15 to Country Threads

  19. Pam D

    Mary, love that Blanche is making some progress. My cousin has raised Irish Wolfhounds for years and some of hers have had this same phobia of walking across uncovered floors. Don’ t know if they have one incident of slipping and it scares them forever? But they don’t seem to like that sliding feeling? Hope the rug will help Blanche to feel safer and be able to navigate. Who knows, you might yet get your senior dog…

  20. Kathy Hanson

    love the fabric choices you have laid out – great idea! I would need a big room, like you have, to be able to do that! We got our Covid boosters yesterday, now in a week or so we will get the flu shots too. Cast is off, hand is stiff and sore but working on getting it back to normal! Yes, fall is upon us, my favorite time of year.
    I am beginning to try to sew again, Couldn’t get my bobbin in correctly so will have to get that accomplished first!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I’ll bet your hand IS stiff – lots of puppy pets could be called your therapy? Hugs to Penny!

  21. Judy Andersen, Omaha NE

    Mary, we are kindred spirits! I love to go thru my fabric and imagine what I will make! My friends probably just laugh because they know they probably will never see this idea finished.
    Riding in the car today with Hubby, from Omaha NE to Pevely MO. Before opening your blog I told him, “I don’t read blogs except this lady. She’s from Iowa and she’s so down to earth. She shares about her garden, animals and quilting AND I feel like I know her.” Yes, Mary, I love to read what you share! I enjoy what the other ladies say too. I have found most quilters are just good people.
    So, no sewing for me this weekend. Our first grandchild is getting married! She will be a beautiful bride and I’m sure I’ll cry a little thinking about those pretty brown eyes and curly hair when she was just a toddler. What a blessing! to share in their lives.
    Keep writing about what you do.! You inspire me to push forward and get things done.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy Andersen – such a fun weekend ahead for you! I hope I’m down to earth and have common sense – my life is wonderful but not so very exciting to most people. I love living in the country with my animals, fabric, piano and books!

  22. MartyCae

    Hazel sitting next to the Juki! What a hoot! Raining to beat the band in Emmet County. No farming today.

  23. Janice Hebert

    I love reading the comments Mary! You learn so much and it’s fun getting to know everyone a little better. It’s getting colder here in MA. Down in the upper forties at night. I’ve taken in a lot of my plants already. The Elephant Ears are in the garage for now – we drag them out every morning and back in at night. I’d love to keep them going for the winter but one of them is absolutely huge! I’ve never grown them before so if anyone has and has some advice, I’d love to hear from you! Topsfield Fair starts tomorrow! It’s less than a mile from us and traffic will be bad – especially since it was not held last year. Jan in MA

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janice Hebert – are you going to the fair? Oh, how fun! I don’t need a thing but love to look at all the stuff! I planted my elephant ear bulb in the ground and the leaves are HUGE!

  24. Lisa

    Ha! I never read the comments but I guess I will start. Sitting in the oral surgeons office this morning as my husband has 2 upper front implants placed. He had a gorgeous custom porcelain bridge for 20 years but had gotten into the horrible habit of biting and chewing ice so his bridge broke. I had warned him ….but the words ” I told you so” never passed my lips. He now has stopped the ice habit completely. Since he’s having IV sedation I will drive him home and he’ll sleep for awhile so I’ll go up to my sewing room!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lisa – we have an ankle situation going on with Rick right now and I want to say those words soooo bad – I told you so! But I won’t. I think you’ll love the comments – I so enjoy all my friends here!

  25. Patty

    I’m pretty new to your blog, but I love it already 🙂 I work remotely, so I don’t have any coworkers to blabber with, just my 3 rescue dogs. Thank you for taking in sweet Blanche, she has made great progress in a short time. We used dog treats to train ours to use the dog door. I don’t know if this will work with your set up, but I would kneel outside and put my hand through the door with the treat. I let the dogs eat it from my hand to start with, and would get my hand closer to the door each time. Then I’d hold the door open and hold the treat just outside the door so they’d have to reach their head through it; then moving my hand farther and farther back. It didn’t take very long for them to get the courage to actually step through for the treat. Blanche may take longer, since she was from a more difficult background, but I have no doubt she will ‘get it’ before too long. Thanks for being one of my ‘happy places’ on the internet!

  26. Pattie Weber

    Was reading some of the comments and someone mentioned the small quilts hanging on the slanted part of the roof. That is what I remember most when I visited your shop, that and all the colorful chickens running around outside. Such a fun stopover when we were traveling in our motor home.

  27. Pat Smith

    I’m just so glad Blanche is staying in the house at night. I couldn’t imagine what you’d do with winter on the way. We had the same problem getting our cats to go through the kitty door in a window. Finally, we tied the kitty door open so there was just the opening (it was summer). In no time at all, they were venturing through. With a dog you at least have the advantage of using dog treats. That’s trickier with cats. Looking at your fabric piles, I understand now why I keep buying fabric that never gets sewed into anything. I just love piles of coordinated fabric! I sure loved a few of your piles.

  28. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Hazel looks like she is waiting for some running repairs to be done to her tail! Another sunny day in Wellington new Zealand, enjoy your day everyone, best wishes from sandy

  29. Frances E

    Yea for Blanche! She made it through the night and the downstairs survived! Your experience with rescue dogs is making the difference, I’m sure. You will get her trained.

    Best wishes,

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paul Nordt – the black and white dog is Molly who belongs to my friends Bob and Marline. Molly comes for play dates and will be back as soon as Blanche is all healed up.

  30. Bobbie Woodruff

    I love your sewing room, it’s as big as my house. To have that much space must be wonderful. I’m like you I buy lots of fabric and patterns but don’t get them sewed. Something new comes out and I love it so I buy it to put with the rest. I wish I had a sewing buddy that we could sew together and talk. I don’t like to go out to my she shed and be out there by myself.
    I love
    Reading the blog everyday and the comments is a highlight for me. Sure wish I lived closer and I would come meet you. But over 2,000 miles isn’t a day trip.
    It’s raining here today gray out and in the 60’s. Guess I’ll start thinking about putting something on for dinner.
    Everyone have a great day. We have both had our Covid shots the booster isn’t available to us yet. The flu shot are in so we will be getting those next week.
    Bobbie from Washington state

  31. Christie in SE Nebraska

    Harvest is underway here in SE Nebraska – best corn crop so far, that we have ever had! We are dry land here is our area, so we are very thankful for the timely rains we had this summer! The rock roads have been horrible with the dust lately, we got .21″ of rain yesterday around noon, which helped with the dust. My farmer went out about noon today, wants to get that bin full before we get another rain that is supposed to come this evening. I GET to drive the grain cart this year – cutting into my sewing time. Since it is a short harvest day today, I am quickly making another pillow case for granddaughter #2’s birthday which we will celebrate tomorrow evening – she’s turning 7. Grandson #2 spent the weekend last, we shopped together for his (11th) birthday pillow case, came home and I taught him to make his own and one for his little cousin who will turn 6 in December – so I have his pillow case all ready early! Just hope I can find it when his bday does roll around! HA HUGS… and stitches

  32. Elaine Nixon

    I agree with you on reading comments and, you can learn a lot as well. Loved the ‘lava’ comment. My Sam is the same on wood floors, acts like there are holes in the floor. There are huge sections of house that he avoids. We have a highway system of washable (ruggable) rugs that we have put done and this helps. He sometimes does this on stairs too. Wonder if it is a depth perception problem. Would love to know the answer. Thanks for being you and sharing your life.❤️

  33. Julie B

    I love Tilda fabrics and have a pile of them waiting for me to decide what to make. I paired them with Grunge colors. Did you know all of Tilda’s patterns are free on her website..Tilda’s world.com. Quilt This in Dubuque carries the fabric and is waiting for her new line to arrive. Where did you find your Tilda’s?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie B – I bought the fabric in Kansas City last June at the quilt show.

  34. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Getting our covid booster shots tomorrow, flu shots on the 29th. Our doctor recommended not together, just in case of a reaction. No problem with the first two covid shot.
    I look forward each day hearing about your life on the farm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj in western WI – I got them the same time in each arm and had no side effects except a sore arm – couldn’t lay on it the first night.

  35. Carolyn - NE Illinois

    I do love reading the comments and look forward to your post every day. My daughter has a Shepherd that wants carpet or rugs wherever he walks. She is a vet tech and believes he’s afraid of slipping or falling. Maybe since Blanche had been outside it seems her whole life, floors are a little scary. Hopefully getting the throw rugs/runner will help. Thank you for rescuing her. She’s a lucky pup!

  36. Judy Jaques

    My girls took a couple of days to figure out the dog door. I bought one that fits in my sliding glass door so they can come and go into the dog yard when they want to. I had to hold it open first then just pushed them on out and they got it.A treat brought them back in. It has a piece that slides into the open space at night. I had my friend put plastic in the screen door of the sliding door to add some insulation for winter.
    Having surgery on the 13th. I have to get all my plants in——– can’t carry anything for several weeks. Gravity is not a woman’s friend. judy j

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy Jacques – oh my, I will be thinking about your surgery! Please keep us updated. Some of my plants are in but some are still out. Every year we get a couple of really chilly nights and I panic and bring them all in and then it gets nice again. Ugh

  37. Sherry Whalen

    Hi Mary – I think your rug idea to cover the floor is a good one. Some dogs just have a problem with them. My DIL’s dog Penny is probably 8, and every once in a while she will get herself all worked up walking across their kitchen floor, which is shiny laminate. Most of the time she doesn’t have a problem with it but there are times she just freezes in place, stares at the floor and then when she’s good and worked up, she has a terrible time walking across the floor! Even after she just walked across it to get to the spot where she got herself all worked up. It is a bit comical to watch, because you can see her becoming anxious about moving. She definitely prefers the carpeting, it must be more predictable to her. Otherwise, she is the most mellow dog I have ever known.

  38. Susan K in Texas

    I always love to read the comments.
    I’m glad Blanche did well sleeping indoors last night.
    I too pile fabrics together for projects. I tie them up with ribbons and store them packed together. The pattern will come at a later date. I love your big work area. I have a small bedroom that is my sewing room. I wish it were larger but I do like spending lots of time in my cozy space.
    Tonight I’m starting the hand sewing of a binding on a queen size quilt. It will be an early October finish. Klaus my kitty is snuggled up in the quilt as I bind. Magnus the other kitty already tried it out earlier today.
    Kay Crandall I love the colors in your quilt. Beautiful finish!

  39. Donna Petersen

    I always want to hit LIKE when reading your blog….then remember this is an email & not fb…what can I say…yes, I read most & enjoy your busy life & all the animal stories…I am not sure where you get all the energy, then I remember you are a few years younger than I am 😂

  40. Dorothy

    Mary, our dog Dylan is afraid of hardwood floors and has been since we took him home from a shelter at the age of 1 year. We have runners and rugs all over the house so he can get from one room to another. He won’t go across the kitchen floor to get out the back door. Have to take him out the front door and around into the garden. Quirky but we love him in all his quirkiness. The things we all do for our pets! Try putting baby socks with treads on the bottom, I have heard that works for some dogs. Good luck!

  41. Sherrill

    I’m so glad you got Blanche–she really needed you. But I also find your mission to adopt senior dogs so admirable and they are so often overlooked at the shelters and pounds. It’s terribly sad that they are often surrendered when their owners die or go into long term care. I had my 17 1/2 yo cat put down a couple of years ago and swore I would never get another as just that act was the hardest thing and I cried and cried for days!! And at my age, I’d hate to outlive him/her and have the same thing happen with being surrendered, etc. Sorry for the downer reply…

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sherrill – I have it written in my will that my remaining pets be euthanized rather than taken to a shelter to maybe be adopted or maybe not. Some have been spoken for but the rest cannot be abandoned when I die.

      1. Mary Says Sew!

        We have a Cat Guardian named in our will and instructions, who knows our cats well and will see that they go to good situations after our deaths. We specified euthanasia is acceptable for any who have health issues that are hard to manage. We also specified a stipend to go with each cat, to help with their care.

  42. Jude

    Before I convinced my husband that our dogs could come inside ( a firm believer of “No livestock in the house!), I decided to sneak my sweet Molly inside. She came onto the mud room linoleum floor, did a short rendition of River Dance, then ran back outside!

  43. Becky Turner

    On Blanche and the Wood Floor….
    I have known several dogs thru the years that hate crossing on a slick floor.
    Never ever abused in their life but would set at the edge of a rug and take one or two steps off the rug and then back up again to the “safety “of the rug.
    I talked to a vet and a dog groomer and they had all had experience with it and the best solution is what you have done on the rug runners .
    they just do not trust the “slick” floor.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Becky Turner- I’ve ordered some 14’ runners for her – our dogs have never had floor issues – we have no carpet anywhere – too many animal accidents so I got rid of it.

  44. Sheila in WI

    So glad to hear that Blanche is making slow but steady progress. Thank you for loving her.
    I too enjoy your blog & the comments. It’s always fun to hear everyone’s reaction(s).
    Love the kid’s quilt that you shared. Would you be willing to share the name of the panel or is it an older one. I enjoy making kid’s quilts and that looks like a fun panel. Thanks for thinking about this.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sheila in WI – yes, I’ve had it for many years and I cut off the selvage!!! So I’m sorry I can’t help you.

      1. Sheila in WI

        Thanks for your quick response, Mary. It was worth a try to ask about the panel. Thanks for taking time to respond.

  45. Candy

    I love to make ‘quilt kits’ from my stash with the odd new piece thrown in … I don’t usually have a pattern in mind either. I’ll tuck them away altogether, but over time I’ll sneak out a piece or more for a different project and eventually that “quilt kit” is no more! It’s all great fun, isn’t it? Have a great weekend … it’s football season!

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