Binding the Snowball Tablemat

Hopefully you are at this point and if not you can return to this post when you are.  Trim the edge of your mat even with the top edge, cutting away the batting and the backing.

Cut 2 strips of binding, 1-1/2″ x 44″ and join together.

Lay right sides together on the top of the quilt and start a few inches from the beginning of the strip as shown.  I use my walking foot and take a 1/4″ seam.

When I get to the corner, I stop 1/4″ from the edge and back stitch.

Take the quilt out of your machine and fold the binding towards the top and back down along the edge of the quilt.  Start your back stitch 1/4″ from the edge and sew along the edge to the next corner where you repeat the step.

When you reach the final side, stop sewing a few inches from the loose end where you started.  Overlap the ends and trim the long end to overlap the number of inches that you cut your binding which in this case is 1-1/2″.  Join the 2 ends with a right angle seam, trim, press seam open and stitch the remaining binding.  You will see that it is the exact length.  (Here is where I got interrupted and forgot to continue taking step by step pictures!  Hope you can follow this last step.)

Fold the binding over twice and hand stitch to the back.  The corners will miter on their own as you fold over the binding.

And it’s on the table!

Thanks for the fun week, ladies!  Hope you will enjoy you patriotic tablemat/table runner this season!

11 thoughts on “Binding the Snowball Tablemat

  1. Martha

    I love how you put your dark blocks in the center, lighter around ~~ no left overs!
    What a fun project.

    Thanks bunches!!!

  2. Eleanor from RI

    What a cute candle mat. Perfect for summer. Will have to make one, too.

  3. Carol

    Thank you for your generosity, Mary. I really enjoy your descriptive words and I love the quilt directions you send on your blog. Please continue with your wonderful blog!

  4. Dot

    I’m no expert in HTML, but comparing the page source code for April 19, when all was well with the images, and the code for this post, I noticed that on April 19, the height of the images was set to 1232, the width to 1650. In all the posts I checked since then, the height is set to 1650 and the width is also 1650. In addition to that, in the recent posts, for each image, the width and height are set twice, in different places.

    You might take a look at the WordPress settings you use, or ask WordPress about it

  5. Launa

    Mary, I’m going to try your 1 1/2″ binding as I usually do the French double fold 2 1/2″ width strips. I always save any leftover binding strips for scrap quilts. So many years ago I took my first quilting class and the teacher set a little basket in the center of the work tables and mentioned we could toss any scraps we didn’t want into the basket rather than the shop’s waste baskets. The next week’s session she held up one beautiful log cabin block she’d made from our assorted scraps.
    Thanks for the sew a long….. Can’t wait to see the chicks.

  6. Linda

    I love this…thanks so much for the pattern—I am doing your straight line quilting now too on some things–so fun to do and I can do it myself…..

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