And the winners are……

I counted 374 comments and all of you want to win a copy of Carrie Nelson’s book. I asked Reed to pick two numbers between 1 and 374.

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Here is Reed.

Number 55 is Carol San Diego

Number 273 is Brenda posted at 5:12 on February 17

Please send your mailing address so I can send you a book, compliments of Country Threads and Martingale. You have until Wednesday night at midnight to notify me. If I don’t hear from you, I’ll ask Reed to pick another number.


This is the view out our east door – see those two dogs flying out there to chase any squirrel that might be at the bird feeders?

Here’s the snowy view from west of the barn looking towards the garden.

And the view looking northwest – more snowbanks.

And here’s a good picture of Mama and the chicks! Finally a good picture of the whole family.

I gave them some stale bread and you should have heard Mama call those chicks!

JB sits off to the side when I pull up to the table.

Not everyone is that polite.

And those warm concrete floors – hot water heat in the floor – makes this a favorite spot.

And what have I been working on? Don’t you just hate it when you work hard at a project and it just doesn’t measure up to your expectations? I’ve been working on Rectangle Wrangle with more of Jim’s shirts and THOUGHT it would’ve great. Not really. When plaids are big and you cut them into small pieces, the plaid doesn’t look the same depending on where you cut it. This would be a great pattern with more solid colors OR if I had followed Bonnie’s pattern and made the middle row black, it would have connected nicely. But Jim didn’t have any more black shirts and I decided not to add fabric yardage. Oh, such a mistake and it’s too late to change it. I am so disappointed in my ability to “see” that this was going to happen in advance. Here are my blocks up on the wall, not sewn together yet because I’m so bummed about it.

I know you can kind of see the rectangles but not good enough. Grrrr……

Back to the drawing- next time we do a giveaway it will not be with a comment as much as I appreciate reading them. 374 are too many to read and answer like this giveaway. Maybe it will be just posting your first name and city. I have been so busy with this since Saturday, I feel I completely lost a weekend. But on the plus side, I am so pleased with all the ad clicks – THANK YOU!

Remember our friend Dianne who is getting treatment for breast cancer? Let’s shower her with cards! Dianne Cook, RR 5, Kindarine, ON Canada N2Z 2X6

And then there’s Diane’s old horse named Pete who suffered a stroke recently. Her daughter Jen grew up with Pete and I’ve asked Diane to write an update on his condition in the comments. I thought we’d all like to know.

More snow coming tomorrow night – another 4-6″!

67 thoughts on “And the winners are……

  1. Patti

    Hi Mary, I laughed out loud at the picture of Hazel on the table! Please finish the quilt. I think you’ll like it more when it is finished.

  2. Freda Ireland

    I agree… Do not give up on the Shirt Quilt! I also agree, that a 1″ Black Border & then a 3″ Red Border (not necessarily Flannel), would set that Quilt Off! This would give your Eyes a place to Go! Looks like an ‘antique quilt’ to me and your ‘Straight Line Quilting’ would add to the Antique Look of the quilt. And, so does the ‘not so perfect fabric choices’! I just want to rub my hands over quilt and cuddle up in it after seeing all your snow! Made me sooo cold!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Freda Ireland – would it surprise you to know none of the fabrics in the shirt quilt are flannel?

  3. Sunflower

    Mary, I like the diamonds in your quilt. The plaid fabrics and who they come from are what make your quilt so special. Have you delivered the other plaid quilt to your sister-in-law yet? Thanks for the chance to win the pin cushion book! I look forward to your blog every day.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sunflower – I have not given the other quilt to Barb – the weather and the roads have not permitted any but the most necessary driving.

  4. Ruth

    Mary, I tried to email you but both messages bounced back. Did you realize that Reed’s numbers are #56 and #273? And your posted numbers are #55 and #273?
    Perhaps there was something wrong with #56…
    We’re supposed to get a few inches of snow tomorrow, here in Maryland. We’ll see if it really happens. My dentist tried to move my appt from tomorrow to today, but I was too busy.
    The chicks are growing, and looking so sweet! What a good mama hen!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ruth – the names and numbers chosen are as they appeared on my admin page – don’t know what else to tell you. How is it that you think I have the wrong name????

  5. Darlene from Texas

    Maybe you might consider playing up the diamond shapes by the quilting design you use. I have made a couple of quilts where the contrast was not exactly what I wanted and by using different quilting designs I could create the suggestion of the contrast I wanted.

    I think the quilt is wonderful as it is.

  6. Becky

    I really like the blurry diamonds! They still stand out. I think it will meet your expectations after it’s pieced and quilted.

  7. Linda from Blaine

    Mary – Have you checked out Reproduction Fabrics in Northfield, MN? They have an expansive array of period fabrics from 1775 – 1950. Definitely eye candy for all of the Civil War patterns on my list! The owner is Margo Krager, and she was in the shop while we were there last weekend, so we also got an impromptu education on fabric dyeing of the different periods. It would make a great road trip for you!

  8. Pamela Blessman

    Mary, as always thanks for your words and updates! You are too hard on yourself with your quilt! I love it and can clearly see the diamonds. Heck, I’m always striving to get my quilts to look more like yours! I never seem to get there sadly. Hazel makes me laugh every time you post her picture! All of your animals are a delight to see. Our yellow lab puppy, Jack, keeps us pretty much in stitches all the time. God knew what he was doing when he gave us “man’s best friend”! Take care! Pam in NC

  9. Kate

    It’s always fun to see the projects your working on. I can see diamond shapes in it and think it looks good. But if your like me, we’re the biggest critic of our own work.
    We’e In the line to get 4-8 inches of snow coming. Would really appreciate if we could just get into spring and no mire snow.

  10. Caryn Goulden

    I think the subtle diamonds in your quilt look great. The little chicks are growing fast! Here in Eastern Washington we got slammed with snow last week. Teased us with a few days of beautiful blue skies against the snowy mountains, and now they’re calling for more snow. The groundhog LIED!
    Your critters look so cozy in your house.

  11. Felicia Hamlin

    This is the first time I have heard of Pete, but he sounds sweet. I hope he recovers. Mary, the quilt looks nice. Remember back in December when we didn’t have snow? I was worried about my plants heaving, but now I am glad they’re all covered up with snow.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Felicia Hamlin – weren’t those no-snow weeks glorious? I wanted to rake my yard – haha!

  12. Sue in Oregon

    Congratulations to the winners! Nice job, Reed.
    I can see the diamonds too, Mary. When you finish it, you will like it much better, I would say. I am almost always that way about a nearly finished project. Then, after not seeing it for a while, I take it out and say to myself….Well, what’s wrong with this? Nothing, that’s what! I really like it now. Perhaps its because we have worked on it too long and also expected something different.
    Happy Tuesday

  13. Betty Klosterman

    I think I know why my 1st reply didn’t post. Looked all over for it and it just wasn’t there so I retyped it and it worked. In the meantime the 1st showed up. Thought I hit something I shouldn’t have. Now I think that a couple or more messages were tryint to post at the same time??

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, the diamonds are very obvious on this post in the quilt. A few changes toward the top and the whole quilt will look well planned. The photo shows the diamonds well.
    You all got some snow, and more coming. It is pretty when its fresh.
    20 days till daylight savings time. Then the weather will change.

  15. Diane in Central Ohio

    I can see the diamonds; it’s like argyle— really neat😺. I am not big on scrappy, but this one is great. Please don’t dump it. Great news about Pete. I helped out in a big horse barn when I was a kid. They are awesome.
    Hazel and Millie are so cute on the table.

    Thanks for making the drawing for us:). Snow is coming here on Wednesday, but Spring is only 30 days away!!

  16. Susan the Farm Quilter

    So glad to hear the wonderful news about Pete!! My horse is waiting patiently for me to come home…I haven’t been able to get there for 2 years! I miss him so much. I love the watercolor quality of the diamonds in your quilt!!

    1. Diane Bauer

      Thank you, Susan! You understand the love and connection if you have your own horse. They are special creatures!!

  17. Amy M

    I love seeing the blue sky outside your window! I agree with others, the flannel quilt is dog. I can see it is missing the “definition” you were going for but at least you don’t have a lot invested in the fabric.
    Great news on Pete the horse, he is sending Diane a message to give it your good fight. We all wish you the best with your treatment!

    1. Diane Bauer

      Thank you so much, Amy! Pete is a fighter, for sure! We have walked him through a couple of episodes of colic already and have been grateful each time he pulls through. While horses can live into their 60’s, that’s extremely rare and 34 is considered quite old. We do love him a lot!!

  18. Marsha

    I truly love the shirt quilt; of course, I didn’t have a “vision” of how you wanted it to look! 👓 Don’t feel too bad; I made and discarded two mini quilts for a swap just lately! I think the one I pieced tonight is a keeper; now to sandwich & quilt! Maybe big stitch with perle cotton so I can do it at works – breaks & lunchhour??

    The view through the window with 🐱 in the foreground! Absolutely darling!

  19. Susan from Rockwell

    I am so envious of your hen and her chicks! I discovered my shed I thought was just for the garden has a little door for chickens in the front that was hidden behind a clematis…I can’t wait to get chicks in spring!
    Love your quilt just the way it is! You would win the purple ribbon at the fair for it’s uniqueness!
    Did you see the snow moon come up tonight? It was huge!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Susan from Rockwell – I DID see that moon and it was huge and gorgeous. Sounds like more snow coming however.

      1. Susan from Rockwell

        I have no specific breed in mind. I just like to watch them forage. I have had silkies and polish as well as the bigger chickens but will only get 5 this time.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Susan from Rockwell – could you use a rooster? Reed and I would deliver him next spring.

          1. Susan from Rockwell

            Mary that could be possible. I may be able to keep him separate til the chicks get bigger.

          2. CountryThreads Post author

            Susan from Rockwell – use my email and send me your email and/or phone so I can contact you in the spring.

  20. Paula N.

    Reed is growing into a very handsome young man. Love all the pictures of your animals and life. Sending cards to Dianne is a sweet idea – don’t worry about the postage. It’s worth it. It’s great to hear that Pete is much better!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Ginny – you’re kidding! That is very special to me. You’re keeping your dr. Appt. tomorrow, aren’t you? Didn’t know you were driving to DM today. Drive home safely! Please give Al a hug from me!

  21. Marie Fibelstad, Storm Lake, IA

    Love the old shirt quiit and I can see the diamonds very well.
    You talk about clicking on the ads, I never see any ads!
    Love the pin cushions and will try to find the book when get to a quilt shop.

  22. Angie

    Don’t forget that postage to Canada is 1.15 but well worth the price to bring support for someone who has had the rug pulled out from under her.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Angie – I am very sorry – I honestly did not know the postage on a letter was that price – please do not feel obligated on my behalf. That goes for all of you! I should have thought that through a little more. So sorry!

  23. Janice Brown

    I also love the subtle diamond design as a result of selected shirt colors and patterns. It will be a great quilt when it is done.

  24. Launa

    Congrats to Reed for selecting the winning numbers!
    I like the plaid pieces on the design board. I can see the design you were going for, Mary!
    Looks to be -7 in the morning up here. Sun appeared about 4 pm like usual, too! Big moon out tonight.
    Sending you snail mail tomorrow.
    Thanks for the critter pictures. Has Reed named the chicks yet? They look healthy.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa- no names allowed until we see which ones are roosters that will have to be culled. Sad but true.

  25. Sharon Geiger

    I personally like your plaid shirt quilt. It’s scrappy and great. Maybe just add a black border and move on. Let it go, says Queen Elsa! Lol I LOVE snow but when you have had enough of it , you HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

  26. Marcia Rocheleau

    Love your ‘dream view’ past the kitty and the plants, through the window, out to your lovely barn. ❤️

  27. Marilyn

    I think it really looks good. A whole lot of pieces. What will you be backing it with?. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Diane Bauer

    You are so sweet to ask about Pete, Mary–thank you. Pete is “Silky Copper”, a beautiful Palomino Foundation Quarterhorse. He came into our family when my daughter, Jenica, was seven. She’s now 21. Pete used to follow her around the pasture, begging her for the cookies in her pocket or the apple core from the apple she was munching on. Pete taught her patience, self control, compassion for animals, responsibility and a myriad of other wonderful life skills. Despite his ripe old age of 34 (probably about 90 in people years), Pete was still being used as a lesson horse right up until about 2 weeks ago. On Wednesday, February 6, Pete suffered a mini-stroke that affected his left hind quarters, causing his left hind leg to drag behind him and for him to basically walk in circles. I ran to Denver to pick up Jen and bring her up to see Pete the next day. The vet saw him later that day, confirmed our trainer’s tentative diagnosis, and gave him some acupuncture support for his left hind. He’s gotten some additional dietary support and we have been keeping his spirits up with lots of homemade molasses treats, plenty of kisses, massage, and walks around the arena. Yesterday I went out and did a full grooming and then took him around the arena and out into the pasture for a longer walk. His left hind leg is no longer dragging and he’s walking in a straight line again. We are thrilled he is doing so well! One of the girls at the barn yesterday described him as a unicorn. We all love him so!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane Bauer – this is fabulous news about Pete! Nearly miraculous! And all due to you being so proactive in his recovery – give him an extra treat from me! I grew up with horses and love them! When Becky and I go to the fair we always go to the horse barns.

      1. Diane Bauer

        Thank you, Mary! Pete will get extra treats from you tomorrow!
        I went to The Fig Leaf this afternoon and came home with a lovely pile of fabrics from the Pam’s Prairie Basics collection (Marcus Fabrics) for my Caring Hands quilt. Have you seen the collection? I wanted some of everything in the line!! Seemed quite perfect for Beyond the Battlefield quilts!! I didn’t need anything except a navy for the setting blocks but the gals in the shop helped me see the very small difference between want and need, so I chose several!!

    2. Carol

      Our dachshund pup responded very well to acupuncture when she lost control of both hind legs. Up and walking in a few days! The vets called her the poster dog for acupuncture… sounds kind you have the poster horse! Wonderful!

  29. Ellie

    Thanks for all the photos of the animals! They all looks so happy and contented. I think the blue quilt will look fine when finished. Not up to what you wanted but it’s subtle. Very pretty and all those old shirts will be very snuggly.

  30. Kate

    I’ve made quilts I wasn’t too happy with myself and wouldn’t you know? They would be the quilts someone would really love. Same with your quilt. It’s special because you made it. I can see the diamond shapes in it also.

  31. Sandi McGuire

    I actually love the subtle diamond shapes! I bet you will like it when its done. Forge ahead!
    And I love all of your photos.

  32. cindy

    Awww, i see large diamonds throughout the quilt. Looks quite the antique! Sometimes they don’t turn out as expected, but all that work is still appreciated. Forward, forward to the finish! And if you don’t like after it’s quilted, donate it to charity. Someone will love snuggling up under those plaids….

  33. Debra Miller

    I can’t see that well-I recently had cataract surgery-is the quilt still in rows or finished blocks? If in rows-maybe you could add small strips of black at certain places to add detail. Just a thought.

  34. Betty Klosterman

    Your quilt has a nice diamond pattern. Since you haven’t sewn the blocks together yet, could you make a black sashing? It may not stand up to your standards, but I don’t think it is that bad. It will keep somebody warm and even nicer if they like blue. Chin up. Betty

  35. Betty Klosterman

    The diamonds in the quilt show up nicely. It may not be what you had planned, but it doesn’t look that bad. Scrappies are my favorite and it will keep somebody really warm, especially if they like blue. Since your blocks aren’t sewn together yet, could you use black sashing? My ideas aren’t always good, but who knows? Hopefully you could still keep the diamonds?
    Chin up and keep warm.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty K – I thought of that but I think the diamond will certainly be lost but I will try it.

      1. Carol

        I think the diamonds will show up nicely once it is sewn together, they just aren’t going to be bold. I like the plaids, it will be a nice, cozy quilt.

        1. Kathy in western NY

          I agree…I like the quilt as is. It’s rather modern looking to me. Which seems to be the rage now for attracting younger quilters. Thanks to Reed for helping out giveaway. Who knew Mary you had that many subscribers to your blog! My check for the new pattern is going in our mail today. Love that you offer this to us.

  36. Martha Engstler

    The weatherman is calling for snow here in PA Wednesday. Guess it’s some coming from the Midwest. I made a quilt from my sons flannel shirts plus a few from the thrift shop. If I can find the picture I’ll send it to you. I was thrilled. When yours is finished and bound I’m sure it will be good. Nice idea to send cads to Dianne. That always lifts ones spirit.

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