August Is Upon Us! 8-1-23

We’re all going to say the same thing – how did it get to be August already? It’s Dirty Dozen Day – are you ready? I’m not sure I even remember what I worked on in July.

August Dirty Dozen Number is 10 – TEN.

August’s color is pink.

Your extra credit challenge is to use a fabric you’ve been hoarding. I am working on this right now. Maybe we should have this be part of every month. If you have any extra sewing time consider thinking about how to use your favorite hoarded fabric. Thank you for the photos I have received of your finished quilts. Here are the most recent:

And look at this! Lots of progress, wouldn’t you agree?

Before you know it I’ll be complaining that she’s all over me and I can’t work – haha! Do I hear any name suggestions? Needs to be a people name. No it cannot be Smokey – surely we can think of something more original than Smokey which also sounds like a boy’s name.

I’ll be having some out of state visitors this month – gotta get some food on hand! Today I have an appointment in Mason City and then it’s time to mow lawn again. Please tell me why it still keeps growing even though we haven’t had rain for a month now. The crops are just beautiful – it’s a sea of green wherever you look! Another 6 weeks or so till harvest gets underway.

Rick’s 6 week post op appointment is this week. It’s been a very long 6 weeks but he’s pretty much self sufficient now – he’s even driving. I’m going to ask the doctor why we were abandoned post op – I had no idea what was ahead of me in terms of being a caregiver.

This is what North Iowa looks like August 1.

This is prairie mallow and IF I can collect some seed this fall I’ll make it available to you. Stay tuned.
June – just getting started
Pampas grass opens in August
Did you know that when there are two full moons in a month the last one is called a blue moon? It will happen the end of August.
Look at those clouds!

Many of you have received your Oh, Susannah! book and you’ve enjoyed it enough to write back and tell me. Thank you! Books are always available for $20 PPD.

Look at this lineup of kiddos “reading” the pictures which is exactly what I had hoped for!

And Norma enjoyed her lily card that I sent her.

My houseplants are loving it outside.

All of these quilts came home from the fair yesterday and had to be sorted, refolded and put away in about 6 different places. So glad it’s done!

Such a pretty day! This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

131 thoughts on “August Is Upon Us! 8-1-23

  1. Joy in NW Iowa

    First of all, I love your barn! It is so beautiful! Your flowers are always pretty.
    It looks like you have lots of name suggestions!
    Above it all, I love to read your blog and now all the suggestions! It’s a hoot!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I absolutely love the comments – all the time! This blog would not be so fun if it was just me talking! I want interaction among the group! I agree – the barn is so beautiful – in the age when big farmers are tearing down all the old barns that have sadly fallen in disrepair, this barn is loved and beautiful. I look at it all the time and just love it!

  2. Ginny

    Anna Belle for the kittie’s name, that was Al’s mother’s name. I always loved that name.
    The barn photos are amazing!

  3. patti leal

    loved the blog today. great photos, great quilts, a gorgeous kitty. your farm and barn and gardens just seem ideal to me. i have the blackest thumb in the world. great names for the kitty. my first thought was elvira – for the mystery; shadow because she may become one, you will know the right name or the kitty may let you know the right name. patti in florida

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    This is a beautiful post today.
    I hope Rick’s checkup goes great.
    We have a lot of rain again this week. Wyoming is green. Wyoming is rarely this green, this late.

    I don’t know if the cat is a boy or girl…but I don’t think it matters for a name.
    Delilah is a fine name. Bob or Marilyn. No reason other than they roll off the tongue easy.

  5. Susan K in Texas

    How about Serena for the kitty’s name. Grey kittys just seem peaceful and serene to me.
    The barn pictures are beautiful.
    We have entered the month where our plants start looking crispy with all of the unrelenting heat. There is no rain in sight. You can water and water but plants just get crispy leaves in 100+ temps. Even our night temps are in the mid 80’s.

  6. Angela Short

    📸 Amazing photos!! Your flowers are healthy & gorgeous! 🪻🌷🌻🪷 Norma is so beautiful! 💖 The moon photos over your barn are just so cool! 🌜🌛 You could make a calendar with such pretty photos!! 📒 My idea for the kitty name is : ⭐️Stargazer⭐️ In the photo of her, she looks like she’s gazing in wonder & awe! She’s saying “wow, this human is so nice! 🐾🐾🐈🐾🐾 Take care. I enjoy reading your emails! ~angie from NC🌻🌻

  7. Rhoda Ebersole

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful quilts and what a labor of love you do to take all those quilts to the fair and CLEAN them again before storing them all over your house.

    Thank you Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – like church it takes lots of workers to make the fair successful – there are so many things I can’t do but I can do this. I have gotten many thanks.

  8. Tammy Guerrero

    Your flowers are just gorgeous! I cannot grow a zinnia. What is your secret? Your yard is beautiful, all worth the work you have done. I don’t know how you do it all and quilt! I haven’t sat at the sewing machine in 2 months. Have the best August ever! Love, love, love your book. What a precious baby! She sure was loved!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Tammy – that baby goat might be the most fun I’ve ever had in my life! Yes, she was very loved.

  9. Sheryl K Harrison

    Beautiful barn and flower pictures! I can’t wait to show mom your newsletter with her picture!

    I didn’t see anyone suggesting Bella for a name. My Bella was a great cat and I miss her. My grandson named his bottle calf Bella.

    1. Angela Short

      🩷💛🧡 Ms Norma is so beautiful!💖⭐️ She looks so happy too! 🌻 ~angie from western nc

  10. Grandma Rabbit (Pat) in AZ

    Mary, whenever animals have chosen us as their people, we find that allowing their personalities to reveal often solved the dilemma of naming them. You’ll know when it’s time.

  11. Suzanne

    Kitty name ideas: Shadow because she hid in the shadows for so long ? Shebah becuase she looks very royal?

    Love the beautiful pictures from around the farm!

  12. Bonnie from Iowa

    I think Kitty’s name should be Shiloh. My favorite singer Neil Diamond had a song called Shilo… all of his songs. Glad she is getting closer to you.

  13. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    The pictures are wonderful, Mary. I especially love the pumpkin quilts. Your flowers are beautiful!
    Congrats on your progress with little gray kitty. I tamed a stray who would take her afternoon nap in my hostas or asparagus fern. I woke her up by petting her neck; she just melted into my hand. 🤗
    Thanks for this blog.

  14. Viv in Idaho

    Years ago there was a Hallmark movie and the title was “The Magic of Ordinary Days”. I love that phrase and your post today brings that to mind. The quilts, flowers, barn photos, the kitty – all beautiful!

  15. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, thanks for the glorious garden tour and the great photos of your barn!
    Glad you retrieved your quilts from the fair and I hope all who viewed them appreciated all your efforts to display them.
    Your sweet book arrived and I loved it. Susannah was a doll.
    It is a beautiful day in Seattle…one I want to bottle up for next January!!!🌞

  16. NancyTD

    I think Peepers would be a good name.
    The barn pictures and flowers are nice. Enjoyed seeing them.
    Everyone did a good job on their finishes. Always enjoy seeing what everyone does. Let’s all work hard this month and have lots of finishes to share!
    Glad Rick is doing well.

  17. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Wow! Look at those beautiful quilts, lovely flowers, awesome barn, and adorable pewter kitty! She is warming up to you😻. I was thinking Velcro was a good name because she is getting close to you. Soon she won’t leave you alone! It is fun to see Fall quilts. I think I have some on my list. Great news that Rick is 6 weeks out and doing well. Yes, do tell them what happened to you and Rick after when they didn’t inform you of what to expect and what to do.

  18. Sharon G.

    What fabulous flowers, Mary!
    In the scheme of everything, it really didn’t take gray kitty long to reach out! Name suggestion = Violet.
    I thought of Hazel since gray kitty has such beautiful green eyes, but that name is already taken by your cute, adventurous, sweet dog Hazel.
    Glad Rick is recovering and you get a chance for an explanation for the post-op fiasco from the doctor(s).
    Thanks for sharing.your farm photos and your life in beautiful Iowa.
    I thought I thanked you for the Oh Susannah book, but if I forgot, thank you, Mary. I enjoyed it very much.
    Can’t ask for better weather – it’s another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.
    Takes care everyone.

  19. Linda Carpenter

    Mary, please name your kitty “Pearl”. If I ever get another kitty that’s the name i would choose. There are beautiful grey pearls. Your barn photos are fabulous. I’m going to start a Flying Geese quilt like the one you showed. I just love your blog!

  20. Sandy

    Hi Mary, wonderful photos of the barn and dark clouds,quilts and garden! Found an old UFO the other day, so that is my DD for this month, cut out 80 leaves to put on the vines(not yet drawn on background),getting it ready for sewing day on 13th at quilt guild and to do while dog sitting in Australia while my brother holidays in Fiji!
    Great progress with they Grey kitten, how about Annabelle for a name? Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  21. Linda in Michigan

    August is my month, and pink is my color!
    Love those pumpkin quilts, but dread the thought of fall, followed by winter, ha, ha.
    Your grey kitty looks just like my grey one who lived to be twenty. Her name was Ashes- she was given to me when she was young, and I did not pick the name. This summer I befriended a feral cat who was hungry and looking for food. I’d see him rooting around in my compost pile, looking for anything he could eat. Anyway, we became friends when I started feeding him, so of course he needed a name. I called him Boxcar Willie, because he’s a traveling man. Now it’s just Willie.
    Love all the pics of your plants and all things growing in Iowa right now, thank you, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I thought I was probably the only person in the world who hated fall. I don’t like the cool mornings – I can’t enjoy the porch – I have to close the barn up at night – and I know what’s coming.

  22. Dale

    Margaret Ann 😊
    That is the name of the book store cat in the Mitford series by Jan Karon.

  23. Betty Klosterman

    “Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa.” The beautiful greens, the red barn at night. The flowers and critters.

    I’m always amazed at what people name their pets. My cat was named Festus after the Festus Hagen on Gunsmoke. Scroungy calico but a heart of pure gold. She always had to be right in the middle of what I was doing. She lived to be 16. Interesting to see what you pick for your new cat.

    The Sturgis motorcycle rally starts on Friday. Always interesting to see the people and cycles.

    Take care. This hot weather can’t last forever. Then we can complain about snow, ice, etc…….
    Betty in Rapid City

  24. Donna Sproston

    That barn is magnificent and your photos of it are worthy of publication.
    My husband read this morning that there will not be another blue moon for nine years.
    I hope the doctor can explain the neglected instructions.
    How about Abby or Suzy for that sweet cat?

  25. Charlotte S in northern California

    Forgot to tell you that I got your Oh Susannah book the other day. Can’t wait for my grandson to read it to me!!

  26. Charlotte S in northern California

    Beautiful quilts today!! I love your awesome pictures of the barn and your garden. You have such a beautiful farm. I just knew your beautiful gray kitty would come around. I’m terrible at pet names but there are a lot of good ones listed here. So glad Rick is doing well.

  27. connie

    The first name that came to mind for your kitty was Sylvie.
    Your flowers are beautiful and the barn at night lovely. It all looks so peaceful. With all the work to take care of the farm I don’t know how you find time to quilt.

  28. Marie C

    Beautiful post today. Love all the pictures. My cat name suggestions would be cloudy or stormy. We used to have cats that color and that was their names. What is the name of the large peachy pink flowers growing a amongst the zinnias? I hope to finish some more quilt blocks this afternoon.

  29. Nancy

    When I was in high school, a stray cat was hit by a car. The neighbors found 2 kittens in their bushes, so we took them in….they were a little older and quite wild and afraid of people. We took them in and they eventually became the best house cats. One of them was pure grey and your cat reminds me of my grey cat. I was reading a fantasy novel at the time and one of the characters was called Greyfax Grimwald Needless to say, that became her name….we usually just called her Greyfax….unless naughty, then we used her middle name 😁…so, I vote for Greyfax…😊

  30. Paula S.

    I think Katie would be a good name for the new cat.
    Also, all of the pictures are wonderful especially the pictures of your barn! Beautiful!

  31. Beth

    Your kitty looks like a Penelope time. Penny for short. My sister and her husband always had a large group of gray cats with that thick, soft fur on their farm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Heather – yes, it is! And I just don’t know if I think the name Lucy suits her. In a very short time she’s going to be a pest while I’m trying to work.

  32. Jeanne in Co.

    I like the name “Shadow” because she will soon be your shadow. I can see her following you everywhere, especially in your sewing area. My second choice is Gracie, which is very fitting for her beautiful coloring. Your barn pictures should be featured in the ‘Our Iowa’ magazine. In fact, your whole farm should be featured in their magazine. I look forward to that magazine every other month. It is a wonderful taste of Iowa scenes and the wonderful people who live there. Temps here in Co. are finally down to the 80s. What a welcome relief from 10 days of mid 90s. Have a blessed day everyone. Jeanne in Co.
    Pictures of the farm and the quilts today were outstanding.

  33. Jo in Michigan

    Hi Mary, summer is flying by but I love fall!
    Sophie is her name ♥️ It’s a beautiful day in Michigan too! Hmmm 🤔 #10 where is my dirty dozen list??🤪
    Enjoy your day Mary!

  34. Gayle

    Hi Mary,
    Your flowers are yummy! Love those morning glories.
    I think kitty should be named Elizabeth after our dear departed Queen. You could call her Beth or Litzy for short. ❤️ Take care, be safe, gayle in MN

  35. MN/Jo

    It’s me again. Kitty name suggestion: since you seem to be the “kitty whisperer “, how about Whisper.

  36. Teresa

    Mary, your yard is always so pretty, thank you for sharing your photos. Really enjoyed the quilts shared today too,!

  37. Cindy Yoakum

    Love your post! The barn pictures with the moody dark clouds is beautiful. I am so glad kitty is warming up to you. She will be well taken care of. Name? I like Greta. She looks like a Greta. Good luck with naming her and I know you two will be buddies.


    1. Melody in Wisconsin

      I love that name too. So far I have 4 favorites. I am glad that I am not the one deciding. Can’t wait to hear what name Mary picks.

  38. MN/Jo

    Your photos of the barn are incredible! Thank you for sharing. It looks like it may rain up here. It’s getting darker and darker by the minute. We are in severe drought up here. I sure hope it doesn’t just go around us like it has all summer. How can we receive over 100” of snow last winter to no moisture this summer?

  39. Kathy in western NY

    I chuckled when you said pretty soon the kitty will be all over you. It’s like that with my Buddy, soon as I go into the sewing room, run the machine, cut any fabric, he has to be in my face and cuffing any thread spools or whatever moves with his paws. He has radar in him that it’s time to go bug me while I sew. He’s old (14) so I smile and let his antics amuse me but I know pretty ski. your kitten will be doing the same.
    Making stuffed peppers and having corn on the cob and tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil tonight for supper.
    Pictures are all wonderful to admire and your blog posting just makes my day.
    Thank YOU for providing photos for us to admire.

  40. Mareen Nedved

    I so love the flower and barn pictures Mary and that kitten is adorable here is a couple names

    Roxie – name for a wild gray kitten
    Sasha – name for a feisty cat

  41. Lisa in eastern Washington state

    I think that cat should be named Velvet, her fur is so beautiful and looks so lush!

  42. Deb

    Oh! forgot the kitty (bad me). She looks like my son’s kitty Luna. He has an identical boy name Loki. They are sweethearts.

  43. Deb

    Your gardens look fabulous! We live on 3 acres in the country, unfortunately 3 sides are fields so our plants get screwed up from all the spraying 🙁 The other side is an acre+ of timber full of chipmonks and squirrels. So, if they don’t bite it off they dig it up! ugh

  44. Lynette in Orlando

    Christie — I LOVE all the pumpkins!!!! So cute. I think I have one lingering in my “to do” box…… you’ve inspired me to get on it!

    Mary — DEFINITELY give that doctor feedback. I think it is horrible what poor communication they had.

    With all the rain we’re getting here my grass is knee high! Could be cut 2x a week, but lawn service does 1 — not paying for 2!!!!!

    I hope everyone has a great sewy day!! It’s too hot here to do much else.

  45. Linda In UK

    What a pretty little cat, getting braver every day. I would like to suggest the name of Whisper – because In this lovely photo she looks as though she is about to whisper a message to you.

  46. Sharon F

    Count me among those who like the name Grace or Gracie for your beautiful gray kitten. I’m influenced by my neighbor’s very sweet gray cat, Gracie.
    The reader quilts are gorgeous, especially the New York Beauty. And the colors of your zinnias! Luscious!

  47. Jeanne Hoffman

    I have a great-niece named Grayson who goes by Gracie, but for your grey kitty, I like Greta. ; ) I also like Ashley. Shiloh or Shilah, because she was shy for long?

    Mary, your flowers are gorgeous!

  48. Emily P

    Love those nighttime barn pics!!

    Name suggestions:
    Gertrude (Gert or Trudy)

  49. Susan Heffele

    I agree with the name Heidi for the cat because she was hiding for so long.
    I truly love this blog. It always makes my day. I am 79 years old and have dialysis 3 days a week but try to sew “something” on non-dailysis days. I always think of this blog when I am sewing. Puts a smile on my face.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – hang in there with your dialysis! I already have a 16+ yr. old cat named Heidi

  50. Ruth Tacoma

    MARY, those nighttime barn photos are stunning! That sky…WOW! Love all the flowers too…Iowa is flourishing and showing off this year. Glad Rick is doing better…hope the appt goes great!

    CHRISTIE….can you share what patterns you used on the pumpkin quilts? They are so cute! I’ve never met a pumpkin quilt I didn’t love. 🙂

    1. Christie in Nebraska

      “Pumpkins in the Window” (with the 5 pumpkin tucks) pattern by Em & Me -2020 and “Pumpkin Square” by Farmhouse Threads. I am a sucker for anything pumpkin!

      1. Ruth Tacoma

        Thanks so much Christie! I’m a sucker for anything pumpkin too, so you’re in good company. 🙂

  51. Pamela Dempsey

    You have a lot of votes for Grace or Gracie. I read a cat’s name ending with an “eeee” sound is what they prefer 🤣. Gracie, Lucy or Nellie are my favorites. You will know, mama 😻. She is so beautiful!Love the nighttime barn photos, your plants all look good and healthy. Our temps are over 100 again this week 🥵😔.

  52. Sue in Or

    I like Mary’s suggestion of Ashley. Or, maybe Tessa. No reason. I just like that name for her.
    Today’s photos are fabulous, Mary. It feels like a magazine article about North Iowa with gorgeous photos.
    I love the color of your phlox. Mine are blooming now and they are predominantly white. Big, white, sweet-smelling heads with lots of butterflies enjoying them. We should trade a few because that lilac color and the white would be pretty together. Like a quilt patch. Yes, they are greedy and try to over-take other flowers in my bed. The dahlias remain strong, though, and hold their own.
    I only have the binding left to do for my Orange. The top of the purple is done but not quilted. Woe is me. The summer has gone too fast.
    A wonderful post today to enjoy with my first cup of coffee.

  53. Tanya T. in Houston

    Gorgeous photos today!

    Your kitty looks like velvet! I’m sure she will soon be your shadow! Velvet? Shadow? Cinders?

  54. Beamer's Mom

    I love all the kitten names above. My first thought was “Pearl”- Peek-A-Boo Pearl.
    Mary we both knew a wonderful woman named Pearl who passed away the past year. I think that Pearl would love to have a cat named after her.

    Love all the photos. Especially the Fall quilts made by Christie in Nebraska. Makes me want to start some decorating at home.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beamer’s Mom – yes, I do know the Pearl you’re referring to but many years ago I had a white cat with two different colored eyes named Pearl and I don’t think I can get past her memory.

  55. Melody in Wisconsin

    There are so many great suggestions for names! I would vote for Grayce, Bella or Dusty so far. I bet there will be more good ones throughout the day.

  56. Rosalie

    Well, Mary, I think I’ll get my pink strings out and start on that this month. I’ve been saving them for a few year and time to start. Very dry and hot here in Texas. Praying for rain.
    How about DOVE for kitty’s name?

  57. Lois Ann Johnson

    All of the photos you shared for today are just awesome. I especially liked the colors in the very first quilt shown. And of course, the barn photos are spectacular! I finally spotted some bees and butterflies in my flower garden yesterday afternoon. i was so thrilled to see them! I have mostly purple cone flowers along with some ornamental grass; some sedum; hostas; and a limelight hydrangea bush. My local historical society is presenting a program on pollenators this week and I signed up to attend the seminar. At my age (87) I do not garden as much as I did 10 or 15 years ago, but I still love to dig in the dirt.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois – I can’t believe you’re 87!! And you still have a dog! You give me hope.

  58. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Hi Mary,

    Great photo’s especially of the barn! Classic Americana! And progress indeed! What about Bella as a name, after Grizabella the glamour cat, the lonely gray cat in the musical Cats! who eventually reaches acceptance and finds happiness?

  59. Elle in AL

    Kitty name: Grace

    Ugh—did not finish the border yet on my July DD. However, as it is king size for our bed, I am happy to have it to this point. I have to shop for fabric for the border to make it large enough to hang over the sides of the bed.

    Thank you for helping me by encouraging me to finish up my many UFOs.

    Amen, this is the day the Lord has made. . .

  60. Nikki in Tx

    What a wonderful group of photos. The quilts are so inspiring. Finally ready to sew again!!
    Your yard & plants are so green & healthy looking. The heat has taken its toll here. My morning glory has gone nuts but very few blooms, even though it gets plenty of morning ( & all day ) sun.
    Came across pattern that I have no idea when or where purchased, think will be my next project. Pattern is Coin Bracelets by Quilt Moments.. copyright 2014 by Marilyn Foreman. Think will do in brights ( out of my comfort zone ).
    Several size options give & have settled on the bed runner which will finish 33” x 97”, I no longer want to make B.A.Q.s .
    Promise to send photo when completed, just don’t hold me to timeline ! lol

  61. Pat in Michigan

    We had a barn cat very similar to your new kitty and she was named Olive. Such beautiful shimmery fur. I hope you two have many years together.

    Beautiful pictures, especially the barn with the dark cloudy sky. Love to see all your flowers and todays quilts. There is always something to say about the “blog about nothing”! It means a lot to your readers.

  62. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Kitty name: Gracie!

    Why would spell check change that to Grayson!!!???
    Save that for the next boy kitty!

  63. Kelli

    How about Precious for the kitty? It’s precious she is coming to you and trusting you!

  64. Melody in Wisconsin

    Your gray kitty looks exactly like my cat Ash (short for Ashley but also the color of her fur). She is a rescue from the humane society and was very shy and flighty at first. She has never liked being picked up and held but just lives to be brushed. When sitting on the sofa at night, she always tucks herself in on my left side as close as she possibly can without actually sitting on my lap. She is very loving now but attention is on her terms. I just love her. If I can figure it out, I will try to email you a picture of her. I am so glad your kitty is coming around – she is beautiful.

    Do you plant your zinnias every year or do they re-seed on their own? I love them and they usually attract a lot of butterflies.

    Really enjoy your blog and reading the comments.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Melody – these are the first zinnias I’ve had in many years and I doubt they’ll seed themselves there.

  65. LaurenM

    Oh Mary. You’re making me homesick with those photos. I grew up on a farm with corn & cattle in Indiana and I can just smell the corn looking at those. I’ve lived in FL for over 30 years now but I can still feel the summer and smell that corn. My very first cat when I was 6 years old on that farm was a gray cat that looked just like your kitty. Her name was Grace. I think that might fit your kitty too.

  66. Linda in Central IA

    Oh what a beautiful cat -her fur just shimmers! I thought of Beth or Heidi because I think they are both calm sounding names. Your yard looks so pretty with all the flowers.

  67. Jeanine from Iowa

    I, too, love your barn photos. I especially love the first one with those beautiful clouds. And your flowers look wonderful. A lot of my garden is about done since the hot week we had last week. I am watering my tomatoes as they are just starting to ripen. I like the name Gracie, but also like Charlotte’s idea of Ruth. You have made a lot of progress with her. I also like the small pumpkin quilts. All of the quilts are special.

  68. Kris in Naperville

    Such beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them. We have a cat that looks exactly like yours. We named her Jane (Lady Jane Grey – England’s 9 day queen) Many times people name gray animals “Cinders”… how about Cinderella but call her Ella??? Or, how about Grayce???? She’s a beauty and she’s a lucky to have found you1

  69. Diane In Nebraska

    How about Luna for that precious kitty?
    Beautiful pics and love seen everyone’s quilty works!

  70. Lynn in Scottsdale, AZ

    How about Stitch for your new grey kitty?

    Your yard is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Glad you are having a better day.

  71. Sherri Huff

    Mary, those barn photos are fabulous!
    How about Gracie for your sweet Gray kitty…

  72. Sharon Eshlaman

    Your flowers/gardens are gorgeous! Where do you get all your energy? So love following your “blog about nothing”…. Don’t change it😊

  73. Charlotte

    Thank you for the extraordinary photos today! Takes me back to my mother’s garden in summer, all those beautiful blooms! Here’s my suggestion for your new companion’s name: Ruth. “The Book of Ruth is a beautiful example of how God can take a hopeless situation and turn it into something glorious. The story begins in tragedy – with famine, and the death of Ruth and Naomi’s husbands. But because Ruth is loyal and faithful, God rewards her.”

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – we studied Ruth in Bible study last year and I loved it.

  74. Nancy Foland

    A synonym for the word gray is dusty. I think Dusty would be a pretty name

  75. Diane in Colorado

    Your barn photos are so beautiful! Love the moonlight. And your gardens, wow!! We must be getting your rain this year. Had another big thunderstorm last night. It’s highly unusual for things to be green in the foothills by this time in the summer and it’s beautifully green this year. We’ve needed a break from destructive fires, so I’m very grateful for the green!

    1. Dot in coastal NC

      I agree, KathyG, Sylvia is my choice, too! I’m so happy she’s comfortable with you now, Mary.

  76. Kathy

    Thanks for posting your night time photos of your barn. They are all so beautiful and heartwarming!
    Suggestion for the gray kitty’s name, Chelsea. I don’t know why, but that is what came to mind this morning.
    Have a wonderful day Mary!

  77. Michele

    The pictures of your barn and flowers are spectacular.
    As for Miss Kitty I vote for Barbie (what a craze she is right now) or Bella.

  78. Lori

    Love the New York Beauty!!
    Interesting about a blue moon, thanks for sharing. Great pictures of the barn.
    Picking green beans today, made dill pickles yesterday…

  79. Brenda

    I am in love with all the photos, but especially the barn photos, and best the cloudy, night sky ones. You are a really good photographer! I also love the gray kitty. She is absolutely beautiful and reminds me so much of my son’s Emerson, whom he lost recently after many loving years. That cat loved to get into trouble, but still was greatly cherished!

  80. Diane in NC

    Loved seeing that all of the quilts being returned. My only question, do you have a favorite quilt that you’ve made that outshines them all? How about TUCKER? Before long, we will see that precious little kitty tucking out from one of your piles of blocks.

  81. Vicki Ibarra

    P.s. I envy you your phlox. I have been unable to grow them where I now live. So, I admire yours.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Vicki – I had tried and tried to dig them up!!! They have crowded everything else out. Wish I could give you a pickup load to take home!

  82. Marsha from Kansas

    Kitty name Carol. Wasn’t that the name of your house guest who you called “cat whisperer”? She was instrumental in helping your kitty to adjust to her new home and friend – You! Beautiful flowers. Wonderful quilts.

  83. Vicki Ibarra

    I love the night time barn pictures. The first night time one particularly touches my farm soul. Great picture with gray kitty. So nice to see the progress.

    I love Christie’s pumpkin quilts. Christie, if you read this, could you tell us how you use the little pumpkin pillows in your decor? I am fascinated by little pillows but don’t really know how I would use them (nor do I want to store a bunch of them).

    1. Christie in Nebraska

      I’m not quite sure yet – just got them finished. Right now I am storing them in a long basket until it cools down in September/October.

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