Blue and white feathered star





Just finished February Charm School and while I was taking that photo, I thought you’d like to see these 2 antique quilts in the living room. The feathered star quilt was purchased in Galveston several years ago. It’s in pretty rough shape but the hand quilting is wonderful.
Here us Jeanne’s grandson Jaxson with Bailey. Doesn’t she look happy?
About the cats – the carriers sat in the kitchen for a week before the appointment so, for my cats, that isn’t the answer. I wish it was that easy.
Chew-E is being a good boy – he’s much calmer and I’m much calmer, too. Ha!

13 thoughts on “Blue and white feathered star

  1. Arlene

    Our vet suggested warming the towels and wrapping them in them and putting them in the crate wrapped in a warm towel. Might work for you.

  2. Jackie Baumhauer

    Turn the carrier on end with the door on top opened. Pick the cat up(you will be petting them and and then when your over the carrier.. just drop them in very carefully. I had to get six feral cats in carriers. I couldn’t have done this any other way.This is the method my vet uses. Good luck!

  3. Betty Seefekd

    I take my kitties to the vet in a flannel pillowcase that is tied at the top. Much easier to get them in and out, they travel more comfortably. You can put the pillow case and kitty in a box so they don’t roll about. The vets liked the idea so much, they wanted me to make them some. Give it a try

  4. Patrisha

    I always put a little tuna, salmon, sardines etc. (Yummy for kitty) in the back of the carrier and be ready to close the door and head for the vets! May have to make a couple trips. But well worth it for the pets. : o

    Love the beautiful eye candy. Blue is my fav. Color in quilts. thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Donna Sproston

    After 18 months of charm school and most of the quilts in the two books, I dropped out and went off to the Civil War club. My husband said we needed more tabletops, walls, and holidays. (But he did learn to brake for quilt shops and even planned a side trip to Garner while I was being charmed.) I love this little quilt. Will it be available for purchase by loyal dropouts?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      The February charm quilt will be available in the quilt shop on march 1 unless supplies run out filling club members’ orders. The pattern will be available however and you can use any charm pack.
      Hope you’re enjoying Civil War Club!

  6. Betty Seefekd

    Yes, no problems. That way you can hold them on your lap while waiting too. I actually have thought of marketing them as “The cat’s in the bag”

  7. jan mittler

    How are the parakeets???????????? I was so excited when you got birds. Myself, I have a love bird. Her name is PC, standing for PineCone until she laid an egg and we changed PC to Pauline Christine. We live in East Texas where there
    are lots of pine trees that’s why the name was PC. Peached faced and absolutely fun to have.
    Love your stories of your animals……..keep ’em coming.

  8. Diana Stanfill

    Where can I find the pattern for the white and multi colored wall hanging. It is beautiful.

  9. Sandy

    Is it really a feathered star? Can you post a picture of the whole block. I would love to make one! You are so right, the quilting is so amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandy – tomorrow when the light is good, I’ll take a good picture of the feathered star block.

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