Above Freezing! 1-27-22

Whoaoaa! It’s actually melting but tonite it’s going down to -10 again.

I have so many photos to post! Bullseye, Wear Warm Clothes, reader quilts and this winter quilt from our book Dear Emma called The Skater. It’s hard to see until you know it’s a girl ice skating with a skirt and scarf on with her arms held high and hair flowing back.

Yesterday Sam and the kids and Ivy came out and since it was such a cold day I made bacon and waffles. I bought this little “personal pan size” waffle iron at Target over 18 months ago – the receipt was still in the box! And I had never used it until yesterday.

I love these crazy kids!

Let’s start with reader quilts – even some Wear Warm Clothes quilts and Bullseyes.

Remember the Blue Shirt Quilt – look at this beauty! My little sample pales in comparison.

This Iowa Hawkeye t-shirt quilt is for Ben, Connie’s grandson who was sick years ago. They will drop it off to him on Sunday when they leave for Florida. This is the first t-shirt quilt Connie made – she did good, didn’t she?

Saw this online – what do you think? I think this store owner has a creative mind!

This was a shock to me! I didn’t even think of this little dog being Hazel – I love it!

50 thoughts on “Above Freezing! 1-27-22

  1. TerriS

    I love the bed a fabric! Some people really are creative. Not me, I leave that to the experts! Stay warm. Love the skater quilt.

  2. KateS

    I have always loved the skater quilt and made it for my mother. I rescued a dog about 4 months ago and named her Hazel. Have always loved that name and it reminds me of the actress Shirley Booth who was Hazel the maid on TV many years ago.

  3. lorraine bujnowski

    Wow! What a nice selection of quilts! I love that Wear Warm Clothes pattern. Wish I could find one to purchase. Also, love the snowflake embroidered quilt. Would love to put that in my queue as well!!!
    So many quilts to make, so little time!!!, ❤️❤️😬😬

    1. Rita in Iowa

      Check out the quilt section of Half Price books. They sometime get Country Threads books in.

  4. Rita in Iowa

    What a great quilt show. It was a nice day in Iowa, for today anyway. This too shall change.
    Spent this week making a couple of small snowman blocks to use up the half square triangles I had sewn.
    They were 1 1/4 inch in size. Will send a picture when completed.

  5. Marsha from Kansas

    Love the quilt show today. I still enjoy my Thimbleberries quilts, too. That first BOM Thimbleberries quilt was the first UFO I finished when I retired. My Mom had me convinced it wasn’t a quilt unless it was hand sewn. All the blocks were hand sewn together. I started them in 1999 and sewed on them while my husband was in the hospital with his first heart surgery. By 2014, I realized it was ok to sew quilts by machine and even (gasp!!) Have them machine quilted. :). Looks like a good time was had by all at the waffle and bacon party. We enjoy a breakfast dinner every so often.

  6. Clooless in Wisconsin

    What a great picture…..I think we should all raise our beds and buy fabric end bolts! Maybe your local shopkeeper would save the cardboard inner bolts for you if you asked very nicely!!!

  7. Kathy L

    love all the quilts,
    the snow is coming to New England starting tomorrow and all day Saturday, which is fine with me, I don’t have anywhere to go Saturday, but tomorrow night we are going to see Jesus Christ Superstar, have been waiting 2 years to go since it was canceled because of covid, they finally got it in

  8. Jo in Wyoming

    Great show today!
    We’re cold too. Below 0 in some places.
    Possibly I need that waffle iron…my waffles, tortillas and pie crust usually look like the state of Texas! Thank goodness for the frozen products. 😂😂😂 PLEASE, LAUGH WITH ME.
    stay warm everyone.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in
      Wyoming – it was funny because the kids said they had never had homemade waffles – only Eggos! My mom had the best pancake/waffle recipe but I just used the box mix – it was delicious!

  9. Susan K in Texas

    Fun quilts today. I love them all – such a variety. I love the blue quilts – perfect for cold winter days. The skater quilt is fun. I like the quilt off to the right too – a good one for using up scraps. So many colorful quilts.
    I really like the bed with the fabric under it. Such a creative way to show quilts and fabrics.
    And visitors! Kids are so much fun to cook with. I’m sure Hazel got lots of attention too.

  10. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Thanks for a great quilt show today, Mary!! Love them❤️ It has been so cold and snowy, I am getting a lot of weeding out done. I have the Dear Emma book, too. Our grand daughter is Emma. It seems like she was born yesterday, but she is in college. Hazel on Wear Warm Clothes is perfect. I might have to put a cat on, too. Still cold.

  11. Brenda in SC

    Absolutely loved all the quilts!! So colorful on these dreary winter days. We are expecting more snow Friday. Although we are not getting the amounts that most of you are getting. We had 4 inches last week, but it melted really quick.
    Sorry I have been MIA. I was in the hospital with COVID. Didn’t realize I was so sick and tried to ride it out at the house with a fever of 104 and low oxygen for a week and finally gave in and went to Urgent Care thinking it was just an exaserbation of my Sarcoidosis and low and behold, I tested positive for COVID and low oxygen level of 84 and dropping. They crated me up and sent me to the hospital where I was put on 8 liters of oxygen and admitted for 6 days and given the antiviral IV as well as steroids and antibiotics.
    I am home now, but extremely tired. Trying to play catch up and rest too.
    So much to do from the couch and nothing is getting done….Hahaha

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda in SC – BRENDA!!!! That’s scary! I can’t imagine how tired and weak you must be – but you know you have to behave and agree to rest. Six days in the hospital is serious. Thanks for letting us know – we’re on your side!!! Please keep us updated on how you’re feeling.

  12. Linda in Michigan

    The quilt pictures are stunning! Every one of them is a treasure. Isn’t it nice to get a little break from the cold? It’s been cold, snowy, and downright blustery in West MI, but we’re supposed to get a couple of warmer days next week. Your Wear Warm Clothes quilt says it all for this kind of weather!

    1. Carla

      What!? Another person from West Michigan?! Carla J left a comment yesterday. Such a small world really. It amuses me to think that there are other people following Mary from here in my little piece of the world. Blessings all!

  13. Sherrill

    I have one of those little waffle makers but decided I didn’t like it..too small and cleaning was a pain for me. I have a bigger iron that makes 4 square waffles that I prefer. I LOVE the skater quilt and so many reader beauties. No way I could pick a fave

  14. Kathy in western NY

    What a fantastic quilt show. All are beautiful. The skater one is very appropriate now with Olympics to begin.
    I have one of the mini waffle makers too and used it with a gingerbread pancake mix I found and we loved them. I read on Rachael Rays website that the key is not to overfill it so now I keep a vintage 1/4 aluminum measuring cup attached to it with a twisty tie and it works perfect for me to have a hot soft waffle. We also have one that makes 4 waffles and we use that with the box mix and freeze them for later use.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – so make all the waffles, freeze what you don’t eat at once and heat them in the toaster! What a great idea! No more Eggos for me!

  15. Joyce from NY

    The quilts are beautiful, love the skater quilt & the Wear Warm Clothes quilt! It’s been very cold here too. Went out today to store, Sun was out but windy which made it even colder!

  16. Sandy

    Hi Mary, great quilts today! Very tempted by the rabbits with floppy ears, Stella and Luna would love it. Enjoying taking Stella to kindy with me on the mobility scooter (also known as the Taiwan 🇹🇼 taxi!)Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  17. Meredith in Cincinnati

    The quilts are beautiful! That blue embroidered one is on my “must do” list; just gorgeous!

  18. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Beautiful quilts, Mary! I love all of them.
    Sam’s children are just the cutest kids, how fun having them around.

  19. Nancy

    When our grandchildren come to stay overnight, the next morning Grandpa makes them waffles. Our waffle maker does a monkey ,a giraffe and a elephant. Enjoy reading your blog.

  20. Lisa B

    Beautiful quilts! So many talented Quilters with great imagination and use the fabrics and colors. Beautiful children. They keep us young don’t they!

  21. Bobbie Woodruff

    Wow, Mary those are some amazing quilts. That bed fabric storage is really amazing to. If I had room I would love it in my sewing room.
    That little dog does look like Hazel it’s so cute.
    I can’t imagine -10 or anything that cold, I’m not sure I could get out of bed. We have lots of rain but usually not the real cold temperatures. 30 something tonight. About 43 tomorrow.
    I have one quilt to make for my son then I want to make my bullseye. It took me a while to get the cream colors of 4 th of July fabrics. I want a patriotic bullseye. Have lots of reds and blues. Had trouble finding lots of whites or creams.
    I love the mini waffles iron. I like crispy wattles and that looks like lots of crispy.
    Y’all stay warm and inside if possible. You are so good to animals and I’m sure yours are more pampered than a lot of others. When they get to your house they are home forever. It makes you wonder where do all the rats come from? Is it from the fields around you? You have to be careful with poison as other animals could get it by accident. I don’t use it only the mice traps.
    Have a great day.

  22. Charlotte Shira

    Another great quilt show!! I think I need a small waffle iron now. I always have Eggos when the grandkids spend the night.

  23. Kathy Hanson

    Wow! What a quilt show!! So many talented quilters! What fun you had with those beautiful young people, you had to feel blessed!

  24. Peg in Missouri

    Sure wish there was a heart button to spread some love for all those beautiful quilts! ❤️ Love that red & white quilt hanging behind the first picture of those kids. Is the pattern for sale?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Peg in Missouri – it can be found in one of Susan Ache’s books – I’ll find it and post.

  25. Anita

    My out of left field question – how are Gold Fish Crackers a condiment for waffles? My grandchildren will be so upset if I have been leaving something out all these years.:)

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Anita – hhahaha!!!! I know they like them but as it turns out they were so enthralled with the waffles they didn’t eat any goldfish!!

  26. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I have an autographed copy of Wear Warm Clothes, my Mom gave it to me for my birthday in 1995. My friends and I all made aprons from the pattern in the book and I believe that I have made two Christmas at the Lodge quilts from the book too (I still have some of the leftover scrappy centers made from 1″ cuts (!!!) in my orphan block bin! I gave them as gifts many years ago. I’ve never made WWC, but I’ve always wanted to, it remains on my “to do” list. Maybe this is the year?!! In your bio inside the front cover, Mary, it says that you’d always wanted to visit Disney World; have you been there yet? Connie’s T-shirt quilt is wonderful. How is her grandson now? Is he fully recovered? I have left three phone messages with Sharon in an attempt to order the “best ever” T-shirt pattern, to no avail! Perhaps it’s no longer being printed. You’ve warmed up a bit in IA and we’re in another colder pattern here in NC.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mrs. Goodneedle – I can’t remember how you would have gotten an autographed copy – did your mom order it and request we sign it? Love Christmas at the Lodge – I just posted one sent in by a reader. Yes, I got to Disneyworld in 1996 and I loved it! I’m going to post about Ben after Connie takes his picture – yes, he’s good! I will try to reach Sharon – if unsuccessful I can pass my copy on to you.

  27. Diane in Maryland

    The quilt show was great! What fun to discover that Hazel has been in your favorite quilt.

    I may have to get one of those little waffle makers. I have never been able to make a waffle; they stick to the waffle maker, burn, etc. and I get so disgusted that I throw them out for the birds! I have no idea what I do wrong. Daughter Cindy makes them all the time and never has a problem. Maybe it was my old waffle maker and I’m glad I threw it out.

    It’s been so much fun watching those children grow up. I’m sure you are like a favorite aunt to them. It’s so nice to have someone spoil us when we are young. It’s a special bond that will never be forgotten. They will pass this on when they are grown.

    My husband is in his garage checking on the tractor with the snow blower. He’s making sure it’s ready for the big snowstorm that we may get. We are on the Eastern Shore of Md and our location is right on a line to get 1 to 3 inches or much more. People tend to go nuts here with the prediction of snow. Grocery store shelves will be empty of bread, milk and toilet paper! Mike used to despise the snow as it would freeze on his face when he’d be out to move it on the old tractor. But he got a tractor with a cab and now has a heater and a radio! It’s almost like he looks forward to it so he has an excuse to be out in it. For all of you that are getting a lot of snow, stay safe and warm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – it’s not “almost” excited to use the tractor, it’s the only good thing about winter for Rick! He loves his John Deere tractor with cab, heater, AC, FM radio – he clears snow everywhere no matter if it needs moving or not. He clears my grass – and I actually don’t like it because my grass needs that covering and moisture. I have talked myself blue in the face – my grass is precious to me and sadly it doesn’t have a chance!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – forgot – we are watching the news and your storm is predicted to be quite bad – lots of snow with wind!! Good luck – let us know how it turns out

      1. Diane in Maryland

        I will let you know about the snow. Yep, I hear you about the men and their tractors.

  28. Kim

    The Skater! Brings back memories. I made a wall hanging using one skater and a border fabric. It was fun to make and was a delightful gift to give. It lives in Italy now. Thanks for the unique and fun quilt designs, Mary and Connie! Lots of pretty quilts here today from readers.

  29. Sue in Oregon

    I agree with everyone. The quilt show is wonderful! So many great quilts and so much fun to look at and admire.
    It is awesome that you made that quilt before you knew Hazel. It’s like de ja vous, or something. I think all your readers saw her immediately and you didn’t. That’s kind of funny, don’t you think?

    Your waffles made me hungry because I haven’t fixed breakfast yet. Waffles maybe?? Hubs will be thrilled.

  30. Cathy Platzer

    Mary I totally enjoyed all those quilts that you posted. You are one amazing woman to keep this post going for all of us to enjoy. I may not always respond, and hardly ever come back to check on responses, but just wanted to put this out there to you. I might get motivated to start my wear warm clothes one of these days. I purchased that book along with some of the fabrics when I first visited your shop many years ago, and still have not parted with the book but have used some of the fabric for backing a snow man slide show quilt I purchased when I was at camp and had Eve (I think that was her name) quilt for me.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy P – so happy to hear from you! Our quilter’s name was Ina. The comments are really fun – you should read them!

  31. NancyTD

    Opps! I forgot to put my name on my finish.That is my king size hand quilted 6 year project. No more that big. It is mine-not giving it away.
    I never put up my wear warm clothes quilt this year. It would be perfect with our cold weather this year.

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