Angel’s Surgery – She’s Awake!

The surgery was a success and Angel is waking up now – Gloria just called me. The vet said it was the biggest bladder stone he’s ever seen but it’s been removed now and while she was “out” the vet also cleaned her teeth and pulled one. He is going to let Gloria take Angel home tonite because she’ll be better off feeling Gloria near her.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers for Angel and Gloria – they can now look forward to a healthy life together. I will keep you updated and as soon as Angel is recovered I’m going to visit her and I’ll be able to post some pictures.

Today is Rick’s birthday and we’re going out for pizza with Tom and Becky. Connie taught at a retreat last weekend and I have some really fun pictures to post. Now that we have Angel on the road to recovery, I can tell you all about her fun weekend.

Thank you, Prayer Warriors!

50 thoughts on “Angel’s Surgery – She’s Awake!

  1. Joyce

    Such Great News!!! She must have been so miserable. Happy Birthday to Rick 🎉 Enjoy your night out for pizza…Lots more ads to close lately! 😊

    1. Rita In Iowa

      Glad everything went ok with Angel. Enjoy your night out with the Birthday boy!

  2. Gloria From CC

    I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, stories and prayers for my sweet Angel. I also want to give a huge thanks to Dr. Moeller of Charles City Animal Clinic for a successful surgery and wonderful care he gave Angel. We get to pick her up in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to hold her and bring her back to her forever home. Thanks again!!!
    Happy Birthday Rick!

  3. Amy M

    Angel knew she had a good reason to fight! They both will rest well tonight. Happy Birthday Rick!!!

  4. PJ

    So happy everything went well to remove stone n now healing 🐾🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Beryl in Owatonna

    PTL!! So good to hear!
    Happy Birthday, Rick…enjoy your pizza with friends!

  6. Sharon Ernst

    Ahhh! Such wonderful news! I hope she has a very speedy recovery!
    Mary, you are such a kind friend! ♥️

  7. Kathy in western NY

    The power of prayer! I am glad Angel will be safely cared for tonight with her mom in her forever home. Thank you for updating us so soon. Now you can have that beer and relax tonight with your family.

  8. Sue in Oregon

    So happy for them. And, thank you for the update. Gloria must be so relieved. Get well soon, little Angel.

  9. Diane and Squeak

    Happy Birthday to Rick and Happy New Day to Angel and Gloria:). I was so focused on prayers for Angel and Gloria, I forgot to close ads. Sorry, Mary.

    Thank you, Mary, for the grass seeds. Is there anything special I should do to plant them? I am the “ black thumb” of the family and I know nothing!!

    67 here yesterday and 55 today in Central Ohio.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Diane and Squeak – just lay them on top of some potting soil and water – voila! Oats!

  10. Connie Tesene

    Gloria- I know you will be reading all the comments
    On the blog. I’m not sure I have your email……
    I’m so glad everything turned out ok for your sweet girl!
    Angel got lucky having such a great family to look after her.
    My best, Connie

  11. Diane in Maryland

    Thank you and Gloria for letting us know. Good news! Enjoy your dinner and happy birthday to Rick! Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.

  12. Kris in Naperville

    Happy Birthday Rick!
    So glad to hear Angel is on the road to recovery… God is good!

  13. Lois Ann Johnson

    Praise be to God for Angel’s successful surgery. Now we should pray for a quick recovery. Give Rick our birthday wishes for a great year ahead. I hope your “night out” is fun and relaxing. Bailey gained 15 lbs since I adopted/rescued her 8 months ago. I would say she is thriving in her new home.

  14. Diane Bauer

    So glad to hear this happy news!! Prayers answered!
    Glad to hear Angel can go home tonight. She and Gloria will both sleep more peacefully!!
    Colorado is under a state of emergency so I have a crockpot of soup cooking. Not sure what this will mean for all of us, but I’m feeling pretty prepared to quarantine, if necessary.

  15. Holly in Two Harbors

    What wonderful news!!!

    Happy birthday to Rick and enjoy the pizza!

  16. Paula in Texas

    Congratulations to Angel and Gloria!! Thank you for sharing this need.
    Happy Birthday to Rick!! Enjoy the pizza celebration!
    Beautiful day in North Texas, I am busy repotting plants that spent the winter in the garage.
    Our garage has a large window and two skylights, so it is not a dungeon! Lol!!!

  17. Sandra Goddard

    Awesome news. Amazing what prayers and great veterinarians can do for our family pets. Happy Birthday Rick. Enjoy your pizza.

  18. Anonymous

    Great news an Angel. Prayers answered. Will continue praying for a speedy recovery

    Happy birthday to Rick. Enjoy your evening.

  19. Angie from Baltimore

    Great news about Angel and May she have many years of being loved.

  20. Sandy in Indiana

    such wonderful news!!

    Happy Birthday to Rick & hope you have a wonderful evening

  21. Carolyn Boutilier

    Great news on Angel and for Gloria. Praying for a good recovery. Happy Birthday Rick.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley VA.

  22. Ginny

    Glad to here little Angel is ok and can go home with Connie.

    Happy Birthday Rick!

  23. Ann Gupton

    Have been praying for Angel and Gloria. Wonderful news.
    Happy Birthday Rick!!

  24. Vicki in Seattle

    So glad the surgery went well for Angel. She is so fortunate to have such a loving and caring new family.
    “Happy Birthday” to Rick!

  25. the other Angie

    God is good! So glad Angel is on the road to feeling better m. Between the kidney stone and tooth, she could not have felt very well. So thankful for the wonderful care she received and for the wonderful home and family waiting to take her home. Two reasons to celebrate – Angel and a big happy birthday to Rick! Sounds like a fun evening.

  26. Dianna

    Wonderful news! Everyone will sleep better tonight.

    Happy Birthday Rick🎂🎉. I know you all enjoyed your evening.

  27. Caryn Goulden

    So happy to hear our prayers were answered and Angel is on the road to recovery.
    Happy Birthday to Rick! Enjoy your evening out!

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