A Nice Day – Finally!

It’s 27 degrees outside and honestly it feels like spring!  I let the goats out this morning and the chickens, too.  The sun is shining and when they find a spot out of the wind, it will be downright warm.  I’ll lock them all up again after I do chores.

What to do on a Saturday in January?  Clean up the plants!  So many drop leaves – ferns especially – and every now and then I have to really dig in and clean.  Today was the day.

I even got rid of two plants that were simply ugly.

Here are some photos of the plants that live in east area of the house.

And after that, I thought we needed some cookies.

Here’s the next thing on my list — all the pieces for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  I hope to get a block together.

And then there’s the Sew Along — and chores and supper and church music to prepare.

Have a great Saturday!

34 thoughts on “A Nice Day – Finally!

  1. Karen Chaudoin

    You are a very busy woman. I adore your plants! Hope it keeps feeling like spring there. Send some snow and ice my way. I love it! Guess that is because we seldom get it here in eastern NC. It makes the grass so much greener and less bugs come spring! Think positive!

  2. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi Mary, love your inside gardens. How do you make your orchids bloom? I have three right now and am doing the three ice cubes, but I know that other people do other metods of watering. A few years ago I had one for five years and it bloomed three times but not too many blooms.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia – I water very sparingly but both pots were outside last summer and they got rained on repeatedly. It seems that they must have loved their time outside because I don’t do anything special to make them bloom.

  3. Mary Adams

    Mary let me start off saying I Love reading your blog! It is really entertaining. I have a question for you and I hope your can share any pointers? I like how you do the “straight line quilting” on your quilts. I want to try one of my own like that. Is your longarm machine computerized? And how do you keep your lines straight? I’m a newbie at this and I have a Juki set up on a frame and was wondering if yours was all free hand? Any advice you could give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  4. Sue

    Beautiful plant room and beautiful plants. You have the perfect exposure. Lots of windows on the east side. That is what they seem to like the best. I only have a southern exposure for orchids and they really didn’t like it there. I especially admire the cream colored orchid with the rose borders. Just lovely.
    How do you keep up with all that watering and have time to quilt?

  5. Ann Barlament

    Wow, you do stay busy! Your Orchids are gorgeous….I had one, once upon a time. Think I’ll stick to cactus and succulents.

    I got in a 45 minute workout of my core and upper body. Transfers are a bit easier, but still need a sliding board. In the afternoon, I rolled about 40 low-stretch bandages (for the therapists). Worked on genealogy, expanding my family trees and wrote some letters.

    Just completed the book…The End of Feeling by Cindy C Bennett

  6. Sue Blazevski

    Your indoor garden is beautiful. I’m so jealous–I don’t have a green thumb and most of my plants die. I
    have a couple that flourish, but only a couple. I love looking at your plants and pets.

  7. Paula Nordt

    How do you find time to take care of all of your plants and animal friends and cook and quilt??!!! Love your orchids. Used to help my father with his many moons ago.

  8. Dee T.

    Thanks for showing your beautiful plants and reminding me I need to get potting soil to repot a special plant before it dies. This plant has special memories.

  9. Boneta

    I love all your indoor plants here! Such a homey spot, and well cared for…wish I had an enclosed porch like this… maybe one day 🙂

  10. Paula

    Finally just caught up on all the posts and have missed reading them. Your plants looks really good.Glad it is a little warmer for you. We have had one 1″ snow this year. Waiting for a big one to get snowed in. Paula in KY

  11. Becky Rose

    Mary, your plants are phenomenal! And those cookies!! Mom’s recipe? I could almost taste them!!

  12. Claire

    Where do you find the time for all you do. I guess I had that ambition before 80.thank you for all you do to show us. Keep well Mary. Go Pats!!

  13. Debbie Miller

    Beautiful plants-especially the orchids! I do okay with green plants but have never been able to grow anything that blooms. I have a couple of questions-what is the quilt in the background? Also, what is the plant with the long spikes next to the baskets?
    The cookies look awesome also!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Debbie – I don’t remember the quilt name – I’ll take a better picture and ask the readers. The plant is just another succulent – many of them do not have common names.

  14. Eleanor from RI

    Wow, your plants are gorgeous, and such a variety. They need lots of tender loving care, which you happily give your plants, dogs, goats, chickens, cats, etc. They don’t know how lucky they are living with you. Can’t wait to see your Bonnie Hunter quilt.

  15. Brenda archambault

    wow, do you ever sleep? I started Before the Fall the other day and will finish it tonight. A good read!
    And, did you happen to catch a UTube (or some kind of video ) story about a cat massaging the belly of a goat in labor yesterday? Hope you can find it. The babies were born and look like a couple of live wires.

  16. Kathy

    GREAT selection of plants and the sun looks glorious for you, plants and animals. Hope you get warmed up and enjoy those tasty-looking cookies!

  17. Cindie

    Letting you know that your blogs bring a smile to my face. We had sun today in New Berlin, WI.
    Felt like spring!

  18. Emily Pennington

    Your orchids are gorgeous! I almost bought one yesterday, but hesitated because I needed to do some research first. In winter, I go through withdrawal when I don’t see something blooming somewhere!

  19. Shirley

    Your orchids are beautiful and blooming, no less. I’m impressed. And you even found the time to bake cookies. Yum!

  20. Rose Mikulski

    You wouldn’t think it’s Winter by looking at all of your lovely plants in your room. What a paradise! I am so waiting for the goat coat report.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rose – believe it or not, I considered taking Emma’s picture today – it’s starting!

  21. Carol

    Mmmmm….wishing home made cookies would show up on my counter! They look scrumptious. I am wondering about that 1/2 cookie… Where might the other half be, Mary??? BTW your orchids are beautiful! So pretty in the winter, to see a glimmer of spring!

  22. Betty Klosterman

    Everything looks pretty good. Amazing what a bit of sunshine does for the critters, the people and the plants. It is still cold here, but not as bad. We aren’t getting the ice. We got the last 3 storms–3 weekends in a row.
    As for the mystery quilts, I, too, don’t do so good. Years ago you had one in the Goat Gazette and I didn’t even finish it. It was small. For a person who has a problem matching fabrics, I just wait until we can see the finished project and then decide what fabrics to use, etc. If it is just a small quilt, I don’t mind, but I don’t like to invest time and money into something unknown. I’ve tried making some of Bonnie’s scrappy blocks but haven’t done more than one. They look nice hung up, especially all the colors.
    Spring isn’t very far away, but don’t put your shovel away!
    Betty Klosterman

  23. Martha Engstler

    WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can say. Your plants must love you very much, they look fabulous. I have 3 orchids blooming but yours look great. Mine like to bloom when I bring them in in fall and again some bloom when I take them out in spring. I admire your energy. We are having one of those gray days that gives me the feeling of pulling the covers up and sleeping. Actually we are going to watch a movie right after supper.

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