AQS Show in Des Moines

Connie and I attended the AQS and Des Moines quilt guild show yesterday – this is the last year it will be held in DesMoines, IA but the Des Moines guild is going to move the show and vendor mall to thefairgrounds.  It’s a really good show and the quilts are just outstanding.  We talked to lots of people we knew and it was fun to see our friends again. Here’s a good friend/blog reader who stopped me to say hello.


I didn’t take hundreds of pictures but here are some of the quilts I liked the most.

The red and white quilt with the cat was titled Cat -Tastrophy.  The pictorial quilts was by a young man who lives between Taiwan and the US – they were unbelievable!  Such works of art!

We both loved this quilt made to look like plaid using colored thread for quilting.

Our friend Jane was with us and after the quilt show we went to West End Salvage – do you remember the HGTV show featuring this huge warehouse full of architectural doors, windows, cabinets and decorative items?  We explored 4 floors of great junk!

Whoops – forgot to show you the two books I bought at the show.  Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts must be the fastest sewer/quilter in the whole world.  Her quilts were on display  and they are almost all big quilts – she even does her own quilting! I don’t know how she does it.

I can’t wait to start sewing something new from one of these books.

We also stopped at the antique mall in Story City – I’ll post those pictures in my next blog post.  Maybe later today even – it’s raining and I’m going to take off the screens and clean while it’s an icky day.

19 thoughts on “AQS Show in Des Moines

  1. Kathy

    It’s raining here this morning in NY too. We need the rain. The AQS show that was held in Syracuse for two years is no longer coming here so I am glad I saw these pictures as they always were good shows.
    Love your jacket Mary!!!

  2. Sneed

    Love the creativity with the kitten quilt. Amazing what people can do with their mind and some fabric. Thanks for the share. I did not know that AQS is not going to be in Des Moines anymore. Lots of changes going on. Glad to see you looking so well and happy.

  3. Martha Engstler

    Great pictures but especially love the Cat-Tastorphy quilt. Reminds me of my black kitty. Sounds like a wonderful day. Look forward to the Story City pictures. They used to have such neat gift and antique shops there. Always good to see pix of you and Connie.

  4. Katie Hayse

    I made the cat-ta strophe quilt for my daughter- in- law several years ago. She is a veterinarian. I embroidered “Don’t worry, Kitty, Dr. Sally will help you.” She gets lots of comments on it! Pres and I went to the AQS show on Wednesday. Hardly any crowd and I didn’t think it was nearly as big on the vendor side. The quilts were sure gorgeous tho. Usually, they just make me feel bad. I couldn’t make any of them that well! Works of art, although the cat one I made looks pretty much love like your picture. Thank you for writing your blog. I’ve had such good memories behind nag with you guys, I really enjoy it. Feels like we still keep in touch.

  5. Susan Sundermeyer

    I’m always taken by the beautiful colors in quilts. It’s like opening a new box of crayons with each one. I love the one of the Koi fish.

  6. Kathy

    The Cat takes the prize for quilts in my eyes, since I’m a cat person with two cats in my home. Loved the other quilts just as much and the detail and color is amazing. I live in CA and there will be a big show this month in Santa Clara, CA for quilts. I hope to get friends to go with to view the works of beauty. You always inspire me with your comments and photos of quilts. I must get something going!

  7. Sherrill

    Ooo, such beautiful quilts..the dogs, the fish, the cats! WOW! I bet there was a ton of super cool stuff in that salvage place. Probably pricey too! HA I LOVE Edyta..she was on a quilt cruise I took several years ago. Such a sweetheart and a fun teacher.

  8. diane matthews

    I’m so glad I found your blog! It was quite by accident. I’m sorry that the AQS show will no longer be in Des Moines. I went once with a group called The Traveling Quilters and we had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your photos. I look forward to your posts – it’s like visiting a friend. Diane Matthews

  9. Peggy S

    What a great jacket Mary ! Is there a pattern for it by any chance? Thank you for all of the quilts and projects you share with us.

  10. Sue

    Your mini quilt show is fun to look at. The dogs and coy are fantastic. I don’t think I have the patience to make one of those, but I have always admired them.
    Looks like you, Connie and Jane had a great time.
    I love your jacket.

  11. Gayla kenyon

    I loved all the quilts but was especially intrigued by the intricate piecing of the second quilt. The colors and fabric choices were wonderful. Also the churn dash quilt had great fabric.

  12. CountryThreads Post author

    Pat – you’ve got to be kidding! These are prizewinning one of a kind art quilts.

  13. Maryann Lohmann

    Danny Amazonas made the 3 pictorial quilts. He does AMAZING work. He is teaching at Quilt Market this year but I’m sure his class/es are full . He is on Facebook under his name with pictures of other quilts.

  14. Diane

    Great quilts, Mary. Our show is over. I was sooo busy I didn’t get too many pics. I didn’t know Squeak had posed for Cat- tastrophe!! I have seen that before– great quilt. I took the best class I’ve ever taken from Edyta Sitar. She spent lots of time with each of us and was funny, humble, very kind, and an excellent teacher.

  15. Rebecca

    Gosh i dont know anyone who sews quilts faster then you! You mean someone out there can beat you at that. Ha. Thanks for your pics. Loved them

  16. Vickie Devore

    Thank you so much for sharing. Loved all the quilts but being a cat person, fell in love with that one!! Happy you all had such a great time. lov, vickie

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