Big Harvey Progress, 2-9-24

I got Big Harvey quilted this evening – now binding, then applique details, buttons and embroidery. Whew – none of it’s hard but it’s plenty of work.

I had an appointment in town this afternoon and then I attended Aidan’s science fair. I couldn’t even understand the titles of their experiments much less imagine I could have known these things in 5,6,7th grades!!

Here’s one project using my thrift store find of a wood frame and a small slogan, One Day At A Time which Becky sang at our wedding reception.


Reader Photos

Yes, it’s THIRTY STARS! I just love seeing this in a bright palette.

More details on my thrift finds tomorrow – and now for the prize winner of inconsiderate parking. This person should have been arrested!

46 thoughts on “Big Harvey Progress, 2-9-24

  1. Marsha in Michigan

    Oh, my, such inconsiderate parking! We do have parking police in our city. Even if they didn’t notice the ramp when they pulled in they HAD to have seen it when they stepped out of the car. Or just not the sharpest knife in the drawer? Maybe they thought, “Huh, that person left their van open and their ramp thingie in the way.” It’s mind boggling.

  2. paula mckinlay the parking pics… I was visiting my friend in Waukee 20 years ago… we had our two youngest girls with us…we cameo visit you…you let the girls take the dogs on a walk in “the Wilderness” they had the time of their went with them…what a treat…thank you for making us feel so welcome…I loved being in your shop.. I was visiting from Utah…

    Now for business…I want to buy #665 Homestead Reunion pattern…what shall I do, send you SASE ?

    XOXO paula

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – I must see if I can locate it first – I’ll make a note to look tomorrow. So glad your girls had a fun time on the wilderness trail! We drove it 6 times today – with visiting dogs. Please send me an email so I can respond to your request there. I love hearing that kids had a good time while their moms shopped.

  3. Marlea

    Our son is a quadriplegic. Drives a van with side ramp for his motorized chair. He has experienced this identical problem. His wife even placed a large trash receptacle to block the side approaching the ramp.
    We return to the car and find the church parking lot attendant had moved the trash receptacle and let a vehicle park within a couple of inches of the ramp.
    Yes, all comments are appreciated‼️
    We did kindly speak to the attendant. He did apologize.
    Love to drool over the beautiful daily quilt show on your blog. I am simply blessed by everyone’s talents!!
    Thank y’all SO much 💌❣️

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marlea – well, what a terrible inconvenience for someone trying to use a side ramp! I think all of us should start a campaign that if we see something like this, we report it to the authorities. The idea for a handicapped spot with room on the side is completely out the window for some people. Don’t they understand????

  4. Mary Hehlke

    I love your sayings,, “one day at a time”. Both are so pretty and love the frames too. It is one of my favorite sayings. Now I need to find one like you have to hang on my wall. Love seeing your postings everyday. It brightens my day to see your quilts, animals etc. Happy Valentines Day to you. Love you, Mary H

  5. Teresa in Indiana

    I love the quilts today! Mart you are making great progress on Harvey. They will really enjoy it. Celeste your quilts are lovely! Blue is my favorite color. Someday maybe I will have a two color quilt too. Have a great weekend everyone. Oh, thank you Mary. I received my 30 stars pattern yesterday.

  6. Charlotte in northern California

    Such lovely quilts today, as always! That car should have been towed and given a ticket! I think people are just selfish and stupid! I had a friend that had a handicap placard. He didn’t park within the blue lines and got an expensive ticket. He was a terrible driver. None of us wanted to ride with him but I sure do miss him.
    And go Niners!!!

  7. Connie in NV

    That is the most inconsiderate parking I’ve ever seen! Person obviously never considers the fact they might be disabled someday. They have I’m important syndrome.

  8. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

    The thrift store finds are great and I really enjoy the quilt show as always. Thanks again for the blog about nothing.

  9. Beverly

    Hello! Have I missed my opportunity to purchase the 30 Srars Quilt Pattern? I’ve been a bit out of touch, due to surgery. Catching up on emails .
    Is it like other patterns…send a SASE to Mary, with $$$, and she sends a pattern?
    How lovely!
    I can tell you this , as I recover from an ankle replacement– so annoying , and no sewing for quite some time could not find Mary’s email. However, I’m stuck using my phone fir now, small letters, and fat fingers!
    Thank you!
    Bev Custer

      1. Beverly

        It is appreciated…thank you. Yeah, this is a long recovery, but I’ll get more mobility out of it that just fusing everything together….and it hurts.
        I’m making a list of Projects…30 stars is on the list
        Tomorrow, I get to shower!
        In Stitches,

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beverly – ankle replacement!! Oohh, that sounds hard to recover from – I’m so sorry.

  10. Fran

    Inconsiderate idiot parking. It’s the “all about me” syndrome.

    Love the 30 stars quilt.! I am home from retreat but have not put away stuff in the sewing room. But my plan is sewing today. A baby quilt needs to be quilted. Baby shower is next weekend but I can’t make the 5 1/2 drive for it and won’t have it done in time for the mail. It’s ok. I am just the greatgrandma who wishes she lived closer.

    Fran in dry SW Iowa

  11. Kim from Wi

    That person should have been towed away! it is maddening to see folks do that. Love your picture frame swap and what a nice memory from your wedding day. So many lovely quilts today and I admired the blue and white one. I would like to make a 2-color quilt one day and this one was lovely to see. Your Harvey is coming along quite nicely. Made a trip to Costco with our daughter yesterday and bought some new pots & pans. I hope I’m not unhappy with them. I always seem to over buy when I go into that store, but they have such nice items and prices can be reasonable. Looking forward to the game on Sunday.

  12. Jill

    Agree with you! Because of you I really look around parking lots every time I go out. I wish there were parking police!

  13. Bonny

    I’ve begun to wonder if there are ANY quilts I don’t like! Thanks for sharing Reader’s quilts!

  14. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy in Central Ohio

    It is hard enough to need a handicapped spot and then some ingrate does that. Ugh. Thanks for showing us so many pretty quilts. If there are bloggers who can’t get to a quilt show, you send them to us—love it, thank you😀The quilts by readers are beautiful and Big Harvey is great! I have two little Harveys ready for Easter.. I hope to sew today🤞. We took 3 of the grands to lunch yesterday—ages20,20,22–no twins. It is fun to see them😀. It is going to be close to 60* here today🙀😀

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – the book by Ellie Wiesel called Hostage is not a continuation of Night. It’s about a kidnapping during the 1975 Israeli-Palestinian conflict which might as well be written in current day! I am looking forward to reading it and I’ll let you know.

      1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

        Thanks, Mary. Boy that sure proves that history repeats itself. Sad. I will be anxious to hear what you think😀

  15. Kathy in western NY

    It’s amazing the talent quilters share with you Mary! Just changing colors from your original Thirty Stars gives that quilt another whole look to me. Blue is my favorite color so loved seeing Celeste’s and the others are so colorful. Thank you again for our own private quilt shows! Harvey will brighten the halls of the care center and it’s nice they can have some color in their days to see.
    I agree with Brenda Lynn that the car and driver should have been held accountable for blantlantly violating the law. I’ve started chuckling at the young people who pull into the spots designed for grocery pick up and then get out of their car and walk in to shop. I do see some sitting in their cars waiting for their orders to come out but a majority seem to just use the spots like any other one.
    I just walk by them having parked further out cause I don’t pay for a gym membership like I think most do that I know. Walking is my exercise.

  16. Barbara Yarnell

    Nice progress on Big Harvey! I love the blue quilts from Celeste. And the scrappy red quilts are outstanding! Great mini quilt show today.

  17. Rhoda Ebersole

    That person must have been in a real hurry!!
    I am in Honolulu but didn’t feel the earthquake on the big Island of Hawaii today at noon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – in a hurry? I’d say that person is very inconsiderate! Hurry has nothing to do with it. How’s that handicapped person supposed to get in and out of the vehicle?…….. I had not heard there was an earthquake. Was there any damage?

  18. Sharon G.

    Mary – Nice haul from the thrift store! I love when it all comes together. Love the One Day at a Time in the wood frame. Harvey is a nice big rabbit good job.
    Still working on the no cut no trim blacks. Love the quilt photos today.
    My house is a mess after moving everything around due to contractor working in 5 rooms. Some things were shoved into my sewing room so I’ve been working on getting that straightened up. Lots of work!
    My sister had her beloved dog put to sleep today. He came down with canine cognitive syndrome which is similar to dementia/Alzheimers in humans. The disease progressed rapidly. Fourteen percent of dogs get it. Her heart is broken – she and her husband had the dog for several years. He was a rescue so his exact age is unknown. He was a nice dog. 🐶 I will miss him too. Sad. 😢 Give your pets a hug.
    Take care everyone.
    Stay safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sharon – oh, I am so sorry! I can feel their broken hearts and there’s nothing anyone can really do. I always say however that the way to celebrate that dog ‘s life is to rescue another one. Even tho’ that’s the last thing they want to think about right now. You can tell them I said so and I have lots of experience.

      1. Alice in SW Ohio

        Mary, I so agree about rescuing another dog! When I had to have my sweet Chloe put down I adopted a blind schnauzer named Bailey! He was a sweetheart & we had him for over 2 yrs before he had a seizure & passed in my arms. He was almost 9 when I adopted him. Next came Bentley who I’ve had for over 4 yrs. I will always adopt the older ones who need a loving home! Iife is better with fur babies!

  19. San

    Great job on the big bunny Mary. He sure is bright and cheerful.

    Warming up slightly, but raining here in Murphy, NC.


  20. patti

    thanks for sharing harvey. handwork type stuff always seems to take longer (at least if i’m doing it). love the creativity in the reader quilts. so much variety. i’ve been trying to straighten up a bit in my bedroom sewing area – have a set of i-spy squares cut out and can’t find them. i know they are there somewhere. did find some 6″ green crumb blocks that i decided to enlarge to around 9.5 x 10.5″ or so – they will become hot pads for the kitchen. i don’t like small hot pads. hopefully tomorrow i can get upstairs and try to load something on the longarm. we will see. hugs to all, patti in florida

  21. brendalynne1

    parking lot challenge left without charge or remedy !!!! My theory is that the clean-up is at this local level where no one wants to bother because it isnt that big of a deal. So. where is it that big of a deal ??? These transgressions at this level wont put anyone in jail or enrich the city coffers with massive fines BUT it creates a more lawful frame in folks minds hopefully stopping the progression to the BIG DEAL.
    Call me crazy. meddlesome old biddy or whatever but we have to start someplace.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brendalynne1 – and I feel like I needed to start it here where I can reach lots of people. A lady coming out of the grocery store yesterday berated me because I posted a picture of her car – that someone else sent me – because there wasn’t another place to park. So I’ve made some enemies, too.

      1. Cynthia from SW MN

        Obviously the ‘rules’ donor apply to her! And if the shoe fits 👠…I don’t get it, but I am not sloppy about staying in between those lines. This has made me all too aware how it can affect others.

      2. Heather K

        What does it say that someone takes the stance that they are mad that they were caught vs embarrassed that they made th wrong choice? Maybe the publicity will help with better choices in the future 😉

        1. Betty Klosterman

          That car could have done a great deal of damage to the handicapped ramp from the other car. THAT is why that spot is left open. And out here there is a big fine for parking like that. I’d call the cops. It isn’t like they couldn’t see the ramp?????

          Or, maybe the person should not walk, but have to use a wheel chair and cope with this type of a situation. They might get a good taste of how life is for many people. It just goes back to the inconsiderate, selfish, me people who don’t think about anybody except themselves..

          Maybe the media should do a segment to get people’s attention to the situation and the penalties featuring pictures like this????? Meow! Yup, I’m catty.
          Betty in Rapid City

      3. Janet S

        REALLY, she said ‘there wasn’t another place to park’ or was it she was too lazy to walk a little ways. Don’t back down Mary, ‘no parking’ areas are there for a reason and this picture proved it’s necessity. At the minimum when we see these offenders at this degree we should go into the store and demand they put out an announcement over the loud speaker for the offender to please come move their car. Honestly, if people can’t park a car somewhat correctly why are they allowed to drive?

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Janet – yes, she did say that and I had the same thought as you but I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to offend her further. If I had taken the picture myself I would have felt terrible but someone else took it and sent it to me so I’m not the only one who thought it was not right. Now she’s going to read this and I’ll add my apology here.

  22. Marsha from Kansas

    Oh, Mary, I agree with the inconsiderate parking! In the least, they should tow that car!

    Like the Harvey. I need to get one sewn. I graduated to walking with the cane during the day today, so one step closer to getting back into my sewing room. Hopefully next week. I still have two projects I’d like to cut out and Sunday I can watch the Super Bowl while I cut out my Strawberry Lemonade quilt.

    Love seeing your thrift store finds! Iowa seems to have very good thrift store pickings.

    Wishing everybody a nice weekend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha from KS – good for you! A cane is so much easier to navigate than a walker – I still carry my cane with me on the dash of my car – just in case I need it.

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