Another Birthday Card Post, 7-7-23

Here’s how Becky and I have handled our birthday cards to each other since my birthday in 2005. Same card each year, back and forth with added pages to continue the heartfelt birthday greetings. In 2006 the card cost $2.49 – we have gotten our money’s worth and it’s been fun!

Look at all these extra pages we’ve added to the original card!

I love it when I strike a chord and get you to comment – it’s always so fun to hear what you think. Otherwise it’s just me droning on and on.

I’ve been at the Garner Duesey Day celebration tonight and have been sitting in the park in the cold and sometimes light rain. The little boys and girls competing for the “title” had to be miserable! Fancy dresses with no coats and it’s 58 degrees! And here’s Mr. Duesey – Owen Lund!

The judges ate at Pizza Ranch with all these kids and watched their table manners and social skills which figured into their overall score.

Meet Mia – she’s staying here while her parents are in Garner for this event which includes Mom’s class reunion. Dad is in the band that’s playing for the street dance right now. Mia has stayed here before and she and Keeper are having a great time.

Remember that quilt I said we’d examine today? It’s too late and I’m too tired.

53 thoughts on “Another Birthday Card Post, 7-7-23

  1. Jill Klop

    I love to hear about the festivals that other towns have. The city that I live in used to have the Weiner Dog Nationals! They’d have dachshund races during a German fest. They don’t do it any longer. I feel sorry for those kids, but living in south Texas, I’m a little jealous of those cool temperatures!!

  2. Jody from Ohio

    Love the card you and Becky pass back and forth. My Grandmother and Great Aunt did the same thing for many years but theirs was a brown paper lunch sack with a Birthday greeting in it. So fun!

  3. Lynda Adams

    I love the idea of reusing the card! It’s fun and cards are sooo expensive now I feel like I don’t buy cards as much anymore. It used to be a fun thing to do before social media.

  4. Dee from Shell Rock

    My friend and I had one of those cards. It had this hunk on the front and said “What we’re looking for” and inside was a picture that looked like our husbands and it said, “What’s looking for us” Both of us would gladly take both of them back. Lost the card when we got flooded. Yep, just keep telling us about your days, I spent the weekend with my daughter at Shell Rock’s 4th of July. Had fun, we also did a couple of jobs I needed done. But I was oh so tired when she went home. I was out after dark 3 days in a row! We’ll talk about quilt tomorrow.

  5. Mary in Kansas

    My husband, and his grandmother, passed a card, in a brown paper sack, back and forth for their birthdays. They did this for years, until a couple of years before her death. They would add things to the bag. I think my husband still has that bag of items!
    He always said it was harder for him because he had to keep track of it for many more months than she did! I’d say they exchanged that bag for thirty-five years or more.
    Lots of rain here, buckets of rain!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary in KS – I have to keep track of it from July to August but Becky has August to the following July!

  6. Sharon G.

    Never thought of re-using a card, but it’s a clever idea. I’ve made cards for people with fabric on card stock. Always takes a couple of tries on plain paper before it’s considered suitable! 😂

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Sharon, when I replace my sewing machine needles, I put them in a pill bottle marked paper needles. It was fun to cut shapes and stitch around them randomly several times with black thread.

  7. Charlotte S in No. California

    I love the card you and Becky pass back and forth. What a fun idea! It’s supposed to be in the low 70’s tomorrow. Guess I have no excuses to not work in the backyard! I’ve been putting it off for days.

  8. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l thought Mia was a little girl! She is beautiful! Love the cards going back and forth too, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy (and Bella who is on the bed with me)!

  9. Kathy Hanson

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time. What a good way to have a card to share like you do with your sister. What fun to see how it comes every year – always something different with the same card! Great Idea! Those children look so nice, what a great time you had! That’s the way to celebrate your birthday – or birthday week or even birthday month! You know how to celebrate!! Keep it up! Keeper is certainly that, A Keeper for sure!!!

  10. Connie R.

    I love your birthday card round robin. You’re certainly getting your money’s worth out of that card. How fun.
    Looks like a nice day at the festival despite the cool temperatures.
    My Mom, sister and I went to an Amish Haystack Supper yesterday. Really enjoyed it. It’s a drive from our town so, took in some rummage sales and thrift stores on the way. Fun day.

  11. Suzanne Golden

    Love the beautiful memories that get reshaped each year with the card. Something very special.

  12. Jeanine in Iowa

    Yesterday our son and I went to the Nelson Pioneer Farm in Oskaloosa. He hadn’t been there since he was in grade school here, and wanted to go. I think we were the only “visitors” there, but we enjoyed going through all the buildings and reading a lot about Mahaska County. He really became interested in a town called “Buxton”, a coal town that was actually a city of over 5000 people at one time. He looked it up on the internet and we found many interesting things about it. It is now nothing, no signs of it ever being where it was. It is a great story to read. He left this morning to go back to his home in Ohio. He did many projects for us while he was here and we are so grateful.

    I always enjoy reading about your day, and also enjoy everyone’s comments. This is a great blog to share with one another. I, too, love the birthday card story. What a great idea you two had.

  13. Kim from TN

    Love the idea of a round robin card, what a great memory for you both. We spent the better part of the past week getting settled in our new place in Wisconsin (moved from TN). I’m so grateful our daughter could help us for a few days. Today we are taking the day and attending a Hot Air Balloon festival being held in Wausau, Wisc. It also hosts a car show, food trucks and lots of crafters ect. Will be nice to play hooky from the sea of boxes.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kim – my friend Margaret has just recently moved, too, and she also finds all the boxes overwhelming! I’ve heard about that big show – sounds fun!

  14. Ann in VA.

    Love the recycling of the card idea. I may use that myself.
    Very clever!!!!!

  15. Deb in Idaho

    I love the card exchange, what beautiful memories. Super hot here in Idaho, and looks like no releaf insight. Just 100’s. Going to the farmers market Saturday morning.then home . Water my garden and maybe sew. Have a great weekend

  16. NancyTD

    My daughter and son do a round Robin birthday card too. My Mom was in a birthday luncheon group that passed a bow for a gift for years.
    Glad to hear you are getting out and relaxing. Hope Rick is doing more each day toward recovery…
    I’m going to quilt today! Tired of watering and pulling weeds. The rain keeps missing us.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      NancyTD – I, too, am sick and tired of pulling weeds!!

  17. Nina

    Like your birthday card exchange with friend, such a great idea. Another great idea from friend Mary.
    Keep up the great ideas.

  18. Patricia

    Oh my gosh, the card. I absolutely love it and the picture is so cute. I’m going to assume it is the two of you and a classic family photo. What a great idea to pass back and forth and add to it. I have 2 sisters but neither are close as they live in Texas and I live in Maryland. Consider yourself very lucky to have each other in close proximity as well as friends. I can’t believe how cold it is there. The rest of the country is sweltering from the heat. I don’t know exactly what the competition was for the kids but they sure looked cute. I hope it warms up in Iowa. Thanks for the slice of life you generously share with us. Love all your animals. I did think at one time you weren’t animal sitting but you gave in. Pat

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patricia – it was a purchased card but the message was so perfect because as a little girl Becky always wanted to go bareback! And on the farm she could. Her hair was short and she also wore a cowboy hat a lot. At one horse show we attended a little boy said to her – “haha, you look like a girl!” We have teased her about that for years. We are lucky – yesterday she did my dog food shopping for me AND delivered it!

  19. Janet S

    My aunt and cousin had a bow that was passed back and forth for Christmas for years. Every year they had to take it apart and press it. It got pretty shop worn but so what.
    Sure glad to hear Rick is doing so well. That’s a relief.
    Enjoy your day everyone.

  20. Lorraine

    My father-in-law gave my mother-in-law the same card every year for years for her birthday, She didn’t even realize it was the same card for a couple of years! He didn’t even have to sign it-just put it in a hiding spot and got it out on her birthday and gave it to her. I thought it was cute but she didn’t think it was so cute or funny! He was such a jokester.
    I think you and your friend have a great exchange going and I bet you enjoy seeing what she added every year. How fun

  21. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy

    That bday card is a classic! I love that you and Becky save it and pass back and forth.
    Ok, am I the only one who doesn’t know what a Duesday celebration is? The kids are very cute and it sounds interesting.
    We are back from the beach. It was hot, but breezy and we had. great time and lots of seafood😋.
    Finishing a binding on a quilt.

  22. Chris

    I am intrigued with your card idea, Mary. I think my sister and I could do something like that. We always try to find special cards for each other–often outrageous cards we wouldn’t send to anyone except each other. But since we save them, maybe we should pass them back and forth. Gotta run it past her…. Of course, then we would lose the fun of finding the “just right” card every year. I usually shop for it all year. Her birthday is September 4, but I bought her card months ago! Every time I see it in the desk drawer, I laugh to myself because I know she will love it.

    I often think of comments but I seldom post because I’m afraid you get so many thoughts you don’t need me to add to the stash. I look forward to reading your blog. Thanks for writing.

  23. Brenda

    I love the card idea. I think I will try that with someone, not sure who yet, because I love cards and I have so many that I have collected. And I totally know the feeling of it’s too late and I am too tired!
    Another scare with my brother. He has been feeling bad and not getting better and then when he called I couldn’t understand him – slurred speech. I thought he was having a stroke. Now in the ICU with sodium and potassium unbalanced issues. In my little knowledge, I didn’t know that was a thing but it is, enough to be life threatening. He is better and being treated but now we need to understand how that happened and why.
    Praying for everyone!

  24. Jean Elliott

    Cool idea for the card! I don’t get to Duesey Days but I like to look at the pictures in the Leader. Hope they have them this year. That paper is getting smaller and smaller. I wouldn’t mind going to Elaine’s church for lunch either and having sloppy Joe’s. Maybe next year.
    I don’t always comment but I really do enjoy your blog. I know it’s a lot of work, but I hope you continue.

  25. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, I also like your hydrangeas. I did have a white and blue one on the west side of our house. The white
    is like a tree and does so well. The blue was smaller and died through the winter. I had a few hostas die also. I know black good soil has a lot to do with growing as I came from NW Iowa to SD. We have clay/dirt
    where we live. My rhubarb didn’t even grow for me that I brought from my folks’ place. I tried adding anything and everything. Gave it away and just get rhubarb from my daughter. You have my sympathy Elizabeth about your student. So sad to have that happen. Cute little pageant to have been to. Fun for the
    kids to experience getting up in front of people and be able to talk. (Not for me.) .
    We received 1/2″ of rain yesterday. It really helps. The corn needs some heat but maybe these cooler mornings will help them a little. Not so stressed out. Rick must be feeling better to make coffee. Hope he
    takes it easy and not injure anything. Lennox, Sd has a big 4th of July. Not as big like years ago but still very
    big. Even tho it was raining they had the parade. They have a cruise night, street dance, car show, local
    entertainment, vendors for eating, running in the am, and ending with fireworks at night. They have a community church service in the park on Sunday.
    Kris from WI: Disappearing 4 patch- Would you tell me what size did you make your unfinished squares to sew your 4 patch together. Then what width did you cut your center strips on each side of the center? Also your piano keys the unfinished strips? They use so many different sizes but like what yours are. Thank you, Kris.
    Cute card, Mary, that you two keep exchanging. So much fun to do that. I send cards yet to my kids and grandkids. Usually go to the dollar store. Have a good week end everyone!

    1. Kris in WI

      Glenda, I didn’t make the pretty Disappearing 4-Patch quilt that Mary posted last week. Maybe the maker will write in and claim ownership! There are any number of samples and instructions on the internet for this block. When I made mine, I began with 5″ squares. The maker used only two fabrics for each block, 2 background squares and 2 identical patterned squares. I used different pattered squares in each block for a really scrappy look. You could use a Charm Pack, too. The basic block starts out as a 4-patch with background and patterned squares placed so they are alternating (Row 1: Background/Pattern; Row 2: Pattern/Background), then cut 1″ from center on all 4 sides (don’t move the cut pieces, turn the cutting mat or walk around your table so the pieces stay aligned), the little center block is turned 180*, and the parts are then reassembled into three rows and the rows into the final block. I’m not sure if the maker used 1 1/2″ or 2″ cut strips for the piano key border. I liked the border, too. A nice finish. I’m sure Mary’s directions will be much easier to follow. Once you get the cutting and reassembling process down, it’s a fast quilt to make and different every time depending on the fabrics you choose. Have fun!

      1. Kris in WI

        Oh, and put a new blade in your rotary cutter! There are a lot of seams to cut through. Kris

        1. Kris in WI

          Ack! I didn’t explain how to exchange the cut pieces of the block! After cutting you have 3 rows. In Row 1, exchange the cut pattern square and the background square. In Row 3, exchange the background square and the pattern square. In Row 2, turn the little 4-patch 1/4 turn so it resembles a checkerboard in the middle. I hope that isn’t more confusing that necessary. There is a reason I don’t write pattern instructions. Mary is the pro! Kris

          1. Mary Etherington Post author

            Kris – don’t shortchange yourself – she needs to look at pictures and diagrams online – this is hard to visualize without a diagram to refer to!

          2. Glenda Fletcher

            I am so sorry I assumed you made it , my mistake. I will look on line and figure it out. Thank you for your time at trying to explain it to me. I really appreciated it. I believe you are a great sewer and it wasn’t up to you to try and explain it to me. My apologies again, Kris.

          3. Mary Etherington Post author

            Glenda – I think I have a series of pictures and I know it’s shown in one of our books. Does anybody know which book so I don’t have to spend time searching?

          4. Glenda Fletchr

            Mary, I have looked on line now and have found some pictures of the disappearing 4 patch. Yes, you are right that it is similar to the 9 patch. They make pretty quilts. Will also type in Country Thread Chicken Scratch and see what I can come up with too. Thank you very much.

  26. Tina W in Oregon

    What a fun card! In 1992, I purchased a card for Easter, my husband’s birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving. I give them to him every year – just add the year and then put them away until next year! It’s been fun. The envelopes are a little worse for wear though!
    We may have a thunderstorm this afternoon. I love a good storm but everything is so dry I fear it may cause fire(s). It’s pretty hazy right now from a fire somewhere in Washington state.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tina – we lost the envelope years ago and the card has stains on it and much wear and tear but that just adds to the memories!

  27. Jeanne in Co.

    I would also like to know what Duesey Day is about. Never heard of it before. Nor have I ever heard of an Amish Haystack supper. Can Connie tell me what it is? What a great blog today. Loved the cards and especially the card with the quilt placed in such a beautiful scene and the card with the bullseye quilt and a special wish from Augie the dog. Clever people. Mary, I hope you are having a great start on your 76th year. Your yard is beautiful with those gorgeous hydrangeas and your loving touch of care.
    Take time to relax on your porch and enjoy the view now that your planting and transplanting are done. Hugs, Jeanne in Co.

    1. Connie R.

      Jeanne, An Amish Haystack supper is the following food stacked on top of each other on your dinner plate: in this order:
      Crushed saltine crackers
      Mashed potatoes or rice
      Ground beef
      Baked beans
      Green pepper
      Black olives
      Cheese sauce
      Crushed taco chips
      All piled up in that order. It sounds crazy but, absolutely delicious! Then, of course, pie and ice cream for dessert.
      Connie R.

      1. Connie R.

        I forgot, the Haystack Supper also includes chopped onions. I know, crazy but delicious. Looks like a haystack!
        Connie R.

  28. Paula S.

    Oh my gosh! I really got a hoot out of the card you and Becky send back and forth. My husband and his sister pass an old garden hat that their mom wore when she worked outside. It’s ugly and dirty but they get a kick out of hiding it in the other siblings house when they visit. It’s a standing joke to look for the hat when the sibling leaves. So funny!

  29. Launa

    A couple we attended college with …Exchanged the same Christmas card for a few years….her young children opened it and ruined the card! Just think how postage has increased!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Launa – and the postage is going up again soon. Dang.

  30. Helen Jane (Tx)

    Hi Mary, Happy your days are getting better. The hydrangeas are beautiful. My niece and I exchange a Christmas card back and forth since the late 90’s. It was her suggestion. It has become “a lookin’ back” of family stuff. We have many added pages and I keep it in a special drawer to locate easy. I must admit to “looking up “Duesey Days” and I’m not familiar with Amish Haystack meal either. There are no Amish here that I know about. We have visited Amish places in other states, so I know about their cooking, quilting, farming, beliefs etc. It is interesting how many comments mention something I will look up and Mary “your little red truck”…I don’t see those here either-but pickups all over. I want to say hi to Connie Tesene if you are reading. It is Hot here! Take my word for that! Hot!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Helen Jane – I, too, learn so much from the readers! Such a great group!

    2. Connie R.

      Helen, thanks for asking about the Amish Haystack Supper. Jeanne asked about it too in a reply a few comments before yours. If you want to scroll back, I listed the ingredients included in the Haystack. It’s a crazy combination but, delicious. Try it if you ever have an Amish Haystack supper in your area. Connie R.

  31. Sandy Kolarik

    I love the idea for the birthday card. I have a friend of 42 years and wish we would have started this, we’d have a book by now.🤣🤣

  32. Lindah

    Love the birthday card. Being so very ancient, my brother and I are the only family to exchange cards now. The youngers don’t do cards these days. Your card is such a good idea. Not a birthday thing, but for a couple of years, my neighbor-across-the-street and I enjoyed passing back and forth an old vinegar cruet with a flower from our gardens. That was fun. But she is gone now.

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