Blizzard Day #2, 1-13-24

Completely snowed in with 25-30 mph winds – everything closed – no church anywhere tomorrow. Tomorrow night wind chill 35 below. The caucus is on Monday night in frigid temperatures. The blizzard to supposed to last until Tuesday noon – all plows have been called off the roads.

What more can I say ….. except GO HAWKS! Indiana managed, I don’t know how, to travel to Iowa City for the game. Brrrrr…….

57 thoughts on “Blizzard Day #2, 1-13-24

  1. Elizabeth

    Wisconsin got 15 inches of snow in my city and much of it ice. Temps are dropping into the negatives at night for a week. EEEEEK.
    Stay safe and warm, Mary!

  2. Margie Braaksma

    We’ve got -44 wind chill now by Sibley
    All my animals are snug with a heater or in the house!

  3. Ann in Virginia

    Please stay safe! I don’t know how I would survive in temps like you are having. Virginia will have cold temps coming Monday, but not like what you are experiencing . I pray you don’t lose power. Do you have a wood stove or some kind of heat supplement? ???

  4. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    Rooting for the Iowa Hawks from here in Ohio and have the game on ready to see some Caitlin Clark magic! Stay safe and warm Mary

  5. Judy

    Our pastor just called and suggested canceling tomorrow’s service. We do not have much snow, but enough to make it stick in spots and then the temperatures will be below zero in the morning. Our elderly congregation will be staying home tomorrow. Someone today mentioned the blizzard of 1978. We hope to never see those conditions again in central Indiana. Stay in and stay warm, Mary.

  6. Lynette in Orlando

    I could’t do it!!! Oh my goodness!!! It’s chilly here, but you’ve certainly got me beat, Stay warm and safe!!!

  7. Jo in Wyoming

    Baby, it’s cold outside.
    Last I checked it’s -8.
    This morning when I got up it was -23.
    Bundle up everyone.

  8. LaNan

    Our blizzard warning ends tonight at midnight. Drove ten miles this morning to play for a funeral. Alittle dicey but very grateful to be back home and sewing🤗. No church tomorrow. Our kids had three snow days in one week last week!!!! Stay warm and safe!!

  9. Jan Hebert

    Crazy weather, for sure! Please be safe, everyone. Stay home. We’re having unseasonably warm temperatures – in the upper 50’s this afternoon. Tonight, it is 42 and dropping. We have no snow on the ground at this time. We got about a foot last weekend but it all melted with the warm temps and rain that came after. Thank goodness, we’ve had no water in the basement. My knee replacement is scheduled for Tuesday and so far, I’m healthy. We decided to skip a friend’s 70th birthday party on Friday and sure enough, many of the people that attended have Covid. Ugh! So glad we stayed home. It will be a miracle if neither my doctor nor I get sick before then. Say a prayer for us! Jan in MA

  10. Martha W in WY

    Brrrrr everywhere! Cheyenne at -14 and feels like -41. But it’s warmer than my daughter in North Dakota. She’s at -21 and feels like -49 now at 6pm (MT). She said last night that the windchill was -65!
    We lost our electricity for 3 hours in the middle of the night last night. We don’t know why.
    Chili pot is on. Yum! Everyone stay in and warm.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Martha – 65 below! Good Heavens!! Please, Dear God, keep the power on!

    2. Linda in Central Iowa

      I was raised in a small town in western ND – often had those -40’s (or worse) wind chills. Certainly knew how to layer clothes and we still had school! All the vehicles had head bolt heaters so they would start. Mom was a teacher and the school had outdoor plugins where teachers could park so their cars would start at the end of the day. Otherwise, you made sure you had jumper cables. Often just left the car running while you did your grocery shopping, etc. This was in the 1950’s and no, your car did not get stolen

  11. Meredith in Cincinnati

    We’ll be watching the game! Caitlin Clark is so much fun to watch. I’m betting the place will be packed!

  12. Arrowhead Gramma

    Mary, you and Rick please take care and stay safe. Will say a prayers that your babies are kept safe and your electricity stays on. ❤️🙏🙏❤️

  13. Susan K in Texas

    Our temps dropped as the wind shifted this afternoon. Snow/ice predicted for tomorrow afternoon. Nowhere near what y’all have gotten but enough for us.
    Stay warm! Sewing is on the agenda for tomorrow!

  14. Leslie

    We are having high winds and LOTS of rain in MD. Got cold today, maybe snow. I’m sorry it is so extreme there. Looked awful on the news…

  15. Patty from Mo

    I’m having a hard time watching the KC Chiefs and Iowa. Both came on at same time. It was -4 at game time here and will be getting colder. I love to watch Iowa when I can get the game. Stay warm. No church here tomorrow also.

  16. Diane , Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Waiting for the game to start😀🏀. Cold here, too, and getting colder tomorrow and next week. Hubby thinks he needs to go out and feed the birds in this🙀. I do it sometimes, but have to use a step ladder and he thinks I will fall. Brrr. Stay warm everyone!

  17. Beryl BC

    Spent the afternoon working on some special quilt blocks. We are watching the Iowa Indiana women’s game. Currently it’s 25 degrees in SW Ohio. I don’t know the wind chill. It felt awfully cold earlier in the wind.

  18. Brenda Ks

    Mary same here snowed in. Not going anywhere for the rest of the weekend. It is -5.6 here. Don’t know what the wind chill is but it is brutal. We will not be above freezing for all of next week. Stay safe this to will pass. I hope! Lol

  19. Sheila in MA

    Stay bundled up Mary. Good reason to keep sewing. I hope you have some comfort food in stock.
    It was probably wise to cancel the church services and halt the plows. Better to have people stay home and off the roads.
    We are having unseasonably mild weather here in MA. 13 inches of snow one day and 2 days later chance of flooding with all the rain. I think Mother Nature panties are in a bunch.

    Enjoy the game!!
    Sheila in MA

    PS Good luck Jan with your knee replacement. Coming up my 2 year anniversary for both knees. You will be glad you did it.

  20. Diane in Des Moines

    My bird feeders are empty. The little juncos were sitting on the window sill, looking in at us!! I might go out tomorrow, see how I feel.
    I cut fabric today for the potato chip block quilt. 576 darks, 576 lights – all 3 1/2 x 5 1/2. All counted in piles and my eyes needed a rest.
    Church has not been canceled, but we are not going with my cough. We will live stream the morning service, then the installation service of our new senior pastor in the afternoon. I will be snug in my room sewing.
    Please be careful going out to the barn to feed critters!
    Stay warm!

  21. Bonny

    Somehow this was the first game I’ve seen all season. W.o.w.

    Oh yeah, the weather stinks!

  22. Chris in Alaska

    You’re having Alaskan weather ! We had gusts last week of 50 mph – a tree uprooted and fell near our well . 1 1/2 fr away from the well ! We got lucky . Glad you’re ok . We are used to well below zero temps all winter , but the winds are unrelenting. Stay warm !

    1. Fran

      Chris, I thought I was back in AK this past week. I remember going to work at -30 and plugging my car in.

      Fran in SW Iowa

  23. Jeanine from Iowa

    Congratulations to the Iowa Hawkeye girls! This is also the first time we have been able to watch them, thanks to Fox airing their game tonight. All the girls played a great game. The last I looked it was -10* here in Oskaloosa. Brutal winds yet. Our country road is plugged tight but our church is also canceled and we don’t need to go anywhere except hopefully it will be plowed out so we can go to the caucus Monday night. Good night, everyone, and stay safe. Thankfully, our power has not gone out.

    1. Fran

      I only live a couple blocks if where we caucus tomorrow evening, I plan to be there! This is important. The whimps will stay home! It might last an hr. I don’t want anyone to risk their life but it’s ok to be cold for a few min. to do something this important.

      1. Jeanine from Iowa

        Fran – We will go if they get our road plowed out. We have drifts that are over waist tall, and there is no way we can go anywhere. Our road is not a well traveled road as only three families live on it. We will see. At least the wind has died down today, so we are hoping…..

  24. Marie C

    I’m north of Cedar Rapids Iowa. We received about 22 inches of snow this week. The wind is howling. Thankfully all of our cows and horses have barns to be in. Our mostly outside cats are now inside cats. We won’t be above zero for several days. Everyone stay safe.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – you got the brunt of the snow – we did not but the wind is brutal. Everybody is inside the heated barn except the geese who are in a lean to and won’t go inside anything. Years ago we herded them into a small lean to and locked them in. One was dead in the morning. Never again.

  25. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l don’t envy your temperatures, ! But it is very windy here in New Zealand, wellington has the 3rd most turbulent weather at the airport (in the world). A busy day tidied the large cupboard in the laundry, once lclean the top of the fridge that room is done! Having a spring clean while the family is away. I hope you and all the animals are keeping warm, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – when you say turbulent, do you mean wind, rain or everything? I’ll bet you’re missing the girls.

  26. Kim from Wi

    Do stay safe and home where it is warm. Time for a big kettle of soup and homemade bread. More time for stitching.

  27. Betty Klosterman

    Nobody should be out in this weather. Young or old, they should stay inside and not take a chance on falling or getting hit by a car. And the plows should be in off the road, too. They should not have to put their lives in danger when some idiot thinks they can make it thru the roads. Here they are pulling the plows and emergency vehicles off the roads. If they get called out for somebody who thought they could get thru , they will have to pay a fine. There are no meetings, etc worth putting your lives in danger. Stay home. Please stay safe and not try stupid stuff.
    Betty in Rapid City

  28. Sue Smith in Or

    I worry about all of you blizzard people. It sounds unbelievably cold. I can’t wrap my head around those negative temps. Some places in Oregon are pretty darned cold, too, but not here. At least, not That cold. It feels cold because of the dampness., though. We are having torrential rain and lots of wind. The cows have very few places to stand that are not covered with water. At least, they have their barn. Seems like the winter was quite decent, then suddenly, this. Take care and stay warm, and don’t go out in it.

  29. Beryl in Owatonna, MN

    We have been spoiled this winter. We haven’t gotten much snow here, about 4 inches and it keeps blowing away. There is still grass showing in places/ It is -11 right now and feels like-35. We have a week of cold and then the next week back into the 30’s, I’ll take the 30’s!

    Glad you can stay home tomorrow. I think I can stay in until Wednesday, I may stay longer!! A neighbor is so kind to move cars in out parking lot so it can be plowed!! He moved 4 or 5 of us a couple of days ago and then moved them back today/ He also blows the windows off so we don’t have to scrape! I made him some pumpkin bread today as a thank you!

    Stay warm and safe.

  30. Chris R. In Corpus Christi, Texas

    My prayers are with you, and Rick, and everyone dealing with these extreme weather conditions. Stay warm and safe until it warms up. So thankful you have a big barn for your animals.

  31. Pat in AZ

    Please be safe and snug everyone in the middle of this horrible storm. I can’t even fathom winds and temperatures that brutal. I was feeling sorry for myself with our overnight temperatures in the 20’s but now I feel grateful I’m not in your shoes.

  32. Linda in Central Iowa

    There is a book by David Laskin called “The Children’s Blizzard” that is a very interesting, true story (but sad) book, about the horrible blizzard here in the upper midwest in 1888 and how those immigrant farmers and ranchers dealt with the frigid temps and howling winds. It puts perspective on how just good we have it right now. My goodness, they were really tough people. I don’t think people today could have made it in those conditions. Hooray for the Iowa girls. Church (and the bell choir) cancelled today so not going to go anywhere. UNLESS hubby mentions going out to eating dinner. There is a limitation on my love of cooking! Happy sewing everyone. Wow, think of all the pictures that hopefully will come in after this week of sewing!

  33. Sally J. Mi.

    It was 2 degrees this morning at 8am. Church service today will be only on zoom. Our driveway was plowed out yesterday but looks all snow covered again. I must say the snow looks beautiful with the sun shining and a pretty blue sky. Stay safe and go LION’s!!!

  34. Linda in Michigan

    We live about 18 miles inland from Lake MI, so now we are getting “lake effect” snow. Got buried overnight, so cold and windy, Boxcar Willie (stray cat) wanted to come right in the house with me. Coaxed him into the garage where it isn’t especially warm but at least I know he’s out of the elements. He’s not happy unless I’m out there with him, but I’m not spending the day in the garage!
    Everything around here is closed for today, haven’t seen any plows go down our road.
    Stay safe everyone!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in MI – how much snow did you get? I was terrified that someone would get out and get lost in the blizzard. I haven’t been outside this morning but I dreamed I found all the geese dead inside the lean-to.

  35. Fran

    Mary, stay home and off the rds.!

    Rds were closed in many places even yesterday as the wind was still crazy making drifts!

    I did not get much done in the sewing room yesterday as planned because it must of been my day for communication. Always have a marathon on the weekend with one daughter who lives in AK. And a high school friend called me and there went another 1.5 hrs. Then it was cell phone charging time!

    Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.

    Fran in SW Iowa

  36. Kathy in western NY

    It’s comforting being snug as a bug inside our warm homes with plenty of food to reheat so I keep all those close in thought who are battling adverse conditions to survive. Thankfully not brutal temperatures like you but we are staying safe and not attending church. Zoom worked out just fine for feeling part of worship and for meetings during the pandemic so we’re doing that. We have consistently had 10 families weekly on it for worship for years due to cancer treatments, shut ins or health reasons saying they are grateful we still provide it.

  37. Lisa W

    Really enjoyed the game last night!! Caitlyn is so fun to watch!! Staying home and working on a baby quilt for my niece as she is expecting her first baby in February. We have a few inches of snow and a -6 temp with -27 wind chill in west central Indiana. Stay safe and warm!

  38. Twyla

    We received 12 inches of snow this past week, I drive school bus for our school district. We only had two days of school this week. Wind chills -45, lots of businesses closed, but more should. Why do people think they need to go places? I’m very happy to stay inside! I’ve cut out 16 simple what not projects designed by Kim Diehl. It’s taken me about 6 days, lots of small pieces! Two more days to stay in and quilt!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Twyla – we’ve said the same thing – we watch Hwy 18 and wonder during the height of the storm where they would have to go and why. What can be that important to risk your life?

  39. Linda in Michigan

    I don’t know how much we got overnight, but there are big drifts in the front yard and I’m guessing 16-18 inches on the picnic table. Looks like Fairyland out there.

  40. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Oh, my! Our winter weather is mild compared to all y’all’s! We are in the 20s and snow/freezing rain expected today and Monday. Not getting out till Thursday when it should be melted away. Evening church cancelled. I hope everyone stays safely home and healthy. Penny and Lucy say hey 😻🥰🤗

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