A Slow Day At the Farm

This is what we woke up to this morning.

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Not a lot of snow but disheartening to see.

Sam, Lucy and Owen visited the farm this morning – I should have had my phone with me when we visited the barn because it was pretty exciting to meet the chickens and the goats and Hazel and Telly even got a mouse in the goat pen! Very exciting! The cats were quite fascinated with these little people – and Hazel was a good girl except for jumping up when greeting any visitors.

Hazel just loves kids!

Millie lifted her head just as I was taking this picture but do you see how she is posed on top of that spray of red berries?

And I received another great picture of Harvey from Debra!

Here’s a closeup of her perfect straight line quilting.

Reed and I are going to the local quilt show this Saturday in Clear Lake. If you’re from North Iowa, it is held at Clear Creek Elementary School – we’ll see you there!

32 thoughts on “A Slow Day At the Farm

  1. Lisa in Washington state

    I thought I’d share a couple of good books I’ve read lately. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, which is a thriller with a surprise ending. The other book is Rare Objects by Kathleen Tessaro, her newest one after she wrote The Perfume Collector, which is also a good read. Rare Objects takes place in the 1930’s in Boston and tells a lot about class distinction between the Irish, the Italians and the very wealthy Boston Brahmins. Enjoy!

  2. Donna Sproston

    I am working on a kit I bought on my last visit to Country Thread the summer before you closed. It is Civil Unrest, an apt name for these gazillion pieces! 216 flying geese may take a while. Hubby asked how many pieces as I was cutting, and so I counted: 1169! That is definitely a record for me in a 35 inch finished square. Thanks for the challenge. I love the spring variation of devil’s claw behind that adorable child and curious cat. Quilts, kids, and cats…A perfect day at your house.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Sproston – yes, there are a gazillion pieces but isn’t it a gorgeous quilt?

  3. Lee

    Good morning, Mary, I love sharing the blogs I frequent. I do not have a blog.
    I check these blogs out every week.
    Notforgotten Farm
    Most of the blogs listed on her blog.

    I have not read anything at all. I am trying to finish a UFO from ten years ago by Thimbleberries. A BOM with birdhouses. Finished the blocks I had eight out of twelve finished when I started. Now, to put it together.
    I plan to catch up with the Quirky Quilts group. I ordered a fat 16th of all their new line of fabrics…should be just the project to use the small pieces with.
    Have a great week. Warming up here in North Carolina. We have lots of trees blooming. Blessings, Lee

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lee – Bless your heart, finishing a Thimbleberries BOM – I remember that nice quilt!

  4. Janine

    Looks like you all had fun today! Interesting to see the different Harvey wall hangings – they are all wonderful. Today’s from Debra is great – the turquoise background really makes him pop, and I love that straight line quilting. And his rosy cheeks! I want to try that quilting on mine. Lots of inspiration on your blog.

  5. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Thank you, Mary, for sharing my Harvey here on your blog. We had snow in NC yesterday, it didn’t stick, thank goodness, but even though we’re ready for spring we were reminded who’s really in charge! 😉 Thanks for a great patterns!

  6. Tanya T.

    For Nikki M. in Texas who needs a quilt show (and anyone else!), the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston has its every other year quilt show on the Friday and Saturday of the first weekend in May. Check their website for more information.

  7. Margaret

    Have been enjoying everyone’s Harveys. Two blogs I follow are Maria Killam.com and debby schnabel.com

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Margaret – are these links correct for blogs you enjoy?

  8. Kathy Schwartz in SW MN

    I think Hazel had a really nice day today. Great pictures.
    Harvey is wonderful and the straight line stitching is very impressive.
    I had to take my Featherweight in for repair today. A small piece of thread was lodged in the bobbin case. How did this happen? I turned the hand wheel backwards and then the thread in the bobbin gets cut. The wheel will not turn and of course, the machine will not sew. He removed the bobbin case and the thread. i could have repaired it myself, but it takes a pretty special screwdriver. Took about 10 minutes and $15.
    Don’t hand turn backwards!!!!

  9. Connie R.

    I would also like to see the red and white quilt on the wall more closely. Love the picture of Hazel with her new friend.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Connie R – I will take another picture tomorrow – you DO realize that this is the quilt that has been up since Christmas, don’t you? The feathered circles?

      1. Paula Philpot

        I made this quilt last year after seeing it one here and it is a favorite. Paula in KY

  10. Pat Smith

    No one wants to see snow in April! But I check the temps in Forest City and Stowe, VT and I can say FC is much much warmer with day time temps in the 60’s. Poor Stowe is still in the low 50’s and below freezing at night. Only one add to click today from Century Link with no way to x it out. Love to see the little one and animals clearly enjoying each other. Beautiful work on that harvey. He is really attractive! I, too, would love a better view of the red and white quilt on the wall. That is such a warm and attractive room.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – I don’t know where you’re checking on FC temps but it certainly

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – it isn’t 60 around here – I think today maybe got into high 30’s , maybe 40.

    3. CountryThreads Post author

      Pat Smith – our weather forecast for tomorrow says we MIGHT get to the low 40’s.

      1. Pat Smith

        I get the temps for FC every day on the weather channel. It shows 62 for this Fri., 68 for Sat., 64 for Sun., and 62 for Mon.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Pat Smith – I sure hope those temps are right – most of us are still wearing our winter coats!

  11. Janet Anthony

    Mary, Love all your pictures your sunroom looks like a very pleasant room with all your wonderful quilts.love your quilt that looks like a sampler quilt could you please share a picture of that quilt. Thank you very much Janet

  12. Linda North Carolina

    We had snow in the air this morning in Charlotte NC then ice on the cars! What a sweet picture with Hazel! Love all the Harvey’s!

  13. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary, are the little ones relatives? That little boy is so cute and it is nice that Hazel likes little people. That Harvey is terrífic! I like the fact that I can see the quilting. I haven’t seen any adds for quite a while now, but whenever I see one I open it or close it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – the little ones belong to my pastor. The oldest boy is Aidan – I’ll bet you remember him – and then there’s Lucy and Owen is the youngest. Their mother is Samantha.

  14. Diane Bauer

    Hazel really is wonderful with young people! I love seeing the relationship she and Reed have.

    I had puppy snuggles galore last night! I am loving having my son’s pups here! Each dog got at least a mile walk this afternoon—my two are used to it, but the other two are not walked too terribly often so they thought it was a great adventure—lots of new smells!

    No snow here, but we could have thunderstorms tomorrow. Jen and I visited Pete over the weekend and I’ll be out to the barn in the morning. ‘Tis the season of the muddy horse!

  15. Sue in Oregon

    More Snow! ?! When does it end? At least it looks like a dusting.
    That little tyke is loving the animals and they are loving him. Isn’t it amazing how little ones and animals gravitate to each other?
    Debra’s Harvey is just awesome. Love his face!! Want to thank those that liked my Harvey. All the Harveys are terrific and it’s fun to think he will be sharing so many Easter Sundays with us.
    I have been reading The Divide by Nicholas Evans, author of The Horse Whisperer. It’s so good so far. I am about halfway through.
    Here is my blog addy. I am not a steady blogger. Kind of fits and starts sort of thing. I hope to be more faithful, but that is not a promise. Mary is my hero.
    Oh…and, I have been enjoying the blogs suggested here.

  16. Nikki M..Tx

    3 ads today…wish were in Iowa would definitely go to quilt show…didn’t get to the Dallas or Tyler show and am definitely needing a show to attend. Working on a red & white 9 patch & heart quilt..noticed ref & white quilt on your wall…better photo & name please..Love west warm cloths quilt in the background…I love that quilt..made 2 myself..1 for gift..1 for me.

  17. Marilyn

    Mary when you straight stitch quilts do you … always starting at top or top to bottom then bottom to top.
    Love seeing the children today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Marilyn – on my Bernina it would not matter but when I’m using the longarm it does not like to travel back and forth. I always stitch left to right and then come back to go left to right on each row.

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