Antiques in the Park

On the first Sunday of September Clear Lake hosts “Antiques in the Park” and I love it!  I haven’t attended in the past few years because one needs to go early and I’m always at church.  This years I asked for this Sunday off weeks ago.

Church is held in the park from approx 9-11 and lots of people bring their lawn chairs and go to church by the lake.

I knew Jo would be there so I went early and found her with Roger and Kelli setting up their sales area.  It was so fun to visit with Jo in person rather than email – we could have chatted all day – but I needed to shop and Jo needed to work.

Rick asked what I was looking for today and I said “nothing really” but I knew I’d find some wonderful things that I just had to bring home.  Connie always says a little “retail therapy” is good for the soul.  I can’t wait to use the things in my house.  Here’s a unique basket I bought to fill with hydrangeas from my yard.

And here’s a little red plant stand – so cute!

Both of these items were $28 each – if you’re curious and I would be.

I used to take pictures of the dogs at the Country Living Fair in Ohio – here’s a few that I saw today in Clear Lake.

Great stuff to be found today and I thought prices were reasonable.

I saw several quilt shop “customers” and enjoyed catching up with them.  I also bought an old quilt – something I did not need but I love it and will hang it on the wall after Christmas.

22 thoughts on “Antiques in the Park

  1. Jean Elliott

    I used to time my visits to Garner to coincide with that show in Clear Lake. Haven’t been there for years because it’s too close to a show that I do here at a farm that my friend bought just for shows. I’m on the main floor of the barn and we have five shows a year. It’s a lot of work but I love it. The barn is a great place to have the shows and there are several other outbuildings and the house that people rent spaces in. Lots of food vendors there and fire pits on the grounds that people sit around. People bring their kids and it’s so much fun. I love that basket ….it will look fabulous filled with hydrangeas.

  2. Ginny

    Love the puppy pictures, especially the hound.
    It looks like you had wonderful weather for teasure hunting.

  3. Robin Boggan

    I would love to go to something like that. It looks like a beautiful day! Fun to find some treasures!

  4. Susan Sundermeyer

    I just love these kind of events! Here in Kettering, OH we have Holiday at Home with a two day arts and craft show right down the street at the pavilion. Local groups play music all day and there is always an old car show to go along with it. Tomorrow will be the parade in the morning. Lots of dogs attend with their owners. Saw the cutest baby French Bull dog today.

  5. Carolyn Boutilier

    that basket will be perfect for your hydrangeas. Looking forward to seeing the quilt. We had 2 days of off & on rain from Harvey. sunshine today and a good day to pick concord grapes and made 12 quarts of juice. Tomorrow plan on picking more grapes & making more juice. Later when cooler I will take the juice & make grape jelly for Christmas gifts.
    Carolyn B from Shenandoah Valley VA.

  6. Diane

    What a fun day! Good for the soul. I will take pictures of dogs at the Country Living a Fair and send them to you, Mary. The Heart of Ohio Quilters are getting ready for our Quilt Show in October. If there are any Central Ohio Quilters out there, it is Oct. 6 and 7 in Granville. It’s a great show😃

  7. Martha Engstler

    Antiques in the park is a fabulous fun idea. Here in Fairfield, near Gettysburg we have an apple festival with yard sales on Saturday and crafts food etc. on Sunday with old car show too. I like the antique idea with so many treasures on one place.

  8. Angie Rowland

    When I am asked “what are you looking for?” I always say,” something that I didn’t know I needed until I saw it”. Just think it is so true. I also always have to save unwanted sad quilts. One I bought the seams weren’t straight, the binding a little wonky.but I thought it needed a home and I was glad to help it along.

  9. Pam Wakeman

    Looks like a glorious day, Mary! Who is Jo? I keep forgetting to ask about the quilt shop that has the quilt block patterns that you and Connie had on-line before you closed your store. I got some of the patterns, but not all of them. Thanks! Pam W.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Pam-Jo writes a fabulous blog called Jo’s Country Junction. I am not sure which blocks you’re referring to. I don’t believe anyone has them.

      1. Pam Wakeman

        I was talking about the blocks you put on your website. They were blocks of the month and were like a quilt sampler. When you retired, it seems to me that you posted that a local quilt store was going to have the blocks available on their web site. I wondered if Jo was that quilt store owner. Was glad to see Hazel in your post with your pumpkin picking friend! The kittens are adorable. And thank you for the advice to “just do it”! Can’t wait to see the Bonnie Hunter quilt top and what you’re going to do with the hinged doors!

  10. Pamela

    Mary, are you familiar with a family run business called Goats Milk Stuff? They have a dairy goat farm and make lots of different products. The mother writes a delightful blog and they are on Facebook. Lots of pictures of her family and the goats. Triplets were born today. (I don’t know these people personally but I’m smitten with the family.)

  11. Kathy Schwartz

    Wow!! That had to be fun. I think you got some very nice items. I recently purchased at our local antique store, a Jack in the Box quilt. It was $20, full size, pretty good shape; I am going to sew a new binding on it, as it is a bit frayed, but the rest is in such good shape. The “Jack’s” are scrappy, with a white background. The antique store owners buy mini storage lockers ( in the Mpls. area) that people don’t pay rent, etc. and this quilt was in one of the lockers. They bring the treasurers to their store in Slayton (MN) and sell the items. I would rather have something old, rather than something new. Strange, I know.

  12. LMK

    paul & i went to the park in clear lake yesterday too, i found some pretty pins for $1.00. love your cute basket & little table. i love baskets too. so pick them up when i see a different looking one. paul says i don’t need any more but then he points them out to me, go figure. yes, i agree, i also go too, not knowing what i will find, you just never know what you will find that you can’t live without. this weekend is city wide in kasson, mn. we have been there different times so maybe go this sat. marigold days in mantorville too but we usually just end up in kasson. they also have a big display of semi;s that sat, too at the fairgrounds, then later they drive through town, they sure are pretty!!!! i also wondered who jo was, she has been at the blue earth & decorah quilt shows, also her daughter, interesting to hear her & see her quilts. a quilt show in new albin (oct. 14 &15) a nice little town, plus a car show. a real nice quilt show!!!!! it’s up almost to the mn. border but still in iowa. paul likes to drive so doesn’t mind going different places.

  13. Sara Reynolds

    The antique show looked like a great show and I love the basket you bought. The town where I grew up in PA has a one day antiques flea market every year on the third Saturday in June and I love it. I have missed only 3 in the 60 years it has been held.

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