A Sure Sign of Spring

The hoop greenhouse is going up today by our grocery store – can’t wait!  Planting days must be close at hand.

Telly and Hazel (mostly Hazel) have quite a collection of toys.

This is one of her favorites – the squeaky mallard.

Here’s another piranha close up.

Or maybe a cobra!

Don’t forget – I will post the quilts For Sale tonight at 7 pm.

15 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of Spring

  1. Gayle Lacey

    How do you not just sit and watch/hold that little Hazel pup all day long?! The bigger the toy the happier she’ll be. Love it that can share your love with her!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Gayle – the only time I’m not really watching her or holding her is when she naps – I tell myself it’s ok because she’s only going to be a puppy once! And I want to soak up every minute of it that I can!

  2. fannie jane

    Ooooh, I can’t wait until the greenhouses are open and full. There is something so calming about walking through a warm, humid, quiet greenhouse full of beauty. It restores my soul and energizes me at the same time, if that makes sense at all.

  3. Kate

    My dogs had a squeaky mallard. It lasted about five minutes after they got it! I love Hazel. She is a spoiled puppy with all those toys.

  4. Nicole Hanson

    HI! Must be soooo nice to be soooo spoiled!! (Ask my kitty!) So pleased that Hazel is giving you so much joy and love!
    Thank you for the smiles!

  5. Linda

    Oh, how I remember those piranha puppy teeth. When my son was about two, we got a new puppy. All of my DS’s t-shirts had holes near the hem from those teeth.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda – you should see the hem of my bathrobe !
      I know what you’re saying!

  6. Ann Barlament

    The best part of Spring, getting to dig in the dirt. It makes my ❤ sing, as I come from a long ancestral line of gardners.

    I love the stack of toys!! Buck’s favorite toy was an elongated cow, I believe it had 10 squeakers along the sides and he would squeak each one before bringing the toy back! LOL

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