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Just wrote a long post to explain that the blog has once again crashed and the post even crashed.

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  1. Jean

    This is so frustrating!!! We can put a man on the moon but the brainiacs can’t figure out how to fix Mary’s blog? Ridiculous. I am disgusted. Mary you must be ready to just throw your hands in the air. But I hope you don’t cause I depend on your blog as connectivity to others. Grrrrrrr

  2. Rhonda

    Oh dear, I so hate to hear this! Hope there is an easy fix but as far as I’m concerned nothing involving technology is easy.

  3. Nancy S.

    Thanks for letting all of us know, Kayla. Was wondering about no posts this week from Mary. I remember her saying if it crashed again, she was tossing it. So hope that will not be the case.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, you are too precious to us to give up.
    I know you have other things to do, my wish is that I could help.
    We can wait, don’t get mad, one step at a time.
    We love you

  5. Sheila in WI

    Thanks for letting us know. Sorry you have to go through this again. Hope you’ll get it up and running again soon. I so love how you share your love of life and quilts. Be still. (My favorite words on your blog!)

  6. Pat Smith

    It doesn’t take me long to get completely frustrated and just plain mad when it comes to technology. Hope you’re able to get it up and running soon as I miss hearing about your Iowa life, and miss seeing all the animals, too!

  7. Ruthie

    I was wondering where your blog was. My Internet went out last night right when I was ordering a book. So frustrating, but it was back on midmorning. Hope you don’t quit doing your blog .

  8. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Was wondering why I hadn’t seen anything since I got out of the hospital. So sorry this has happened again, I wish I could help. Let us know if we can.

  9. Sandy

    Hi Mary, sorry you are having problems, did this also happen the last time you had a huge response to a question about your blog? I hope Kayla can help sort it out. Today is Taiwan national day so my son and family are having a feast, wish I was there! All the best, take care, sandy

  10. Margaret in North Texas

    My computer seems to be crashing a lot lately–Don’t let it ruin your day. Kayla will figure it out. We’ll just wait this out–in the meantime have great day Mary!!!

  11. Diane Bauer

    Oh, gosh, how terribly frustrating!!! I’m so sorry! Thank you so much for all of your efforts at getting this blog thing figured out!

    Those pups are growing like crazy!!

  12. Rita In Iowa

    Sorry Mary. My husband bought a new computer and bought an extended warranty. Only when he had trouble from the get go the warranty was only for the hardware and not the software. Go figure. He de call the software company and wad able to get it fixed at no extra cost. The company where he bought the computer was trying real hard to sell him more warranty. We didn’t go for that.
    It not much fun. My computer has trouble booting up. It’s seven years old and they say that is old. We are working on getting it fixed also.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    I met a friend today who is also grandma to 3 grandchildren she is helping one day a week with elementary school studies online. Unbelievable what they are encountering with computers and learning but kudos to these dedicated teachers making it work. I have immense appreciation for those who honestly can do all this technology! We will wait patiently Mary for your return as it’s a blessed connection in this crazy upside down world we are in.

  14. Diane and Sqyeak

    So many millions of students, teachers, parents etc are using the internet, it is no wonder people are having trouble! I am so sorry thus happenedz. Good luck!

  15. Beverly

    I figured you’ve been busy with Nala and the puppies. Can’t wait to hear more about how they’re doing & other farm life. We’ll be patient; you and your blog are worth waiting for!

  16. Marcia

    Please, even if you feel like it, don’t throw in the towel! You are such an inspiration through all that you do and accomplish plus, you provide a huge dose of nostalgia for life on the farm. I love your animal stories and your pictures of both animals AND quilts.
    Let it be said of you, She Persisted!
    Meanwhile, I’m happy to stand by.
    You are worth the wait. 😊

  17. Virginia

    Hang in there Mary! Don’t let it get you down…we will be here whenever the problem gets fix. Thank you Kayla for the update.

  18. Earlene Springs

    Dear Mary
    Sometimes it’s just not fair but we love all you do to make the world a little brighter. Thank you

  19. Delores

    Thanks for all you report to make our days brighter. Thanks to Kayla for her help. All comments have said it well…we miss hearing from you. We will “Be Still” until we hear from you again with all the news and wonderful pictures. Again, I say Thanks!

  20. Joyce from NY

    Oh no Mary, I do hope you can get it going again soon. I know it is so frustrating for you!!

  21. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Thanks for letting us know, Kayla. Hang in there, Mary. Your news is worth the wait. Love You.

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