Another Busy Day! 10-2-2020

Another day changing the newspapers for the puppies – wow, I can’t believe how many newspapers I use everyday. I so appreciate all the donations of food, money, newspapers! I need it all! Thank you!

Remember two weeks ago tomorrow was National JellyRoll Day – finished my project a couple days ago and today I put it on the table. This was a very easy-to-make quilt and an easy one to use on either table, too.

Millie is usually so cooperative but not today.

This easy Jellyroll quilt is from Strip Savvy.

I actually got some sewing in last night, a bit this afternoon and I’m going to sew rows together tonite. This is “Sock It To Me”, a new pattern I bought in Minneapolis last summer.

And if you love gorgeous embroidery, check out this book by Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill Studio.

This is my favorite project! It’s called Needlework Garden Stitch Sampler – 8″ x 10″!

I have had to give up handwork because of so much arthritis in my fingers. On Monday I’m seeing a hand specialist who is (hopefully) going to give me a cortisone shot in my middle finger. Yup, my naughty finger! Haha! I can’t close my fingers or grip anything. People ask how I can sew or play the piano – easy! I don’t have to close my fingers into a fist or hold on to anything – like a hand needle.

Everywhere I look I find unfinished projects – I was looking in my cupboards for a specific pattern. Found 4 more UFO’s in bags – but didn’t find what I was looking for. I also opened this picnic basket and found this! Ugh.

Oh, so many projects to work on!

Nala had a good day today – the puppies have a good day every day. Nala likes tennis balls and loves to retrieve a ball. I just can’t figure out what kind of owner would teach her to sit for treats, play with a tennis ball but then lock her in a shed for over a week without food or water to punish her for getting pregnant. There’s got to be a piece missing in this story. I so wish she could talk!

She is still nursing these guys – the rescue wants to keep her nursing a couple times a day for another week when they will be 6 weeks old.

Can’t you hear her saying “Get these guys off of me!”

21 thoughts on “Another Busy Day! 10-2-2020

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! Those puppies, they do like their momma.
    She looks like she is filling out some. I’m sure it’s hard to keep calorie intake balanced with making nutrition for that big a family.
    Mary, you’ve had 2 good activities this week, shopping and sewing. Lots of fun in that.

    Everyone, have a great weekend.

  2. Betty Klosterman

    One of my quilting friends calls the 3rd finger the “friendly” finger.
    Sure glad I’m not the only one with lots of projects started….. Betty

  3. Carmen

    Possibly Nala was in a loving home where she learned these things, and then, for whatever reason, she went to another home that was not a good home.

    1. Susan See

      I wondered that as well. Maybe her original owner passed, and she went to a not so nice family member, or a stranger. If only they could talk.
      I was watching some Star Trek online and I have thought having Mr Spock with his mind melding abilities, would be very useful. We could learn from Nala what happened to her, for example.

  4. Anonymous

    I love your jelly roll table topper. I so enjoy your e mails. Thank you for all you do. Be Still and safe 😊

  5. Diane Bauer

    That is a big pile of puppies!! Nala

    I’m so relieved I’m not the only one with a never ending stream of UFOs. Two years of Dirty Dozen projects has helped tremendously!!! I like your jelly roll quilt—great colors for fall!! I have a similar project waiting but mine will be made out of two charm packs.

  6. Linda from Oconomowoc

    Hi Mary, I just bought your 2 newest halloween patterns. I love them and hope I can get them done before this Halloween. But like you, everywhere I look there are projects to be finished and I feel guilty if I start a new one.
    What sewing machine are you using in the picture? It looks a lot like mine, a Bernina 1530. It’s old but sews like a charm with little maintenance. I love to read about all your animals. My son just bought chickens this year and 2 white ducks with pom poms on their head. Cracks me up.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Linda from O – I have two Bernina 1230’s that I love and a 740 that I hate – it moved to the back room- forever as far as I’m concerned.

  7. Teresa in Port Coquitlam

    You are so busy with Nalo and the pups and still fitting some sewing in. Nalo looks so sad in the photos I hope she finds a forever family she can come to trust. You are a very special lady looking after all of them. They are all very lucky.

  8. Mary Says Sew!

    Mary, so glad you got some sewing time in – it’s good for our souls!

    Perhaps Nala had more than one owner in the same home – one who taught her some manners, and one one who was abusive. It’s pretty well known that animal abuse often occurs in conjunction with child abuse and domestic abuse of all kinds.

    Or she’s had more than one owner. Maybe the home she was born into taught her some basics. You’ll probably never know, although with the internet, all things are possible!

  9. Teresa

    Nala will blossom once her pups are weaned and she can recover from starvation, pregnancy and nursing. She must be exhausted!

    Mary I’m always amazed at how prolific of a quilter you are!

  10. Cinders

    Your sewing project is so pretty, and imagine finding a UFO! I close my eyes at mine..hard to choose which one to do next, good thing I have them numbered! I am working on my #11 and where did the month of September go? Will get busy and get it done, then on to #6 already! I am hoping you will get some one on one time with Nama, I am waiting and hoping you can get her spark and happiness back, to me her eyes will tell it all! 👀 I am hopeful anyway. Happy October!

  11. Cathy

    Your jelly roll project turned out beautiful! I love the colors you chose.
    Sweet Nala. Wouldn’t it be eye opening if they could relate what happened? We have dogs at the rescue I volunteer for that we would give anything if they could tell us what happened in their lives that brought them to us.

  12. Betty from Canada

    Hi from Canada:
    You don’t want to know all the bad things that happened to Nala. She is getting to trust you because of all the love you are giving her. It was a bad thing that she killed one of your chickens but she was not thinking properly.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Neither one of my rescues I have now will play fetch with a tennis ball. I take them outside with us in our fenced in yard and throw it and neither knows what to do except sit and watch me play ball myself. I gave up. But let a chipmunk run out from behind anything and they make a bee line for it. I figure it’s because they lived in cages in their puppyhood as one would run into her crate when coming in so we had to convince her it was okay to walk out. Potty training was what I thankfully accomplished within a week. Now it’s just hugs and happy walks sniffing who’s been in their yard.
    Love the colors of your jelly roll.

  14. Diana in Des moines

    I saw a hand specialist last week for my thumb joint. Arthritis and bone spurs, so I now have a new thumb brace. Much better but too cumbersome to wear during sewing.

    Hope you got all your plants in before the frost. Raining in DM today, so quiet time in my studio. Yay!

  15. susie Q

    maybe it was two owners…… one who taught her things….. and a relative or friend who took over when the first was sick or some such. Keep up the great work and those puppies may find good homes.

  16. Sheila in WI

    Love your jelly roll table topper… especially the colors. Thank you for this blog and all that you share.

  17. Janice Hebert

    I really feel so bad for Nala. She just seems so unhappy. I hope that after the pups are weaned that she fattens up and finds her forever home. She’s such a sad little girl. The pups look great though! And your jelly roll quilt is beautiful! Jan in MA

  18. Cathy

    Cute puppies and poor momma. Hopefully she can recover quickly when the nursing stops.
    You posted on 9-26 about the puppies…socializing. So sweet.
    You also posted about a pattern in your shop called Pumpkin Spice. I’m not finding it in your shop…did I miss something? It’s a really nice table topper and I would be interested in purchasing it.
    Thank you.

  19. SusanfromKentucky

    I know the puppies will all find homes, but I’m really praying for Nala. She looks like such a sweet girl! If I didn’t have Tucker, I would probably try to adopt her myself. She tears at my heartstrings.

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