BOOKS! 3-13-24

It was just a coincidence that last night I asked you for names of good books and this morning was my book club. Hands down both groups overwhelmingly couldn’t say anything but OUTSTANDING about The Women by Kristin Hannah.

I ordered it from Amazon two weeks ago but didn’t start reading until last night because I was reading this:

I couldn’t ever figure out what was happening until nearly the end of the book. This author is new to me but I’m going to read more from her.

Back to The Women – those of you who have read it just loved it and I almost can’t wait to go to bed so I can read.

Sad news about Patriots For Pets:

This is the group I fostered for many times and also where I got Keeper. I honestly haven’t been there at all lately because I can’t get more dogs and it’s heartbreaking to see them all in their kennels just begging to be chosen.

The way I understand it is that they are being forced to close because a prior foster home is suing them for over $90,000. Why, you ask? A frightened cornered foster dog bit the woman on her finger – at her home. This is so preposterous I can’t even address it. And this is all I know tonight. I do not know who the gal is that got bit and is suing but if I ever do find out her name I will post it. She should be ashamed.

All the dogs have to be adopted or taken to other shelters asap. Patriots is a no kill shelter and has helped thousands of dogs get adopted including Keeper, his brothers and so many dogs belonging to my friends.

If I find out how we can all help I’ll post it here.

It’s so upsetting I think I’ll go to bed early and read. BTW – it’s raining lightly! Can we hope it continues?

Thanks for sending your book titles. Do you see now why I said one book and author? It was easy to read and skim over unlike long paragraphs with multiple books and overviews.

PS – I watched the Iowa game highlights again on another sports app and I was not aware that Sue Bird had been a guest on Jimmy Fallon a few days ago. She has a documentary on Prime coming out March 29. My basketball obsession is kicking in again.

44 thoughts on “BOOKS! 3-13-24

  1. Diane In Colorado

    I added all of the book titles to my book list so I have options that I already know people loved! I have a pile of new books from Amazon so just need to sit down and read (which I’m doing right now!). Right now I’m well into Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult which is also really good. Some have said it is her “most important work”. She is my current favorite author.

    We have had rain off and on today and it just started up again. Predictions are for anywhere between 2” and 2’ feet. Some schools have already called it for tomorrow. This NEVER would have happened when my kids were in school!! Will be interesting to see what we get!

  2. Sandy

    Hi Mary, I’m sorry about the pet shelter closing, so many of them are having a hard time providing food, vets and shelter. How ridiculous this suing business is! Bella has nipped me a few times when she has been upset,but it’s no issue, she came from a rescue situation and part of it was my fault.Enjoy the basketball show Mary, Bella is happily snoring in a patch of sunshine with rainbow 🌈 patterns on her from the crystals in my bedroom window. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  3. brendalynne1

    well everyone else has been nice about the situation BUT at that amount it seems a bit premeditated to me. A finger bit just does not seem to be worth $ 90000.00..Who doesnt go into fostering dogs there might be a nip or two and handle with care ??????????????????????????????????????????/

  4. brendalynne1

    well everyone else has been nice about the situation BUT at that amount it seems a bit premeditated to me. A finger bit just does not seem to be worth $ 90000.00..Who doesn’t go into fostering dogs there might be a nip or two and handle with care ?????????????????????????????????????????? why does the software think i have already posted this comment.

  5. Pat in AZ

    This is outrageous! Anyone who has spent any time with animals knows there is always a chance of being nipped. Especially a rescue who is confused and frightened. Did it rip her finger off her hand? Pull her to the ground and maul her? Of course not! I’m so pissed about this! Rescue groups are always fighting an uphill battle and surely don’t need some asshat suing them.
    Rant over but not forgotten. If you find a way we can help, please let us know.
    Go read your book and maybe have an iced tea, or two

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat in AZ – I am in shock about this and will look into it more in the next few days – they’re having a big adoption weekend so hopefully the dogs will all get adopted. I so wish I could take another!!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – if you’ll send me an email I’ll be able to send the picture of her finger in a reply. You won’t believe it

  6. Rhoda Ebersole

    I have liked all of Kristen Hannah’s books and Jodi Picoult’s books.
    A shameless plug here for my Niece’s 3 books- Andrea Bartz is her name. Her sister Julia Bartz has a book out there too.
    I just finished a Debbie Macomber book -Starting Over. Love how she writes.
    Roses are beginning to bloom here in Las Vegas and my Meyer Lemon tree is full of buds.
    Happy Pi day tomorrow 3-14
    My daughter turned 49 today.


  7. Jeanie S, Central IL

    Sometime during Covid, I stopped reading. I have read before going to sleep my whole life. I am trying to start again, so I have lots of recommendations now. Thanks to everyone who gave one.
    I am so sorry about the Patriots shelter problems, very sad situation.

    1. Sue in PA

      I have love Kristin Hannah’s books so I started reading The Nurses and while the writing is excellent, I had to put it aside for now. I read before going to sleep at night and the graphic nature of the book was keeping me awake, playing the scenes over and over in my mind. Both my husband and I are Viet Nam era veterans, having enlisted in 1973 and stationed in Germany. We were spared the horrors of the war. I remember how badly soldiers and nurses and doctors returning from Viet Nam were treated in the U.S. It is surely a dark blot on America’s history no matter what people’s opinion of the war was. These men and women were heroes. I am glad they are recognized as such now.

  8. Another Shirley in Oregon

    Your basketball obsession can kick in any time. I have followed women’s college basketball since Pat Summitt coached for Tennessee.

  9. Linda

    This is just awful for the shelter….and for that poor dog===WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THAT DOG?????
    I am wondering what all went on at that house….I think I would have let the animal be if it needed space…
    Was that finger hurt that badly???? I LOVE dogs and I am so sad to read about all this…..

  10. San

    I wonder if someone or a group of someones can sue the woman for being an idiot.

    This is beyond infuriating.

    I sincerely hope that something can be done to prevent the shelter from closing.

    San / Murphy, NC

  11. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    How awful about Patriots for pets! As if anybody with dogs hasn’t experienced an accidental nip at some point, let alone someone fostering dogs that have had a traumatic experience (because otherwise they wouldn’t need fostering!). I agree this sounds like a pre-mediated thing – fostering until something happens so that you can sue. Maybe someone could set up a go fund me for Patriots to help with their legal costs? So that they could fight this nonsense? Or at least pay for legal help and advice?

    My book tip is: The Marlow Murder Club by Robert Thorogood, great book about three feisty middle aged ladies (40 through 70) who solve a murder in their village.

  12. Gloria from CC

    So sorry to hear about Patriots for Pets. This is the shelter where we adopted our special Angel I would think some kind of contract would be written up for prospective foster volunteers outlining what is expected of them and that the shelter is not liable. Shame on this lady! She has put the lives of all those dogs and cats in jeopardy. Whatever was she thinking?

  13. Lynette in Orlando

    I know I’m a day late to the party —

    Radium Girls by Kate Moore

  14. Angie from Baltimore

    If you foster a dog/cat don’t you take on the responsibility of all actions of said animal? Frivolous law suit. She should lose and all expenses be dumped back to her. As well as pictures of the dogs getting evicted because of her.
    On your basketball obsession could be worse. Especially when you multi task at the same time. Sounds like a plan to me. Keep doing what you’re doing it sounds like a perfect plan to me

  15. Viv in Idaho

    It is outrageous that Patriots for Pets is being put in this position by this woman. Heartbreaking..

  16. Diana in Des Moines

    I have to apologize. I’m one who wrote a long post about the books.

    I cut my pinky finger badly on a broken Ball jar this week. I think I need to sue Ball. After all the jar was in my house, being used for a specific purpose with my knowledge that it could break and cause me harm.


  17. Kathy in western NY

    I don’t know how some people can sleep at night knowing how despicable they’ve been that day! How do you foster a dog and not be fully clear in your mind what the dog went through to be there. What an idiot. I’d too wonder why it was cornered in the first place.
    Recovering from catching my first time with Covid but thankful it’s a mild case and my doctor gave me Plaxovid to keep mild symptoms from getting worse.
    Only reason I tested ($10 at local pharmacy) was of a runny nose and a gathering at church where one lady is having hip replacement and another is going through cancer treatments so wanted to make sure I was safe with cold symptoms but so glad I checked.

  18. Nancy TD

    The WOMEN by Kristin Hannah was a good read. Just finished it.
    Why would anyone sue a shelter? I would like to see her finger !
    Enjoying the nice weather, wishing we could get some rain.

  19. Myrna L Eisenlauer

    I want to suggest the book The Little Liar by Mitch Albom. It’s a heart-wrending story about a Jewish Greek family torn apart by the Nazis, but also survival.

  20. Sandra Pierson

    Shame on whoever is suing!

    Regarding the book, I read it an considering my brothers and nearly all the boys I went to high school with went to Vietnam, it was a tough read for me. Brought back all those memories. That being said, the book is based on real life and it was a sad time in our history.
    The picture I sent to you of a special place in my home? It is our family honor place. My husband served in Vietnam, came back to all the people here treating our soldiers poorly, burning the flag. Well, one day at San Diego State he stopped the anti war students from taking down the flag to burn. He stood there for over 3 hours and won the Freedom Foundation award for it. He asked the foundation why me? They said that on that day his act of patriotism was the only one they could find in the entire United States.
    Our soldiers serve our country, do what is asked of them and we all should honor their sacrifice whether we support the war or not. We support them.
    Ok, I’m off my soap box for now. 🥰🥰🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Katherine Gourley

    When you VOLUNTEER to foster dogs (or cats) you know very well that one of the poor animals may bite or scratch out of fear. It would be nice to put that woman in a wire cage for awhile and see how long she can cope. I just ran a needle through my finger on my sewing machine. I wonder if I should sue the shop where I bought it and the manufacturer?

    I loved the book Radium Girls. My Granny was a radium girl. She painted dials for the instrument panels on planes during WWII. She died of cancer of the tongue.

    I also loved The Sewing Machine — Magnificently written.

  22. Beverly in Texas

    The Secret Life of Sunflowers
    by Marta Molnar
    So good, I read it in 2 days!
    My next read is the new Kristin Hannah book! Also heard it was one you can’t put down.

  23. Jan in Arizona

    Point taken, Mary. My apologies to all for going over the top with the books entry. I’ll be a better reader of the directions next time! 🙂

  24. Carolyn Rector of Ohio

    So sorry about this rescue center. My dog is a rescue dog. He was kept in a kennel at a horse boarding place that my ex son-in-law ran. Poor Buster bit a sister of Eric. And now Buster lives with me. He barks loudly when people come to the house, but wags his tail when they enter. He couldn’t be a better dog. We never know all the trauma these dogs have gone through. Buster ran away in the woods for 2 weeks when he lived with Eric. It was a miracle he found his way home and now won ‘t wander out of the back yard and sits close to me when I’m on the porch. Never chases squirrels or rabbits. And won t play with any toy. My granddaughter and I are lucky that Eric let us have him. Buster grew up with my granddaughter, but Eric really rescued him at the children’s begging.I
    I pray for your rescue place to be saved.

  25. Alice in SW Ohio

    Maybe I’m wrong, but my first thought was that this woman who got bit was looking for a way to make a little money! My next thought was, “how stupid can she be?” This is a shelter & you volunteered to take this dog into your home! Everyone knows these dogs/cats are scared. There’s always a possibility of being bit! My little Bentley is a rescue. Because he had been returned 3 times in less than a yr to the shelter, I agreed to foster him. My husband & I were bit half dozen times. Finally after almost 6 mo he allowed me to pet him & scratch his back. He was finally beginning to trust me. He loves his walks & his open kennel. I found his kennel was where he felt safe & to keep my hands out of it. I did adopt him & he’s my shadow now…treats & love will win them over every time! Rescues have to be given space & time to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. I’ve had him 4.5 yrs & he’ll be 14 in June. I’m also willing to donate $$ to the shelter for their legal fees, just let me know!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Alice – I also signed a foster agreement and I would treat a terrified dog with more respect. Yes, I agree, she has dollar signs in her eyes.

  26. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    So so sorry to hear about Patriots for pets. These animals don’t ask for much, especially dogs.
    Sad to hear.
    Hope Telly is doing good, so glad your dogs are living the good life! Any dog or cat under your care has truly hit the Jackpot!
    Thankyou and have a blessed weekend ❤️
    Bea knight boca raton

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bea – Telly is the same – but we’ve noticed such a voracious appetite. What do you suppose that’s all about??

  27. Marcia Rocheleau

    The Frozen River by Ariel Lawhon.
    Gripping historical mystery based on a personal diary.

  28. Chris in Alaska

    Oh my goodness that is so very sad 🙁 My daughter is a very active volunteer at a shelter in Idaho , she even has the dogs come over for a sleepover every so often . Our dog was at a shelter for a year before we found him . I hope this story has a happy ending 🙁

  29. Carolyn Howard

    Read, if you can, Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann. Mu deceased husband’s ranch was in Waurika, OK, southwest of Pawhuska. This is hard to read.

  30. Joan Nickels

    The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, very funny series of four books.

    1. Sharon F

      Another vote for these books! I’m reading the 4th book in that series now. It’s very good, but this one has a sad, sombre aspect to it. I have enjoyed all the books in the series, including this one.

  31. Betty Klosterman

    1. Did the dog bite bleed?
    2. We had a dog named Brownie when I was growing up. He would have given his life for me. On occasion he would bite me and I’d yell for Mom. Her answer was ‘what did you do to him?’

    Does the adopting person have to sign papers when getting a dog? What do they say? Sounds kind of like getting a baby and being mad when it pees on them??

    We got a sprinkle of rain yesterday………..
    Take care, Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – exactly – a terrified rescue dog! And she cornered him. She didn’t follow drs orders – according to what I learned this morning – and the finger got infected. Yes, I have signed the same papers. For some reason the signed agreement won’t stand up. I havent learned all there is to know about this situation yet. But maybe I never will as the board is sworn to secrecy because of the lawsuit. Ugh. Your mom was right – I’ve said the same thing to families with little kids who have never been taught how to treat or approach a dog.

  32. Lora

    My favorite so far this year was Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt- her debut book! I also loved The Women!

  33. Judy

    I’ve read The Four Winds and The Great Alone. Can’t say that I found them to be an enjoyable read, but their situations are a part of our history and knowing that such things happen can help us understand others. Sounds like I should read The Women. Our junior high had a reading contest with a neighboring school. I decided to read one of the books on the list so I read a Jodi Picoult book. I don’t remember which one. My first thought was is this appropriate for junior high students. I am sure some parents would not approve. I went on to read her other books up to the fairy tale with her daughter that I did not finish. I think that the books I read are all good for giving us points of view of others. I think we need that, as do our students.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Judy – we all like different books for sure – the two you didn’t really care for are in my Top Ten Favorites of all time!

      1. Judy

        It wasn’t that I didn’t like them. They just weren’t fun books to read. They let us know that not everyone has the life that we have or had growing up. I’ve enjoyed reading others comments about their reading choices. Your blog about “nothing” sure has a lot in it. Thanks.

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