Be Still, 2-19-23

The last few days have been exhausting – sad that someone stole our beloved Bullseye but happy because many of you went to bat for me.

The things I’m working on now are simple – nothing original. No new technique or design. Our Bullseye was original and I dare anyone to show me our Bullseye quilt prior to Quilts From Aunt Amy. The person who said she saw our Bullseye quilt on her aunt’s bed in the late 1950’s is simply dead wrong but if she isn’t a quilter or a Country Threads follower, I guess she can be excused. And then there’s the commenter who thinks we should “kiss and make up” with Janine Alers – we should share the copyright with her! This person also does not know what she’s talking about.

How about some legitimate reader quilts.

If you were a Goat Gazette subscriber you remember we had a pet promenade section. I was thinking we should have a dog blog – every now and then I’ll post pictures of your dogs – or cats or other pets. No explanations unless you write them on the photo. Anybody in? Send your photos to my email just like your quilt photos – I’ll save them in a folder and post them when I get a collection.

So here’s a question for you – why are dishwashers installed at floor level? My old aching back can’t take it. Couldn’t it be installed a few feet higher with cupboards on top or something?

I had a roast in the oven this weekend with potatoes and carrots but I had to save this carrot.

Doesn’t it look like a young woman’s legs before they get all saggy and wrinkly?

Smile, Everybody!

86 thoughts on “Be Still, 2-19-23

  1. Mary H

    I emailed the Dutch company and the woman said she had already emailed you. It’s so strange that they think no one will notice the plagiarism

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary H – you’re the second person who told me she was emailing me but I haven’t gotten anything yet. I wonder if she reads this blog.

  2. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I never had legs like that, even when I was young! 🤣😂 I love the revival of the pet promenade; I was a Goat Gazette subscriber back in the day. Yes, my friend, Be Still… so sorry about the despicable pattern pirates!

  3. Jane from St Marys IA

    Actually I have read where people do elevate their dishwashers somehow just for the reason you stated…to help their backs! I’m not sure how it’s done but they said it was the best thing they did when they remodeled their kitchen. So if you have a very handy man who builds things well…you might be able to invest in that! I’ve never understood the people who put their microwave down low either in their island. How do you see what you’re cooking??!! I’m too old for some of these new things!

    1. Dorothy

      And what about the microwaves that are above the stove, as in part of the exhaust hood—-I need a step stool to see what I’m cooking in there 🙂

      1. Susan K in Texas

        I’m tall so I prefer the microwave above the stove. But I can see where it would be an issue for someone shorter.

  4. Susie Kepley

    Woops one more item. Cyndy from California that came and got the two kitties bought a house in Missouri and it has a raised dishwasher because the previous owner was in a wheelchair. Hopefully she’ll get to move there soon.

  5. DebMac

    Giggle! My thought was Barbie legs with a missing foot and torso. I don’t think my legs ever looked like that even when young… There are small counter top dishwashers and I did a quick internet search for raised dishwasher ideas and found many pictures. Might be an idea worth looking into. So sorry to hear of the “Bullseye” debacle. While I can conceive of 2 people having the same idea for a quilt that many years and miles apart the Aunt Amy aspect is beyond coincidence.

  6. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love the carrot. It looks like Barbie doll legs to me. We built our house in 2005. Our dishwasher is up
    High and I love it. I will send a picture tomorrow so you can see. Can you imagine James Patterson or Maya Angelou ‘s heirs saying, “ Sure, it is ok to use my work!”? That is absurd..I I love the pets idea. Many of mine were in the Goat Gazette over the years. Hang in there, Mary.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – it does look like Barbie legs! Haha! Oh, you were so smart to install your dishwasher off the floor!!!!

      1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

        I guess I am mystified about the height of the off the floor dishwasher, so many have the controls and settings ion the top of the door. I would appreciate a picture! We await another snow event tomorrow thru Thursday and it will be in two events, maybe 20” and winds up to 50mph, sounds like a blizzard to me. We shall see what Mother Nature brings.

  7. Sue in Oregon

    HaHA …Yes, and so does the top part of the carrot.
    Dishwashers were made and designed by young people.
    Lovely readers quilts today. I always enjoy our shows so much.

  8. Pattie from PA (currently CA)

    Love your carrot though I can’t say I ever had legs like that! Lol.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Patti – did your motor home take you all the way to California now ??? Love to hear your latest adventures.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – we all want to know about your motor home trip to CA – dogs, too, right?

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, yes, let’s have photos of our pets, we will all enjoy that.l bumped into an old workmates today in the supermarket, hadn’t seen her for20 years, it’s great to catch up, and even better that l remembered her name, straight away! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Lovely bright springy quilt colors to see tonight from your readers. Love it.
    I sent my scathing email off to Quiltmania so I feel better writing what matters. Like my husband has always said, it’s easy to speak the truth, so the truth is it’s your design and quilters should know it. I hope the magazine has the decency to publish an apology in the next issue. Tomorrows another day……

  11. Angie from Baltimore

    The carrots look like a woman in pantyhose. I have a bag of them In my drawer that are probably dry rotted. I am not sure I could put them on straight now it has been so long since I have worn them Decades
    I will certainly send a picture of my rescue kitty that allows me to live here.
    People who steal ideas should have Karma come down on them BIGTIME

  12. Diane in Colorado

    Kiss and make up?!?!?! I think not. Not with someone who stole something from you.

    I have four Goldens at my house this weekend so I’m busy walking dogs rather than sewing. I feel like I have writer’s block but with quilting right now. Hoping the dry spell ends soon!!! I need inspiration!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – I loved the picture of the 4 goldens looking up! I have a friend who will love it also. Now that’s a houseful of big dogs!!!

    2. Beamer's Mom

      Sounds like you have a peak into heaven if you have 4 Golden’s in your house. Lots of golden fur-but even more Golden love. 🙂 Lucky lady.

  13. Bobby Sutton

    I can appreciate your complaints about dishwasher installations. Mostly men design and install them, never thinking of the person using them. I think it maybe its easier with all the plumbing if indtslled on the floor. However, I have seen dishwasher drawers that are not deep and are installed right beneath the counters. The size is limiting.
    I love the picturs of the two dogs and your idea of a pet parade.

    Bobby, Maryland

  14. Jo in Wyoming

    Today is a happier post…it does good to vent, then act.
    I enjoy the quilts, pets and produce. That carrot is a gem!

    The wind is unbelievable tonight…80 mph gusts.

  15. Susan K in Texas

    After my back surgery, I was told not to use the dishwasher for quite a while. All of the bending and twisting is bad for a weak back. I like the idea of lifting it higher than ground level.
    I’m sorry you have had copyright issues once again. It is a frustrating side of quilting – the amount of copying and calling it your own.
    I am sending you a picture of my Magnus sitting by a sign. I think you will get a giggle out of it.
    Take care!

  16. Deb E

    This is a world I never thought I’d see — when others just take what isn’t theirs (including the credit AND the income), others who cut you off on roads just because they are in a hurry (appears no one obeys speed laws), how confrontational so many are to others, the cruelty to animals, children and the elderly, I could go on and on. I don’t see kindness very often – and when I do I make sure and compliment the person as there is so little of it in the world. All I can say is try to put it out of your mind as there isn’t anything you can do about it without spending a fortune & then even if you won the lawsuit (after years and many thousands of dollars) the people on the other end just file bankruptcy & that’s it. It’s far better to just forget about it and go on with your life. We all love you and your blog – and your lovely life in the country (seen through your eyes). Must say I admire your ability to take care of such a large place, all your lovely collections and how beautiful it is under all the trees. We’ve downsized and are gradually doing projects to make our home ‘user friendly’ as we age. Having a dishwasher raised and cabinets above? What a great idea but I doubt we’d ever see it become a new thing — they build homes for young people. Anyhow, must close – its about a quarter to 10 and its way past my bedtime. Take care!

  17. Angela Short

    🪡🧵✂️ It definitely is sad that people steal things, especially designs. ♡Being still is a good thing. God wants us to rest & to be still & reset from time to time. ☆♡♡☆ Better days are on the way. ♡Take care♡. The puppies are so cute! 🐾🐶🐾 💛🌻💛 (Angie from Western NC)

  18. Marsha from Kansas

    The reader who is posting quilts on her deck has certainly been really busy. She has posted several times multiple beautiful quilts. Great job!

    1. Teresa in Indiana

      Hi Marsha. These pics are of a collection of 52 lap quilts I made last year for residents in a nursing home. I made 1 or 2 of each design but in different colors. No 2 are alike. It still did not make much of a dent in my stash.😄
      Teresa in Indiana

      1. RuthW in MD

        I love the view of the patches on the quilt holder’s jeans in the little pink quilt picture!! Someone prefers old jeans to new ones, and gets someone – the quilter, I bet – to patch the jeans for him/them. My dad had a favorite work “jumpsuit” and my mom patched the seat and knees to no end.

      2. Ginger S

        Wow Teresa !!! You are amazing and very generous. Your quilts are so pretty and I’m sure the residents love receiving them.

      3. Jan Hebert

        Wow, 52 lap quilts?? That is amazing Teresa! They are all beautiful and I love that no two are alike. I bet the residents of the nursing home were delighted! Jan in MA

      4. Vicki in Seattle

        Teresa, I have enjoyed seeing your quilts the last few days! How kind of you to share them with the nursing home. What a lovely way to brighten the residents day.

  19. Laura VS

    I have a friend ha ha moved into an active 55 community. Their dishwashers are installed higher. It’s not worth moving!!

  20. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, I finally have to comment on these people not respecting the copyright. I had to think on it for a bit. Plain and simple it is stealing. You may not get satisfaction or resolution here, but in my humble opinion, one day they will have to answer to it……. the $ gained is tarnished and nothing good will come of it. It really ticked me off when I read how someone wants you to “share” the copyright. Seriously??? Some people are just totally stupid (and foolish). Ok, my rant is over. LOL. Now I have to dig through and find a good doggie pic to send to you of my sweet girl. Have a good day Mary. Xx

  21. Sharon Eshlaman

    Pet Blog..yes, yes, yes!
    Forgive and share rights with Janine Akers……NO WAY!

    My day’s not complete until I’ve read your blog posts, your posts from the blog about nothing😊. Please keep them coming.

  22. Linda in MI

    Since my legs never looked like that carrot, I agree with Peggy S, it does look like a pair of panty hose before I put them on. After I’ve worn panty hose they take on the saggy bulgy look of me! My dear sister told me I have my Grandma Churchman’s legs – short table legs from a short English woman without ankles! Mine aren’t quite as bad as Grandma’s but I’ve never liked them. Oh well, they have taken me where I wanted to go so they are not all that bad.

    Love the idea of sharing pet pictures, I need to get some together and send, especially my beautiful – almost 15 year old golden who has dementia and often struggles to get up. I have throw rugs all over the hardwood floors so he has some traction but he really prefers the hardwood and I have to help him up quite often. Not good for my terrible back problems but I would do anything for my sweet boy.

    I hope those who are trying to take credit for your quilts understands envy is one of the seven deadly sins. Someday they will have to account for their actions!

  23. Diana Stanfill

    I am so sorry about your Bullseye Quilt.
    I think a pet section would be great!! I have 3 feral cats that i feed here in Florida. Not to mention the raccoons that are so cute.
    I live your newsy letters even though i dont always comment.
    This Saturday we are leaving on our First Disney Cruise..
    We will see how that goes

  24. Sandy Pierson

    Good Morning Mary,
    So, I have a question regarding the woman who stole “Bullseye “. Does she have a face book or Instagram page? I for one, will contact her and let her know how I feel about her infringement . Secondly, I have cancelled my subscription and intend to get a letter off to Quiltmania too.

    On a happier note, you published a picture of our 2 yellow labs sitting up in the backseat of our classic 1954 Cadillac. We called it Driving Miss Daisy because we always felt like their chauffeur 😂 I’ll email it to you.
    Hugs from Ca: Sandy

  25. Judy Andersen

    I love your dishwasher idea! And it has been done. I was visiting a very LARGE home and her upper cabinets were stainless steel inside with built in racks! They were individual dish washers! So cool. Can’t imagine what the price is for those but my back would sure appreciate them.

  26. Joy in NW Iowa

    I’m sitting here laughing…… didn’t have to add ‘saggy and wrinkly’ 😂😂. Ugh! I had a boss who always said you wake up at about 50 and it’s all hanging behind your knees 😂😂

    Why would u share a copyright? That would be like sharing a patent. You designed it, and copyrighted it!

    On to the weather…..doesn’t look like a warm week here. Better get my grocery shopping taken care of…..
    Have a good week!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – weather is sounding pretty awful for us, doesn’t it? Yes, why would anyone who knows they’re right agree to share a copyright? She must think I’m stupid!

      1. Marsha from Kansas

        I’m afraid I would have asked the lady who said to share to share her paycheck if it’s ok to “share” A copyright. It’s your paycheck (job) she is stealing from. Why would you share it with someone who stole it from you?

  27. Janet S

    As many noted, I have a friend who has her dishwasher raised and loves it. Many people also have had their clothes washer and dryer raised for the same reasons. That looks like something I would love but probably won’t get.

  28. Emily Pittenger

    When our friends built their house, they purposely placed their dishwasher higher knowing it was their forever home. They love it! Their butler tried talking them out of it b/c they lost space between the counter the upper cabinets but they have no regrets!

    And some dishwashers just seem to be “lower”. My mom’s seems to be really low as well compared to ours!

  29. Erin

    I laugh with my friends that most appliances, and particularly sewing machines are designed by people who never use them. I’ve heard for years that it is impossible to use a full spool instead of bobbins in sewing machines, yet I found an antique machine that does just that! I can’t imagine why production was stopped on those machines! That’s my dream – having a bobbin as large as the spool of thread on top or no winding bobbins.

    Thanks for the quilt show! I get a kick out of seeing what people are working on!

    Great carrot! I could never eat it because it’s so cute.

    I’m sorry your original design was stolen. I see that happening all the time, sadly.

  30. Marilyn in Placerville, Ca

    I have Fisher and Paykel dishwasher drawers, i think Kitchenaid may make them too. You can get them with a drawer on top and one under. In my kitchen, I was able to put a top drawer on each side of my sink. No bending over and no racks to be pulling in and out. Really enjoy your blog!

    1. Jan Hebert

      Hi Marilyn! I have a friend who has drawers as well, hers are stacked one on top of the other. Of course, they use the top one mostly as it is just the two of them and unfortunately, the lower drawer had to be serviced because it dried out! So, remember to use both of your drawers! I love that you put one on each side of the sink! Brilliant! How do you like the Fisher and Paykel brand? Do you have any other appliances by them? We’ve considered getting a F&P refrigerator… Jan in MA

      1. Marilyn in Placerville, Ca

        I like my Fisher and Paykel dishwasher drawers. I didn’t get the bottom drawer, just 2 top drawers. There are regular cabinet drawers under the top dishwasher drawers.
        We put the dishwasher drawers in about 16 yrs ago. We had to replace one. The new ones come with a remote so there would be no controls seen on the front.
        Those are the only Fisher and Paykel appliances we have.
        We have friends from New Zealand and thats how i heard about them.

  31. Beamer's Mom

    Mary, my dishwasher is approx 12″ off the floor. We put in a false drawer below it. The counter top is naturally raised in that section as well.

    The problem we found is years ago the hinge for the dishwasher door was about 8-10″ from the floor. Then they changed styles and lowered the hinge so although there may be more room between the racks in the dishwasher, you have to stand on your head and bend your back ALOT to get the dishes out. We are so happy we saw a photo before we started our new (13 yrs old already) house. It motivated me since I’m so tall. I also hate a microwave about the stove for 2 reasons. First off, I hit my head on those kind while I’m using the burners plus I can’t see the back burners. 2nd, why have the 2 things you use the most in the same location? I’m trying to use a burner while hubby would be trying to use the microwave. So, we put our microwave above the oven and have a cooktop instead. Works great for me. Again, might be a bit too high for those who are vertically challenged.

    I’ll take a photo and send it to you. We love it.

  32. Connie

    Loved the dog pictures! Love my little dog. And the carrot picture was a funny comparison, oh I so dislike how my legs are looking😳

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      I can’t stand to glance at the mirror across the room when I step out of the shower! Ugly.

  33. Judy - Michigan

    I love the dog photo idea! I will send you a photo of our 9 month pup. He is amazing!

    So sorry about everyone stealing your patterns, wish it was easy for you to get your money from them.

  34. Linda in NC

    It’s just as bad as what they are doing with books, especially children’s books, whose author is no longer living. They are editing the books to be “politically correct”. Our children will never know the real classics.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Didn’t I see that was happening with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Sad.

  35. Teresa in Port Coquitlam, BC

    That carrot is hilarious. I’ve grown a few like that. The dog photo idea is great and will be sending you one. I always enjoy the quilt show. Hoping in the next few weeks to have one done to send to you too.

  36. Jacque

    Mary – I follow Janine Alers on Facebook and have for a long time. She just shared this from Quiltmania: 🙏 Simply Vintage 46, Aunt Amy 🙏
    [English Below]
    We have been alerted to the similarity of Janine Alers quilt: Aunt Amy published in the spring issue of Simply Vintage with the 1999 Bull’s Eye quilt by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads. Quiltmania is very respectful of copyright but an incident happens sometimes when the original was published 24 years ago today. Hundreds of Bull’s Eye quilts have been made since the book came out, and sometimes you don’t even know where they came from. So let’s give Cesar his own here knowing it was published by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads in Aunt Amy 1999 at Martingale And if you like this model, go to Google where by typing Bull’s Eye Quilt you will discover dozens of videos and quilts made using this method and the origin of which is not always mentioned… Unfortunately, I do not have in mind all the quilts created and published from around the world in my memory, so my sincere apologies to the authors and thank you for your mercy! Carol Veillon

    🙏 Simply Vintage 46, Aunt Amy 🙏
    We have been alerted about the similarities between Janine Alers’ “Aunt Amy” quilt, published in Spring issue 46 of Simply Vintage, and the “Bull’s Eye” quilt, published in 1999 by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads. Quiltmania Editions is very respectful when it comes to copyrights, but an accident happens sometimes, especially when many years have passed since the original was published, some 24 years ago. Hundreds of Bull’s Eye Quilts have been made since this book came out, and it often happens that we cannot define precisely where they originated from. So let us render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s: the quilt was published by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads, in the book “Quilts from Aunt Amy” in 1999, at Martingale. If you appreciate this pattern, just open your Internet Browser and type “Bull’s Eye Quilt”: you will find tens of videos and quilts, made with that method, but not always with any form of source… I sadly must admit that I don’t have every single quilt ever made in mind, so sincere apologies to the authors and thank you in advance for your clemency. Carol Veillon

      1. Dot in NC

        All they had to do was an image search on Google Lens to immediately find the source of the design. If you search on the image of the full quilt as published by Quiltmania, one of the first results you get is the cover of your book! I wonder whether Janine Alers thought that since Martingale has closed, no one will object if she steals designs from their publications.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      I sent an email to Quiltmania and got the exact same worded reply in my email. They must have cut and paste it on their reply’s. Very sad they don’t seem to comprehend quilters distaste for how disrespectful they are of older designers. I will never support Quiltmania from now on.

  37. Lisa B

    When my parents built their house about 15 years ago they put a drawer underneath the dishwasher so it is up off the floor around 12 inches. It is so much easier to load and unload. The dishwasher is in an island, so at one end of the island the countertop is a bit higher. Mom decorates that area according to the seasons.

    1. Lisa B

      As I read some of the other responses I want to say that my parents also put their microwave above their wall mounted oven. And use a countertop stove. The drawer below my parents dishwasher holds 9×13 pans and similar items. Mom said that would be easier to clean up and may catch some water if the dishwasher ever leaks.

  38. Betty Klosterman

    There is a mentality these days. Big business – Walmart for example – has so much money. I have NO money so it is alright if I take their stuff. It doesn’t matter that somebody actually worked to accumulate so much, it isn’t fair to me. Too many people are just taking everything and they don’t lift a finger. Stupidity and lazy doesn’t count.

    We’ve got a major storm coming tomorrow night. We are getting snow today, but is isn’t part of the big storm coming Tuesday. Forcast of 8-12″ snow with 50 mph winds. Who knows. I got groceries this morning and am all set to stay inside until it moves on. We’ll see what it does. So, Mary, batten down the hatches as you’ll get it on Wednesday???? Take care.
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – tomorrow will be my prep day – I am helping Sam with her dogs and helping another friend with 4 little kids (and husband out of town )with some meals. Yes, we are all preparing for those winds. Did you see that Jo in Wyoming had 80 mph winds? I cant even imagine, can you? What does 80 mph wind feel like?

      1. Betty Klosterman

        Yes, we have had 70-80 mph winds, too. They don’t help the shingles. And we don’t go outdoors unless the house might be on fire. The strong winds would be awfully hard to move around. 50 mph are enough as you have to lean against them to stand up. So tie anything loose, or it will be on it’s way to the next place!

        The wind blows so hard in Wyoming. And it seems to blow all the time. And their storms are nothing to fool around with. Extremely dangerous.
        Betty in Rapid City

  39. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, me again. At least you got the lady’s attention on her theft of your pattern. And she admitted it was her mistake, not that she go caught. Such blatent theft? The same quilt name and putting her name as her quilt……. OOPS, at least she got caught and might not try to do it again, or at least for awhile?? Be interesting to check up on her every week or so to see if she admits her error and if she stops advertising it??
    Betty in Rapid City.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – why don’t you sign up for her posts to see what she does. Yes, she got caught and as another reader said, if she hadn’t called it Aunt Amy none of us would probably have been the wiser. I know I’m going to watch her very closely.

  40. Ginny

    When we remodeled our kitchen in Iowa I had Al raise the dishwasher up a foot. I had a drawer for 6 packs of drinks below and my microwave above. It was so nice, I’m not able to do that with this remodel in SC and I am going to miss that.
    Our trees are blooming, it is white all around. I just looked at your weather, it sounds like you are going to see white but not the nice kind.
    I am happy Rick is finally healed. Stay safe and warm.

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