Another Rainy Day

The wind is howling and the rain is beating against the windows – again.  The whole week has been like this and it’s really getting old.

Dark and dreary, rainy and cold – it was nicer in March than the last day in April!  That’s why I made a trip to my favorite greenhouse yesterday – Countryside Greenhouse, Orchard, IA on Hwy. 218, 5 miles north of Floyd.  I had a nice reprieve from the nasty weather and now when the weather turns nice, I can go right outside and start planting.

For those wondering about Faye, I am learning that kidney disease is a continuing process of highs and lows.  Last week she didn’t eat for 5 days and I thought we would lose her by Sunday.  This week she is acting almost normal.  She loves to go to the barn and I have discovered several more foods she likes.  The toxins that go through her body instead of being eliminated by the kidneys make her feel very sick and we all know how we feel about eating when we are nauseous and just too sick to care.  Because the kidneys are not functioning properly, they are not removing the toxins and that makes her feel very very sick.  Our journey continues.  Thanks for your prayers.

15 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day

  1. Angie Rowland

    In 1999 we had a severe drought an dI promised I would never complain about rain again. Baltimore area had 60 days of water left and people were concerned if their debit cards would work on dec. 31. So when we finally got rain, I was so relieved. Now I won’t say that I haven’t wished to share ALL the water we get sometimes but I am NOT complaining.
    As to Faye, may she at least not be in pain. Bless her and you as well.

  2. Launa

    A nice color assortment of Geraniums Mary. Thanks for showing your other colorful flowers and veggie plant purchases……Something to look forward to when rain stops; Mother Nature is sure rewashing your windows!! Wish we could switch weather as sun is out here and temperatures are heating up to 77 later. April showers bring May flowers! Be thankful neither of us live on the Olympic peninsula in WA…rains almost daily there, but vegetation is beautiful.
    So good to hear Faye has perked up after some worrisome days; praying for more better days to continue for her.
    Little Hummingbirds are sure busy around here this morning.

  3. Diane

    Oh, poor little Faye. It is so hard to watch them hurting, but we know she’s in great hands. Love your flowers; I hope they brighten the outside soon:)

  4. Linette Stewart

    Same weather here unfortunately, hoping for sun on Monday 🙂 Keeping Faye in my prayers.

  5. Carol

    Poor sweet Faye, praying she doesn’t have too much pain. Bright flowers on a dreary day make the heart leap. Praying, for you, too, Mary as you watch your pup hurt.

  6. Diana W

    Since the vet told us to bring Punkin home and love her up, she has blossomed. I keep thinking this is the rally before the fall, but she is super happy. She was so afraid when we got her, but she has become a very loving, friendly little girl. She’s not gaining weight, despite eating non stop some days. Some days she throws up everything she eats, and other days, she doesn’t touch her food. Her good days far outweigh the bad, and for this we thank God.

    Prayers for you and Faye as you travel this road. Love to hear about her, although I know how painful it is to talk about her. Hang in there!

  7. Paula

    Rain here too and cooler. I guess maybe blackberry winter is coming. Prayers still for Faye and Ben. Plants looks nice too. Made a little change purse today with two zippers. Hadn’t put a zipper in since home ec. class in 1970. They looks pretty good. Thanks for writing each day. Paula in KY

  8. Nancy Wines

    Thanks for the update on Faye. She is a very special dog and each day you get to spend with her is a treasure.

  9. Lora jans

    Hi Mary, I have a 12 yr old collie who struggles with health issues and little appetite so I am always begging him to eat. My vet recently gave me a liquid vitamin food supplement called Lixitonic that has really helped that you could try. I would be glad to share some with you if you would like to try it! Ground turkey is mild on his tummy and he really likes it also. I hope Faye’s good days outnumber her bad!

    1. Mary Etherington

      Lora – I am going to ask my vet about this liquid vitamin for Faye and I also will try ground turkey – thanks for those suggestions. I will try anything.

  10. LMK

    we were at the same greenhouse friday, i plan to go back, just waiting for warmer days. by the way, i listened to kitchen klatter, also my mother, she got the magazine too, both of us saw margery and got our cookbooks signed by her. i still have my cookbook. saw some k.k. magazines in the s. army awhile back for 10 cents a piece, i bought one but maybe should of bought more. and yes, k.k is an iowa thing, they were from s.w. iowa.

  11. Felicia Hamlin

    So sorry to hear about Faye. If only they could tells us what is bothering them, maybe we could help them better.

    Have a nice day, Felicia

  12. Julie

    I’m so sorry to hear Faye isn’t improving. It’s the hardest thing to watch. As much as I wish they could talk and tell us what hurts, you can almost see it in their eyes and it’s heartbreaking. Prayers heading your way!


  13. melinda

    I had a cat, my dear Lucy, who only had one kidney. She went into kidney failure at 6 years of age. I ended up giving her subcutaneous fluids and had her for another 6 years! Are you not giving Faye fluids?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      We opted not to give the subcutaneous fluids and the stomach feeding tube. Faye would hate it and we decided we’d let her live her own life for as long as she could.

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