A Snowy Day 1-4-2020

What was supposed to be a trace of snow ended up to be 5-7″ and everybody who’s attending the wedding this afternoon knows why. Our neighbor’s youngest daughter wanted her wedding pictures in the snow but what remained of our snow was dirty and not much left. It started snowing yesterday about noon – a beautiful snow with no wind – highly unusual for North Iowa. And this morning it looks like a winter wonderland! All for Grace’s wedding pictures!

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These photos were taken from inside so not perfect but you get the idea. I don’t dare go outside and possibly fall.

This was taken before the new snow – not very pretty for wedding pictures.

I’m happy for the wedding couple – I will also say a little prayer that the wind doesn’t come up and trap us in the hall during the reception/dance.

It’s book giveaway time again and I’m tardy at reviewing these books from Martingale.

I have shown the Feed Sacks book before and it is such a valuable reference book. I’m not into feed sacks but so many of you are and I know you’d find this book interesting – the full color pages of actual fabrics are excellent!

Blue and White Quilts follows the Red and White Quilts book and there are several scrap designs using multiple shades of blue that I’m very interested in. I have to keep this one a bit longer to study it.

The New Hexagon 2 book is for all of you who are in love with English paper piecing. Inside this book are 52 more block patterns to English paper piece along with 6 projects using the blocks.

Machine Quilting Idea Book shows 61 designs to finish classic patchwork and many of you do your own machine quilting. Included in all these ideas are 12 traditional blocks with several ideas in which to quilt each of them. For instance, the granny square block has 6 options for quilting.

And my last review is Picture Perfect by Kathy Schmitz, the ultimate embroidery queen in my opinion.

Kathy has included small patterns to be embroidered and glued to a blank greeting card – now this interests me very much because I can enjoy the actual work and then send it to a friend. I won’t find it years from now when I’m doing more death cleaning. Haha!

Both Connie and I are hooked on a Netflix series called Greenleaf – has anyone watched it?

91 thoughts on “A Snowy Day 1-4-2020

  1. Kathy Schmitz

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review of my new book! It was so much fun to stitch up these little designs because it was almost instant gratification : ) I love it when I have quick little projects to work on. I’m so happy you liked the book.
    Kathy Schmitz

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Schmitz – I’m always startled when I realize who’s reading the blog! Before Thursday I’m going to prep a couple of your sweet little embroidery designs for cards! If I end up giving this book to a reader, Martingale will send me another – smile! It’s a great book! I have all of them but I think I can actually finish one of projects!

  2. Nancy

    For the past three years I’ve watched as most areas of the U.S. get snow and we, in central Ohio, are with barely a dusting. How I wish for snow like yours! Such a treat for Grace to have her wish come true.
    The Blue and White Quilts and the feedsack quilt book look so interesting.

  3. Mary Durham

    I wrote a comment about the machine quilting book and when I click Post Comment, it insists I have already made that comment. I’m hoping it will work this time.
    Glad the bride got her wish of snow. I bet the pictures will be lovely.

  4. Mary Durham

    What a wonderful treat for the bride! I hope it all went well.
    I love to machine quilt and am always looking for new ideas. That book looks very interesting.

  5. Deborah May

    Good luck with your surgery ,all the books look interesting,I love to do hand embroidery.

  6. Kathy Gist

    Oh, the snow is beautiful! And, perfect timing for the wedding couple! My wedding, nearly 50 years ago, was in 108 degree weather and the air conditioning went out! Snow would have been welcome!

  7. Kate

    We are having a bright, sunshiny day with temperatures in the forties. No snow at all. I really hope we have one good snow(blizzard) before Winter is over. I guess I’m not death cleaning. I’m death buying as we got some more things at an antique store the other day. Our kids can have themselves a humdinger of an auction one day. At least that’s what I tell them.

  8. Rosie Westerhold

    I would love ANY of those books👍👍🤗🤗. Besides “collecting” fabric, I “collect” quilting books👏👏👏👏!!! Need to donate many of the earlier ones so I have room to put the newest ones.

    Good luck with your surgery on January 9. My younger brother is having his first knee replacement on February 9. He’s already had a hip replaced so I suspect he will do great with the knee. My best advice was to do the PT at home as recommended, and to keep up with the pain meds.

    Picked up some nasty upper respiratory thing last week☹️☹️. Has really cut into my energy level. However, I have been going through lots of paper “stuff” and recycling/purging on a daily basis. It’s at least something I can do while this dang “creeping crud” takes its sweet time about leaving my body. Just get tired so very easily. Getting rid of things in the house right now. Then it’s on to my studio which is in a different building. THAT will take some time. It’s like eating an elephant: one bite at a time☺️☺️☺️☺️.

    Enjoy your snow and stay safe. We have temps close to 50 here in Lincoln, NE, and the snow we had a few weeks ago is a distant memory now. It feels more like March now than January. Ever closer to SPRING. WooHoo!

  9. Dori J.

    Good luck on your upcoming surgery. I bet the wedding pictures are beautiful. All of the books look interesting.

  10. Darlene Hoctor

    I think you got a lot of us cleaning out the house. Thank you for including us. The books all look great. Enjoy the wedding–take pictures.

  11. Judy

    The books look great! You may keep the snow. We had enough here on Halloween to satisfy me for this season. I cleared shoes out of my closet last summer. The last time I had worn heels was probably at my daughter’s wedding in 2010. I have not missed them!

  12. Kate Schloemer

    I’ve thought of you often and wondering how your getting along with you new knee. I can’t imagine having to to the second one.. I certainly hoe you do well with the second knee getting done.

  13. Jan VanDeWalle

    Wishing you a quick recovery for your knee surgery next week. Raining here in my part of Oregon, but there is snow on the mountains for those who like to ski and snowboard. Last year we got snow on my birthday. The kids gave me an 80th birthday party and my best friend flew in from San Diego to get a blast of snow in February. We had a great time at the party and she had fun with my grandkids the next day in the snow.
    Some day I want to make a blue and white quilt, it is on my todo list. but I don’t need another book, trying to downsize a little, not into purging what I love yet. hehe.
    Take care. Jan from Oregon

  14. Karen Gaither

    I loved the Red & White Quilt Book and pre-ordered from Primitive Gatherings new Blue & White Collection to maybe use on Moda Blockhead 2020. I love two color quilts.
    The snow is beautiful and hope the bride was happy. My niece is getting married in Nashville next Saturday. We are hoping the rain will stay away Saturday & glad no snow.

  15. Jo in cold Wyoming

    We had snow, but with 95mph wind gusts, it’s hard to measure how much snow. The drifts are huge. I’m glad the bride had vertical snow, and, I’m sure, beautiful pictures.
    I don’t need another book, so I’m not in it for the drawing. I do want to wish you the best of luck with your surgery. Sounds like your surgeon will do as good the second time around. Recovery will be swift…as we get a little older, time flies.
    Y2K was 20 years ago! That’s unbelievable.
    Take care

  16. Bobbie

    Mary, you keep so very busy I can’t keep up with you. I love your snow but so glad we don’t have any. I’m not a snow driver. What we get is rain, rain, rain. Over cast and cloudy everyday. It’s so depressing without sunshine. I haven’t did much in my quilt room. I’m trying to do Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt but I’m still on clue 1. I don’t think I have enough verity in the colors. It’s seem like people are bleeding help and I go instead of quilting. Have a great weekend.

  17. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Another neat post today, Mary. The books look intriguing! Have you seen much of Reed and family over Christmas break? I hope he’s busy quilting😺😺I had to laugh at the bride who wanted snow. We had 36” in 24 hours in Western NY on December 26 and 27 in 1969. The 27th was our 50th anniversary in 2019. Hard to believe we’ve been married that long!! Your next knee will be great! I think it’s the 9th? Good luck.

  18. Nancy J Finch

    I have many feed sacks as my uncle owned a feed store so my aunts and grandma got first picks! Ha. I grew up in a complete feed sack “wardrobe” thanks to them. They made quilts for missions too. I would so love to see the Feed Sack book. I would share with my guild or our library.

  19. Sandy Kolarik

    The snow looks lovely but wise of you not to go outside. The wedding pictures are going to be beautiful. Hoping the new year for you and all is healthy, happily and lots of time to quilt!

  20. Pat C in Michigan

    Thinking of you, Mary and sending prayers for a successful knee replacement. Now that you have the procedure under your belt, you will do great in the rehab follow up. We are having rain and wind, but have not gotten your snow here in SE Michigan.
    The Blue and White quilt book really interests me…my favorite color combination.
    Thank you for all you do. Just received a copy of A Country’s Call for Christmas.

  21. Sherry Whalen

    We got about 5-7 flakes of snow in Kasson yesterday…it was kind of nice to miss out on a snow event for a change! Anyway, we still had snow from before Christmas. The books look great, especially the blue and white one – I know there is a blue and white quilt to make in future, and I know this because there seems to be lots of blue and white fabric in my room.

    Stay well, stay off the ice and be rested up for your upcoming surgery, I know it is going to go great!!

    Sherry W.

  22. Julie Burkhardt

    Hi Mary…Glad the bride got her snow wish..now that the wedding is over, it can melt and never return. I hate winter and cold. I spen my winters in my sewing room where Imhave East and south facing floor to ceiling windows. I just pretend I am on the beach when the sun shines in.

    Will be thinking of you next week…at least with the second knee, you know what to expect. The unknown is half the battle. Take care…smiles and 🌞 for you.

  23. Margaret Jessen

    I would like the Machine Quilting book–need to learn . Good luck on your knee surgery, will praying for a great recovery.

  24. Jan from TN

    First, good luck with your surgery & the same to Connie! My neighbor is having her THIRD back surgery this Monday & just had her hip replaced last spring. I think she’s going to be bionic but I don’t think she flies much so no need to worry about airport security being set off by her body parts. LOL!
    Regarding the books……….Blue remains my favorite color so the Blue & White book would be marvelous. I already have the Red & White Quilts book from last year or the year before. Beautiful!
    I also like the Kathy Schmitz. I like to do a little hand embroidery now & then & her stuff in so darn cute. I read about this book just yesterday & I see she’s made mostly small stiticheries so that’s great!
    I don’t have a long arm; I’m not into feedsacks much anymore & I don’t care for English Paper Piecing. Our weather was very rainy (again) for a couple of days. Today we saw a little sun but then the winds kicked up, the temps dropped & it looked like a blizzard out our windows. That would be a Tennessee blizzard — snow just blows sideways but doesn’t stick to anything! HaHa!
    Hugs to you & Connie! Good luck!

  25. Janet D

    The Kathy Schmitz and blue and white quilt books look interesting. Thank you for doing all the book giveaways. Wishing you a quick recovery after surgery.

  26. Marie Fibelstad

    Very little snow yesterday for Storm Lake, but rain and icey!
    I do collect Feed Sacks so that book looks like a treasurer!
    Will be thinking about you in your recovery from knee surgery coming up.

  27. Beverly in Texas

    Greetings from Texas! I just finished my 1st clue today of the BH “Frolic” – so very far behind but it felt good to get the first one out of the way. Being a native Texan there was no way I wouldn’t get into doing this Mystery! I have watched “Greenleaf” for all its seasons – so addictive ! You will be hooked !!
    Best wishes in the new year & I’m praying that your next surgery is smooth sailing !

  28. Joyce C

    Those wedding pictures will be beautiful! Bright and sunny here in SD today. We have hardly seen the sun this last month. I guess I did my upstairs death cleaning last winter. Felt great to take lots and lots of stuff to St Vincent’s! But I’ve since “rented” some more stuff from there.. ha ha

  29. EllieLively

    Best of luck to you and Connie on your surgeries next week! It will be so good to have it behind you! The Blue and White book looks most interesting. I love blue and white.

  30. Deb G. in VA

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I hope it goes as well as your first knee did. I love blue and white quilts, so will have to check into that book. I also love Kathy Schmitz, I really like the idea of embroidered cards, so another book to be on the look out for!

  31. Chris in Washington

    Best of luck with your upcoming surgery. I will be keeping you in my prayers. I like all of the books but really love embroidery. I particularly like making quilts with embroidery incorporated into them. Love Kathy Schmitz patterns. The blue & white quilt book looks good too. Enjoy your snow! Here in western Washington we have lots of rain but no snow, so far. I’ll be thinking of you on the 9th. Hugs & Prayers for you~ 💕

  32. Gayle Lacey

    Mary, I, too, wish you the best with your upcoming surgery. You’re not a rookie this time, so I expect you will get through it just great. I’m in love with blue and white quilts, but I’ve never made myself one! Crazy! I need to add that book to my wish list. Prayers for your recovery.

  33. Melinda Themm

    New snow is so pretty. Hopes that the pictures (and the marriage) turn out well!
    The give-away books look wonderful. After the strokes and losing my home, I’ve been cut off from my love of needlework. I owned a store for many years and often ordered patterns from you! Kit ,N Kaboodle in Tamarac, Fl. I would love to start back at it. Hint. Hint.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Melinda Themm – I take it you’ve suffered a stroke making it impossible to manage handwork – I’m so sorry. Thank you for being a past customer.

  34. Diane Bauer

    Perfect beautiful snow for a wedding day–glad it turned out just as the bride had hoped!!

    I bought the Quilted book that is from the same series as the Feed Sacks book–bought one for my BFF for Christmas and another copy for me. They really are wonderfully done! Blue and White quilts would be right up my alley–never going to be into English Paper Piecing, though it’s beautiful for those who have the stamina!!

    I’ve been away from my machine longer than I care to admit–need to get back to it! Stay warm and safe inside with the snowy walks!

  35. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Her wedding pictures will be gorgeous!!! I prefer staying home when it snows…safer that way. The books look great – thanks for sharing about them!

  36. Karen H

    In Florida now- don’t miss the snow at all!!! Although it is pretty to look at- never liked driving in it!!!
    Good luck with your knee surgery next week- you will be in my prayers
    Blue and white quilts- what more could you ask for!!
    Take care and have a safe and healthy year to come!!

  37. Marilyn Magelitz

    Sunny, blue skies, little cool after morning sprinkles here in Placerville, CA! Can’t complain! Wood stove going and working on sewing project.
    The Machine Quilting book sounds interesting as I like traditional blocks.
    Keep warm!

  38. Susan from Rockwell

    The snow was not too heavy on the trees this time. It sure was pretty this morning. I sure am intrigued with the embroidery book by Kathy Schmitz.
    Good luck with your surgery, it is on my birthday. I will say a prayer for you!

  39. BarbBBQ

    Only an inch of snow here in SW Iowa. Best wishes for you and Connie’s surgeries. I am having back surgery Jan 9. Nervous about it since I have only ever been in the hospital to have my children 50 years ago – natural and no surgeries. The Blue and White book looks lovely, I can understand why you want to keep it.
    I am not in to Feed Sacks or machine quilting ( I do mine by checkbook). However the Hexagon book intrigues me. Love handwork. And the Picture Perfect book looks fun too, but I am sure you will eventually
    do a project or two. Thank you so much for offering us the chance to see these books. Love, love, love your blog keeping us up on the “farm” animals, chicken, dogs, cats, goats, etc. You are such an energetic lady with all your activities and put me and my laziness to shame. Happy New Year and looking forward to more blogs.

  40. Brenda in Iowa

    I’m so jealous that you have snow. We don’t have any in SE Iowa. Yes, I know I’m crazy. I have the feedback book and use it frequently as I love feedbacks. I also love Kathy Schmitz’s designs. My hand stitching group did a monthly embroidery project in black floss which had an a small colored appliqué iron piece. After embroidery, we added a pieced border to the picture. Good luck next week with your surgery. You’re gonna be a bionic woman when you finish rehab!

  41. Brenda in Ioa

    I’m so jealous that you have snow. We don’t have any in SE Iowa. Yes, I know I’m crazy. I have the feedback book and use it frequently as I love feedbacks. I also love Kathy Schmitz’s designs. My hand stitching group did a monthly embroidery project in black floss which had an a small colored appliqué iron piece. After embroidery, we added a pieced border to the picture. Good luck next week with your surgery. You’re gonna be a bionic woman when you finish rehab!

  42. Diane in WI

    Wishing you and Connie well with upcoming surgeries. It is such a great feeling when it is over and you can get on with life. I have a hand quilted doll quilt made out of feed sack fabric. I think the squares are one and a half inches. My dad’s aunt made it. I really don’t know how long ago. It makes a wonderful tree skirt for a small tree. I’m trying to finish some cross stitch that I’ve had for too long. I also want to do some of Bonnie Sullivan’s wool applique. Too many things to sew in this new year and much to clean out. Take care.

  43. Joanne Eggleston

    Yes I watched Greenleaf on Netflix and LOVED it!! You got me started on “death cleaning”. Wish it was June so I could do a garage sale now and be done with it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Joanne – me, too, because now I have to get it into boxes and tubs and wait for nice weather or fall weather for a sale.

  44. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Well, I’ve been sick since 12/18, and just when I felt well enough to get some groceries, I picked up another bug, different from the last one, and praying it’s not the flu.
    My entertainment has actually been some Martingale books I ordered a while ago; now I have at least a dozen projects on the wish list.
    I used to embroider and haven’t in a long time. The Kathy Schmidt book looks like so much fun, I might have to start doing it again. I like the look of an embroidered piece in the center of a pieced wall hanging.
    Not a hexie gal, just not interested in all that hand piercing. But hexi quilts are beautiful.
    Blue and white, my new favorite. I preordered Indigo Blues from Primitive Gatherings. You can see that sitting around in front of the fire, sick, has become expensive!
    What a blessing for the bride to have her dream photos.
    I have had the family baby bassinet in our crawl space for so many years and have not been able to part with it. I have two boys, one is married to a girl who has no interest in babies and the other… the jury is out, wedding in June, who knows? But would I want a grandchild in a 60+ year old bassinet? I’m closer to letting go… I’ll keep reading your death cleaning progress and have set a goal of the first day of spring to get it out of the house. Hurts my soul just a bit…

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at POQ – I haven’t had to part with anything I really love yet. That’s a long time to be sick, Carol! Sure hope you’re on the mend now!

  45. Felicia Hamlin

    Hi, Mary, we only had an inch and a half. It was nice to have the brown grass and the old snow covered up. Enjoy the wedding. I am interested in the embroidery book and the quilting book. Thank you for the chance to win, Wishing you a good surgery.

  46. Joyce

    The blue and white quilt book looks interesting and I love feed sack fabrics!! Both books would be fun to read. Hope your surgery goes well! Also love hand embroidery. Gardening season will be here before you know it! (just keep telling yourself that, the winter can get really long without surgery limitations so I’m sure recuperating from surgery makes it worse.)

  47. Charlotte Shira

    Snow is so beautiful!!! So glad the bride got her wish for snow pictures for their wedding. The blue and white quilt book looks very interesting. Enjoy it while you are recuperating. I haven’t tried English paper piecing but it looks very interesting too. Praying for your surgery and for the surgeon and the staff.

  48. Debra Miller

    Snow is beautiful but I don’t envy having to get out in it! English Paper Piecing and enbroidery both interest me. I haven’t embroidered in years and have a ton of thread.

  49. Barb K

    The Blue and White book looks very interesting! Have fun at the wedding and good luck with your surgery–Thinking of you!!

  50. Jennie Cruzan

    Praying your surgery goes without a hitch. Giving thanks. Would enjoy the blue and white book or the hand embroidery book. Stay warm. Blessings Jennie

  51. Karen

    Prayers for an uneventful successful surgery.
    The Machine Quilting Idea book would be most welcomed! I always struggle with that.

  52. Rikki

    The snow looks beautiful. We did not get any here in NE Nebraska all went your way. The blue and white book looks very interesting to me. Hope your surgery goes okay you will be like a new woman running around this spring. I have surgery scheduled for Jan 22. Take care and enjoy the wedding.

  53. Rhoda Ebersole

    Driving home from the Bellagio and it’s Christmas Display in the atrium. The best part was the Christmas music.
    I see your book advertised in the Martingale ads in my quilting magazines.
    Happy New Year
    Sending prayers for you and Connie this month.

  54. Jeanne Vogel

    Heart today to be careful to write out the year 2020! If you put for example 1/3/20, someone can come behind you and add 17 or 18 or 19 so to always write the 2020 out.

  55. Sunflower from Michigan

    All of those books look interesting! I love hand stitching so Picture Perfect would be my first choice. I’m visiting my daughter in Indy again and am enjoying the 3 dogs. We bought our daughter a sewing machine for her birthday so now when I visit I don’t have to bring mine…just the projects I want to work on while there.
    Love your snow pictures and congratulations to the new couple. Take care and happy quilting.

  56. Kim J LeMere

    How wonderful to get a beautiful snowfall for the wedding couple, may they have a long and happy life together. I would love the feed sack book or the embroidery book would be a fun thing for me to try. I wish you good luck with your surgery next week.

  57. Anne Tomas

    Looks like a pretty snow day…hope all enjoy the wedding and remain safe. All the best to you Mary with your upcoming surgery. May a speedy and complete recovery be your journey with this procedure.

  58. Diane from TN

    So lucky for the bride to get her wish for a new snowfall on her wedding day. It’s a bit too cold looking for me, but I am sure there will be many beautiful pictures to enjoy for years to come. Best of luck on your second knee surgery. I wish I loved to do embroidery, but I tried it several years ago and my stitches were not even and too frustrating even though I know practice makes perfect.

  59. Donna Sproston

    This week I am working on a Beyond the Battlefield quilt as I think about you and your second new knee. I chose 89 prints so far. I think that will be nice and scrappy. I wonder if I will ever make a two color quilt with only two fabrics.

    When Linzee McCray gave a presentation on feed sacks at our quilt guild, she had quilts and clothing to display that she had collected over the years. I had not realized that feed sacks and flour sacks were so different in their materials. It was like comparing burlap to fine linen. I finally understood what was meant by sack cloth.

    Enjoy the wedding!

  60. Launa

    Winter is making up here in Idaho this morning for no snowing yesterday! Started @ 7am and continues! A good day to finish my #9 DD! The free Tiny Tree from Sheryl @ Temecula Quilts.
    My son brought a new power control replacement for my Ultra Comfort recliner a couple days ago. I just couldn’t get comfortable sitting elsewhere in the house.
    Enjoy the wedding, Mary!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – how is your ankle? Is that why you couldn’t get comfortable?

  61. Diann Smith

    I love paper piecing and that’s my plan when I finish the Bonnie Hunter latest mystery. Slogging away through that and can’t keep up. But it’s fun…I think. You also mentioned feedsacks. I bought 9 halves at a flea market and was given six full sacks and have a few more partials. I want to cut them up and make a quilt but so far I can’t do it. BUT I am getting older and older and if it’s going to happen it must be soon. I pulled them out to look at them again the other day. If I leave them someone else will have the fun so I need to get over the avoidance of cutting. I went to a quilt show once where all the quilts were made out of feedsacks. So wonderful. I have to do it… I need to do it. Maybe plus I WILL do it. Can’t live long enough to make all I want to make.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diann Smith – I find that if I even make one small snip I feel that “spell” being broken and then have no trouble cutting. Try it!

  62. Rita in Iowa

    Mary good luck on your surgery. I have a sister in law who should have surgery done but is scared of things going wrong. I think she needs to fine a different doctor, any suggestions.
    Love the Blue and White quilt book. Someday! Got 1-2 inches here near Stone City. Can live with that.
    Started the cleaning process also. Need to keep motivated now.

  63. Liz Schrader

    The new snow is always so pretty but I am glad I don’t have to drive in it anymore. I would love the “Feedsack” book. I have a large stack of feedsacks I inherited from my mother. My dad was owner of a “Hatchery”, she used lots of feedbacks in her sewing, even our dresses! My thoughts will be with you when you undergo your second knee surgery Mary. My recovery from my second one was much better than the first. Different doctor.

  64. Sue in Oregon

    I am happy the bride got her wish and that you took great photos of it to show us. We probably won’t see snow here in OR this winter. Right now it is sunny and fairly warm for a Jan. day. We are cleaning out the greenhouse getting ready to plant this year’s garden. I plan to start all of our own veggies and transplant them out when its time.
    Feed Sacks looks like a very interesting book, as well as Blue and White. I love Kathy’s Picture Perfect, too.
    Such darling designs.
    I just ordered the 2020 Martingale calendar. Martingale is running a good sale on them and I couldn’t resist.
    I will be thinking about you this week, Mary. All the best to you on the 9th.

  65. Gloria b.

    Always have a lot of energy for stash management at beginning of a new year. Sorting fabric by colors directs me to where I should do a two color quilt. Blue & white book looks like a kickstart. Hope wedding is wonderful. Congrats to newlyweds.

  66. Judy L

    I’m thinking in maybe a couple of weeks after your surgery you’ll be ready to head to the next polka dance in Duncan!!! You will have had both knees done and ready for a jig! I’m anxious to see the blue and white book, too!

  67. Peggy

    Best of luck on you surgery. The Hexagon and feed sack books look really interesting. Hope the wedding goes well. Take care.

  68. Pam Milbrandt

    All of the books would be fun and useful to have. Enjoy them during your recooperation after surgery!! We pray for your speedy recovery!
    Pam from Iowa

  69. Dorothy Rankin

    My prayers are with you and your surgeon. May you have a remarkably swift recovery. I would love to put my name in the hat for the Feedsack book. I am fortunate to have been given a feedsback collection and have been searching for a book. Love love love your blog1

  70. Mary

    So exciting for the bride and groom!
    So fun to see these new books, I’m putting the feed sack one on my wish list.
    prayers for your upcoming surgery and recovery

  71. Eileen Maher

    Happy new year, what pretty snow photos !! Trying not to forget my embroidery stitches, that book looks great….and blue and white quilts are always winners !! Try to keep warm in that snow !!

  72. Beryl in Owatonna

    Your snow is beautiful!! I love clean snow and the peacefulness of it falling!! We didn’t get any in Owatonna!! I am sure it will come, however.

    The books look interesting especially the feedsack one and the small stitches!

    You are in my prayers as you have your surgery!

  73. Nikki M in Tx

    Snow can be so beautiful to look at. Lived a year in Oslo & while I have fond memories from my time there also remember that I was never warm! And yes, I complain about the heat also!
    Two more boxes to charity shop, this time from linen closet & under kitchen island. Mainly sets of full sheets ( haven’t had a full sized bed in house for 10-15 years!!! ).
    My cleaning goal for next week is to go thru my shoes, I could be called a shoe freak. I no longer wear high heels and haven’t in years, but oh how I love them. Nothing looks better on a woman than a beautiful pair of spike heels 👠! I now settle for 1 inch heels, one of the compromises of age. Must say I go for comfort these days, but love seeing a younger woman in heels.
    You will be in prayers for successful surgery & a speedy uneventful recovery.

  74. liz hinze

    Snow is lovely, we’re having a very balmy winter here in Oregon
    I would like it to at least freeze and kills some bugs : /

  75. Kimberly Lusin

    Hi Mary! Thinking and praying for you next week. I’m working on my dirty dozen and bulls eye. It’s cold and snowy here in Indiana too! We have two swans in the wetlands behind our house. They look so pretty in the snow. Great day to stay in and quilt!

  76. Kathy Hanson

    Happy for the newlyweds to have the perfect picture taking day! Glad it was a nice day. Jerry had hernia surgery yesterday, all went well but lots of waiting and waiting. Thinking about you and your upcoming surgery, will be with you in thought and prayer! Think how wonderful it will be to be able to move around and not have all that knee pain. Something to look forward to! Will make it a very Happy New Year for sure. Best get working on my #9!!

  77. Vickie Lemonds, NC

    Mary, I’ve been thinking about you lots and wishing you the very best on your upcoming surgery next week!
    We have a lovely, sunny 61degree day here in Davidson. I’ve been working on a Christmas Chickadee quilt for my granddaughter for Christmas 2020. Since my goal is to make 5 quilts this year, I’d best hurry! There will be times that I’ll just HAVE to begin new projects in-between. The DD Challenge really has me motivated. Thank you for that!

    1. Jeanne Serven

      I’d simply love the Machine Quilting Idea Book. I get so stumped on what to quilt and it sounds like it has lots of great ideas! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

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