Brightening Your Friday

My sister’s last name is Rose so I am drawn to antique dishes, pictures, linens and everything vintage that has a rose. Becky’s daughter, Jenny, says she’s always going to keep Rose as her last name, too, married or not so I keep hoping they’ll share my love of vintage rose items. All of these old dishes were picked up in various thrift stores for very little money. Nothing matches yet when they’re all displayed together, I think it is lovely.
I went through a phase of sewing pretty squares together and this pink and blue quilt is one of the results. I tell everyone not to underestimate the pleasure of sewing squares together — the fabric in itself is beautiful and does all the work to create a beautiful quilt.

8 thoughts on “Brightening Your Friday

  1. Paula S.

    The dishes and quilt are all very lovely. And sometimes sewing squares of fabric together just soothe the soul. Nothing wrong with that!

  2. donna j

    Lovely photo on this winter day! I like the dishes They sound like a fun find. I like the quilt, too– sometimes short and sweet are the things that make the day perfect.
    It is 55* here in Kansas today!!!

  3. Parrish's

    Thanks for the email today. Lovely idea and dishes. Love the eclectic look.

  4. Jenifer Fairchild Kahan

    My eyes needed a little spring colors cheerfulness! Thank you! I love the spiral quilting on the squares.

  5. Nan Conway

    Help! I think I deleted you and heaven forbid, I do not ant to do so. I was attempting to delete another blog and deleted all my blogs.

  6. Joan Barnes

    Love the collection of rose dishes. I have been married 45 years and have never had fine china (actually because I never wanted it) but I am having fun when I go to the Goodwill or thrift store I can pick up a plate of “fine china” and am loving it. The mixture does set a nice looking table in my opinion.

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