Another Gorgeous Day On the Farm! 9-17-2020

I have been revitalized to write this “boring” but very calm blog. I’ll bet I’ve told Rick a hundred times in the last few months how lucky I feel that we live in North Iowa, isolated in some ways but calmed in others.

As I walked out of the house this morning, this was before me.

When I get to the barn and look back towards the house I see my morning glory vine – in all its leafy glory but for the third year in a row, I haven’t had one bloom! Any ideas for me?

Colton greets me.

And then Mama shows up.

Then I check on the goats and the chickens.

As I look at Tim’s corn across the road, I can see it’s changing color and harvest will start very soon.

Then back to the house where Sugar Maple greets me.

On to quilting – where both Connie and I have gathered our books that use jelly rolls because on Saturday, September, Moda is sponsoring a Jellyroll Day. We are both going to start a new jellyroll quilt – it’s so hard to decide. Here are our books and patterns to choose from.

Here are some of Connie’s precuts – just a very few.

And this is what she’s planning to work on – so far.

This is what I have chosen to work on – so far.

I may keep looking and deciding – why don’t you pick a jellyroll and sew with us? It will be fun! I’ll post our progress here on the blog and if you’d like, send me a picture of which project you have decided to do.

Thanks to all of you who wrote and especially to Betty whose letter was so wise, sweet, touching and applies to all of us in our little blog group, whether you comment or not. I just wanted to share those wise “observations” with all of you!

Heading outside to mow. Robbie recently visited Mackinac Island where she saw this in one of the beautiful gardens. Don’t you love it? I do!

32 thoughts on “Another Gorgeous Day On the Farm! 9-17-2020

  1. Sue in Oregon

    I didn’t see BE STILL until scolled down a bit more and then it leaped out at me. I just thought Wow. The splendid copper statue and then Be Still under it. How perfect is that?
    I must look to see if I even have a jelly roll. That sounds fun, but I have a ton of projects going, as someone else already said.
    I feel the way you do about our farm and how lucky we are. The only setback was the smoke, but that is finally going away. Beautiful fall days, gardens, animals and views. I really rarely miss going places.

  2. MartyCae

    The jellyroll sew along sounds like fun! Thanks for coming up with it.

    Every day I drive to work and see the beautiful countryside I thank the good Lord. Some people find Iowa boring but not me!

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    Yes, that last picture says it all.

    I love your views in all directions. Everything is so green.
    I think what makes scrap quilts so appealing is the use of white. It causes all the color variation to pop.
    Our little quilting group met today. We think we can go to the park, keep our social distance, and keep meeting until our fingers freeze. I hope so, it’s comforting to gather.

  4. Linda Schluchter

    You have a beautiful view when you walk out of your house. I do to and I always feel closer to God walking with my dogs and sometimes a cat, out in the open going to the barn. This morning Bear, my big horse, was outside the barn standing in the warmth of the sun. It was chilly so the roosters were rather quiet this morning.

    I like the train tracks pattern you are thinking of doing. I to have some jelly rolls that I need to use but I’d better finish the three quilts I have going now!

  5. Launa

    I sat outside about 15 minutes on our deck….then I noticed flecks of ASHES on my top and sweat pants!
    The air is just full of haze, ash and smoke from CA, WA and Oregon forest fires! I know the sun is out there, but I haven’t seen it all week! So many have lost so much including family members! Sending prayers for those and the exhausted fire people!

  6. carol lewin

    A good day , your pattern Rise and Shine arrived. Just what I wanted. Thank you.
    A very hazy smoky day here in NW Nebr. Be glad when all the fires are out. Am very glad I live where I do, rural America. Keep writing this wonderful happy blog. Carol L

  7. Kathy in western NY

    Your kitties look so sweet. Love seeing pictures of them and your walk outside.
    Your readers are so engaging with each other as evident recently with the sharing of the located pattern and how we all jump in to share our love of the comments. It’s testimony to your blog Mary and how you have so graciously put pictures on your blog of what we create so we can all see them. Your virtual quilt shows have helped more than you will ever know as I usually went to many in our NY, PA, area and I do miss them.
    Now for the jelly roll…..I will send you a picture of my latest jelly roll quilt. Yesterday my husband helped me sandwich it on some tables set up in his motor home barn so that was a lifesaver since no sew days at church. Hoping to begin quilting it myself this weekend. Honestly , I need a national clean up your sewing space day to push me to do it. I’ll worry about it when I am in for a long winters nap.

  8. Cindy LeTourneau

    I have noticed my morning glories don’t get flowers if I put Miracle Grow on them. They are one or my favorite flowers. It’s so disappointing when the plant doesn’t get flowers.

  9. Peggy

    I look forward to your post every day. We live at the lake and I can relate to the quiet. I do not miss going out too much but do not do very much visiting. Keep up the good work.

  10. Ellie

    I so look forward to your posts and your positive outlook! Even when you’re upset about something, I can empathize with it and I know that tomorrow you will be back as your usual cheerful self. Especially in these days when we’re seeing less of family and friends a visit through your blog is almost like coffee with a friend. Thanks for all the picture, especially the animals.

  11. Kathy Hanson

    I have a Christmas jelly roll, now to chose a pattern! Loved seeing your lovely day start out with your “friends” coming to greet you! Perfect day for sure!

  12. Donna Wyatt

    I need to go back a day and say how much I also enjoy reading your blog, it is the calm to my storm somedays, and to see all the beautiful quilts people have done makes me feel very inadequate, but, I will continue to press on and try! Maybe I will be brave enough to post. Today we met with our financial advisor and he gave me the green light to retire! I am over the moon excited, nursing has changed a lot since 1976 when I started this journey. My husband knows that I will work till next June, but, it is nice to know that I can retire and be comfortable.

    Thank you for ALWAYS being a bright spot in my day! And for the dedication of the quilters that send pictures! It truly is a highlight for me.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Donna Wyatt – do you have a project in the works, Donna? Do you need some help? Just email me – I’ll help via email, if I can.

  13. Anne

    I made your tomato cornbread salad tonight. Both my husband and I loved it!
    Thank you so much for the recipe.
    And all your thoughtful encouragement 😀

  14. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    I loved all the yard and animal pictures. Colton and Mama Kitty are so beautiful! Fall is such a great time of year. Thanks, Mary.

  15. Kim J LeMere

    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful pictures of your lovely yard and the sweet animals. I didn’t know that Moda was having a Jellyroll Day, thanks for the info. I know I have a few of them that I will be using to join in. What fun.

  16. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I love what you’re working on (Gene Pool) and what you’ve got planned, can’t wait to see the combined results of yours and Connie’s work day. Fun! I adore Sugar Maple, being a New England Girl who just so happened to go to college in Vermont, Maple Leaf quilts always sing directly to my heart. Why don’t I have one? Why?? Why??? I suppose I need to get to work on that! 😉

  17. Rosalie

    Saw reference to Rise and Shine pattern in comments…did I miss something?
    Checked the digital patterns and no luck.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Rosalie – someone wanted to buy Rise and Shine – we sold it to her direct from the shop – that’s all.

  18. Felicia Hamlin

    That is a great view of the barn, Mary! I enjoyed seeing pictures of Colton and Mama. Pretty quilts. Praying for rain for the states threatened by the fires.

  19. Kathy Roloff

    Such a beautiful post! Very peaceful. You have heaven on earth, where my Mother came from.
    Colton got a scratch on his head from me years ago. He is a handsome boy. If you have a chance, could you tell tell the source for the pattern Gene Pool? I would be very grateful. Thank you

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Roloff – Connie’s pattern and she’s not home this weekend. Maybe she’ll see this and leave a comment.

    2. CountryThreads Post author

      Kathy Roloff – all I did was search for quilt pattern named Gene Pool and it came right up. I’ll let you see who the designer is!

      1. Kathy Roloff

        Thank you so much Mary! After seeing Connie’s work in progress, this quilt has moved up the list.
        I have ordered it. Best wishes for Betsy.

  20. Sheila in WI

    I was hoping someone would reply about your morning glories since ours didn’t have flowers either. Bummer! We also didn’t use miracle grow.
    Love all the quilts and the peaceful looking views from around your place.

  21. Wonda Myers

    Enjoy your blog so much. We don’t live in the country so I love seeing the animals and quilts of course. It’s never boring. I know you have a lot of work around the farm. I appreciate you taking time to share with us.

  22. Theresa

    I appreciate your blog and all that it stands for and never find it boring. I find it calming and reassuring that there are places in this world that represent life as I would like it. I don’t comment often but read almost daily and just want to say Thank you.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Theresa – thank you for your comment – I’m glad we can all escape the troubled world here on the blog!

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