A GREAT SALE! 5-8-21

The sale is over, I’ve hauled home what little fabric I had left as well as all the chairs, dishpans, milk cases, and other display items – all except the wash tubs and the tables. I need help with those.

The working crew: Amy, Anita and Connie

Before I went home I picked up Ivy and Sam had left me the white tulips, too! Gorgeous!

And here are the tulips tonight – with Heidi!

It’s raining, blowing, snowing and our power is out – I took a nap – and now I’m looking forward to an evening at the sewing machine when the power comes back on.

We have prepared for this sale for months and it was so good! We will be having a repeat sale next spring during garage sale weekend in Garner. Mark your calendars – probably the first weekend in May but watch the blog for details.

Years ago on the first Saturday in May we were in Pella for Tulip Time – it was very cold that day, too.

Oh, the adventures we’ve had for 40 years!

18 thoughts on “A GREAT SALE! 5-8-21

  1. Carmen

    Did you and Connie know each other before starting the shop? I know you sold subscriptions to get your startup money!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carmen – a mutual friend introduced us and we started designing patterns first in 1981. We opened the shop in 1987.

  2. Margie Fisher in CA

    love your comment about OH THE ADVENTURE WEVE HAD FOR 40 YEARS
    because that is the truth
    haven’t we all? and because of our incurable passion for quilting !
    before quilting, what did we do?
    now we are consumed, incurable ! with friends of a lifetime
    such a blessing all around
    and a lot of the credit goes to COUNTRY THREADS
    kindred spirits, as dear Anne of Green Gables would say

  3. Angie from Baltimore

    So glad you got a good response to your sale. I LOVE Pella one of my all favorite places in Iowa. Was told from a local to come the weekend before less people but I am sure it was wonderful.

  4. Mary Ellen

    My brother moved to Pella three years ago; he sent us picture of the Tulip Festival. What a darling city; the tulips were magnificent!👍🏼👏🏻We don’t see them that plentiful in the Atlanta Area; except at Gibbs Gardens, 1 hr north of Atlanta…… a beautiful explosion of planting, Spring, Summer & Fall

  5. Pat Smith

    Just looking at the pictures makes me know how much I’d have enjoyed your sale as I saw so many items that I would have liked to have had. We were at the farm in 2014 when you were selling everything and retiring. I bought a bunch of stuff at the sale, patterns, kits etc. Still a lot of unmade possibilities that could be a dirty dozen except that I haven’t started them yet so that they can’ t be considered unfinished! I want to sew more, but we are so often on the move that it’s hard to focus on sewing. I’ll have plan ahead for next years sale so that I can try to be in Iowa then. Maybe if it was later in May the weather might be better. I was in Vermont last week where it was cold (50’s down to 30’s) and cloudy or raining almost every day.

  6. Jo in Wyoming

    Lift can be an incredible adventure, and to share it with a precious friend…what a gift for you both.
    Sounds like the garage sale was a huge success. It takes a lot of work.
    I’m glad the crappy weather held off till the end of the sale…we are forecasted to get 5-8” snow Monday.
    Again I wish all of you a happy Mother’s Day.

  7. Jan Hebert

    So happy that the sale went well! Wish I could have been there. The tulips are gorgeous. I hope to plant lots this fall. Jan in MA

  8. Linda H in Red Wing

    Congrats to you and Connie on your successful sale! It has to feel so good… Joel and I really enjoyed meeting you both in person. I was certainly surprised to see Joel in your blog pic yesterday! Our road trip was deemed a success also – garage sale in Garner, sewing machine store in Albert Lea, quilt shop in Hayward, sushi in Rochester… an almost perfect day!! We look forward to doing it again next year!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda H in Red Wing – we all hope you’ll encourage Joel to contact AP&Q with the plans for his lighted quilt hanger! Let us know!

  9. Sandy in Indiana

    So glad your sale was a success……your tulips are gorgeous!

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Good morning and you must have slept good last night with that big job Of a garage sale over. You can set up a tote to toss things into for next year’s sale that you run across. It seems like I am always rearranging my sewing room and find one more thing I ask myself why did I buy it.
    I see from a previous post you commented you are going to see your aunt tomorrow for the first time in a year. What a blessing for you and her too. All my family is now fully vaccinated so they are comfortable giving me hugs and more hugs now as they have been very conscious of the risks of this virus. I am so so grateful. Lilac Festival is on here in our area and I use to always walk the paths with my mom to celebrate Mother’s Day. My tulips are pretty much over but my lilacs are just opening.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy in NY – Lilac Festival! Must be lots of lilac bushes in your town – gorgeous!

  11. Kathy Hanson

    What an amazing relationship you and Connie have had all these years! So much to share and so much fun too! Congratulations on a good sale. Now a well deserved restful Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day to a special lady who has mothered so many animals and people too! Enjoy your day!

  12. Teresa

    Mary, I’m so disappointed I missed the sale but I was out of town. Hopefully I can enjoy the next one! We had small hail for awhile in Des Moines and I was glad I had thrown a winter coat in the car. Love the fun photo of you and Connie at spells!

  13. Sandy

    Hi Mary, glad the sale went well, l am sending loads to the auctioneer as l clear out my husband’s hoarding.and as fast as the money comes in the dog is spending it ay the vets! Bella has had pancreatitis, liver function problems and now a growth removed from eyelid,but still our little angel!Love your garden ideas ,going to put some herbs in an old wooden carpenters tool tote this week. Take care everyone, best wishes from sandy

  14. Janice Brown

    I am catching up on my reading through your recent postings. Glad to hear that the garage sale was a great success for both you and Connie, and that it provided opportunity to see your former quilt shop customers. Lots of smiles on your faces. Forty years of adventures . . . What were the most memorable adventures for you two?

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