A short post, 10-6-22

A reader asked to see the red and white quilt with rounded corners that I made from a jelly roll. That threw me for a loop. I sort of remembered the quilt but knew I didn’t use a jelly roll. Finally I remembered this quilt and hope it’s the one she’s asking about.

I’ve been putting out fires this morning – we had to reorder the Rugs From Rags book and that presented its own set of problems. Since we are reselling it, we had to file for tax exempt status – again. I just never imagined all this work heading my way when we “closed” our business! I would have kept much better records.

Not many reader quilts to show you – readers?????

Maybe I missed somebody? Please let me know.

Connie sent a bunch of pictures this morning and I will take some time later today and do a whole post – makes me wish I was sewing all day long instead of working but Keeper would worry himself sick if I was gone that long. I went to choir practice last night and Rick said he paced the whole time I was gone.

I’m actually heading to the doctor right now about this stupid cough. I will let you know.

13 thoughts on “A short post, 10-6-22

  1. Rita in Iowa

    Hope your cough is nothing Mary. I have been deep cleaning. (Dusting woodwork,fans,picking up, cleaned windows /screens, most everything outside is done which is no small feat, and trying to gather items to work on as I recover from foot surgery towards the end of October. Oh and cooking up things to put in the freezer). Already have scheduled knee replacement for January 16th. So want to have as much done as possible.

    My husband is a great help but I don’t want him to become overwhelmed.

    Sounds like keeper is your dog.

  2. Gail in Ohio

    Thanks for the inspiring photos!! I wish I were sewing too – maybe after all the “mandated” things on my to-do list that won’t be resolved until the end of the month?
    Hope your cough is better soon!

  3. Cathy D

    Hi Mary! I’m enjoying a nice cool fall day in North Central Iowa setting up some pumpkin displays in the yard. I love the red rounded corner quilt!! Is that a Country Threads pattern? I’m envisioning one with bright desert colors to send to friends living in AZ. My dog Oliver is a worry wart as well. He follows me everywhere and has such anxiety when I’m gone. My best friend for sure! I’m recovering from Covid 3 weeks ago and I too have a horrible cough that is hanging on. Please share what your doctor says. Take care and enjoy these cooler days.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so glad your checking on the cough. Hopefully a short prescription will get rid of it.
    I’m getting ready for our fall retreat. We’re doing Kool Kaleidoscope by Ricky Tim’s. Truly a mystery till it’s all sewn together. I’m excited.
    Mary, you may have to wear an old T-shirt all day, then give it to Keepers bed while you’re gone.

  5. brenda

    My middle forties son had Covid recently as well. He had an extreme sore throat, making it hurt to talk and was left with a cough for the longest time. When he finally went to doctor, he was treated with antibiotics, Prednisone and had a chest X-ray. He did get much better but still has a bit of a cough once in a while. This newer version of the virus seems to affect the throat and upper respiratory system more than down in the lungs. Will be hoping for you to feel better soon and be interested in what your doctor has to say about it.

  6. Sandy

    Hi Mary, hope you get your cough sorted out, that’s a good idea about a t-shirt for Keeper, maybe a toy too. Off to see the quilts at the new Zealand symposium today, fortunately only 10 minutes from my house, and buy a new rotary blade,l know l have spares but can’t find them. We had a late polar blast 2 nights ago resulting in snow on the hills behind us, but it melted quickly. Take care everyone,best wishes from Sandy

  7. DebMac

    I remember that quilt and really liking it. I bookmarked the post you did on it and promptly forgot about it. Hope you find an answer about your cough . There is nothing worse than a lingering cough. Hubby is sick for the second time with something that isn’t Covid (or at least isn’t testing as Covid). Drippy nose and generally achy and tired. Probably some virus as he’s never has seasonal allergies and we live in town a couple of miles from field work. Our grandson started kindergarten so we will be exposed to EVERYTHING this year.

  8. Kathy

    I hope you can get some relief from that cough soon.
    Thanks for showing your red quilt. I just love what rounding those corners does for the quilt. I’m going to have to keep this trick in mind. I just love reading your blog because you and all the other readers are very inspirational to me. It is a “feel good” part of my day, thanks to everyone!

  9. Susan Boyd in VA

    I had COVID last Christmas and still have a cough from time to time. It can sound quite deep sometimes. Haven’t talked to the doctor about it because when I’m there it’s not an issue. I hope you get an answer about yours and that something can be done to get rid of it.

  10. Pamela Dempsey

    Hopefully you get the cough 😷 taken care of. The red quilt is so pretty, loving the round corners!

  11. Carmen Montmarquet

    Love your cute red rounded corner quilt, looks so comfy! Hope the doctor can help with your cough! Hope you feel better soon!

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