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Getting supper on the table and then going to church but I need to check in with you. I know that you all understand that I’m really busy outside these spring days but I thought maybe the hydrangeas deserved another look.

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Last fall I cut the flower stalks down to several inches high. I have always hauled those stalks away but I took a chance and laid the cut stalks over the plants and the leaves fell off the roof and piled up over top of the stalks.

Last week when we started uncovering the hydrangea plants, those stalks that had laid there all winter were sending out buds! Wow! I sorted all the debris to find all the stalks with buds and put them in a corner and heaped leaves on top again ….. until I am ready to plant them. I think they would probably dry out and die if left uncovered.

Here are the plants today that are uncovered.

Here are those that are still under leaves.

When I pull the cut stalks out, almost every one has new buds!

More Harveys – this one from Peggy.

And from Bonnie – our kit with a more colorful shirt!

You can order Harvey until May 1 and then he’s going bye-bye until next year. We must limit available patterns. We will try to have the next door banner ready on or before May 1 so get ready!

I heard the goldfinches in the trees and I even heard a lone cardinal yesterday. Gotta get ready for the Orioles!

More tomorrow if time.

16 thoughts on “A Quick Note

  1. Diane Bauer

    The growth on the hydrangeas is amazing! I have hyacinths blooming and tulips about to open up. Love this time of year with all the plants budding out! And I love the Harveys! Happy Easter all!!

    It’s been a rough week with Taeler’s funeral yesterday and then Pete had another ‘episode’ last night–not as bad as the first one, but his gait is affected again. The vet was due out tomorrow anyway to give him his 6 week check, so we’ll have more news then. Jenica was so excited about his recovery, so is pretty sad about this development. She is coming home again tomorrow afternoon and we will head straight out to the barn to shower Pete with love, give him a thorough grooming, and take him for a walk. Will keep you posted!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane – oh, I am soooo sorry to hear Pete had a setback! Was someone there with him or how do you know it has happened? And if I’m understanding this correctly, the “barn” is not on your property? So you aren’t the one seeing him – the gal who is like your vet cares for him, right? Does she know right away that he’s had an episode? Is it just noticeable when he walks? Sorry to have so many questions. And yes, you’ve had a bad week – except for those 4 golden dogs – they’d make anybody feel better.

      1. Diane Bauer

        Oh, you are so right! The pack of Goldens makes everything better!!
        “The Barn” is Sunset Ridge Equine and is about 8 miles east of my house in Severance, CO–home of Rocky Mountain Oysters!! Christa owns the facility and is absolutely amazing with her knowledge of horses and their care. We have a regular vet but honestly do not often need to call him because she can take care of most things. Pete was originally owned by her ex-husband’s family, so she’s known him pretty much his whole life. She pays very close attention to what’s going on on the property so noticed right away that he was having trouble with his gait again. His left hind leg drags a bit which results in him not really walking in a straight line. This had corrected itself over the last 6 weeks so she noticed right away when he wasn’t walking straight again.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Diane Bauer – I could not remember Christa’s name – she is a valuable person to catch these little “events”, isn’t she? I am not at all familiar with an equine facility – but I’m sure it allows horse lovers without property to own a horse. I wish I had a similar job but not horses – people always ask why I don’t have horses because I definitely have the space. I grew up with horses – mostly quarter horses but all horses need to be ridden, they’re very hard on fences and their manure is heavy to scoop! So I can’t have a horse! But I love them and when Becky and I go to a fair, we always go to the barns to see the horses.
          Comment way too long! Have fun with Jen, Pete, and those 4 lovely dogs!

          1. Diane Bauer

            Yes, Christa is invaluable and has been so good to us and to Pete and Patch. Horses are a huge amount of work and the part no one tells you in the beginning is that squiring one is the cheap part!! They are very expensive. But, if you love them and connect with them, they are wonderful therapy animals! I’m a huge proponent of getting a horse for a young daughter who is interested—they teach great responsibility, self confidence, and they keep middle schoolers out of trouble!! I girl who loves a horse has little time for boys or the mall!! 😂

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Diane B – love your last remark about boys and the mall! Hahaha!

  2. Sue in Oregon

    So sad to read that, Diane Bauer. You Are having a bad week. Give Pete an extra hug for me and Jenica, too.

    Hydrangeas look awesome, Mary. You will tons of them, I think.

    Peggy and Bonnies Harveys are wonderful.

  3. Martha Engstler Gettysburg

    Wishing all a very blessed Easter.
    All the Harvey’s are so cute.

  4. Pam from Waterloo

    Every time you show us more Harvey’s I change my mind on which one is my very favorite. You did it again!
    Now it’s Peggy’s that is my very favorite. I’m really liking his suspenders. Do you have any idea what fabric she used? It looks three dimensional. That looks like a very Happy Harvey.
    Thanks, Mary, for going over the hydrangeas again. I should have read through what you posted last time, you explained it clearly, must have been one of my “dunce” moments–duh!
    I’ve never grown them but so enjoy everyone else’s.
    Happy Easter to all.

  5. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Nature continues to amaze; and hydrangeas, of all things, which (I thought) were finicky and needed special care. Yes, the Harvey parade is inspiring, I love all the different takes on him but the striped suspenders are simply the best!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – maybe hydrangeas are just the one flower I can grow – needs very little attention ! I would love to have pretty geraniums but I can’t accomplish that – they’re long and straggly, don’t bloom, not attractive and I love geraniums. Same with African violets – love them and just can’t figure them out. Haha!

  6. Kate

    Looks like you are on to something in how to grow hydrangeas. You may have more than you know what to do with. Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter, Mary. The most wonderful time of the year to me.

  7. Carolyn

    Love the story about the hydrangeas budding out under the leaves, even with your cold weather this winter. Good luck with them, you may be onto something

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