Another great scrap quilt! 7-31-21

Log Cabin Blue Jeans can be your next “use it up” project! Grab your leftover strips and a pile of old jeans and start cutting. Rosemary suggests sewing blocks together and then carefully snipping the seam to create a ragged back – something we didn’t think of at the time we made the pattern. It’s such a good idea!!!

And who doesn’t have old jeans and leftover strips?

Here is my Tilda quilt top.

This was NOT a good pattern to use with this fabric – I should have incorporated some solids – too late now but wanted you to be aware of my bad decision so you didn’t do the same thing.

Reader quilts

We had .4 of rain last night – the grass just continues to grow, doesn’t it?

Found online – isn’t it wonderful?

17 thoughts on “Another great scrap quilt! 7-31-21

  1. Janette

    Is your Tilda quilt already quilted? If not maybe you could cut it into smaller sections and add some solid colors. It looks like you have some long rows that could be cut in smaller sections.

  2. Beth

    It just so happened that I had a quilt to bind so I tried the corner thing…back folded one way and the front folded the other way. It felt different to do it that way but it laid really nice and flat. Have a great weekend Mary

  3. Angie from Baltimore

    Love the Fairy Wagon and what an inspiration. Maybe you think some solid fabric should have been used but I still love the quilt looking like a real scrap quilt. Love it

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Lovely post today. All the quilts are wonderful. If you want to change the Tilda up a little, add some big appliqué flowers and leaves.
    Our botanical garden has a fairy garden and it’s so fun trying to find all the miniature surprises in it. The wagon is adorable.

  5. Launa

    The Fairy Wagon picture is a wonderful beautiful idea!
    Love the curved scrappy quilt! Great pictures today. Waiting for August DD# even tho my Bernina is packed n ready!
    Heard someone reported a fire last night and it was successfully DECLARED OUT A FEW AGO! Thank you Forest Fire Fighters!

  6. Rosie Westerhold

    LOVE the fairy wagon. I have a vintage sleigh sitting in the back yard that hubby bought for SOMETHNG!! Ha!! Maybe I could do something like that with plants in it? Of course, i would need someone to MOVE it for me because it’s about 6’ long x 5’ tall x40+”. Wish he would have told me what he was planning for it before he left this earth. Big sigh. Another mystery to be solved.

    I have a question about the fair we’ve been talking about, and the judging. I just ASSUMED it was the Iowas State Fair, but I KNOW that’s not until August. So, where was the fair you’ve been talking about? Never thought to ask until now. Ha!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie W – it’s my local county fair – Hancock County District Fair in Britt, IA – 7 miles west of me. Oh, a vintage sleigh!!! The possibilities are endless!

      1. Rosie Westerhold

        The sleigh is all or mostly wood, and in pretty sad shape. Tell me your ideas. I’m not being very creative right now. It IS pretty cool, though, and I would like to enjoy it in some way. It is sitting under the second floor deck of the office/studio, with plywood set up against it to “sort of” protect it from the elements. Share your ideas, everyone. Go!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Rosie Westerhold – for me, I would fill it with pots of succulents and houseplants during the summer using little stools or cement blocks to create different levels for the plants. In the fall I’d put pumpkins, gourds and a corn shock in it – at Christmas of course I’d put spruce tops and white lights in it. I’d also include antiques or vintage garden equipment for interest – like watering cans and old garden tools.

  7. Diane Bauer

    Love seeing all of the finishes!! I currently have two needing binding. Brought one to the cabin this weekend thinking I’d get it finished, but we’ve been busy playing cards instead—Hand and Foot—fun to have friends who enjoy getting together!!

    So many areas in Colorado are under flash flood warning with rain falling on burn scars. I-70 is closed at Glenwood Canyon AGAIN this weekend. One of my friends’ daughters and grandson are camping near Fairplay and that are is under a flash flood warning and she can’t get hold of them—worrisome for certain.

  8. Holly Christian

    I absolutely love the gnome table runner!! I’m hoping the owner will read the comments and share if this was a pattern or self created.

    1. Kristen Ault

      Sorry to jump in before the quilter of the Gnome Table Runner has a chance to reply, but the pattern is available from Annie’s Craft Store. I got their catalog just last week and thought the gnomes were just so darn cute!
      Kris in WI

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